The Waterfall


We were in the Sawtooths, where the mountains are lovely and the people are scarce. I’m glad you knew the route, because it was not well marked. You set a pretty fierce pace; I’m not used to mountain biking, I normally ride on pavement, but we were ahead of our schedule. We had completed 20 miles of a 35 mile loop, and it was just about noon. We were dusty and tired, however, and when we came to that waterfall, it seemed like a godsend.

We leaned our bikes up against the rocks, and sat down at the edge of the pond, pulling our sandwiches out of our backpacks. It’s funny how good salami and spinach can taste when you’ve had a hell of a workout. I didn’t expect you to have beer, however. Your high-tech cooler thingy really works. So we ate – and drank – in silence, except for the sound of the water cascading down and roiling the surface of the pond.

I guess great minds think alike. The pond wasn’t deep enough to actually go swimming, but we could walk 25 yards to the far side and stand under the waterfall to wash off the dust. Of course, we didn’t want to complete our ride in wet clothes, so the clothes would have to come off. We had been friends for years, so, what’s a little nudity among friends? The beer helped in that regard.

So there we were, naked, splashing around in the pond under a natural shower from the cliffs above. That mountain water is cold; it was refreshing, but coldness affects us menfolk by causing our manly stuff to shrink up. Which happened to me, of course, but then for some reason I started to get hard. And I saw you looking.

We both froze in our tracks. I hoped my growing hard-on would subside, saving me any further embarrassment. But with your eyes locked on to it, it just kept getting bigger. Neither of us spoke. It would have been necessary to shout to be heard over the noise of the falling water. We just stood there, a few yards apart, and looked at each other. And I have to admit, you looked pretty good. Your breasts were lovely, your nipples hard (although the cold water could account for that as well.) Your muscular thighs framed a neat patch of pubic hair, and suddenly I wanted to see more.

I bursa eskort took a step toward you, and simultaneously, you took a step toward me – again, great minds. We were standing quite close, and your eyes were riveted to my cock, standing at full attention, seven inches long, rose-colored. Your eyes traveled up and met mine. Your face was expressionless. Then your eyes returned to my cock, as if drawn by some powerful magnetism.

“Beth!” I called your name, and motioned to you to follow me out of the water. We walked on to the shore, and I gestured for you to sit down on a rock that had a convenient flat surface. I stood there in front of you, while you looked at me expectantly. Then I began to stroke my cock. Your eyes were like saucers. I gave it a few more strokes, and then I said, “Beth – show me your pussy.”

You hesitated for a fraction of a second, and then slowly parted your thighs. It was difficult for me to tell whether you were aroused, because we were both still wet from the pond. I said, “Touch it for me.”

You met my eyes again, your face still expressionless. But your hand slowly traveled there, and began to wander about your lips and clit. I could hear your ragged breathing now. The midday sun was beating down on us, and the water on our skins was quickly evaporating, but your pussy was now swollen and glistening.

I stepped toward you and offered my cock to your mouth. You moaned gratefully and slowly took it in, surprisingly deep, and with exquisite pressure from your lips and tongue. I withdrew it, causing you to make a little whimper of frustration. Then I said, “Touch your pussy some more.”

Your hand went back to work. Your lips and clit were showing every sign of arousal now, and you were moaning softly. It looked like your orgasm might be approaching, so I said, “Beth, stop.”

I stepped forward again, thrusting my hips forward so that my cock was inches from your face. With your eyes, you asked permission; with mine, I granted it. You gripped my thighs with your hands and pulled me into your mouth, and I began to lazily fuck your face, as you struggled to pull me in bursa bayan escort deeper and deeper. It felt wonderful, but I had no intention of letting myself cum, either, so I gently broke it off. As soon as your mouth was no longer full, you gasped, “Please, Andre, let me taste it!” I replied, “Soon, Beth, soon.”

I stepped back and said, “Stand up, Beth, and turn around.” You complied. I said, “Place your hands on the rock,” and you did so. So there you were, bent over with your ass slightly elevated, supporting yourself with your hands. I stood beside you and stroked your back. You shifted your weight from one leg to the other, perhaps from impatience. I reached down and fondled your tits, enjoying the feel of their weight in my hands, tweaking your nipples. By the sounds you made, I think you approved, but you wanted more.

I let my fingers trail along your spine until I reached your asshole. I let one finger linger on its entrance, applying just enough pressure to be felt, but not enough to penetrate. You moved your legs further apart. Then I let my hand glide further, down between your thighs to your pussy. I brushed it lightly along your entrance, and found it to be very wet and open. I withdrew my hand, all covered with your juices, and I brought it to my mouth. I almost lost control, then, Beth! It tasted so good. I put my hand there again. You struggled to push yourself against it, but I wouldn’t let you. I simply gathered up a full hand’s worth of your sweetness and sucked it from my fingers.

At this point, my cock was throbbing insistently. Standing behind you, I seized your hips with my hands, so that you could not move them, and rubbed the head of my cock lightly along your cunt. Then, very slowly, I pushed it all the way inside you. I felt you struggling, trying to increase the speed, but I would not permit you to do it. Very slowly, I pulled it almost all the way out, and then drove it slowly back in again. I could feel you clenching me with your cunt muscles – beautiful. Then, on my fifth slow thrust, you shuddered and came.

I quickly pulled out, gathered up bursa ucuz escort all our clothes that were on the ground nearby, and made a makeshift cushion on the rock. “Lie on this, Beth, with your legs over the side,” I said, and you did what I asked. It couldn’t have been terribly comfortable, but you said nothing about the discomfort.

I was no longer holding back. I knelt between your thighs and plunged my face into your pussy. My tongue explored deep inside you, then came out covered in your juice. Then I took your clit into my mouth and made a little vortex with my tongue. You came again, arching your back, and then used both hands to hold my face against your pussy as your hips began to work vigorously. You came again. With each orgasm, your cunt lips and clit felt thicker, more engorged, more divine in my mouth. I ate you with increasing passion, and on your third orgasm you gushed. It was so delectable. I spent another five minutes making sure that I had licked up every drop. Then I took your hand and led you to the waterfall.

It was loud under the waterfall, so I had to communicate with you by touch. I embraced you, kissed you hard, and then reached down to seize your ass, lifting you up against me. I rubbed my cock sensually against you and you got the idea, wrapping your toned thighs around my hips and squirming a little until we managed to get my cock inside you. Then we began to fuck under the falling sheets of water. I loved how we worked together to keep our balance as we fucked – the movements of your pussy sliding up and down my cock were fantastic. And those kisses – I was getting sensory overload. I felt you begin to undulate your hips more strongly, and then the pressure of your hands on my shoulders and your thighs around my hips suddenly intensified. I knew you were cumming again, and I began to realize what a kind of a sexual superwoman you are. 🙂

I felt my orgasm approaching, and I shouted over noise of the falls to tell you so. Suddenly you disengaged from me, wriggled out of my grasp and knelt nipple-deep in the churning water so that you could suck my cock. My balls felt swollen and heavy, and I knew I was going to cum copiously. I think that you knew it, too. I began to cry out as my orgasm hit, loud enough to be heard over the falls, as you swallowed again and again. The last spurt hit your nose and cheeks, as you closed your eyes and smiled. Then the falling water washed it away.

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