My Mother In the Lockdown


My Mother in the Lockdown

Chapter One

I am a 24-year old man living who was living on my own when the pandemic hit. My 48-year old mother, who is divorced from my father, was also living on her own, and increasingly panicked by what was happening so I invited to her to come live with me while we were under a stay-at-home order.

There was virtually no impact on my work life from the pandemic because I had started a technology business while I was still in college and already worked from home. To simplify my life, I employed a housekeeper/cook and a yard service. My employees quit to be with their families, which was fine with me because it eliminated their ability to bring the virus into my house.

Hiring other workers was not likely because I did not live in or near a big city.

When my mother arrived, I escorted her to her room. After she had settled in, I explained how things would work while she was with me. “Mom, I am happy to be able to have you live with me while the pandemic is raging but because my employees have all left and I have a lot of work to do each day, I need you to take on their inside tasks and “earn your keep”.

She responded, “I am happy to be able to help out. It will give me something to do”.

I didn’t think much of it when she did not have any dinner prepared for us that evening. I got some previously frozen meals out of the freezer and warmed them up for us. I assumed she would get the dishes and left the table to finish some work.

In the morning, I came into the kitchen with everything left where it had been at dinner. This pattern continued for several days.

My mother also spent almost all day sitting on the couch watching soap operas or streaming old sit-coms while eating all the treats in my pantry. She did ask for (and I gave her) my Amazon log-in information so she could order us groceries and other food items. I discovered that she also was completely comfortable ordering little items for herself.

My mother was already full figured (about 20 pounds overweight) and with her sedentary lifestyle and snacking, she was clearly headed for 30 pounds overweight. She was no centerfold but had a nice smile and was generally attractive for a 47-year old woman when she kept herself in shape.

The house kept getting dirtier and dirtier. I finally spoke with her and said, “Mom, what is going on? You promised to help me and instead you are making more work for me.” She looked guiltily at me and promised to do better. Things improved for about a week and then the pattern repeated itself.

I resolved to take action and called her into my office. “Mom, I need you to order a couple things off Amazon to be delivered. I want you to order two ping pong paddles and an elliptical trainer.” She looked at me and replied, “Why do you want ping pong paddles? You don’t even have a table.”

I told her that it would become clear after they arrived.

A few days later the items arrived and I instructed the elliptical trainer to be installed in my office about ten feet behind my desk and put one ping pong paddle in my desk drawer and the other in an end table drawer in the family room.

I put my plan into action the next day. I called out, “Mom, please come into my office”. When she arrived, I told her to sit down and began to explain, “This is not working out well. You do not follow through on any of your tasks, you buy things using my Amazon account without asking, and you are getting further out of shape. So, here is what we are going to do. I am going to start treating you in a way that is consistent with your behavior. You asked me why I wanted a ping pong paddle and the answer is that I am going to use it to paddle your ass until you modify your behavior. Now, come here and lean over my lap.”

My mother got all red in the face and said, “It will be a cold day in hell before I let you paddle me. That is completely inappropriate for you to do that. You probably planned on pulling down my pants also. I can tell you that is not going to happen” and she left the room.

I had expected her response and went onto my next step. When she was in the main room watching television, I went into her room and gathered up all of her stuff and put it back in her suitcases and put them on the front porch. I called her to the front door and pushed bursa escort her out the front door and locked it.

She began to bang on the door and yell at me, “Let me in”. I calmly responded that she was welcome to come in when she agreed to live by my house rules or if she preferred, I could call an Uber for her. She continued to yell at me until she got tired. I live in a warm part of the country, so I just left her out there on her own. She tried all of the doors and windows, but none granted her entry. In the end, she slept in a lounge that was on the front porch.

In the morning, I went out to see how she was doing. She was not happy, but the night on the porch convinced her that I was serious and she agreed to my house rules. I had anticipated that answer and had brought a ping pong paddle with me to the front door.

I instructed her, “Mom, we are going to start where we left off yesterday afternoon. You need discipline and I am going to provide it. Pull down your pants and panties and lean over my lap.”

She started to argue with me, but when she saw the resolve in my face, she slowly unbuttoned her jeans and turning away from me pulled them down and also pulled her panties down just below her ass to limit what I could see. She next turned and quickly lay on my lap so that her mound and bush were not easily visible.

Her ass was nothing special given her age and extra weight, but it was nice and round and white and it shook nicely when she moved. She kept her legs tightly together and waited for me to start.

