Night Daddy Ch. 01


Zoey groans loudly as she’s roused by the screeching alarm. Rolling over in her bed, she gives the small alarm clock a borderline slap for ruining her slumber. As always when she woke up, her hair was everywhere and it took her a few seconds to get enough of it out of her face enough to see when she could be bothered to open her eyes.

Next was sitting up. Quite the task as Zoey tried to overcome the sleepiness. Her mind began to wake up as well, helping her sluggish body move out from the warm covers and after a much needed stretch, began her day. Zoey was many things but a morning person was definitely not one of them. After a yawn, she stumbled her way out of the bedroom and the short trek to the bathroom. A good shower usually did wonders for legitimately waking her up.

Today proved to be no exception. She felt infinitely better once she stepped out of the shower, stretching again. Wiping the mirror off, Zoey looked over herself out of habit. She wasn’t immune to the occasional body image issues and sometimes this helped and sometimes it didn’t. Today seemed like a good day so far. Moving her long orangish red hair from her face, she looked closely into the reflection. No new freckles, and with how pale her skin was, they tended to stand out.

From there, her eyes trailed down. She was very petite. More than she preferred to be mostly. Zoey still remembered how happy she was when she finally went above five feet, even if it was barely. Cute. She was cute. It was a title that she both loved and hated simultaneously. But she couldn’t say that her body was sultry or sexy. She was cute. Proportionate for her size. Not the hourglass figure that she’d prefer but she couldn’t complain. There were worst things than being cute.

Finally, was dealing with her hair, which took forever to blow-dry but that was why she had to get up so early. That and she knew that her mom was already up and heading out to jog. Zoey would probably be out by the time she got back. If not, she’d be almost done. Either way, she would have the bathroom to herself for awhile.

Once her hair was dry and brushed, she wrapped a towel around herself and made her way out of the bathroom, looking past the dining room and the kitchen to the basement door, which she noted was open, frowning slightly. The frown faded as a large shadow loomed over her from behind. She whipped around to see the imposing figure that drew her attention.

While it was far from unusual for anyone to tower over her, this man did so by over a foot. Not only his stature but his sheer broadness, and blatant muscle mass would have intimidated anyone before him were it not for one fact.

“Daddy!” Zoey grinned, doing her best to throw her arms around him to little avail. Her father returned the embrace, affectionately petting her head.

“Good morning, Princess.” He smiled warmly, letting her go.

“You’re up early.” Zoey commented, suspiciously.

“Yeah…we got a new contract today. Trying to get an early start.” He grumbled, running his fingers through his short, black hair. Zoey always imagined her father as a lumberjack or a Viking. Calvin Hughes was such an unassuming name but he seemed like he’d look more normal with a huge axe in his hand than being at construction sites. Most people assumed he lived at the gym but she’d never seen him in one. He just always had very physical jobs.

“You’re going to be home late, aren’t you?” Zoey sighed, snapping out of her daydreaming.

Noticing the change in her posture, Calvin put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “That’s why I’m going in so early, Sweetheart. I’ll be home before kick-off.”

Zoey sighed again. “You said that last time, and you barely made halftime.”

“I set the game to record, so if I am late, which I won’t be, we can watch it together tomorrow.” He reassured her.

“Maybe I should take class off today and help you get done faster.” Zoey flashed her father a toothy grin.

There was a short pause from him before he threw his head back into a loud booming laugh. “It’s outside, Sweetie. As in…in the Sun. Your mortal enemy? Why we don’t go camping anymore?”

“Daddy!” Zoey’s jaw dropped, giving him a hard punch to his chest only for him not to budge, and her own body stumbled from the force. She merely took another step forward as if it were a commonplace action and continued her rant. “We’ve been over this! This is a cute amount of freckles!” Zoey pointed to her face. “I’m almost at the borderline! Me and the Sun have decided to amicably part ways. It’s not him, it’s me and my vampire skin. We can’t all have manly tans like some people.”

This comment got another loud laugh from her father. Truth be told, he did have a pretty healthy tan, but it made sense considering how much time he spent in the Sun both for work and in his free time. “I think you’ll be adorable no matter how many freckles you get, personally.”

Zoey rolled her eyes and waved the comment off. “You’re bursa escort my Dad. You have to say that. I’m at the borderline.”

Calvin laughed again, once more playfully ruffling her hair. “Either way, looks like you’re going to class today. I would have made you go anyway. We don’t want your senior year in high school happening again.”

