My Sexy Squirting Sister


As the big dick pounded the blonde teenie on the television screen the two young girls fucked themselves on the bed. Amanda, the host, was a slim, stunning girl with long brown hair and smallish breasts. Her friend, Natalie, was a similar build with short, blonde hair and slightly bigger tits. Natalie was fucking her completely shaved pussy with Amanda’s pink dildo while Amanda was using the traditional fingers, two fingers buried inside her pussy. Both the girls were just shy of 19 and had spent their school lives together.

It was the first time the two girls had masturbated together and Amanda was the first to cum. She withdrew her fingers and began furiously rubbing her clit, her moans becoming louder, almost screaming, and several streams of woman cum squirting from her pussy. Immediately Natalie stopped and queried her friend at what had just unfolded. “Amanda, what the heck just happened?”

“I don’t know, it happens every time I have a real big orgasm.”

“Well how come it doesn’t happen to me?”

“I don’t know. We’ll ask someone who probably does.”


The girls, still naked, walked down the stairs to the lounge room where Amanda’s older brother Brett, a cute guy with a toned body and short hair that is usually spiked up, was watching TV. Brett was on break from college and was intending to spend his time relaxing on the couch uninterrupted. As the two girls stood in front of him and blocked his view of the television at first he was slightly annoyed, not quite comprehending what was going on. “Brett we need your help,” said Amanda.

“We were masturbating and Amanda came and peed everywhere,” followed up Natalie. Brett was speechless, admiring the two tight bodies and thinking of them masturbating. Underneath his boxers his dick was becoming hard as a result.


“Oh sorry. That’s normal, follow me.”

He led the girls up the stairs to his dark room; dirty clothes spread over the floor, an unmade messy bed and several Playboy magazines scattered around. Brett switched on the computer, waiting for it to fully load. When it was done he pointed his mouse over a series of folders that culminated in the opening of a huge stash of porn. The final folder he opened was labeled ‘Squirting’.

There weren’t many files there but he opened them all as a playlist, settling himself on the chair as the girls leant over his shoulder to view the screen. There were three clips, two lesbian scenes and one masturbation scene, all short and involving female squirting. As the clips progressed Brett became increasingly turned on and Amanda and Natalie’s breathing became slightly heavier in his ear as they became more aroused as well.

As the movies finished Brett decided to explain it. “Some girls know what spots to hit to give them maximum pleasure. I’m sure you could do it too Natalie.”

“But I don’t know how to do it like that,” argued Natalie.

“Well Amanda can do it for you.” Amanda and Natalie hadn’t done this kind of thing before and Amanda was quite hesitant.

“I’m not so sure about this Natalie.”

“Oh please Amanda, please please please, I really want to know what it feels like!” Hesitantly Amanda agreed and excitedly Natalie jumped on the bed and spread her legs, running a finger up and down her slit, spreading her juices around.

Amanda climbed in behind her, spreading her own legs in line with Natalie’s. With her tits pushing into her back Amanda reached around and began to play with Natalie’s pussy. Brett swiveled around in his chair and played with himself through his boxers. Amanda began to slowly rub Natalie’s clit, around and around with her right hand, the other massaging one of her small, firm tits. She brought that hand up to her friend’s mouth, inserting her middle finger in her mouth, before running that hand down her friend’s stomach to her pussy where the lubricated finger penetrated her hole, a small moan coming from Natalie. “Mmm, that feels so good Amanda,” moaned Natalie as she closed her eyes.

Amanda pushed her finger out and out of the pussy and whispered in Natalie’s ear, “rub your clit with me baby.” Natalie’s hand replaced Amanda’s on her clit; Amanda moving hers over Natalie’s to set the speed.

With the speed set she removed her hand and continued to finger her friend. “That’s it babe, keep rubbing your clit, let me look after you,” encouraged Amanda. She then added another finger to her friend’s pussy, pushing them both in quicker.

“Oh wow! OH OH,” cried Natalie while the two fingers fully penetrated her, rubbing her clit quicker to match the thrusts of her friend. The double stimulation quickly brought Natalie to the brink of orgasm. Her moans became shorter, sharper and louder görükle escort as Amanda removed her fingers and replaced Natalie’s hand with hers, rubbing her clit furiously. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” cried Natalie as she was about to cum. “FUCKKKKK!” she screamed as she came, juice flowing out her pussy and down to her asshole and onto the bed. It wasn’t quite like the movies or Amanda’s but there was still a lot of woman cum.

