My Sister. A Fantasy


All persons are 18 or older at the time of this fantasy.

To start the beginning of the story is true. Unfortunately the rest is just my fantasy.

A little of the usual lead in to give you a visual perspective. All true, no embellishment.

My family, well at least the feminine side of it, were never shy about their bodies, and I was certainly not about mine. Growing up my Mother was very open about the changes we were experiencing in our bodies, and other things. I could ask her anything.

We were living In Germany, I just finished my bath and was walking from the bathroom to my bedroom, I was completely naked, not bothering to cover up, it was just a few steps from my room.

I was stopped by my sisters voice saying, “Tom, you’re naked.” I stopped and turned towards her, and looked her in the eyes, which were on my cock, and said “So, you’ve seen me naked before.”

I then turned and went into my room. I guess it’s funny, but I remember she used to peek almost every time I took a bath after that. She even would come in the basement and interrupt when I had my girlfriend there with me.

Well fast forward to a time we were adults, in our early twenties. I had returned home on leave because my Mother had passed. She picked me up at the airport and we got home late. We sat on the couch and held each other trying to come to grips with our loss.

It got very late and she suggest we go to bed. Since I had been gone for awhile overseas with the military, my room had become a storage area. My sister had cleared an area and laid a mattress on the floor.

She asked if I thought I would be comfortable there or if I wanted to sleep in her room.

I told her that the mattress would be just fine, I was used to roughing it.

I began to undress and she just stood there and watched as I striped down to my underwear. I laid down on the bed and pulled the covers over myself.

My sister excused herself saying she wanted to get ready for bed and would be right back to say goodnight. I heard the shower start and then turn off. She came back a short time later, I watched as she walked into the room. She had changed and was only wearing an old tee shirt that was kinda short and a pair of crew cut panties.

She stood before me for a moment, as I looked up from my vantage point, I let my eyes travel up from her feet to her legs, when mt eyes reached her panties, I noticed that the were somewhat see through, I could see the dark outline Porno of her pussy hair, I could even see how the hair was pushing on the fabric. (I forgot to tell you she is a brunette) I then looked up higher and could see the swell of her breast from underneath, and then the hint of dark aureoles, and hard nipples poking out.

I looked at her angelic face, framed by her long brown hair. She then came down on her knees and sat back on her feet and spread her legs out. I got quite a view of her panties pulled up tight against her pussy. I not sure how to describe how I felt right at that moment, I love my sister, but right then, the world seemed to stop, I remember I felt so alone and just wanted to take her in my arms and hold her.

I let out a sigh and told her “Maybe it’s time you go to bed.”

She looked at me strangely, but then bent over, allowing me a look down her tee shirt. Of course I saw her tits. She kissed me on the lips and said good night, then stood up and looked down at me for a moment more.

I said “I think you better go.”

She turned out the light and closed the door.

I was really confused in my thoughts. But I finally started to relax, it had been a long flight back from Germany, and I really was tired. I started to doze off.

The sound of door opening brought me back to my scenes, she had come back in the room. The light was off and only the light from outside faintly illuminated the room. She sat on the side of the mattress next to me.

She looked at me and said “What is wrong, you sounded upset?”

I told her “I’m not upset with you, I am just sad and wished I could hold you in my arms.”

She said “OK,” and crawled underneath the blankets with me, she then asked.

“Do you want me to stay with you tonight?”

I answered “Yes”.

She turned toward me and I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me.

I began to cry, as did she. She then began to sooth me, caressing my head and back. She was telling me everything would be alright.

A this point we were only touching chest to chest, I know my cock was getting hard, but she could not feel it.

She and I talked and I calmed down, she and I were face to face and then she suddenly asked me “Why did you ask me to leave?”

I really didn’t want to tell her the truth, but I knew I had to. I began to tell her it had been a long time since I had been with a woman so, I was a bit bothered by her Altyazılı porno near nudity, and that it scared me.

