My Name is Maggie


My name is Maggie Culver, and I have an interesting story to tell. It began a few years ago after my husband David and I were divorced. We live in a small community, a bit upper class but not snobby. We have two boys, Brandon and Andy.

Brandon had gone to college and has since moved away and is quite successful with a marketing firm in Chicago. Andy has just turned eighteen and still lives at home, trying to save enough money by working with a local lawn service to get a nice apartment here in town and begin college.

David was a good husband, a very generous man but just couldn’t keep his eyes and hands off of the women at work. But enough of that; let’s just say that was one of the reasons for our divorce.

I have a purchasing position at a small business here in town, it pays quite well and I am able to make ends meet and a bit more. According to my friends at work, both male and female, I am an attractive woman for my fifty-one years. I am not a model by any stretch of the imagination. My body has endured the effects of time. I stand five foot four with a few extra pounds here and there but lucky for me, in the right places.

I have bluish eyes and medium-length sandy blond hair and wear glasses, I tried contacts but was unable to get used to them, so glasses have to do. I like to dress professionally for work, which means dresses, sometimes skirts and blouses with stockings and heels. My boss insists on professional-looking employees that in this day and age are rare.

One evening while doing some work at home on my computer I opened an internet browser to check on some current pricing and noticed a list of sites in the history. Some of the sites had interesting names such as “Party Wives” or “Sexy Wives for You”.

I could only think that these were sites that David had been looking at since the computer was in what was once our bedroom and Andy has his own PC in his room down the hall.

I clicked on the “Sexy Wives” link and up popped a home page that advertised “Real sexy wives for your pleasure, the internet site where you can post your hot sexy wife”.

Wow! I had to see what David had been looking at, so I clicked on the Enter button and it took me to a page that had a number of different categories; Ladies, Men, Couples, Movies, etc. Naturally I clicked on the Men link that took me to a list of entries, and I clicked on the entry named “Bored in Atlanta”.

Whoa! It had a number of pictures of a man’s penis that had a full erection with a caption underneath asking if any ladies out there would like to suck it. I had to look at another one of these! I clicked on another one entitled “Hard for mature ladies” posted by youngnhung18. It showed a younger mans entire body leaned back with his fingers wrapped around a hard penis that was at least nine or ten inches long and very thick, with a caption “Looking for mature ladies to share this with”.

About this time I heard a soft knock on the door, it was Andy.

“Mom, I am going to bed, I will see you in the morning.”

Startled, I answered, “Okay hon, sleep tight,” while still looking at the huge penis on my computer screen as I spoke.

I was feeling guilty looking at this while my son was sleeping down the hall, but I simply couldn’t resist. Well, I have to see what is in the Ladies section while I am here, so I clicked on “home” and clicked on the Ladies section and an entry called “Mrs. Naughty”.

This one had a number of pictures of a woman, I am guessing to be in her mid-thirties in various stages of undress wearing stockings, with garters, heels, and a sheer bra and was showing off her large breasts. Now bear in mind that I have yet to see any of these people’s faces, so far they have been either blurred out or the photo was cropped in such a way that their heads were cut off.

This one had a number of comments underneath each picture saying things like, “Mrs. Naughty you have me soooo hot”, and, “I would love to fill that hot pussy of yours full of cock”. Oh I see, I thought to myself, other people can make comments about the pictures that are posted, which to me was an interesting concept.

Feeling flushed from the pictures and comments, I parted my legs just a bit and slid my left hand up along the inside of my thigh and rubbed my moist slit through my pantyhose. Mmmmm, I shouldn’t be doing this, I thought to myself, Andy is just down the hall!

I stood up, shut down the computer and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I couldn’t get the image out of my mind of that young man’s erect penis sticking out so hard and long as I unbuttoned my blouse and removed my bra. Not bad for an old lady, I thought as I looked in the mirror at my 36-C breasts with their dark brown nipples beginning to stiffen.

While sliding out of my skirt, pantyhose and panties, I noticed that I needed a shave down there. I don’t know why I continued to shave myself completely, I haven’t had a man in well over a year. With work and raising Andy there just hasn’t been time I guessed.

