Three-month Anniversary


“My God, Jason! I never tire of you fucking me like that! Your stamina is unbelievable!”

I was still on my hands and knees recovering from my third orgasm of the evening, this one prompted by my twenty-six year old lover taking me from behind. Jason had taken it slow at first, beginning with long, languorous strokes of his six inch cock, and then building the pace and power until I was pleading for him to make me come. However, each time he sensed that I was on the edge he’d slow the pace, returning to those long, languorous strokes that he seemed to enjoy frustrating me with so much. Only after fifteen minutes of expertly using his cock to excite my wet pussy me did he finally relent and, slipping the tip of his finger into my ass, fuck me fast and hard until we were both ready for release. I had almost passed out as my orgasm ripped through my body forcing my pussy to clamp down tightly on Jason’s cock tipping him over the edge into his own thunderous orgasm.

Jason laughed, “It truly is my pleasure, Amanda! I’m so glad that you decided to seduce me when we were in Austin.

It was three months since Jason and I had enjoyed that first wonderful weekend in Austin while attending the Texas Teachers Workshop and Conference. I had taken the opportunity to entice him into my bed on our first night there and the rest, as they say, is history. We had begun dating after that weekend and our relationship seemed to be developing in leaps and bounds despite the twelve year age difference between us.

Over the past few months I had discovered that despite his young age, Jason was an innovative and inventive lover. He was also energetic, and I was consistently rewarded with more mind shattering orgasms than I was able to keep count of each time we fucked.

Tonight was our three-month anniversary and I had invited Jason to dinner at my house to celebrate. I decided that I would keep things simple – I bought some pizza dough with the idea that we would make dinner together while enjoying a glass of wine. Of course deciding what I should wear was much more difficult than deciding on what we would have for dinner! I tried various outfits trying to get that just right blend of class and sexiness. Eventually I settled on a casual, sleeveless party dress that was both colorful and sexy since it left my shoulders bare and was cut a little short to show off my long golden legs.

My plan was that we would have some fun together in the kitchen before enjoying the fruits of our labor over a candlelight dinner. Afterwards we would curl up on the sofa with a little quiet music and get romantic before celebrating our three-month anniversary back where it all started – in the bedroom.

As usual Jason arrived right on time. When I answered the door he was standing on the porch wearing a broad smile, a pink polo, a pair of dress shorts and leather sandals. bursa escort His strong hands held a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine. I kissed him softly before relieving him of the wine and flowers.

“Thank you for the flowers, sweetheart. They are beautiful,” I said as I drank in his sexy scent. Jason always wore Black Orchid by Tom Ford, a cologne that gave him a smell that I adored. “You do look handsome tonight, Jason,” I said as I walked to the kitchen. “Anyone would think that you had a date!”

He laughed, “A date with a beautiful woman it seems! I love that dress on you, it makes you look so very sexy.”

He stepped behind me as I was removing a bottle of chilled Chardonnay from the refrigerator and encircled me with his arms.

“Amanda, I’ve been thinking about you all week,” he said as he softly kissed my neck and cupped my breasts in his hands. It must have been obvious to him how aroused I was – my nipples were hard and clearly visible through the thin material of my dress. I moaned as he pinched them while his mouth explored my neck and shoulders.

“Jason…………………what about dinner?,” I said somewhat unconvincingly, as he pushed his hard cock against me and continued to play with my nipples.

“We can eat later, Amanda. Right now I just need to have you!”

His hands slid under my dress and caressed the cheeks of my ass. “Mmmmmmmm, a thong this evening – I think you may have had plans for more than just dinner tonight.”

His hands moved around to the front and quickly found their way inside my thong. He began caressing my slit, which was already wet and dripping, and parted easily for his fingers. I parted my legs a little to provide him better access and then lay back against his hard body as he found my clit.

“God, that feels so good………….don’t stop.”

He continued to finger me, rubbing my clit softly and dipping his fingers into into my honeypot, until he judged that I was ready for him.

“I have to fuck you, Amanda.”

“Please,” I whimpered in response.

Moving quickly, he bent me over the counter, flipped up my dress, and drew my panties down my legs. I stepped out of them and resumed my position bent over the counter as I waited for his cock. Soon enough it was there, nudging softly at the entry to my wet pussy, and I wiggled my ass trying to get it in me.

“Fuck, you look so sexy in that position,” he said as he slowly inched his rock hard cock into my waiting pussy. A deep moan escaped from my throat as I felt him fill me and I laid my head on my hands as he began to fuck me with a strong, fast rhythm. There was no finesse on display this evening, it was just pure animal fucking with the intent of reaching orgasm just as soon as we could.

“Yesssssss,” he groaned as he took me. “You are so fucking tight, Amanda. I can’t believe just how tightly bursa ucuz escort your pussy grips me.”

