My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 03


As our close knit family becomes more familiar to us, we learn more and more about everything they enjoy and do with one another… So many possibilities… so much fun… I hope you continue to enjoy. I appreciate the comments, ideas and feedback so please chime in. Be sure to go back and read chapters 1 and 2 if you’re just now seeing my story.


As I kiss my way down my mother’s body I can’t help but think how lucky I am… in so many ways… Tuesday Fun Day has only just begun. Dad and I enjoy a “quickie” to start things off, a week’s worth of pent up anxiousness simply needs to be released… and now we can take our time and enjoy Mom as she deserves to be enjoyed…

Dad is relaxing, catching his breath as he lays on the floor nearby watching me. Mom is simply laying there with her eyes closed taking in the sensations of my touch and kisses on her neck, cleavage, nipples, tummy… knowing where I’m going and why… I’ve always enjoyed licking and tasting Mom, but especially when there’s extra treat for me… Amazing the things you learn and realize you enjoy sexually when you have parents that are open minded and willing to share and teach. Never any pressure to do or like anything, simply explaining, showing and offering their knowledge and experiences so that I can choose the things that I find sensual and erotic for myself.

Eating my cum… and Dad’s out of my mother’s pussy is one of my favorite treats. A combination of dirty, and sensual… a mixture of erotic and naughty… a true mixture of my family all in one… The taste, the smell, the texture on my tongue… it excites me just thinking about it and I enjoy almost teasing myself by taking my time kissing my way down my mother’s body… that soft tummy… fuck I love her body… soft and sensual in all the right places…

Being a red blooded American male at the peak of my sexuality with access to the internet… let’s just say I’ve enjoyed exploring what’s out there. As far as porn goes, I don’t get into the typical or “popular” ladies of the business. Giant masses of silicone that look like boulders do absolutely nothing for me. The “perfect” look doesn’t appeal to me. I prefer, enjoy and appreciate the natural and down to earth types… Brandy Talore springs to mind. To me, she has the perfect body, the beautiful face, smile and hair to go along with it. Soft body, beautiful natural tits that look good from every angle, especially when hanging down… drives me crazy. However, and I’ll just come out and say it… Brandy is horrible at sucking cock. Of course I wish I could state that from personal experience, but I’m saying it purely as a viewer of her “work”. The perfect MILF? That would be Rachel Love… beautiful face and body… Now, Lisa Sparxxx is another of my top favorites. Her chunky body, her amazing tits, her hair and her slightly crossed eyes drive me insane. Add to that her personality and pure love of her work and you have a fantasy like no other for me. She absolutely loves what she does. I enjoy the movies where she sometimes just chats and then casually leans over and deep throats the cock next to her without hesitation as casually as someone reaching for a glass of iced tea off of a table.

Mom reminds me of Ms. Sparxxx a little because of her passion to please me and Dad as well as her body… natural, real and soft with Porno a set of tits that are begging to be squeezed. And not to mention her expertise with her mouth…

So, where was I? Oh yeah… I got distracted as I was kissing Mom’s soft tummy… Honestly, it turns me on just kissing her belly and rubbing it. Gets me hard just thinking about it sometimes.

As I’m kissing and licking my way down I finally get to my destination… that freshly shaved area that just the day before had a nice stubbly feel to it… again, very sexy to me. I rub my face all around, feeling the smoothness. Mom continues to lay there and relax. Dad watching, starts to stroke himself… he knows what’s next…

I shift around so that I’m laying on my stomach between her legs and I guide Mom to bend her knees and I trace my tongue all the way up along the inside of her left thigh… I can smell her sex. I can smell all of us… I try to control myself but I can’t and I dive my face into her pussy. Breathing her in deeply, my tongue lapping at her. Opening her lips with my tongue and I get my first taste… a mixture of all of us… my family… tasting a combination of all of our cum.