Oh bursa escort bayan well, I may as well do it before bed as I probably won’t have time in the morning. Turning on the shower, I stepped in and felt the warm water run down my body. Closing my eyes I leaned my head back and once again imagined a nine inch stiff penis as I reached between my legs and caressed the soft folds. Okay Maggie get with it girl, I thought as I began to lather myself up.

Taking the razor and beginning to shave, I began with the top first. Then I lifted a leg, cutting down between the folds before shaving the other side. Lifting the other leg and resting it on the edge of the tub the razor found the remaining stubble and completed its task efficiently.

Laying the razor down I run both my hands over my smoothly shaved skin and found not a hair has been missed. “Soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom,” I say to myself as I shut down the water and dry myself off.

The next day began as it usually does. Andy and I were up at the same time getting ready for work, ending up in the kitchen having breakfast before leaving.

“Morning Mom,” Andy said as he sat down at the table. “Could you pop in a English muffin for me please?”

All of a sudden I notice that he has turned into a handsome young man, getting his good looks from his father. Standing about six foot two with blue eyes and a thin frame that I am sure got a lot of attention from all the girls.

“Sure hon, just butter or would you like jam on them?”

“Just butter is fine, thanks.”

Andy ate his muffin and was out of the house in a flash. I on the other hand couldn’t seem to get the images of that young man on the Post Your Wives site out of my mind.

Work was hectic and there were tons of meetings so my mind was occupied most of the day with the business at hand, but on the drive home my mind was once again wandering back to the young man on the Post Your Wives site, and I couldn’t wait to see if he had put up another post today.

When I got home I noticed a note from Andy saying he would be home late, he was going to his friend’s house to go swimming and have dinner with his family. Great, I thought, this will give me some time to look at the site without feeling guilty.

Quickly I slipped out of my work clothes and put on a pair of lightweight pajama bottoms and a close-fitting tank top, and without a bra, I could see that my hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric and I could make out the dark areolas. Oh well, nobody is home so this will be just fine, I thought, as I sat down and proceeded to navigate my way to the site.

Once there I began to look through the men’s area for any posts by youngnhung18. Bingo, there it was! I clicked on the link and once again to my delight, there were numerous pictures of a young man with his fingers wrapped around his erection, along with a few others of him just standing with his hard penis jutting out like a piece of steel pipe.

I also noticed that in these photos he was completely clean shaven, accentuating his length and girth even more. Strangely there were no comments on his post. Hmmmm, should I make a comment? How do I go about it? After looking around I saw that you have to register with a nickname and supply an email address.

Going to one of the Internets many e mail programs, I set up an e mail address as I didn’t want to use my home e mail for privacy purposes. Using the name Hotmommy51, I then went back to the site and registered there with the same nickname. Now I was ready to make a post if I wanted!

Going back to youngnhung’s post I made the comment, “Very nice,” and posted it. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I told myself. What the hell was I doing, a fifty-one year old professional woman making comments about some stranger on the Internet? But somehow it was exhilarating and what the hell, you only live once. What happens now?

I looked at the post to see if anyone else posted anything, finding nothing I decided to get a bite to eat and check it later. After forty-five minutes or so I went back and checked again and lo and behold youngnhung posted a comment.”Thanks Hotmommy51, you have mail”.

Oh my goodness, I felt like a high school girl getting a note from a cute boy. I immediately went to my newly opened e mail account and there it was, an e mail from youngnhung18. Nervously I clicked on his e mail and opened it.

“Hi Hotmommy51, I am glad you liked my pictures, maybe we could chat sometime, Randy.”

Chat? I never gave that a thought. Of course that’s what kids did these days with all the instant messaging programs out there so I replied, “Hi Randy I am up for a chat if you would like, how should I go about that, I am not familiar with the programs,” and I signed it, “Hotmommy51” and sent it back.

Within five minutes I had a reply explaining what program he used and how to go about downloading it and setting it up. I followed his instructions and downloaded the program, gorukle escort setting it up with Hotmommy51 as my nickname. Replying to his e mail I explained I was all set up and ready to go under the name Hotmommy51. Within a minute or so I received a message from youngnhung18

Youngnhung18: Hi

Hotmommy51: Hi there

Youngnhung18: How r u?

Hotmommy51: I am fine, how are you?

Youngnhung18: I m good I m glad you liked my pics

Hotmommy51: You are welcome

Youngnhung18: Would you mind asl?

Hotmommy51 asl?

