Things get Hairy with the Neighbor


Author’s Note: This is a 2019 Valentine’s Day Contest story. If you enjoy the story, please consider voting. Fair warning: this story contains the topic of infidelity. If you are prone to react negatively to anything related to that topic, please feel free to skip this story and read any of the other great submissions.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Carlie for editing and reviewing with the story. I truly appreciate her help.

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“Alright, bud. Have a good swim lesson. I’ll meet you here when it’s done.”

“Thanks, dad,” Robbie said and wandered off to join the group of other anxious kids.

“They’re getting so big now, aren’t they?” A familiar voice called out that I couldn’t quite place.

I turned and saw the cute woman standing next to me. She was a little shorter than me and had on a trendy, red-checkered flannel and tight jeans. She was so familiar it was bugging me. “I’m sorry, have we…?”

“Not officially. We chatted briefly at the last PTA meeting but didn’t get a chance to introduce ourselves. I’m Julie.” She said as she stuck out her hand.

“Oh right, you were the one who looked just as happy to be there as I did,” I said dryly as I accepted her handshake. “I’m Ben.”

She chuckled and brushed her dirty blonde hair behind her ear. “Glad I wasn’t the only one. It took me years to get comfortable at my son’s previous school’s PTA meetings, but they eventually became something fun to do once I got to know everyone.”

“Did you just move here?”

She nodded. “Jack, my husband, recently got a promotion.”

“Congratulations. That’s awesome.”

“Yeah. Good and bad, but the good outweighs the bad…I think. We had to move because of it. But that’s what people do to support the ones they love? Make sacrifices to help them pursue their dreams, right?”

I wasn’t sure what to make of that, so I quickly added. “My company’s idea of a promotion is a bigger cube. If you’re lucky they’ll relocate you closer to the bathroom. Or maybe further. Not sure which is better.”

She smiled and quickly forgot what she was complaining about.

“In any event, I’m glad to have you here. It’s nice to have someone else to chat with at these things. Watching the kids do 50 kicks in the pool is about as exciting as it sounds.” I said.

“You don’t actually sit around for the full lesson, do you? Good god! I might be new here, but you’re the one who could use some help.”

“What do you mean?” I knew she was kidding, but she had a way to make you laugh and be self-conscious at the same time.

“Let’s go in the hot tub.” She said as if it was so obvious it didn’t need to be said.

“What hot tub? I’ve never seen a hot tub here.”

“Every one of these places has a hot tub. We just have to find it.” She responded like it was a fun challenge.

“I don’t have a bathing suit with me.” I blushed.

“Oh, that’s no problem.” She said quickly and waved me to come follow her.

“Jesus, I’m not going to skinny dip here,” I said.

Her eyebrows raised as a curious smirk came over her face.

“What if we get caught? We’ll get kicked out of here.” I said starting to get slightly excited by the idea all the same.

Her silence was killing me as she just smiled, holding back a laugh.

“We can’t!” I said, laughing but now almost scared that I just might follow through with it.

“Holy cow, you are persuadable. I only meant I had an extra bathing suit. I just went on a small shopping spree, and I bought some new fun outfits and bathing suits for my husband and me. You look about his size.” She laughed as I continued to blush.

“I uh…” Wow, I stepped into it this time. “I knew that.”

“If you say so.” She said, clearly not buying it. “Come on, I think we’re getting close.” She added as we headed down some stairs.

“I didn’t even know there was a downstairs to this place,” I said as I followed her.

“Aha!” She exclaimed as we turned the corner. “Look, a pool for adults to swim laps and in the corner…a hot tub!”

“How on earth did you know about this? I’ve been coming here for years and never found this place.”

“Guess you just haven’t explored enough.” She said with a subtle wink.

“I guess not.” I chuckled. “The only locker rooms that I know of are upstairs. Shall we head back up there to change, or do you want to explore more and see if there are some hidden locker rooms down here?”

“Hmmm.” She scoped out the area. “Perfect! Let’s go here.” She said confidently and headed toward the restroom, the kind designated for family use.

“Uhh…” I said uneasily, not sure of what she had in mind.

“Oh, grow up already. We’re both adults, it will be fine.” She saw my concern and added, “You can go upstairs if you want, but it’s only an hour lesson. By the time you get up there, change, and head back down here you’ll only have half the time left to relax.” She said escort with her shopping bags in hand and continued toward the family restroom.