And I did just that, giving her a relatively light stroke with the paddle and continued building up a rhythm and increasing my intensity a bit. After 20 strokes, I paused and admired my work. Her ass was now a bright red and her butt cheeks had a nice vibration to them every time the paddle came down.

She had not cried out, but she definitely had felt it. Her legs were no longer held tightly together as she focused on the burning in her ass, which allowed me a reasonably good view of her pussy lips and bush. She was quite hairy and I have always liked a lush bush on women although through most of my life those views were primarily on a computer rather than live.

Although it had not been my intention, I found that I was really enjoying the experience of making her bare her bottom and paddle her.

I paddled her ten more times for good measure and told her she could get up. She begin to pull up her pants and I stopped her. “Mom, the paddling is over for now, but part of the discipline is the embarrassment you feel. Leave your pants and panties down around your ankles and shuffle over to that corner and stand with your nose in the corner until I tell you that you are done. You should be thinking about the work you need to get done while you are standing in the corner with your red ass exposed to me.”

The corner I pointed to was one I could easily see from my desk, so I set a timer for 30 minutes while continuing to enjoy the view while getting some work done. I increased her humiliation by engaging in a video call with a customer where my mother could not tell for certain that she was out of the picture.

After thirty minutes had gone by, I told her to turn around and come over to me. I had her stand in front of me with her pants down and her pussy exposed and lectured her about the work she needed to do that afternoon. I finally excused and she quickly pulled up her pants and scurried out of the room.

What she did not yet know was that I had other plans for her to address other aspects of her behavior that I wanted to modify.

Chapter Two

The next day, I called my mother into my office again. She immediately asked, “Are you going to paddle me again?” I replied, “Most likely, but only if you deserve it. And I went easy on you the first time. I want to talk to you now about cleaning the house. My housekeeper wore a uniform that helped with maintaining a disciplined attitude towards her responsibilities. I have taken the liberty of getting you a uniform to wear while you are discharging your duties.” I handed her the box and she opened it and looked up and said to me, “You can’t seriously expect me to wear this. The box contains only a garter belt and stockings. There aren’t even any panties or a bra.”

I responded, “I know. It just seemed easier bursa escort for you not to have to have clothes that get in the way when I need to discipline you with the paddle and being fully exposed should be a regular reminder of what you are supposed to be doing. You can wear whatever you want after you are done working for the day.”

She began to argue with me and I just cut her off and said, “You can either put it on or we can put your stuff back out on the porch and call for your ride.”

Although she was not happy, she went to her room and must have put the maid “outfit” on because I could hear the vacuum cleaner running and other unmistakable sounds of cleaning. When I broke for lunch, she was in the kitchen with her tits waiving around and her relatively large ass jiggling as she moved. She still wasn’t centerfold or even MILF material, but it was entertainingly distracting while I ate lunch. It was sufficiently arousing that I began to get hard and had to be careful to let things go down a bit before I got up from the table.

In the afternoon, I told she could clean my office now. She reluctantly came in and began to dust and clean. The view at lunch had been nice, but with her constant movement while cleaning and the need to periodically squat and lean over, I was treated to an even better show. I certainly was not able to focus on my business at all.

Chapter Three

We continue like this for a few weeks as the pandemic continued to rage. I had to (found the opportunity) to paddle her bottom a few times when she lost focus, but for the most part my household was now functioning as I hoped. I even invented a few errors on her part so that I could indulge my interest in paddling her. I suspect she knew that, but what could she say as long as she wanted to stay.

I then proceeded to the third part of my plan. I once again called her into my office and handed her a box. “Mom, you have gotten yourself well out of shape and I have a plan for fixing that.” She looked at me with some interest and some trepidation and asked, “How”?

I told her that I had gotten the elliptical trainer for her to use and the box contains workout clothes. She opened the box and looked up at me with a quizzical look. “There are only socks, a pair of workout shoes and a sports bra in here. Where is the rest of it?”

I replied, “That’s it. That is all there is supposed to be. You need a bra to avoid damaging your tits as you exercise, but you don’t need anything on the bottom. Being bare will motivate you by allowing me to easily paddle your ass if you are not going hard enough and the absence of bottoms will provide the humiliating encouragement that you need.”

“We are going to start by measuring you. Go put on your clothes that are in the box and return here. You will get ten swats for every minute over five minutes it takes you to return.”

Mom rushed out of the room and returned with one minute to spare. She was quite a sight with nice shoes, anklet socks, and a sports bra. Her pussy was completely open to my view. I couldn’t really see her pussy lips because of the hairy forest of her bush.