“Dad!” Zoey grumbled, frustratedly. “I got a little lazy and my grades dropped. I still got into the college I wanted.”

“Barely.” Her father added, tilting her chin upwards to make her face him again. “You’re a bright girl. You’re better than barely.”

“Yes, Daddy…” Zoey sighed, seeing her reflection staring back at her in Calvin’s blue eyes. They always made her think of the sea and how often the three of them would go swimming together, though her and Calvin tended to push themselves farther to one up each other in how deep they could go and how long they could stay under.

“Fine, fine. Lecture over.” He stated, once again snapping Zoey out of her pondering. “I need to head out, anyway. Say morning to your mother for me.”

“Will do.” Zoey lied, knowing she’d leave while her mother was in the shower and the two wouldn’t even pass each other until the afternoon. “Love you, Daddy. I’ll see you this afternoon then…”

“Have the chips and dip ready for me.” Calvin said with a wink, bending over to kiss Zoey’s forehead, and embracing her again. “Love you too.”

Zoey let out a sigh as she watched her father leave. She looked down at the towel she was wearing and then to her room. Clothes. Clothes were needed.

Zoey was never really particular about what she wore. That was always her mother’s thing. She just wanted comfortable clothing that looked good on her. Usually basic t-shirts and jeans. Nothing too tight, but enough that the figure she did have was on display without her actually having to show any skin. Today, it was just a plain black shirt and blue jeans. As soon as she heard the shower come on, it was showtime and the teenager grabbed her backpack and headed out, taking the family’s second car.

It was a nice deal. Zoey didn’t stay in a dorm so she got to use the car since her chosen University was pretty close. Sure, it was her mother’s car but it was still more convenient than the bus. Her only real complaint was that it always smelled of perfume when she first entered it, but after rolling the windows down and driving a bit, it was like it was her own vehicle. Sure, she’d have preferred something like her father’s massive SUV but he was always using that.

It wasn’t that long of a drive before Zoey found herself pulling into the parking lot. Grabbing her bag, she made her way into the campus. She still felt pretty new here so she didn’t have much in the way of friends. And that was fine for now. She had one good one. And two, if you wanted to count-

“Guess who, Vampirella?” A voice said from behind her, covering her eyes and standing way too close, damn near pressing against her.

“Someone who’s clearly forgotten that they lost touching privileges. And don’t call me that.” Zoey grumbled, roughly moving his hands from her eyes and looking back at her “friend”.

Whenever Zoey mentioned that she had a friend named Erik, everyone always asked if it was with a ‘c’ or with a ‘k’. When she answered, there was always that tut tut reaction. She didn’t know if Erik was the way he was because people expected it or if it was genuinely just a self-fulfilling prophesy, but he wasn’t doing his namesakes any favors.

“Awww, don’t be that way. I thought the whole, gingers don’t have souls thing was a myth. You said we could still be friends, after all.” Erik flashed a sleepy grin, turning on the ‘charm’. Not to say he wasn’t an attractive guy. He had all the features that Zoey liked in a man. He was confident, he made her laugh, he was somewhat tall, and he had a very…masculine presence. Though she was never a fan of the short and spikey way he styled his dark brown hair. It made him look like he was in a 90’s boy band. And while he was a drummer in a band that didn’t make that hair any more forgivable.

Zoey rolled her eyes and waved off his comment. “How is Mikayla doing, anyway?”

“She’s fine.” He batted away the comment before be bending down to put his arm around Zoey’s shoulders. “How’s your mom?”

‘And here we go…’ Zoey thought to herself, rolling her eyes as hard as she humanly could and once again denying Erik touching privileges, pushing his arm off her and speeding up her pace. “My mom is fine.”

“I was watching one of her old videos last night.” Erik commented, with a sinister grin, licking his lips and easily keeping up. “Mother of God, that woman can take a dick.”

“I’ll be sure to let her know how big of a fan you are of her work.” Zoey grumbled through her teeth. “I guess if you’re watching my mom so much, Mikayla must not be doing it for you after all. Guess you chose poorly.”

Erik put his bursa eskort hand on his heart, mocking the pain Zoey had apparently inflicted upon him. “I’m an emotional guy. I made a mistake. But trust me, if your mom was single, I would make an honest woman out of her.”