Youngnhung18: Yes, age sex location

Hotmommy51: Oh OK female 51

Youngnhung18: O wow sounds sexy do u post any pics?

Hotmommy51: No I never have, I saw yours and made a comment and this is the first time I have ever done anything like it

Youngnhung18: did u like what u saw?

Hotmommy51: yes

Youngnhung18: u married?

Hotmommy51: not any more are you?

Youngnhung18: no still live at home? lol

Hotmommy51: OK asl?

Youngnhung18: male 20

Hotmommy51: OK

Youngnhung18: do u hav any pics?

Hotmommy51: No I don’t

Youngnhung18: could u take some and send to me?

Hotmommy51: Wow, not sure about that at all

Youngnhung18: it would be sexy if u did tho

Hotmommy51: You want to see a 51 year old lady?

Youngnhung18: sure I luv older women think they r sexy

Hotmommy51: Well, maybe, I have to go now my son is coming home soon

Youngnhung18: OK hope to c u later?

Hotmommy51: OK maybe

Hotmommy51: bye bye

Youngnhung18: k bye

Wow! I couldn’t believe I was chatting to some strange guy on the Internet. I have to say though that it was exciting and I noticed that my pussy was warm and moist from our little chat. Did I tell him that I may send a picture of myself? I don’t even own a camera!

Wait a minute, Andy has a camera David bought for him as a Christmas gift last year along with a tripod. What am I thinking, take some pictures and send to a stranger? Just the thought of doing it was exciting me and making me wet. Maybe I would even post one of myself on the site just to see the reaction I may get.

Okay, my mind was made up. I would take the day off tomorrow, shoot a few pictures of myself and post them! I was barely able to sleep with all the thoughts of how I should pose and what I should wear going through my mind, but finally sleep came and after a quick breakfast with Andy in the morning I was ready to put the plan into action.

After a quick shower I went to my closet and picked out a black-and-white patterned wrap-around dress with a sash belt, along with a pair of stockings, a garter belt, a sexy black lacy low-cut bra and a pair of black pumps with three inch heels. Then I went to Andy’s room and found the camera and tripod in his closet along with the software required to edit photos on the computer, took it all back to my bedroom and placed it on the bed.

After curling my hair and putting on some light makeup I closed the door to the bedroom and while looking into the full-length mirror on the back of the door began to get dressed. First came the black lace garter belt; stepping into it I pulled it up into place. Next came the stockings. Sitting on the bed I pulled each one on starting at my toes and slowly pulling it up my calf and, after standing up, pulling it up my thigh and attaching the snaps from the garter.

If anyone would be watching this they would see my pendulous breasts swinging and swaying as I pulled each stocking up each thigh. Deciding to go without panties for added effect, next came the black lacy low-cut bra. Hooking it in front I watched in the mirror as I slid it around and set each one of my 36-C breasts into the cups, finally putting each thin strap over a shoulder, allowing for deep cleavage and the look I was after.

Next was the dress. I slipped it on and tied the sash belt in front allowing for a very low-cut look showing a lot of the black bra. Slipping on my heels I then sat down and installed the camera software onto the PC.

Picking up the camera and tripod I took it to the front room and decided to take a few pictures of myself sitting on the couch. I pulled up the dress to show my legs and the tops of my stockings, along with some of the front with the black bra peeking out of the dress showing a lot of cleavage. Amazingly enough, the pictures came out fine with just a small amount of fussing with the timer and tripod height.

Seeing that it was working fairly well I decided to take a few more daring photos with my dress pulled up showing all of my legs and stockings with just a hint of my clean shaven pussy. Hmmmm, I made for quite a tease, didn’t I?

And now it was time for the editing and posting. First I used the editing software and blurred out my face, but leaving most of my hair intact along with a hint of my glasses in the photos. Next I opened the website and posted one of the tamer pictures in the bursa merkez escort bayan ladies section with the caption “Hotmommy51 for you”, and waited for comments.

It didn’t take long and guys were commenting how sexy I was and all the various things they would like to do to me, making me very moist as I sat at my computer. After spreading my legs ever so slightly I was able to run my fingers between them to lightly stroke my pussy as I read the comments. I knew I didn’t wear panties for a reason!

Next thing I knew here was a comment by my friend youngnhung18. “Wow baby you are soooo hot, check your mail.”