Still heavily panting she looked over to Brett, “fuck that was amazing. What did you think Brett, did you enjoy watching your sister fuck me?” she asked him, turning her head back to kiss her best friend. Brett was speechless as his sister made out with her best friend on his bed in front of him. Natalie broke the kiss and looked over at Brett playing with himself still through his boxers. She then clambered off the bed over to him, leaving Amanda alone on the bed.

Brett lifted his ass off the chair as Natalie pulled down his boxers, his hard dick springing up. Licking the pre-cum off the tip of his cock, Natalie took the end of it in her mouth, her lips surrounding the hard shaft. Her tongue ran along his cock, lowering her mouth further down his pole, taking more of it in her mouth. Letting his dick fall from her mouth she called to Amanda, “Amanda get over here and help me out.” Amanda crawled over and replaced Natalie on her brother’s dick, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Natalie began to lick his shaft, Brett shifting to the edge of his seat to give her more space. Getting up off the floor Natalie kissed Brett, their lips touching for the first time. “I bet you’d love to fuck your sister wouldn’t you, she’s so fucking hot.”

“I’ve always dreamed about it,” replied Brett looking down at his sister who smiled back at him with his stick in her mouth.

“Well here’s your chance, she’s naked, sucking your dick,” she said, pausing to run a finger through the slit of her best friend, “and she’s so wet for you. Simple mathematics says she wants you too.”

Brett picked up his sister and laid her on the bed, Amanda spreading her legs. Brett positioned himself at the entry to her love hole, pausing for a second. “Are you sure you want to do this Amanda? I mean I love you but this is kinda wrong.”

“Just hurry up and do it Brett,” retorted Natalie, “your parents are going to get home soon.”

“Oh shit, mom and dad!” “Brett I don’t care what mom and dad think, I love you and I’ve seen the way you look at me. I know you want me. Now please fuck my pussy. I want this as much as you.”

Brett guided the head of his dick into her tight hole, easing himself in as she sighed. He withdrew and pushed it in back further, continuing, burying himself entirely into her. The pleasure for both of them was immense. The combination of her tight, moist hole and the immorality of the situation blew Brett’s mind while Amanda’s stretched pussy from her brother’s cock filled her with pleasure and joy. Brett looked down at his sister getting her tits sucked by her best friend, biting her lip as she stretched her.

“Oh Brett please fuck me, fuck your dirty sister like you always imagined.” Brett pushed his dick into her pussy, pulling out and pushing back in. “Oh, oh, oh,” yelped Amanda as he continued to fuck her, balls slapping into her ass as he picked up his speed.

Brett, leaning over as Natalie began to rub Amanda’s clit asked her, “how do you like your big brother pounding your tight little pussy sis? Is this the way you like it?”

“Oh yes Brett I love you pounding my pussy. Keep loving me Brett.”

As Brett began to build up speed and angry voice spoke to them. “What the fuck is going on here,” asked Brett and Amanda’s father, John. Everyone jumped and stopped, Brett’s dick fully buried in his sister’s pussy. John and Brett regularly talk about sex, Brett explaining how he wanted to fuck both his hot sister and his mom as well. John told Brett he would help him get them one day, at least his mom anyway.

“Dad you’ve got to feel this pussy, its fucking wonderful.” Brett withdrew and moved to the side, Amanda’s spread legs giving her father the perfect view of her violated pussy.

“You don’t mind do you sweetie?”

“No daddy, please fuck me, your more man than Brett will ever be!” she pleaded. As John began to pull his pants down and move between his daughters legs Brett had already buried his dick in Natalie’s pussy, fucking her from behind.

As Brett picked up his speed John began to push his larger dick into his daughter’s pussy. “AHHH FUCKKK!!!” cried Amanda as her dad’s larger dick stretched her pussy more than Brett’s did.

“Wow Brett’s right, you feel good baby,” John said to his daughter as he buried eskort bayan himself into her. “How does daddy feel inside of you?”

Amanda just replied, “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too sweetheart.”