I had brought out a tape measure and proceeded to measure her hips, her waist and her bust line. I also had her take all of the clothes back off so I could weigh her. I wrote all of these measurements on a white board I had in my office.

When that task was complete, I told her, “Put your clothes back on and let me show you how to operate the elliptical trainer. And you might want to go easy on the snacks because it is hard to lose weight exclusively through exercise.

I developed out a workout schedule for her that had her working out on the elliptical trainer in my office for 45 minutes twice per day. I had also created a schedule of weight loss with penalties for missing the targets. It was a great treat watching her bounce around on the equipment with sweat dripping off of her and paddling her bare bottom whenever needed.

With that approach, she steadily made progress losing pounds and inches. Her ass no longer jiggled like Jell-O when I paddled her. A nice firmness had replaced her prior fat. After she had lost about 20 pounds, I took back her sports bra because she didn’t need it as much (and I liked to watch her tits swing back and forth).

Chapter bursa eskort Four

My sex life had taken a real downturn during the pandemic. While I had never been great with woman, I had enough money to attract a certain sort of woman for no-commitment sex. In fact, my housekeeper had frequently earned a little money by working overtime and expanding the scope of her responsibilities. The sexual enjoyment I received from seeing my mother naked was limited to regular jack-off sessions, but still left me wanting more.

Although not part of my long-term plan to motivate my mother, I decided to expand her duties. When she was cleaning my office one day, I turned to her as she was dusting around my desk. I said, “You have earned an expansion of your responsibilities. I need some regular sexual relief, so I have decided to have you suck my cock.” I got up from my chair, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and put it in front of her face. Her mouth was hanging open with surprise which made it easy to push my cock into her mouth and with my hand, I held everything in place. When she didn’t immediately start to suck, I took the paddle that I had also taken out and started to lightly swat her behind.

By this time, my mother was well conditioned to do what I told her to do, particularly when reinforced with my paddle. She begin to suck me slowly and then with increasing enthusiasm. I quickly climaxed and ejaculated into her mouth. She wasn’t prepared to swallow it all and much of my semen spilled on the floor. I pulled my deflating penis out of her mouth and instructed her to clean it up.

After a few times, she became responsive when told to give me oral sex. I could do it in my office where she was mostly naked. I could have her do it in the kitchen while I was eating by her crawling under the table, or when we were sitting on the couch watching television. It was incredibly convenient.

After several more months, a vaccine for the virus was developed and the pandemic was ending. My mother came to me and said, “As much as I appreciate you taking me in during the pandemic, I think it will be best for both of us if I return to my home and let you live your life.” I told her that I agreed but that I would miss seeing her every day.

She then continued to say, “I also need to thank you for your unusual method of motivating me to change my habits. I have lost over 20 pounds and several inches and I have never felt better in my life. I wish there was something that I could do to really thank you.”

She was sitting down while she said this wearing her maid uniform that consisted only the garter belt and stockings. As she talked, she leaned back a bit and parted her legs in an age-old subtle invitation to a man. An invitation that was clear, but at the same time could be denied if needed. I had a clear view of her pussy and could even see her pussy lips through her heavy bush. The ball was in my court and my cock was about to burst from my pants.

I got up from where I was sitting and approached her. As I got closer, she, slid further down onto her back with her legs open and her knees up and then closed her eyes. I wasted no time in taking off my pants and crawling between her legs. I lined my cock up with her pussy opening and thrust in. She quickly stretched to accommodate my erection and I begin to slowly fuck her. She reached around me and grabbed my ass and began pulling me into her harder and faster. Her breathing got faster and deeper and she started to whimper a bit until she came. Her orgasm became my signal to come also and I finished on top of her. It may not have been the hottest sex of my life and my mother was certainly not someone I was overwhelmingly attracted to, but she was naked, she was available, and I was horny. It was a great combination.

The next morning, we called an Uber to come pick her up and take her home. We had about ten minutes before the driver arrived, so rather than sitting there awkwardly, I told her to lean over the arm of the couch and to pull down her panties. Once she was positioned, I proceeded to paddle her for the last time until I was completely aroused. I walked behind, undid my pants and pushed my way into her until I came in a gush. I used a towel to clean up my mess and pulled her panties back up and said I would miss her.

As she was starting to drive away, she rolled down the window and said that I should come visit her sometime — and that I should bring the paddle. I quickly agreed. As I shut the door and went back to my office, I thought that I would need to add an agreement to include discipline in my next housekeeper contract.

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