She looked at me and asked “Do you mean I turned you on dressed this way?”

I took a moment, somewhat embarrassed, answered “Yes you did.”

She looked at me, and for a moment she didn’t say anything. Then she said, “I am sorry, but we never were shy with each other before.”

Then she said “I love you, I am sorry, if it bothered you.” She started to get up and I stopped her.

Saying “Please don’t go.”

She looked at me and said “Are you sure?”

She then put her arms around me pulling me close and started to caress the back of my head and rubbing her hand up then down my bare back until she reached the small hairs in the small of my back. She then did something that surprised me, she pulled me to her so our crotches touched each other. It felt like, well you can guess.

She looked me in the eyes and then kissed me. We continued to kiss, touching our tongues to each other.

She then looked me in the eyes and said, “It’s alright, I love you, and want you to be happy”

We continued to kiss and I let my hands wander over her body, first touching her on the back then down to her ass, I spent some time caressing ass as I began pushing my crotch in to hers.

I raised my hand and slipped it between our bodies and began to touch her breast, I traced the outline of her tits, and ended up by rubbing on her hard nipples.

We didn’t say anything, she just made little cooing noises. I slowly lowered my hand feeling her stomach and finally down to her panties, she moved back slightly so I could have better access, I wandered on the outside of her panties until I moved to cup her pussy through the fabric.

She was by then moving a bit in a fucking motion and taking short breaths. I moved my hand up to the top of her panties.

I hesitated and looked at her and asked “Should I?”

“Yes,” she said in her sweet little voice.

I slid my hand down inside the front of her panties and continued until I got to her pussy. She made a sharp intake of breath and exclaimed “Oh,”

I began to explore her pussy, first just palming her sex, then I began to move a finger between her pussy lips, touching her clit, she jumped a little as rubbed it. I then explored lower and inserted my finger into her hole. She was wet, and she allowed me to continue finger fucking her for a Brazzers few more moments.

She pulled her tee shirt off and reveled her beautiful big breasts, they looked different than what I had seen before, but then I was looking at them in a far different light.

I reached up and touched them and she just arched her back and said, “Please suck me.”

I did and it was fantastic how her nipples hardened and stuck out. I then reached down and removed her panties and tossed them to the side.

She then sat up and looked down at me and said “I want you in me.”

She laid back as I slid my underwear off. She immediately reached down and took my cock in her hand and tugged on it until I raised up and put my legs between hers.

As I raised up on top of her she spread her legs and I hesitated as I looked into her eyes.

She was so beautiful laying there, She had always been a pretty girl, but now she was a beautiful woman.

I slowly lower myself and she guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I slowly began to push it inside her as I watched her face.

I swear I was so much in love at the moment, then she blew me over the top by saying “Tom please make love to me.”

I began to kiss her as I pushed inside her until I was completely mated to her. I could feel my balls up against her ass. That began the most sensuous and loving moment in my life up to that point. We were both taken to another place as we made love.

We were together for some time, just making love until I came deep inside her. There was no urgency, just sweet, sweet love. I held her close and kissed her sweet lips until I grew soft.

I rolled off of her and took her into my arms, holding her close to me. There was no recriminating talk about how wrong it was, it just wasn’t.

We loved and talked and made love for several more hours, then fell asleep in each others arms.

As day broke, we awoke and kissed each other, then made love one more time.

We both got up and went about the day, stealing glances, playing little coy games as lovers do, and then as night grew close, we showered together and played with each other while we cleaned up.

Needless to say we played more with each other as we went to bed. She took me into her mouth, and lovingly made me feel like I was in heaven. I can tell you, her pussy was so sweet tasting, I could have stayed there forever.

Our time together was just so loving, there was no recrimination, I loved her and she loved me. It was a time in our lives when I needed her and she needed me. To me it wasn’t incest, it was love.

To this day, if I could live this out, I would do it in a heart beat.

So can you guess where the fantasy started?

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