My Son’s Christmas Present


All Characters Depicted In This Content Are Fictional & Of Legal Age (18 Or Older).


It’s been three years since the bombs dropped. That night my husband woke us and rushed us into our backyard bomb shelter. I remember the sky was orange on the horizon all around us as we ran through the wet grass to the doors of the shelter. I grabbed my son and ran in, a feeling of safety washing over me. My husband called out that he would be back in an hour, he needed to get something. “You son of a bitch!” I yelled after him as he slammed the door shut. I knew full well the “something” he had to get was my younger sister he had obsessed over since the day we met. He must not have made it to my mother’s house because he never came back. He locked the door from the outside as well, leaving us trapped in here forever. Unless someone finds us. Better in here then out there I suppose.

My husband had finished the shelter and stocked it with enough food to last a hundred years, guns and ammunition, furniture and used it as storage for our Christmas decorations. But other than that we had nothing. No TVs, no computers, no movies, no games, nothing. So, for the last three years my son and I have been in this bomb shelter with absolutely nothing to do. Three Christmas’s with no presents, three birthdays with no cake, three fucking years with nothing! It has been very hard to watch my son suffer over the years. He feels abandoned by his father, and he is so pent-up with emotion and hormones that I’m afraid he will explode soon. We are coming up on our fourth Christmas in the shelter, and I am determined to make this Christmas worth something for my son. I don’t know how, but this year my son will have a present under that stupid plastic tree, I have stared at for three years!

“Mom, it’s so hot in here! I’m going to die!” Billy said wiping sweat off his face.

“I know sweetheart, mommy is dying too.” I looked at my son sitting across from me on the floor, sweat running down his body. “Take your Santa hat off dear, that will cool you off. If you have to, strip down to your underwear like mommy.” I was already down to my night-shirt and panties. The heat was so oppressive, I would be naked if not for my son.

“I’m too hot to move!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms and legs out in a gesture of defeat. I decided to change the subject. One more word about how hot it is, and I was going to scream.

“Are you ready for Christmas tomorrow morning dear?” I said, not expecting the answer I got.

“Fuck Christmas!” He growled.

“Hey! Watch your language young man!” I growled back. He paid my protest no mind and just spoke over me.

“Why? What does it matter? Christmas sucks! Nothing ever happens. We are just going to lay here dying of heat just like every other day. God, I can’t stop sweating!” He finished, wiping sweat off his forehead and flinging it off his hands towards me. I could see he was starting to get angry.

” I know dear, I can’t stop sweating either.” I looked down at my shirt drenched, almost translucent now. My Son is going to get a free titty show I mused.

“That’s okay mom, I like it when you sweat.”

“What?” I spit out in shock cutting him off. “You like it when I sweat?” He looked at me eagerly.

“Yeah, when ever you are in the living room sweating, this smell fills the air. I don’t know why, but it smells really good to me.” I looked down at my shirt and panties, both were soaked in sweat, but my panties were drenched, and I immediately knew what smell he was talking about. Embarrassed I stammered on.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I know mommy is stinky down there. I will try not to smell so much, baby, I’m sorry.” He looked at me with confusion on his face.

“No Mom, I said I like it. I like the smell. I wish I could smell it all the time. I wish I could smell it closer.” I couldn’t believe my ears, he wants to smell it closer? With a look of shock and horror on my face I continued, determined to figure out what he was really trying to say.

“You Porno want to smell it closer? What do you mean dear?” I said looking at the floor, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes. He didn’t hesitate to answer, almost eager to be telling me.

“I wish I could smell it closer, like stick my face up against you and smell it closer.” Now I was at a loss for words. After a minute of silence, looking down at my legs, I worked up the courage to speak again.

“Baby? You do know that the smell you are talking about is coming from mommy’s vagina and anus right? From my crotch? That smell is a dirty smell. It’s not good. People get smelly down there, both girls and boys. Thais why we need to wash down there often.” It was hard to stay clean in the shelter. I didn’t know how much water we had, so I made the decision that we would only take sponge baths. It meant never feeling shower fresh, but I would prefer that to dying of thirst.

As I looked up at my son, I noticed his clothes were drenched in sweat too. My memory was then jogged of a familiar smell in the air on hot days. A pleasant smell, a smell I too have inhaled wantingly, and then It clicked in my head. That smell was my son’s body odor, the smell of my son’s dick. I choked, almost throwing up acid in my mouth. I can’t believe it! I am attracted to the smell of my son’s dirty cock and my son is attracted to the smell of my dirty pussy!