“Look at your dad fucking your sister, that’s so hot.” Brett didn’t look across, instead looking at Natalie’s puckered asshole and his big dick sliding in and out of her tight hole. “Look at him go, why can’t you fuck me that hard?” Brett then grabbed Natalie’s hips and pushed himself in as fast he could go. “Yeah that’s better, faster, faster,” she said as she bucked back into him.

The girls were enjoying themselves, moaning louder as Brett and John pumped into them, their tight pussies accepting their big dicks. Brett was holding on, desperately needing to cum, and attempting to outlast his aging father. John was first to cum, his daughter’s tight pussy just too much for him, pulling out and shooting his load all over Amanda’s stomach, some even reaching her small, firm tits.

Natalie wanted more, “faster faster, I’m going to cum! Cum in me Brett, cum with me.”

“Oh yeah Nat I’m going to cum too!” Natalie threw her hand back as her orgasm shook through her, Brett’s dick erupting into her, spurting over several streams of his thick love juice into her sweet pussy. Natalie turned and sat next to him, bringing herself to Brett’s face and kissing him.

She then broke the kiss and said to him, “hmm that was fun, we should do this again sometime.”

Natalie snuggled up on the bed next to John who was now lying in between the two teens on the bed, puffing from the draining session. “I’ll get us some drinks,” announced Brett, remembering he had a few cold beers in fridge. He walked down the hall and stairs naked, his flaccid dick swaying as he walked.

As he reached the kitchen the sight of his mother, Judy, sitting naked on the bench top shocked him. His dick immediately began to harden as the unexpected surprise turned him on. “I heard the fun upstairs but I didn’t want to interrupt so I thought I’d wait my turn,” she said her to son, one hand roaming one of her large tits and the other sliding up and down the slit of her hairy pussy. Brett stood and admired her as she played with herself, his dick growing in length at the sight. “Your father always tells me how much you want to fuck me. How you want to play with my big tits, eat my pussy, fuck me as hard as you can. It turns me on so much.”

Brett moved over to his mother and grabbed her face, bringing it closer to his, kissing her. Her lips parted as she allowed her son to slip his tongue into her mouth. He removed his lips from her, moving his face in between his mother’s spread legs, running his tongue around her hairy pussy. “Oh that’s it baby, tongue my hairy snatch. Look after your mommy. Your mommy is the only woman who’ll ever really love you.” Brett pulled his face from her pussy and looked up at her.

“I love you too mom.”

“I know you do honey,” she replied lovingly, immediately grabbing his hair and pushing him back to her pussy. Brett’s tongue was now probing as deep as he could into her pussy. “Oh yes, lick my clitty now, lick my clit!” Brett obliged, ravaging the sensitive love bud with his tongue, Judy holding his head tightly against her.

As her breathing became heavier she let him go, sliding off the bench top and onto her knees. “Let me look after you now,” she said to him, taking the end of his long dick into her mouth. Her lips glided along the skin of his dick, covering it with her saliva, as she took more of him in.

“Wow mom,” was all he could manage as he looked down at her, flicking her hair from her face. She continued to work his dick, sucking the head of his cock while jerking the rest, just like he would do to himself while thinking of his her doing just this. Brett then grabbed her head and began to force himself into her mouth, but his mom pulled back.

“No darling, we don’t want to get you off just yet. We’ve still got more in store.” With that she stood up, grabbed his hand and led him to the couch.

* * *

Amanda leaned and kissed John as they lay on the bed. “Are you ready for more old man?” asked Natalie cheekily. “Shit Natalie, I’m not young anymore!”

“Oh,” said Natalie as she pouted, “so you don’t want to fuck me in my ass.”

“Well ok, but I might need a little help getting ready.” Natalie smiled, moved down to his dick and began sucking, shortly joined by Amanda, his daughter licking his balls. With his cock hardening, the girls swapped; Natalie licking his balls and Amanda sucking her father’s dick. Neither could get much of it into their mouths so jointly the continued, one licking each side of altıparmak escort his cock, running their tongues up the length of his shaft. Amanda seized his dick again with her mouth Natalie rolled off to the side, her legs spread in the air, slipping a finger into her ass.

One of John’s big hands covered one of her tits as he asked her, “are you sure you want this Natalie?”

