Tiffany’s Getaway Ch. 3


Roger led Tiffany up the stairs to the loft style ‘bedroom’ of the log cabin. A large bed took up most of the floor space, a small nightstand and lamp were the only other furniture. A log railing across one side opened up to the view of the kitchen below.

Roger folded down the bed covers, and lay down, pulling Tiffany gently towards his nude body. She lay close to him, marveling at his warmth and stamina. They had coupled three times so far that evening, and he showed no sign of wearing down. She had hoped for a weekend of sexual pleasure, and was getting all she asked and more.

Roger proved to be a gentle lover, true to his descriptions in the letters. What he hadn’t told her, was that he was still as capable as a man half his age. She held his penis in her soft hand as they lay in the dim light. She watched his chest rise and fall, and felt the steady beat of his heart as the soft member stiffened under her touch.

She moved down to kiss on it, gently licking around the purple crown and under the foreskin. It soon filled her mouth and part of one hand. Without asking, this time, she straddled his body and put her hungry kitty on the hard, pulsing flesh. She sank down on the massive erection, her belly bulging with fullness as her mound settled on to his belly.

Roger placed his hands on her breasts and pulled softly on the swollen nipples. “You are a tiger in bed, aren’t you?” she asked. She flexed her muscles and gave his penis a squeeze as she began to move her hips in a slow circular motion. Her clitoris ground against his body, and her nectar flowed freely.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself, too.” He noted. He pushed up towards her, driving even deeper into the hot, tight channel of her vagina.

“So full .Oh it feels soo good to have a man inside me.”

He pulled Tiffany down on his chest and said, “It feels real good to be inside you, too.” As he inserted his tongue between her parted lips, her body quivered.

“So many cums, I can’t remember getting off this many times so quickly.” She mused.

He hips began to move faster, the hot flesh between her legs touching her in places she’d forgotten she had. He was so deep in her. She was in another world with the feelings in her body. She wanted more, she didn’t want it to stop.

Roger rolled them over, and Tiffany spread her knees wide to allow him more room. He thrust steadily, pounding her pelvis with each heavy push. Her hands grabbed at his back and butt, holding him tight, pulling him back in side her. Waves of passion flowed through her. Another orgasm building up in her belly, the muscles of her body tensed and she felt the now familiar swelling of his erection. She braced for the impending release. She felt the pulsing just before she felt the hot cum wash deep into her body, once more.

“Oh, yesss. Fill me up! Omigod, yesssss.Ohhh Roger!” her cries filled the room and her whole body shook in a lust filled release of her own.

Exhausted, sleep found them quickly, curled up close like spoons in a drawer. The only sounds were their slow, steady breathing, and the pounding of their hearts.

Tiffany escort bayan woke to the sun filtering in through the windows downstairs. The bed was empty next to her. Panic filled her momentarily, until she regained her thoughts. ‘Was it a dream? Where is he? Did it really happen?’ The soreness between her legs, and the matted hair around her mound told her it wasn’t a dream. There had been some heavy duty sex going on the night before, and she felt it, now. She also felt the need for more, having been without for so long.

She heard a noise, downstairs, and cautiously peered over the railing, to see Roger getting some coffee from the countertop. Wearing only jeans and boots, she admired his toned body and the smoothness with which he moved about. She must have made some sound, because he turned and looked up.

“Coffee’s ready, sleepyhead!” he chuckled. “Take anything in it?”

“Um, no. Black is good.” She replied. “Where’d you go?”

“Played with the scooter a bit. Thought we’d take a ride around the park or somewhere.” He answered as he approached the stairs. “Okay with you?”

“Yeah, sure.” She replied hesitantly.

He sat on the bed with her, and gave her the hot beverage. She was trying to shield her nakedness with a sheet at the same time. Roger laughed softly.

“What’s so funny?”

“You.” He smiled. “We spent most of last night in several different positions sharing love, and now you’re trying to hide your beautiful body behind that sheet.”

Tiffany thought about it for a second, and started to laugh, herself. “That is pretty silly, isn’t it?” She lowered the sheet, and took some coffee, then bent over to kiss him. “I could learn to love you, Roger.”

He didn’t make any reply, but got up to find a shirt and finish dressing. She watched as he went back downstairs, and then began to dress herself. A crop “t” and tight jeans that hung low on her hips got her a long wolf whistle as she moved into the kitchen.

“Wow. That’s hot!” he exclaimed.

The top barely covered her breasts, and that left a long expanse of smooth flesh past her navel to just above her mound. Her cheerleader’s body did nothing to give away her age, either.

They walked out into the warm sun, and she saw what he had done. He had removed the sidecar! The black Harley stood by itself, waiting for its riders, like the patient steed it was.

Roger noticed the look on her face. “I thought we’d have a little easier time of it without the sidehack.” He swung his leg over the bike, and kicked it to life. The sound of the big bike split the silence of the forest, and settled down to a steady rumble. Tiffany slid up behind him, and wrapped her arms around Roger as he kicked the bike in gear.

Smoothly rolling through the forest paths, Tiffany admired his skill as a rider. Banking smoothly through the curves, she pressed her body tight to his, thighs clamped against him, the vibrations of the machine stirring her insides. The warm feeling between her legs radiated to the rest of her, and she could feel the wetness building down below. The wind rushed past them, the görükle escort warm sun baking their exposed flesh.