“I know that mom. I still like the smell, I can’t help it. It makes me feel these weird feelings. I like it, I want to smell it, I wish I could stick my face in it right now!” He cut in as my head was spinning from the revelation. I pulled myself together knowing I had to shut this down immediately. I could not have my son lusting after the smell of my stinky pussy!

“Billy! Do you realize what you just said? You want to stick your face in your mother’s crotch?” I could see he was starting to get mad now. His cheeks turned red as anger shot across his face.

“I hate it here!” He screamed, “I never get anything here, the one thing I tell you I want, you yell at me for!” I knew I had to do something to calm him down, he is ready to explode and I just lit the fuse.

“No baby, Mommy’s not yelling at you. I’m not saying that what you want is wrong, I’m just saying it’s unusual for a boy to want to do that to his mother.” There, that should calm him down, last thing I want is for him to fly off the handle. Last time it happened he was so aggressive I thought he would hit me.

“So you are saying I can smell you?” He said with a big smile on his face. “Stick my face in your crotch and smell for as long as I want?” Shock came over me. I can’t believe this is happening. What Have I done? Oh! No. I am going to have to handle this delicately.

“No Baby, that’s not what I Said”

“You liar! You are a Liar! I hate you!” He interrupted.

“Baby no! Mommy didn’t say you can’t do it, please calm down, you don’t want to get yourself upset on Christmas Eve.” He started to calm down to my relief. But now I have a major problem. I am pretty sure my son is about to stick his face in my crotch and smell my dirty pussy and asshole. He slowly got up and started to walk towards me. My heart started beating faster, I could feel the blood rushing to my face as my ears began to ring and a hot flash rolled over my body. He stood right in front of me now. I looked up at his face and could see unrelenting determination. There was no way I was getting out of this. I slowly spread my legs and lifted my feet up onto the edge of the couch in submission, exposing my white panties now almost see through from the drenching sweat. My pussy was clearly outlined and my panties were wedged up between my ass cheeks exposing one cheek more than the other, leaving an indentation of my asshole.

He dropped to his knees and looked at my crotch with infatuation. I turned my head and braced for what was coming. I heard sniffing noises and looked down. His nose was an inch from my crotch, right Altyazılı Porno between my pussy and asshole. He made loud inhaling sounds as if he were huffing a drug. I glanced at my pussy again and the outline seemed so much more prominent than before. I looked at it in confusion until I realized blood was rushing to my private area and engorging my pussy lips. I was so shocked and frightened I didn’t feel anything.

Without warning my son slammed his face into my crotch, his nose burying itself an inch into my pussy hole, my panties straining to keep him out. I jumped as a shock wave of feelings erupted through my body like an explosion. My head slammed back against the couch pulling my shirt back, causing the fabric to rub against my nipples. They felt strange, so I looked back down and saw them sticking out almost a half inch in length. This was unbelievable, my nipples have never been this hard. What is happening to me. I thought, as more jolts of physical feelings shot through my body. I looked down at my son again, his head and nose moving up and down furiously from my pussy to my asshole. He started going a little higher each time and then I felt it.

Stars erupted in my eyes, my ears rang and my head buzzed in a fog. But I knew my son’s nose had hit my clit, and if he did it again, I was going to orgasm whether I liked it or not. Before I could make a move to stop him, he slid back up to my clit, and I was done. Shockwaves of pleasure erupted inside of my crotch like a thousand atomic bombs. My pussy hole tightened, my ass hole throbbed in and out and then I felt burning hot liquid spraying out of my pussy as my head slammed back into the couch. I was falling backwards, the room was spinning, I felt as though I would faint but slowly I was pulled back from the brink.

As I regained consciousness, I noticed the rubbing in my crotch had stopped. I looked up and Billy was standing in front of me covered in pussy juice and grool. A shocked look on his face, mouth open and speechless.

“Are you okay baby?” I asked looking at him in concern. I don’t know why I was concerned for him. He had practically just raped me. A mother’s love I suppose.

“Yeah Mom, Are you okay? You started shaking violently and then I think you peed on me.” He answered wiping liquid off his chest.

“Oh! I’m sorry baby. Don’t worry, mommy is fine. That wasn’t pee baby, I promise. It’s what girls do if you do things like stick your face in their crotch. It wasn’t a bad thing, I promise.” My Son looked at me like he wanted more. So, I quickly asked, “Are you happy now? Did you get what you wanted? Do you feel better?” He started to lower himself to his knees inching forward.

“Yes and no. I want more now.” He said. I immediately shut my legs like a bear trap.

