My Step-Mom’s a Nude Model Ch. 05


This is a revised and resubmitted story written by me. Hope you enjoy it as much if not more than the original.


Slowly, Andy woke from one of the most exotic dreams he’d ever had to find that it wasn’t a dream after all as he looked down and saw Carol kneeling on the bed slowly sliding her velvety-soft hand up and down his shaft. “Hello, gorgeous.”

Carol smiled back up at him as she continued. “Hello yourself, lover.”

“I see you found something you like to play with.”

“I’m sorry if I woke you … well, actually I’m not, but I couldn’t fall asleep. After what we did earlier my body feels like it’s on fire and the only hose that will put the flame out is this one,” she said as she wrapped her hand tighter around his cock.

“Well, never let it be said that I didn’t come to the aid of a damsel in distress.”

Quickly swinging her leg over his lap, Carol straddled him as she said seductively, “Now, I’m going to make you cum so fast that you won’t know what hit you. But I want you to try not to, ok?”

Andy looked up at her and replied, “Whatever you want.”

“In that case how about we start like this,” she smiled as she leaned over, pressing her breasts to his face. “Suck on my nipple, take it in your mouth and tease it with your teeth, but no biting.”

Andy realized what a challenge this was going to be since Carol knew that the sight of her large, swollen breasts always turned him on and the taste of her mother’s-milk seemed to trigger his desire to cum. He couldn’t help but comply as she pressed a nipple between his lips and settled herself onto his lap sliding his cock inside of her super-heated pussy.

Quickly Carol began to glide up and down Andy’s cock in an ever increasing tempo. Then she sat up and drove herself all the way down his shaft pressing it against her womb as the muscles of her pussy canal tightened. Andy knew he had no chance of winning the challenge and the he wasn’t going to last much longer as he watched Carol cup her tits and pinch her nipples straying mother’s milk across his chest and face. Without a thought he reached down and grabbed her hips as he thrust upwards into her, driving his cook to the very depths of her womanly tunnel as he pulled her down to meet his thrust. The sensation was more than he could handle and he felt his sperm boil up from his balls, jettisoning into her waiting pussy as he yelled out, “AAAAAARRRRRGGGghhhhhhhh.”

Carol continued to ride up and down his cock as she felt blast after blast of his hot cum coating her insides until she plunged down and ground her clit against the base of his cock. “ME TOOOOOOOoooooooooo,” she screamed as her orgasm overtook her and sent her spiraling off into oblivion as she collapsed on his chest.

Andy wrapped his arms protectively around her and held her until he heard her speak.

“I think we both won that one,” she said as she felt her pussy muscles spasming around his still hard cock.

“Me too,” he exhaled before sitting up. “I need to use the bathroom and get something to drink. Would you like anything?’

Mischievously she looked at him and replied, “Well, I’ve already had what I really wanted but I guess for now a glass of water would be just fine.”

Andy used the bathroom and got two glasses of water but when he returned to the bedroom he found Carol rolled on her side sleeping. Climbing back in bed behind her he slid his hand over her hip to lightly stroke her pussy and was instantly rewarded with a moan and more of her juices coating her inner thighs. “Sorry, I should let you sleep.”

Carol rolled towards him and felt his hardening cock press against her. “No. I want you to want me all the time just like I want you,” she said as she wrapped her hand around his cock and stroke up and down it until it was rock-hard again. “Mmmmmm … you’re so hard for me … always wake me up for this,” she murmured as she lifted her leg and lay it across his hip while pulling his cock to the very lips of her pussy. “Slide it in me. Fill me again. I love the feel of your cock filling me.”

Andy pushed and wasn’t surprised when he slid almost the full length into her on the first thrust but he was surprised when his cock almost fell out when he pulled back because she was so wet with the combination of their juices from earlier. Grabbing her hip he pulled her back towards him and pushed his cock in deep before beginning a series of short, fast strokes.

With each thrust, Carol whispered, “Love it … love your cock in me … filling me … loving me.”

Andy knew that no matter how many times he made love to Carol he would always want more and would always want to make sure Carol was just as satisfied as he was. He knew why lovers talked about being one as he felt her pussy drawing him deep inside of her.

Instinctively, Porno they settled into a tempo and moved as one; in and out, in and out, completely releasing themselves to each other.