I lick, I lap, I suck… I want it all, I need it… Mom is groaning as I devour her pussy… Mixing it up between licking and sucking… her pussy lips are unreal… so big, so long, I can suck them into my mouth… and I do, literally sucking on them and stretching them out. I then focus on her clit and flick it with my tongue a few times, then suck hard on it. Mom’s body shudders as I change things up constantly. She loves to be played with, toyed with, enjoyed and pleased.

Dad is watching and gets on his knees next to Mom’s head, he’s stroking himself while watching me. Mom opens her eyes, sees his balls hanging nearby and reaches for them. Pulling on them a little. Dad doesn’t move, Mom tugs a little harder… steady, even pressure, stretching his ball sack. That’s something Dad “taught” me and Mom has perfected… a little pain can mean a lot of pleasure. The trick is to not yank or pull too fast or hard… Pull with steady pressure, let the man offer the resistance for just the right amount of pressure… try it, it’s amazing. Trust me.

As Dad gets his balls stretched, I’m sucking the last of our cum out of Mom and focusing on sucking her clit so she can cum. The more I excite her, the harder she pulls on Dad’s balls and the harder he gets. A wonderful domino effect if you will…

I slide two fingers into Mom’s cunt suddenly as I continue sucking her clit and she jumps. I find the magic spot that I know she loves and I play with it with my fingers, pushing them in deeper, sucking harder… faster, harder, faster, harder…. Mom’s legs start to clamp down on me, squeezing my head… suddenly she screams out, squeezing my head like a coconut but I don’t let up… finger fucking her and sucking her harder and faster as she cums. Meanwhile my Dad’s legs start to buckle a little as Mom is pulling him down by his balls. His cock looks like it’s going to explode it’s so hard.

Mom’s orgasm begins to subside as I continue to lightly lick and finger her allowing her the pleasure of letting the orgasm run its course slowly.

I finish and I roll over onto my back, smiling with the scent and taste of pussy and cum on my face. Mom sits Altyazılı Porno up after releasing Dad’s balls and she leans over and kisses me deeply… as always she wants to taste everything.

“What shall we do now?” Dad says with a smirk…

“Well Honey, Matt gave me an earth shattering orgasm, so we’re all even now… I guess it’s on to round 2.” Mom said. Followed by “My ass is feeling a bit deprived so far…” she says with an over exaggerated pout on her lips.

Mom never has to ask twice. For anything

She gives me one more kiss and then is on all fours. My favorite position to see her in. Her heavy tits hang there and are quite a vision. Dad maneuvers behind her and rubs her ass with his hands. Massaging, feeling, grabbing and then spreading her cheeks… the look in his eyes is priceless as he works her over… he loves to spread her cheeks and hear her wet pussy as it opens, seeing her tight little asshole winking at him.

With Mom on all fours, I’m still on my back lying right in front of her… I actually start to shimmy my way under her in a 69 position. Her hard nipples dragging along my body as I shift into position, her arms on either side of me. When I get into position she leans down a little and gives my cock a little flick with her tongue.

I have a perfect view of her hairless cunt, her lips spread open as her legs are spread and Dad still playing with her ass. I see Dad’s cock and balls close behind her.

Dad leans down and gives Mom a lick from clit to asshole. Getting a taste of her pussy and also teasing her ass. He does it again… and again… I’m watching from up close. Then he focuses on her asshole and licks it, lapping at it, getting it wet. He sits up, takes his cock and slides it into her cunt, strokes 3 times and pulls out… soaking wet. He takes his cock at the base and takes aim… Time for the tight hole to get opened…

He presses the head of his cock against her sweet other hole and seems to hold it there, but I know he’s putting a little forward pressure on it… always taking it slow at first since we didn’t warm Mom up with our usual stockpile of toys this time.