I failed to get any words out in response as he was driving into me hard and fast – all I could do was continue moaning as he pleasured my entire body with his stiff cock. With a loud smack, his hand landed on my bared ass causing me to moan even louder.

“Harder, Jason. Fuck me harder. I’m almost there,” I screamed.

“Fuuuuuuuck, Amanda – I’m cummmmming he yelled,” as his hot seed erupted into me. My orgasm arrived just then, causing my knees to buckle and my body to shudder as an unbelievably powerful wave of pleasure rolled through me. Jason continued to thrust, emptying himself and groaning each time another spurt of cum shot from his cock. Then, collapsing across my back, he panted, “Amanda………….that was so hot! I love that you were so ready for me and having you right here, in the kitchen, was so erotic……..Amazing!”

He slowly pulled out of me, allowing me to stand upright. I turned and looked at him ruefully.

“We were meant to make pizza together, Jason! I had it all planned!”

He smiled and kissed me deeply.

“I’ve wanted you all week. When I saw you in that dress it was the final straw, I just had to have you.”

I began to blush as I felt his cum dribbling down my legs.

“I’m going to clean up, Jason. There is a wash cloth in that drawer if you would like to clean up too.”

When I returned a few minutes later Jason had his pants pulled up and was leaning against the counter smiling and holding a glass of wine.

I kissed him, then broke away, “Well smartypants, seems like you got dessert before the main course! I had planned on us making pizza together this evening – would you still like to do that or do you have something else in mind?”

Jason grinned, “I think that we are past the pizza, let’s just go carry on where we left off.”

I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom. We kissed by the side of the bed and I felt Jason’s hands under my dress again, roaming over my body. We quickly undressed and lay on the bed, kissing passionately.

I grasped his cock, which was once again becoming hard, and stroked him to full mast as our kiss continued. Silently I gave thanks to God for the speed with which young men can recover their arousal!

I decided it was time to taste him.

“Your cock is such a beautiful thing,” I said as I slid down the bed, making my head level with his solid staff. “The sight of it just makes me want to have it in my mouth.”

I licked from the base of his shaft to the tip, while my fingers caressed his balls softly. A drop of pre-cum had formed on his head and I lovingly licked it away. I glanced up at Jason and clearly saw the desire in his eyes. Forming an ‘O’ with my lips, I slowly engulfed bursa elit escort his cock, swirling my tongue around his head.

He groaned as I licked and sucked on him. “Feels so good……..take me deeper…….please.”

I ran my mouth down the length of his cock and then back up, licking the shaft again, before closing my lips around his head. My hair spilled over his belly and I felt his hands urging my head further down his cock. I sped up my pace as I took him deeper and wrapped my fingers around his shaft so that I could stroke as well as suck. Each time my mouth arrived at his tip I’d swirl my tongue around it causing him to moan softly.

“‘I’m close, Amanda,” he growled, warning me that I would soon have his cum in my mouth.

Grinning inwardly at the knowledge of what I was doing to him I moved my hands to his hips and began to bob my head on his cock as fast as I could. That sent him over the edge and he began squirting his cum into my willing mouth. String after string of cum erupted from his cock as I held my mouth in place to catch it. When he was done, I lovingly licked the last of his cum from the head of his cock.

“Mmmmmmm, I love you coming in my mouth, darling.”

“It’s your turn now,” he said, spreading my legs and lowering his head to my dripping pussy.

I gasped as he used his mouth to pull my lips apart and then once more when his tongue made contact with my clit. I settled back, knowing from experience that Jason would take his time and use all means at his disposal to slowly build the pleasure that I received. I moaned as he tongued my ass for a few seconds before running it all the way up my pussy to my engorged clit.

“Mmmmmmmmm you really do taste so sweet, Amanda.”

He buried his head between my legs again, this time sucking my clit into his mouth and allowing his tongue to flick softly against the swollen bud. As he did so, I felt my lips part and two thick fingers slowly slide deep inside me.

I howled. “Oh God Jason!”

His began to fuck me with his fingers, pushing them deep and then slowly withdrawing them in a steady, firm rhythm. My hips were moving off the bed, meeting every thrust. All the while his tongue rasped on my clit, dragging deep moans of pleasure from my throat. I was on fire, every nerve in my body electrified by his touch. He fucked me like this for what seemed forever, timing the thrusting of his fingers with my breathing, which became more shallow and ragged the longer he went on.

Finally my body could take no more and I stiffened, arched and shuddered as a tremendous orgasm rolled through me.

“Oh My God, Oh, My God,” I cried repeatedly as wave after wave of pleasure reached my brain.

I trembled as small aftershocks continued to assault my body and Jason slowly withdrew his fingers from my pussy.

“Jesus, Jason. That was so intense! You really know how to incite amazing orgasms in me.”

He smiled and crawled up the bed so that he could lay face to face with me.

“I’m not finished with you yet, Amanda. It’s time that you got on your knees so that I can fuck you from behind.”

The rest is, as they say, history!

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