“I’m sorry baby, once is enough for tonight, besides you need to get to bed. Tomorrow is Christmas and Santa is coming tonight, and you know he only comes for good boys who go to sleep on time.” I hoped to God he would accept that and go to bed, but he started to get mad again.

“Oh, bullshit Mom! There is no Santa, and I’m not getting anything tomorrow! There is nothing here for me to get!” Dammit Carla! Don’t get him angry again, get him to bed! I thought frantically.

“Billy I promise, you will have a present under the tree tomorrow morning, but only if you go to bed now, okay?” Please, God help me, I prayed. If I can’t get him to bed soon, this night is going to end badly for me.

“You promise mom?” Billy said with a smile appearing on his face. Relief washed over me.

“I promise Billy.” I said as excited and enthusiastically as I could muster.

“Thanks mom! Good night.” Billy exclaimed as he swooped in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I tried not to recoil in fear and disgust.

“Good night baby, sweet dreams.” I said, moving in to kiss him back. As I neared his cheek he moved his lips towards mine and I felt moisture break out onto my mouth as his tongue tried to enter. I clasped Brazzers my lips tight and braced for his anger at my refusal, but none came. The smell of my pussy filled my nostrils as he pulled away and exhaled into my face. I heard rustling on the carpet, so I opened my eyes and watched, holding my breath as he walked into his room and shut his door.

Fuck Carla! Now What are you going to do! You have no present for him and less than eight hours to think of something. I started screaming in my head. I walked to the Christmas tree and fell on my knees in despair. I was terrified about not having something under that tree for my son when he woke up in the morning. Terrified of his anger, that will come from it.

“God help me. What am I going to put under this Christmas tree?” I said in a whisper. I looked up towards the far side of the house and saw myself in the mirror knelt under the tree. That’s about the only thing I can give him, I thought to myself with a helpless chuckle. He’d like that, I mused. Then, I felt a twitch in my pussy, and thoughts of my son taking me right here under the tree filled my head. I tried desperately to push them out but it was too late. I felt wetness building in my panties as images of my son’s cock sliding in and out of me danced in my head like sugar plums. My pussy started to ache and I could feel my clit getting hard. I bit my lip and slid my hand into my soaked panties as I layed back under the tree. The orgasm my son had given me, left me wanting more. As my horniness increased, it took over my mind, blocking all rational thought. My finger hit my clit as it moved down to my pussy hole, now flowing like a fountain. I imagined it was my son’s tongue licking my clit. I pictured his head in between my legs again, smelling and licking. I pulled my hand out of my panties and a large strand of pussy juice trailed behind it.

“Do you want to smell mommy’s pussy juice baby?” I said aloud, as if my son were between my legs right then and there. I shoved my hand back into my panties as my clit screamed to be touched, and furiously rubbed in a circular motion. My ass started puckering in and out signaling my approaching orgasm. It was there, I could feel it coming, but me rubbing my clit wasn’t going to take me over the edge. I threw open my shirt, grabbed my right nipple and squeezed. Bright stars erupted before my eyes as my orgasm rushed through my body. I laid back convulsing and reveling in the ecstasy, all the while dreaming of my son’s cock plunging in and out of me. Heaven slowly faded, and while my pussy felt satisfied, a shameful feeling took over, and I laid there curled in the fetal position regretting what I had just done. After a few minutes of tormenting myself for dreaming about my son fucking me my pussy twitched again.

“Not again!” I groaned aloud. All the hating myself for dreaming about my sons cock has made me horny again, because I was thinking about my son’s cock! I knew my pussy wouldn’t be satisfied without a proper pounding but there were no dildos in the bomb shelter. The only thing I could find over the years to stick in my pussy was the handle of a screw driver which was small and hard as hell. My pussy twitched again, reminding me that there was one soft rod I could ride. I can’t believe I am thinking about this, I screamed in my head. Slowly I started to rationalize the situation as an excuse to get what my pussy wanted.

“Well, we are stuck in here. The world has ended. We haven’t seen anyone for years. He’s getting out of hand. He will probably end up raping me anyway. It’s only inevitable that this happens.” I said aloud, laying on my back and looking up at the ceiling. Besides, I thought. We could be the last two people on earth. Who am I to deny my son the pleasures of knowing a woman? Who am I to deny my cunt the pounding its begging for? The very fate of the human race could depend on my son fucking me! Oh! A baby would be wonderful! I realized sitting up straight in excitement. It would give both of us something to do! I couldn’t believe it, but I was resolved. My son was getting a Christmas present tomorrow morning. The best Christmas present any boy could get. Pussy. Well, and maybe a little sucking too. I thought as I felt another tinge in my pussy while licking my lips, hungry for cock.

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