Mom, lowers her head and chest, raising her ass higher for Dad… she takes my cock in her mouth but doesn’t actually do anything with it, just holds it there as she pushes back a little, meeting his forward pressure… I still have a bird’s eye view and I watch, feeling the warmth of Mom’s mouth surrounding me… then I see it… the head of Dad’s cock pops in past the tight ring of Mom’s asshole. Dad takes his time pushing in slowly. His hand moves away and I see his shaft do a disappearing act. Ta-da… now you see it… now you don’t… He’s pressed fully in and against Mom’s ass.

Mom starts to relax and begins sucking my cock that she’s been holding in her mouth. She starts slowly moving back and forth as Dad holds his ground still on his knees behind her. Letting her set the pace and tone… I’m able to watch as Dad’s cock appears and disappears… in and out… slowly… Dad puts his hands on Mom’s ass and grabs hold, slowly pulling her back and pushing her forward… the sound of her asshole as his this cock moves in and out.

I lift my head and swipe my tongue along Mom’s pussy. She jumps a little, not expecting that, then I start licking. I hold my tongue in Brazzers place and let her back and forth movements control where my tongue goes. She starts moving a little faster and in longer strides with my tongue now brushing her clit with each pass.

So picture it… me on my back, Mom over top of me on her hands and knees. My cock in her mouth, my tongue on her clit with Dad on his knees behind Mom buried in her asshole… Quite a sight I’d say… but doesn’t come close to the sensuality of experiencing it.

Mom’s movements back and forth continue, she’s controlling it all as my tongue stays in one place and as Dad holds his ground… She’s fucking him and at the same time guiding the licking of her pussy all while her head bobs up and down on my rod.

Her pace begins to quicken and I do something I hadn’t done in a while… I shift back a little… I see something I want… Dad’s balls are swinging back and forth right over my eyes… I keep my tongue out and I feel his balls hit it… bouncing off it and back again. Dad looks down at me and smiles… “Well hello there Son.”

I wink at him as I get a taste of his sack as it swings back and forth with each movement Mom makes. When I moved, my cock fell out of Mom’s mouth but she simply did what any good mother would do in that situation and she leaned a little further down and started to suck my balls…

I open my legs a little wider for her as I enjoy the sight and taste of Dad’s balls as I poke my tongue out and let them bounce back and forth across my tongue.

Dad starts pumping Mom’s ass a little harder and a little faster. Mom starts moaning with her face buried in my balls. I just relax now and watch and listen. The sounds, the sights and the smells… it’s all so intoxicating sometimes. Dad is now fucking her ass hard, as hard as he pumps her pussy. Once Mom loosens up, she can take anything… and I mean anything. A wonderful sight and experience to behold.

As I keep my bird’s eye view… well I guess technically it’s the worm’s eye view since I’m looking up rather than down… Mom is trying to focus on my balls but she’s getting slammed from behind now harder and harder and she finally gives up, lifts her chest and head back up so she’s on all fours and I can now see her amazing tits as they hang down and swinging back and forth as Dad fucks her. Damn this is an amazing sight… watching her tits puts me in a trance virtually and with the sounds of Dad’s cock slamming into Mom’s asshole and the slapping of their bodies with each stroke I can’t help but start stroking myself… very slowly and lightly… I don’t want to cum, I just want to feel something.

Mom looks back over her shoulder; beads of sweat on her forehead she says “Fuck me Daddy, FUCK ME!” This puts Dad over the top and he explodes hard, throwing his head up as he makes a few quick shorts strokes before burying himself as deep as possible inside Mom and I can see his balls tighten up and spasm with each wave of his orgasm. He stays inside her for a full minute enjoying the feeling and then when he pulls out he is completely soft.

Mom shivers and I swear she has another orgasm. She spins around and immediately takes Dad’s cock in her mouth. I told you, she always cleans us, no matter what. I hear her licking and slurping and I become envious. Dad tells her how amazing she is as she licks up down and all around.

The evening is still young and Susan isn’t due home from volleyball practice for another 2 hours… we’ve only just warmed up… still a lot of play time to go… I’m now one orgasm behind Dad in the count… Who, what and where is next…

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