I stood there awkwardly and debated what to do. Even if I wanted to go upstairs, she still had the bathing suit I needed.

“You coming?” She said, holding the door ajar.

I nodded and walked into the bathroom. The door made a loud clicking noise as it shut, making me extra conscious of what was happening.

“Lock the door, will you?” She said as she set down all of her shopping bags.

I nodded again and complied. The room was fairly small, only slightly bigger than a normal single person bathroom with the exception of an extra counter sticking off the wall.

“I forget which bag had the bathing suits. You can rummage through and choose what you like.” She said and stepped out of the way behind me.

I lifted the shopping bags onto the counter and began to search for the suits. There were a variety of blouses, skirts, some bras, which I couldn’t help myself from sneaking a peek at the size, 34C. I smiled and kept looking in the other bags, sorting through more clothes and some lacy panties. I had practically forgotten what I was looking for, I was still focused on the fact I just went through her intimate apparel, discovered her breast size and felt the items she’ll wear on the most intimate parts of her body.

The sound of liquid splashing brought me out of my daze as I turned toward the source of the noise. “Jesus, what are you doing?”

Julie was sitting on the toilet with her jeans pushed down to her knees and rolled her eyes as she leaned forward, resting her forearms on her thighs. “What does it look like?” She said plainly.

I was speechless and wasn’t sure if she actually wanted me to answer.

“Relax, I’m just peeing. We’re about to go in a hot tub, not a pool. So, I need to go now.”

“You mean you’d pee in the pool if that’s where we were going?”

“Obviously.” She said in a tone that was hard to tell if it was serious or sarcasm. Her slight smile gave her away as she reached for some toilet paper when her stream started to die down.

I did my best to look away and return to the bags, but I couldn’t help but peer out of the corner of my eye to catch a glimpse of her leaning to the side and reaching behind her for a quick wipe. She was up and standing with her pants pulled up before I could see any details.

“Do you need to go?” She asked before flushing.

“No. I’ll just go in the hot tub,” I said dryly.

“Ha, ha.” She smirked and flushed. “Did you find those bathing suits yet? Shouldn’t take that long… I don’t think I bought that much stuff.”

“Found them!” I said looking in the final bag, pulling out a pair of plain, black shorts. I reached in further and pulled out a yellow, two-piece bikini and handed it to her.

“Is this what you want me to wear?” She asked suspiciously. “There’s a one-piece in there that’s probably more appropriate.”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t see that.” I said and frantically dove back in the bag.

“Relax. I’m just messing with you. The hot water will feel nicer on my skin in this one.” She said with a subtle grin and turned her back to me.

“Ah, right. Sure.” I was so lost as to what this woman meant most of the time, but it was clear she kept me on my toes in a very fun way.

With her back to me, I could see from her head looking down and her arm movements she was beginning to unbutton her shirt. I quickly turned around to give her some privacy. My heartbeat was starting to pick up as I slid my own shirt up and over my head before tossing it on the counter.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this as I started to unbuckle my belt and slowly unzipped my fly. Here goes nothing, I thought to myself as I slipped my thumbs inside of my boxers and pulled them and my jeans down in one fell swoop. I bent forward as I pushed them down over my knees. The cool air of the room tingled on my exposed flesh, making me acutely aware of my dangling penis and the fact I was very much mooning her now if she happened to be looking.

Just as I pushed my pants and boxers all the way down to my ankles, I noticed the distinct feeling of warm, squishy flesh bumping into my butt.

“Gahhhh!” We both screamed in unison and stood bolt upright, turning toward each other as we realized what happened.

Julie stood there completely naked, save for her jeans and panties resting around her ankles. She instinctively crossed her arms to cover up her bare breasts.

I caught a glimpse of her dark pink nipples before they were covered by her forearms. We both realized at about the same time that left her crotch completely uncovered as she squeezed her legs together, effectively hiding her slit but not much else. I glanced down and saw her completely hairless skin above her mound.

All while I realized my own nakedness and made a quick effort to lower my hands and cover my manhood. My thick tufts of hair poked out from the tops and sides of my hands bursa eve gelen escort as I decided to keep my hands as low as possible to cover the bottom end of my shaft and the head of my penis as opposed to the top.