“What? You don’t think I’ve been fucked in the ass before.”

“Ok then, I’ll be back in a minute.”

“Wow I can’t believe your going to do it. His dick is huge,” questioned Amanda.

“I know, it’s going to be so much better. Have you ever been fucked in the ass before Amanda?”

“No it looks so painful.”

“Yeah it is at first but then it feels so good, being so stretched out, and you can’t get pregnant.” John returned with a small jar of Vaseline and smeared some over his hard cock and Natalie’s tight asshole. “Hurry up old man and give to me.” He pushed to the tip of his dick into the tight hole. “AHHHHHHHHH” howled Natalie as the cock stretched her asshole to limit. Amanda kissed her dad on the cheek and left as he tried to force more of his cock into Natalie’s ass.

John had never felt anything so tight before, forcefully pushing his cock further into the tight, teenage ass. “AHHH, its so fucking huge.” John withdrew and pushed it back in further, her ass slowly adjusting to its size. “AAHHH, fuck my ass.” He managed to get half of his dick in, fucking her as fast as he could manage.

“You’re a dirty little slut aren’t, taking your friend’s daddy’s big cock in your ass.”

“AHH, I am. But you love it. I bet your wife doesn’t let you fuck her in the ass.”

“Oh shit Natalie I’m gonna cum.”

“Yeah cum on face, cover my face with your cum.” John pulled his dick out from the tight hole and jacked his dick over Natalie’s face, a small load of cum covering her left cheek.

* * *

In front of the couch Judy pushed Brett down on it and straddled him, sliding herself down his shaft. “How does my baby’s big dick feel in his mommy’s wet pussy? Is that what you have been waiting for?”

“Oh yeah!” It wasn’t as tight as Amanda’s or Natalie’s but the soft velvety walls of her pussy still felt good wrapped around his cock. Brett watched his mother slide up and down on him, her tits bouncing up and down and front of him. “Fuck mom, this is so good.”

“Better than all those teenage sluts you fuck at college?”

“Yeah. A thousand times better.” At that moment two hands reached around from in front of Judy’s tits, grasping them, tweaking the nipples as the moved.

Judy looked around to see her daughter, sharing a passionate kiss with the brown haired beauty. “How did your father’s dick feel in you baby?”

“It was so big, but so good.”

“He’s always wanted you. Where is he by the way?”

“Fucking that little slut Natalie in the ass, she can’t get enough.” Brett had now grabbed his mom’s hips and was helping to guide her down his shaft, picking up her speed.

“Oh shit honey, I’m coming.” Judy came over her son’s cock, her legs shaking as the orgasm passed through her. She dismounted him and kissed him, apologizing at the same time. “Sorry honey, I can’t go as long as I used to! Don’t worry, I’m sure your sister will finish you off though.”

Amanda did just that, replacing her mother, Brett’s cock slipping into her tight, wet pussy. For the second time the two siblings were fucking each other. Judy was now behind Amanda, massaging her ass cheeks, spreading them and then kissing them together, Amanda moaning as her asshole stretched open. Amanda leaned in and kissed her brother, throwing herself back onto his cock as their lips touched and tongues locked together. Judy’s hands had begun to roam Amanda’s back, one gliding down and ended at Brett’s balls, massaging them softly. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed, “I need to cum.”

“Cum in my mouth, cum in your mother’s mouth,” teased Judy as Amanda slipped off and Brett stood over his mother, now on her knees on the floor, jerking his cock, milky cum spewing from his dick into her mouth. As the flow stopped Judy sucked the remaining drops from him.

“I want some too mom!” demanded Amanda. With her mouth full of Brett’s cum Judy leant in and shared a kiss with her daughter, his cum interchanging between their mouths as their tongues probed each other. Both women swallowed what they had in their mouths and continued to kiss, Brett joining in the three-way love fest.

John was now carrying Natalie down the stairs and sat down on the couch next to his wife, kissing her briefly. Natalie released herself from John’s arms and sat on Brett’s lap, kissing Amanda next to him, she now licking the cum from her friend’s face. They all smiled at each other as Judy leapt from the couch and asked, “I’m making lunch, Natalie would you like to stay?”

“No thanks Judy, I’ve got to go home and see my parents,” she replied with a wicked smile on her face.

To be continued…

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