Before Zoey could say that her mom was an ‘honest woman’ since she only did modeling now, Erik was bumped hard from behind making him stumble. “Psh! Like you would be able to handle her mom. I bet two minutes in you’d be trying to convince her that all guys have that problem.” A new entrant taunted, making up for her short stature with sheer personality, though as short as she may have been, she still had a solid three inches on Zoey and that was without the heels.

“Jez.” Erik nodded a greeting at the Latina girl. Her actual name was Harley, but due to her usually manipulative and promiscuous nature, someone called her a Jezebel as an insult and she owned the name and had everyone call her that from then on. Erik never even attempted to insult her for anything. It was a pointless endeavor.

“Erik.” She acknowledged as if out of obligation before giving Zoey a much more sincere greeting, with a hug that was actually returned. “Hey Z! You’re not letting him get to you, are you?”

“Course not.” Zoey confirmed, as Jez leaned on her shoulder. “I know he’s just lonely because Mikayla is such a busy girl.”

“You have no idea.” Jez mimicked their implied definition of ‘busy’ by pretending to suck off an invisible phallus. This made Zoey chuckle a bit and feel a little more at ease now that she had backup.

There were quite a few things she envied about Jezebel. She might not have had all the…assets…that her mom did but she still had plenty of them. And as light skinned as she was, she was just fine in the sun. Not a freckle to be had. And the girl had no shame. The outfit she was currently wearing for example. A white and therefore partially transparent crop top that showed off way more cleavage than anyone should be showing in a school setting, blue denim cut-offs showing just a hint of her ass as she moved and high heeled boots that came up to her thighs. Sure, it practically advertised ‘slut’ but she was so damn confident in it. That’s who she was and if you didn’t like it, fuck you.

Meanwhile, Erik rolled his eyes at the blowjob implication. “I don’t know if you’re talking about her or you.”

Jez threw back her head into a loud cackle, moving her straight black hair from her face. “Both! Hoes can smell their own.”

“Anyway…” Erik rolled his eyes. “Back to your mom.”

“Desperation is not a good look on you, pendejo.” Jezebel said with a grin.

“You’re the ‘panda ho’…” Erik grumbled.

“Care to say that again a little closer to me, puto?” She shot back with a predatory grin.

Erik blinked and turned to Zoey, letting Jez win that one. “Seriously though, where did Barbie White come from?”

Zoey rolled her eyes once again, adding a groan to it this time. “Okay…so…the Barbie part is obvious. You’ve seen my mom.”

“I think I’d be more willing to play with Barbie dolls if they were built like that.” Erik grinned.

Zoey let the comment slide and continued, “And White is from Betty White. Because everyone wants to fuck Betty White. She’s a Barbie that everyone wants to fuck. It’s a joke.”

The two students paused slightly before both doubling over in laughter. “Oh my God, your mom is awesome!” Jezebel giggled.

“Yeah, yeah…” Zoey responded. She shot Erik a look as he opened his mouth. “Erik, I swear…if you say anything about fucking my mom or jerking off to my mom or doing anything sexual involving my mom I will tell my Daddy that we did not break up amicably and that you cheated on me.”

The color immediately drained from Erik’s face as the threat sank in. Between that and the comment itself, Jezebel went into another round of laughter. “Holy shit! He’d pop your head like a pimple!” She squealed out before making the motion with her pointer finger and thumb only to make herself laugh again.

“Anyway…I’ve got class, so…” Erik muttered under his breath as he skulked into the neighboring classroom.

“Enjoy Mikayla’s herpes.” Zoey shot back, feeling slightly vindicated in kicking him when he was down, only to notice the look Jez was giving.

“That was just a joke, right? You don’t know something I don’t know?” She asked in a half joking way.

Zoey made a face. “Why would you care one way or the-?” And then it triggered, making the petite girl put her hands on her hips. “Harley Mendez!”

“I’m sorry.” She quickly said, sincerely. “I was going to tell you when we were alone. I told you that you should have stayed with us last night.”

Zoey rolled her eyes. “God, woman! I told you I was a lightweight. One more drink and I might have fucked him. No wonder he was so cocky today… I’m surprised he didn’t throw that in my face.”

“I made him escort bursa promise not to do that or I’d tell Mikayla that I let him fuck me.” Jez commented cautiously, gauging Zoey’s reaction. “I could tell her anyway if you like.”

Zoey just shook her head with an exasperated sigh. “No…let him swim in his floating consequences a bit longer…”

“Are you mad at me?”

Zoey flashed her a look. “Did you make him beg for it?”