All of this seemed to have taken place in the blink of an eye, but with my heart racing, it felt like an eternity.

We each stood there stupidly, half covering our intimate parts as best we could before we broke out into a fit of laughter.

“Sorry.” We both said in unison.

“I didn’t mean to…” we both continued…

“…Bump into your butt.” I said. “…Sneak a peek.” She said.

We finished our sentences at the exact same time and cracked up once again.

“It’s no problem.” She said. “I didn’t mind.”

“Me either,” I said, trying to state this was no big deal but realized it came across as saying I didn’t mind her sneaking a peek. It was a secondary thought when I realized she also said she didn’t mind. Didn’t mind our butts touching? Didn’t mind seeing me naked? Maybe some strange combination or most likely none of that and I was just overthinking it.

By now we were both blushing and still awkwardly covering ourselves.

“We should probably keep changing.” She finally said. “Clock’s ticking for our hot tub time.”

I nodded my agreement, but neither of us moved. We both still stood there, her covering her breasts and squeezing her legs closed and me cupping the bottom of my penis, now exposing more of the top half of the shaft.

Our eyes continued to explore the other person before she finally broke the silence.

“This is silly.” She said as she moved her arms and grabbed her bikini bottom off the floor. Her tits dangled and swayed as she reached down, turning slightly to the side, only halfway concealing her nakedness.

“Right.” I shook my head and snapped out of it, as I let go of my penis and pushed my pants off the rest of the way. I was completely exposed and turned halfway to the side just as she did. Only now I was exposing that my shaft was dangling slightly away from my body. If she happened to look, she’d know that I was beginning to get a little turned on.

I reached down for the bathing suit, stepped into it quickly and began to pull it up. The waistband was cinched tight. I was in such a hurry to cover myself, I pulled up the shorts that got tighter and tighter as they moved up my thighs without bothering to adjust the tied string that kept the waistband so tight. My penis flopped outside of the band as the shorts were nearly stuck on my upper thighs.

I couldn’t help but notice a slight smile from the side of her face, letting me know she was stealing occasional glances. Quickly I pushed my penis down into the tight shorts and pulled them up as high as they would go. They were a bit snug and didn’t go quite all the way up my hips, which left a portion of my pubic hair sticking out above the waistband.

All the while I was doing my best not to stare at her like a creep but stealing glances just as she was. She had her bottoms on and was now beginning to tie to the top of her bikini string behind her neck.

“Do you mind?” She asked.

“Sorry, I really wasn’t looking,” I said as my eyes darted away.

“Not that. Do you mind helping me tie this?” She asked stepping a little closer with her back facing me.

“Of course.”

She held her hair up out of the way so I could tighten the loose knot she left on her neck. I then grabbed the two dangling strings on the sides of her torso and pulled them back to begin tying the knot.

“Hold on!” She said with a chuckle. “Let me align the girls first.” She moved her top around slightly and from my view, I could tell she lifted and adjusted each breast until they were centered in the bikini cups.

“Okay. Now you can tie it.” She said as she held her boobs in place. “If you don’t get them situated just right, it’s pretty easy to have a wardrobe malfunction.”

“Of course, who would want that?” I said slightly more suggestively than I intended, and she gave me a subtle smile. Her upper back felt warm as my fingers lightly grazed her skin while I finished tying the knot.

“Thanks.” She said, continuing to adjust her breasts one last time. “This is a bit tighter than I imagined. My ass is practically falling out.” She said as she twisted to look at her behind in the mirror.

“Nah. My suit is the tight one,” I said nodding lower, realizing the top of my pubic hair was still slightly coming out of the waistband.

We both stared at my crotch momentarily, and I couldn’t help but wonder if she was noting the size and shape of my bulge in the tight shorts or just the awkward hair sticking out.

“We should probably get in the hot tub before people notice how ridiculous we look.” She said with a smile, now trying to stretch out the lower corners of her bikini bottoms to cover more of her cheeks.

“Good plan. Where should we leave all of our stuff?” I asked.

“There were görükle escort a few open lockers out in the hallway for storing stuff. Help me with the bags, will you?”

“Of course.” We each grabbed a couple of bags and shoved everything in a standing locker in the hall before walking into the pool room.