As I opened my e mail account there were a few e mails from some of the guys that commented but I checked youngnhung18’s mail first and to my delight there was a picture attached of him with a massive erection telling me my picture is making him hard. After posting a few more of the tamer pictures and getting more comments I decided to close up shop and put all of the camera equipment back. Andy would be home soon and I didn’t want him asking any questions.

I just couldn’t believe how hot I was getting looking at my e mails from these strange men telling me all of the sexual things they wanted to do to me and for them. Some of the guys included pictures of themselves with erections, some small, some very large. Mmmmm, all these men…

After dinner Andy said he was going to go to his room and surf the net and go to bed early because he had to be up at five a.m. to drive to a remote location for some landscape work. I kissed him on the cheek and told him to get to bed early so he would be rested for his long day.

After cleaning up the kitchen I went to my bedroom to check my e mails from this morning’s little escapade. Only a few more had come in since this morning, mostly with the same theme so I opened up my IM to see if my new friend was online. Just then an e mail came through from Mowerman264.

“Hello there sexy lady, just saw your posts and think you are a fine looking woman.” It was signed, “Mowerman264.”

Hmmmm who is this guy? I replied with, “Thanks Mowerman264 glad you liked my pictures. Hotmommy51.”

Not long after I sent it I got another e mail from him asking if I would care to chat. I replied, “Sure, same name on IM.”

Suddenly an IM window popped up from Mowerman264

Mowerman264: hi there

Hotmommy51: Hi to you

Mowerman264: very sexy pics

Hotmommy51: Thank you, glad you liked them

Mowerman264: oh yes i loved them, do you have any more?

Hotmommy51: Maybe….?

Mowerman264: would u like to see one of me?

Hotmommy51: sure

Mowerman264: i will e mail u one OK?

Hotmommy51: OK that’s fine

One minute later I see I have a new e mail from Mowerman264 with an attachment. I open it and see a cropped photo of a thin young man with his jeans unzipped and he has an obvious large erection bulging through his briefs.

Hotmommy51: Oh my

Mowerman264: hope u aren’t offended

Hotmommy51: Oh no, not at all you have a fantastic body

Mowerman264: try, u do to

Hotmommy51: Do you like older ladies?

Mowerman264: h yes, there are sooo sexy! i really love ur look!

Hotmommy51: Thank you, how old are you if I may ask

Mowerman264: 18, i hope that isn’t too young for u

Hotmommy51: No, I find it strange that you are attracted to an older woman when you are clearly attractive enough for girls your own age.

Mowerman264: i think older ladies have more class and know how to please a man, if u know what I mean how old are you btw if i could ask?

Hotmommy51: Lets say I am in my 50s

Mowerman264: mmmmmm hot?

Hotmommy51: You like that eh?

Mowerman264: Mmmm yes, i am looking at ur pictures now and they are making me hot

Hotmommy51: What are you thinking about?

Mowerman264: unsnapping ur bra and sucking ur big tits

Oh my God, where was this conversation going with this guy? I was wondering if I shouldn’t just say goodbye and end it now, but I was getting excited and wanted to continue.

Hotmommy51: You are naughty

Mowerman264: yeah, but i bet u would like it wouldn’t u

Hotmommy51: yes, I would

Mowerman264: would u like an 18 year old guy to unsnap that bra and let those big tits loose so he could suck on ur stiff nipples

I have to say that this, coming from an 18 year old, was making me very wet.

Hotmommy51: Mmmmm yes I would

Mowerman264: would u let me untie ur belt

Hotmommy51: yes

Mowerman264: lay u back on that couch and open up that dress

Hotmommy51: yes

Mowerman264: get on my knees in front of u and spread those gorgeous legs of yours

Hotmommy51: Oh god yes

Mowerman264: Are you shaved or hairy

Hotmommy51: Completely shaved

Mowerman264: OMG baby OMG

I couldn’t believe how hot I was and how much I wanted for this to be done to me! But I just couldn’t do this anymore tonight, I decided to say goodbye until another time.

Hotmommy51: I have to go now, sorry

Mowerman264: im sorry did i make u mad I didn’t mean it really

Hotmommy51: No you didn’t do anything wrong, maybe I will see you tomorrow night at about the same time?

Mowerman264: oh OK no prob see u later then

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