My Master-My Brother


“Can you remember the first time I spanked you”?

” Yes master I was 18 and you where21 and at the time I was unaware of my need to be controlled.”


I came home from school one day after a football match which I was in to fins my sister in my room going through my music collection,

What are you doing in here I screamed at my sister Julie.

“Just looking some music to listen to” she replied.

“Get out now.”


“Say that again I dare you and you’ll regret it.”

“No not till I find the album I want to listen to.”

With this I threw my sister on the bed and lifted her skirt and I started to spank her.


“Ow what the hell are you doing.”

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.”

Then I gave her five hard slaps on her arse.

Smack smack smack smack smack.

“Don’t please stop I’ll never come in your room again.”

“Too late for that.”

Then I gave her another five on the other cheek.

“Now go you will only come in my room when you are invited or told to so.”

I let off the bed as she was leaving my room I could see that her nipples where really hard pushing on her blouse of school uniform.

“And don’t even think of telling mom or, because she will find out about you smoking pot at school and when you go round Trica’s. “

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said.

“We’ve been through this before unless you want another spanking?”

She didn’t answer me and left the room.

After this I had a shower a got changed into clean clothes buy this time mom had come.

I went down stairs see mom said hi and was ther anything she wanted me to do before dinner.

“No thats alright hun you go an do what ever you want to, I’m getting pizza delivered so just enjoy yourself.”

“Thanks mom” with that I went downstairs to our reek room my sister was already down there watching TV some teen soap.

“Hi” I said.

She bursa anal yapan escort looked at me and didn’t say anything with that I sat beside her.

“What do you want I’m still mad at you for spanking me not even dad did that to me.”

“Well if you ever blank me out again there’s always some more where that came form sis. I’m surprised you’re sitting as easy as you are.”

“I didn’t hurt as much as you think I was just shocked that you would do that kind of thing.”

“Ok I’ll never speak of it again” with this I considered the matter closed, but when I looked at my sister she was a bit flushed, I had to smile to myself.

I think she was a bit aroused by what had happened to her, then mom said pizza’s her so we both went up stairs as I was following sis I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties I didn’t say anything just enjoyed the view… god she had a nice arse on her.

We had dinner not much happened mom just asked about the football I told we had won and with that I went back down stairs.

Later on in the evening mom had gone to bed I knew this because mom had shouted down and me so my Julie came down and looked she was in two minds about something.

“whats the problem Julie?”

“I want you ask you to do something for me.”

“I’ll try if can to help you out.”

“Spank me again.”

“wh…What did you say”?

“Spank me again.”


“After thinking about it I like it, it made me fell really good and I got butterflies in my belly and my nipples got really hard so I want to try it again please.”

“So you want to become my little spanking girl?”


With this I had start thinking really quickly on what conditions I was going to impose on her.

Ok this the deal if you want this first of all when I spank you, you will call me master.

And when I spank you it will be on your bare backside so do want to do this or not?”

She bursa eskort sat down on the sofa looking at me and said “ok”.

“One other thing I might use other things than my hand to spank you as you get used to it.”


“When do you want to start?”

“How about now mom is asleep I checked before coming down.”

“Shut the door and we’ll start.”

She ran to the door and shut it.

“how do you want me.”

“Laying across my lap now.”

With that she did as he was told.

“Excuse me what about your skirt.”

“Oh sorry I forgot.”

“That will be at least 10 more.”

When she took her skirt of and lay across me I started to rub her buns, then smack two really quick ones.

“Oh” I heard.

Smack smack smack.


“What do you say?” I asked.

No response was coming “you should say thank you master.”

Smack smack smack.

“Oh thank you master.”

“Do you want more?”


“Yes what.”

“Yes master spank me some more.”

Smack smack smack.

Buy this time her backside had started to go red and get very warm so I stopped and started to rub them.

“That feels wonderful master.”

“Are you tits getting hard?”

“Yes master they are.”

“Do you want to take your blouse and bra off?”


Smack smack.

“You forgot to call me master now take the off quickly.”

She got up and took them off and this was the first time I had seen her creamy white breasts.

“What size are they.”

“34 b but I think I’m 34 c as these bra’s are a bit small.”

“Never where a bra again in the house and that go for panties as well.”

“Yes master.”

“Now come over here and let me suck them tits.”

She came over and I started to suck on them her nipples soon where sticking out she was moaning allot.

“Over my lap again girl.”

Smack smack smack smack.

“Oh bursa escort kızlar master I don’t know what happening to me.”

“Keep quiet.”

Smack smack smack.

All of a sudden she started to convulse and moan.

“ohhhhhh ahhhha masssster immmmm commming aaahhhhhh.”

Smack smack smack smack.

“Oh master please stop I very tender now down there.”

“What if slap somewhere else instead.”


“Turn over.”

She turned over and she looked like really liked this.

Smack smack smack on each of her tits.

“Oooowwww that really hurts.”

With this she started to cry so I decided to stop told her to sit there and went to the ice box we had in the rec room got some ice.

“Lay on your front girl.”

I got the ice cubes and slowly rub them on her backside.

“That’s nice.”

When I was finished doing this my sister thanked me.

“That was wonderful my brother, my master.”

“Its your turn for you to do your work sis.”

“What do you mean?”

“You will take my dick out and suck it.”

She looked a bit shocked at this it only seemed fair to me that I had made her cum now it was mine.

I sat down.

“Kneel on the floor between my legs and start sucking.”

I took my dick out which could have cut diamonds with. My dick is 8 inches long.

With this my sister opened her mouth and started to lick it.

“I said suck not to lick now get it in your moth as far as it will go.”

With this she put it in her mouth and started to suck she had about 4 inches in when I gripped her head and put 2 more in.

“Now move your mouth up and down and keep sucking and use your tongue if you can.”

With this she started to do a better job not a good but better but I was so hard it wasn’t taking me long to get the point of no return.

“When I come you will swallow as much as you can, I don’t want this room to smell of spunk and there would be questions.”

About a minute later my cum was going down the back of my sisters throat she had trouble taking all down some was coming out the corners of mouth when I finished.

“Now get what you didn’t swallow and put it in your mouth.”

She did as she was told.

“What do you say”?

“Thank you my master my brother.”

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