The smell of chlorine was strong at first, but we quickly got used to it. Following behind her as we walked past the long, narrow pool designed for laps, I couldn’t help but stare at her jiggling cheeks. With each step, her slightly too small bikini bottoms slowly wedged themselves more and more into her cheeks. By the time we made it over to the hot tub, it almost looked like she had on a string bikini it had disappeared so much.

“Jesus, these things are riding me like a cowboy.” She laughed as she pulled at her wedgie. “Good thing no one’s in here.”

I looked around and was surprised no one was taking advantage of this great space, but then again, I’d been coming here for years and never even knew about it.

“Shall we?” I asked and offered my hand to her as we neared the steps that led down into the hot tub.

“We shall.” She took my hand and stepped in deliberately and slowly with each foot. “Ahh! That’s hot!” Julie said as she quickly sat down, getting the transition over all at once.

I followed her in slowly and quickly sped up as my torso felt extra cold in comparison to the warmth my legs were feeling. As I took a few steps in, an air bubble formed as my suit trapped a pocket of air in the crotch.

“I hate it when this happens,” I said and nodded toward the strange phenomenon.

She laughed. “Can’t say I’ve ever experienced that.”

“Looks like we’re having opposite issues, yours is getting wedged in and mine’s puffing out.”

She nodded and adjust her hands and hips under the water. “It’s not so bad. I pulled it down a bit, so it doesn’t really have a chance to ride up.”

My mind pondered that statement for a minute. “You mean…?”

“Yes, my ass is out. I can feel the tub on my cheeks.” She giggled and shrugged her shoulders. “There are enough bubbles in here you’d never even know.”

I may have never known from what I could see, but now that she told me it was hard not to imagine her bare ass was only a couple feet from me. Just as hidden from my view as if she had her bikini bottoms on all the way, but just knowing the fabric was pulled down a few inches seemed to make a world of difference in my mind.

“Fair enough,” I said trying to put it out of my mind and noticed the air bubble in my shorts had only grown since my body was now fully emerged in the water.

“You might as well do the same. I can see your crotch bubble is at full capacity.” She chuckled.

“Crotch bubble.” I laughed at the term and debated what she said. Did that mean she could actually see my shorts through the bubbly water? I decided on a bit of a compromise and slightly loosened the string that was keeping my waistband so tight. There was an instant shift in pressure as a few huge bubbles popped to the surface; even in the midst of the hot tub bubbles, these were very noticeable.

My shorts felt loose, but much better now that they weren’t digging into my hip bone and cutting circulation from my extremities.

“Better?” She asked.

“Better,” I replied with a silly grin.

“So, what’s a nice gentleman like yourself have planned for you and the wife on Valentine’s Day?”

“Valentine’s Day?” That caught me off guard.

“Yes…cards, flowers, romance…it’s this Saturday, that’s tomorrow you know?

Fuck. She was right.

“You didn’t forget, did you?” She chuckled, already knowing the answer.

“Of course I didn’t forget.” I couldn’t hold back my guilty grin. “I’ve got plenty planned.”

“Suuure. What’s on the docket then, Casanova?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I have no idea.” I finally confessed. “Probably just a nice dinner.

She nodded her understanding.

“What about you? What does the newly promoted husband have in store for you?”

“He usually goes all out. I’m sure we’ll start with a rare vintage bottle of wine that’s on a table full of roses. After slowly sipping it over a deep conversation, he’ll bring out the dinner he’s been slaving over all day. We’ll eat as we stare into each other’s eyes before stopping early to make passionate love all night.” She said with a smile.

“Wow, that sounds…incredible. You’re a lucky woman.” I said starting to think how silly my plans sounded after that and all the guiltier for forgetting it was even coming up.

“Yes, that does sound incredible…and if any of it happened, I would be a lucky woman.” She said as her smile faded. “He’s been out of town on business for the past week or so and probably won’t be back for at least another week.”

“That’s a bummer,” I said.

“There’s extra travel involved for his new position, but even before the promotion, he was usually on the road this time of year.”

I half laughed, unsure of what kind of reaction she was hoping for. “I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a silly, made-up holiday anyway.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m sure I can still make some variation of that evening happen by myself. I’ll settle for some wine we have in the house and probably order in some food.”

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