Suddenly, he turned off the main park road, and rode up a smaller trail. He stopped at he top of a hill, and turned off the machine. The place they stopped was an overlook. The view below was spectacular, mountains in the distance, the large lake directly below them. He dismounted, and walked over to a large rock formation to sit down.

She walked to him and stood between his legs. Roger pulled her close, and started to kiss her hot. Her belly was already on fire from the ride, and she melted into his body as she returned the hot tongue kiss. He lifted her shirt and kissed her breasts, sucking lightly on the nipples. In one move, he turned her around, loosened her pants, pulled them down to her knees, and buried his face in her muff.

Her sweet nectar was already running down her thighs. Roger lapped it off, and found the source with his tongue. Tiffany held his head, and pushed her mound into his lips when he sucked hard on the swollen bud of her clitoris.

The jerking of her hips told him she’d cum, but he didn’t stop licking.

She was close to another cum when he did stop, but only long enough to slide his jeans down. Leaning against the rock, he pulled her butt towards his penis, and impaled her from behind.

“OH GOD!!” she shrieked. “OHHH YESSS! .. Fuck me, Roger!”

That was the first time he’d heard her use that word. She had always used softer phrases to describe the act, but something today had made her a little bolder. He did as she asked. He stood up, and held her waist, thrusting hard and fast into the soft wet vagina. Her moans became a steady, soft wail as she neared her peak. “Fuck it.. oh yes..that’s it.. fill me up OHHH YESSS CUM IN MEEE!!” she screamed into the forest as her body was wracked with a hard cum.

She almost fell forward as Roger shot his load of hot cum into her quaking body. He managed to hold on to her and fall back against the rock, which drove him even deeper into her tiny body.

“Ohmigod!” Tiffany panted. “What?How?.. OHH Roger! I’ve never cum that fast.”

“Easy, Tiff. Just relax, right where you are.” He spoke softly as he wrapped his arms around hr waist. The stayed locked together a while as the looked out at the beauty in front of them. “I like doing it outside. Don’t you?” He finally asked.

“That was the first time, for me.” She answered sheepishly. “I’ve always made love indoors, or in a car. Does that count?”

“Well, cars are outside, but this is a little different.”

“I was so intense! So fast! I didn’t know what hit me.”

“I’m pretty sure it’s the fresh air.” He chuckled.

Tiffany pulled off of him and turned. She held his still hard penis at her vulva, and leaned forward, filling herself, again. “Oh, yes. I’m sure that’s it.” She giggled and wiggled her butt.

Tiffany came four times to Roger’s two, before they decided to ride into town for some food. She could feel their mixed fluids seeping out of her all the way down the mountain, her belly bursa elit escort still hungry for more of this surprising man. They stopped a while at a drive in burger stand, and she made no effort to hide the dark, damp spot between her legs as they ate lunch.

The wind, the heat of the bike, ‘her man’, and her flowing vagina had her ready for more when they got back to the cabin. Boldly, Tiffany stripped naked outside, and walked out on the deck.

“Come here, lover.” She spoke softly. “I think the fresh air has got to me, again.” She had bent over the handrail, and offered her spread butt to him. He entered her gently, her soft moans were all that was heard. They shared love on the deck, then down by the lake, it was as if Tiffany couldn’t find enough places outside to try another position or two.

She kept Roger hard, although she had a lot more cums than he did. Darkness claimed the day, and they returned to the comfort of the soft rugs in front of the fire, after a long teasing shower.

Curled up next to her lover, feeling his rough hands gently touching her all over, Tiffany wondered how he kept going. He never seemed to tire of sex, in any form. Even now, his hand settled between her puffy, swollen vulva lips, and softly parted them. His penis showed signs of stiffening, again. Roger kissed down her neck to her breasts and stomach. Tiffany stretched her lean body and felt his lips travel to her navel and lower belly. He nibbled her fur, and homed in on her kitty, softly licking her.

She mewed like a kitten as the heat rose inside her. She felt her breasts flush and her nipples got stiff. Toying with them as he continued to kiss on her kitty, she pinched and pulled each one. Her concentration was broken when he put his mouth directly on her clitoris, sucking it through his partially closed teeth.

The electricity raced through her body in a swift release, causing he hips to buck and tremble.

She picked his head up, and brought it up to hers, kissing him deeply and tasting herself on his lips. She gently laid him back, and mirrored his tongue bath. Lavishing his genitals with wet licks and soft sucking, the firmness returned to his penis, and her mouth closed over the tip. Slowly, as he had with her vulva, she licked and sucked the massive flesh rod, taking as much into her throat as she could. Eight inches is a lot to try to swallow all at once, and some remained for her to cover with her gentle fingers.

Her hand on his testicles felt them drawing up, and the other felt his penis swell. She wanted to taste him. Roger’s fingers were locked together behind her head. His hips wanted to thrust, but he didn’t want to choke Tiffany. He pushed his butt to the floor as he sent waves of his hot cum down her throat. She pulled back at the last, and kept some of the salty fluid on her tongue. He bent down to meet her in a hot kiss, to share his essence with her, as she had done.

Not bothering to get up, the tired couple drifted off to sleep where they lay. Dreams and memories of the day filled their sleep thoughts. He woke sometime during the night, with his hand covering one of Tiffany’s small breasts, and his penis lodged in the cleft of her butt. He moved, and she shifted without waking, causing him to slip inside her. “MMMM, feels nice.” she murmured. He smiled and kissed her neck, then returned to sleep himself.

To Be Continued…

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