The Yoga Instructor


She wasn’t sure if she had joined the fitness club as a reaction to his mid life crisis, or her own. But here she was (as she was every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), sweating her afternoon away in order to push back the years. She certainly hadn’t been that bad looking before she started working out, but now she noticed that she was turning heads, which wasn’t an easy task in a college town full of the young and fit.

Her physical trainer was one of the young and fit. He was in his late 20’s or possibly his early 30’s and he was one of those guys who would have gotten attention even if he didn’t work out. Muscular, tall, and lean, he had dark eyes, dark hair, and a tan that looked like he spent a lot of time outdoors. He also had his tongue pierced. This detail always sent a naughty thrill through her. She knew why many people got their tongues pierced, and the idea of having one used on her made her pulse quicken.

This fantasy might have very well just remained in her thoughts if he hadn’t done something totally unexpected one Friday afternoon. She was just running through her cool down yoga routine, and she bursa escort bayan was bent over in the downward facing dog pose when he came up behind her and stroked her ass. Her face burned, but not out of shame or indignation as she would have expected. No she burned because she had actually leaned into the stroke. She had wanted more and felt teased and out of breath when more didn’t come. Why had she acted that way? She wasn’t some kid. She was almost old enough to be his mother.

She returned to class the following Monday. She wasn’t sure what she expected. She was just about to write the caress off as a fluke when it happened again. She was doing a roll over in her Pilates session when he reached over as if to give her spine a little support, but instead he stroked her again, this time continuing his caress between her legs. She adjusted her pose slightly to accommodate his hand, but quickly sat up when she remembered where she was. Her head was spinning, but she was still able to think fast. She smiled coyly as if to say “not now,” and decided to set up a private session somewhere less public at the bursa anal yapan escort end of class.

Wednesday came and they planned to meet at her friends dance studio. Her best friend taught dance classes to kids after school, so the studio wasn’t in use during the mornings and early afternoons. She took the day off work and they met downstairs at the corner. She had set up the room ahead of time with a couple of mats, some hand weights, a yoga strap and block, and an exercise ball.

The workout started out like any other. She worked though the warm up and a little cardio. When she moved into her floor exercises the pace began to change. He began to correct her postures with more frequency. The corrections turned into caresses. And finally the caresses evolved into some pretty passionate foreplay.

She was careful not to let him get too far, however. She knew exactly what she wanted and she wasn’t about to let him get into her head. She teased and stroked, removing clothing until they were both undressed. She laughed maneuvering the exercise ball over bursa rus escort with her feet. She sat down on top of it with her legs spread wide. She moved his head between her legs. She had to struggle not to cum too soon. She wanted to stretch the experience out for as long as possible. He gave her a few nibbles and nuzzles using fingers and lips. She knew what she was longing for and she knew it was about to come. He began licking her, the smooth ball of his piercing rolling over her until she moaned out in pleasure. She allowed the heat to course through her body, but continued to hold back the release. He continued stroking and licking her until she could hold back no longer. The orgasm washed over her and then another in quick succession. Once her head cleared she looked down at him as he lay back on the mat with his hands behind his head. A cocky smile played on his lips, she slipped down off her perch and landed gracefully between his knees, kneeling. She placed her hands on either side of his body leaning over him for a kiss.

His lips still moist from her sex, the kiss was full of his unspent passion. She pushed herself up sitting back on her feet. She stood up and gathered her cloths as he watched her bewildered. As she dressed his expression grew more perplexed. She reached inside her hand bag and grabbed out a wad of bills. She tossed it at him. “Thanks for the class.” she said smiling. Then she walked out the door.

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