“Like a puppy.” Jez nodded.

“Were you watching my mom’s porn with him?”

“Of course not.” Jezebel shook her head. “I might have…watched it on my own time though…”

Zoey chuckled and rolled her eyes again. “Of course you did.”

“Not gonna lie…if your Dad ever did a porn-”

“Tread carefully, bitch.” Zoey threatened playfully. “My Daddy!”

“Well…” Jezebel grinned back. “He could be my Papi too…”

“Psh!” Zoey waved it off. “You can have my mom.”

“Fuck! I’ll take it!” Jezebel giggled.

“Joke’s on you.” Zoey shot back. “Her boobs are as fake Mikayla’s hair color.”

“Clearly.” Jezebel laughed. “It’s fine. My girls will be real enough for the both of us.” She demonstrated, grabbing her chest.

Recognizing the room as they walked by, Zoey playfully pushed Jezebel through it. “Get in there, whore. You need your education.”

“Ha! I will, thank you.” Jezebel replied, giggling. “Have fun in Trig.”

“Ugh!” Zoey groaned, walking into the room down the hall. “Fun in Trig. Said no one ever…”


After classes were over, Zoey stayed over at Jezebel’s place and hung out for awhile, which was pretty commonplace at this point. It was just a small studio apartment, but she didn’t have much nor did she want much so it worked just fine for her. And it was a nice place to waste some time until it was roughly time for Calvin to be home.

Or at least that was the plan. Zoey groaned as she finally pulled into the driveway and didn’t see another vehicle there. Oh well. She’d just have to make due now. Throwing the bag over her back, Zoey walked in her house.

“Honey, is that you?” A voice called in the distance as soon as she came through the door.

“Hi Mom!” Zoey called being immediately assaulted by the glorious smell of meat and…potatoes? “Is that Shepard’s pie?”

“Cottage.” Lucinda replied. “The lamb was taking too long to thaw. Is that okay?”

They were both Zoey’s favorite and her mother knew that. It almost made her visibly growl. “That’s fine. Did Daddy call?”

“Yeah…he wanted to tell you that he was hurrying as much as he could but to eat without him.”

Zoey’s spirits immediately dropped. “Yeah…I figured…”

“I’m sorry dear.” Lucinda replied sincerely, “I know how much you were looking forward to the game tonight.”

As Zoey walked closer, she let out another sigh. Once…just once…she would like to walk in and see her mother not looking absolutely perfect. Even when she was cooking and had her hair tied back, everything still made her look like sex on two legs.

The frustrating thing was that it was on purpose. Zoey knew how much time her mother spent on her make-up and getting her hair perfectly wavy with just the right amount of bounce to it. She knew how long she spent shopping to get clothes that sensual but not full on slutty. Technically she was mostly covered. But the way her top slid off her shoulders giving just the hint of cleavage. It was just…ugh!

Zoey just couldn’t be bothered to put that much effort into her appearance. She tried it before and it was just way too much effort for the payoff. That just wasn’t her as a person. She snapped out of her pondering as she noticed Lucinda giving her a concerned expression. “I’m fine, Mom. Oh, by the way, Erik mentioned to me that he was a fan of your work.”

Lucinda flashed Zoey a skeptical look. “Should I assume he doesn’t mean my current work?”

“Nope.” Zoey chuckled, heading into the kitchen and getting a drink from the fridge, and reaching above it to pull down two bags of chips.

“Oh, I bet he’s a fan.” Lucinda rolled her eyes. “I really am sorry you have to deal with my…previous profession. I know it’s made your life more…difficult than it needed to be…”

Zoey sighed, digging into the chips. “Eh, I survived high school. Pretty sure that’s the worst of it. Erik’s just being a dick.”

Lucinda soured her face at the use of language. “To be honest, I’m surprised you’re still friends with him. You’re much more forgiving than I would be.” Despite her earlier threat to Erik, the truth was that she’d already told her father of the situation so of course her mother knew as well. Her father was harmless, but he didn’t look harmless and that helped her get through quite a bit of teasing.

Zoey shrugged. “I don’t know. He still makes me laugh, and I don’t know too many other people yet. Most of the shit he says doesn’t really bother me.”

Lucinda’s eyes narrowed. “You know your father doesn’t like it when you talk like that. And I do wish you wouldn’t eat before dinner. I know you can still eat it but your metabolism will catch up to you eventually and it’s going to hit you like a brick.”

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