Carol spoke quietly, “It feels so good. Mmmmmmmm, just like that, darling. Push your cock deep inside of me.”

Andy pushed harder until he completely filled her and only stopped when he felt her hand grab his ass and hold them there inside of her.

“You know, I’m not supposed to want you inside me like this. Technically, I’m still your step-mother and some people might call this incest. But I don’t care, it’s right for us because we love each other. It’s right for us to love each other like this, with you inside my pussy, deep inside me, filling me, loving me …”

Andy kissed her passionately and lovingly in answer to her comment as Carol pulled him tighter against her.

“I want to feel you cum inside me; I want to feel you give me your sperm like …,” she caught her breath and Andy could hear the emotion in her voice as she said, “Like a husband gives his wife.”

Andy cradled Carol’s face in his hands as he replied, “Carol, I want to be like a husband to you. In fact, I want to be your husband. I want to give you whatever you need and make you happy and,” he whispered as he began to move his cock in and out of her waiting pussy, “… make love to you all the time.”

Tears formed in Carol’s eyes as she spoke. “Andy … I want to be a wife again … Your wife, no one else. I’ll be a great wife but only for you, my love. Only for you.”

Andy rolled them over so he was on top and his cock was buried deep in Carol’s pussy, his wife’s pussy. “You’re mine now, Carol. From this moment on we are husband and wife. No one is ever going to touch you again, no one but me.”

Carol hissed, “Yes darling, only you inside me, only you, only you…yes, you’re my husband now.”

Hearing Carol agree and call him her husband instantly brought back thoughts of their discussion about what could happen when he came inside of her. It amazed him just how much his life had changed since Carol had married his dad and how … one day … maybe even today he would get her pregnant with their baby.

Their love-making quickly became more intense as their tempo increased and desire for each other and their promised future together rolled over them until the springs on the bed were squeaking and the headboard of the bed was knocking against the wall.

“Fuck me, darling. Fill my pussy with your cock. I’m yours … all yours. I’m your wife, your lover, your slut, anything you want. Just don’t stop … it feels so fucking good … pound me with your cock … pump me full of your cum … let me feel it dripping from my pussy.” Carol screamed as she pushed up against Andy as he thrust downwards. “Pound me, darling. Fuck me. I’m going to cum soon … don’t stop … don’t ever stop fucking me … now, darling … now … push your cock deep in my pussy and spray my pussy with your cum. NNNNOOOOWwwwwwwwww.”

Andy pressed as deep as he could and for a second thought that he had actually pushed his cock head through Carol’s cervix and into her womb as strands of his cum surged from his cock to coat the walls of Carol’s pussy once again. “Maybe, just maybe,” he thought as they collapsed in each others arms once again.

When Andy woke later the sun was beginning to shine through the window and he could vaguely hear music coming from someplace in the house. Rolling out of bed he grabbed his usual pair of shorts and followed the sound. Entering the kitchen he found Carol standing by the counter mixing the batter for pancakes wearing her Ivory-colored robe and nothing else. The sun filtered through the material to show him everything and nothing at the same time but it didn’t matter because just the sight of her caused his cock to begin to harden. “Good Morning, again”

Surprised, Carol spun around towards him causing the material of her robe to open and expose a breast to him. “Good morning,” she giggled. “You were sleeping so peacefully I decided not to wake you but to get up and start breakfast for us,” she said as she stepped into his arms and tilted her head for a kiss.

Drawing her close, Andy leaned down and brushed his lips lightly against hers. “When I woke up and you weren’t there I thought it had all been a dream for a second but feeling you here in my arms I know that it wasn’t a dream and that there’s nothing in the world I want more than you.”

Reaching down Carol wrapped her hand around his cock just as she had done earlier and began to stroke up and down its length. “I can think of something you might want.”

Andy gave Carol an innocent look as he asked, “And what might that be?”

“This,” Carol replied as she turned her back towards Altyazılı Porno him and pulled up her robe.

Andy gently placed his hands on Carol’s shoulders and pushed her forward until her palms were on the counter top. She was bent over at the waist, her ass sticking in the air. Seductively she spread her legs and the aroma of sex filled his nostrils. Andy’s body responded as his breathing became heavier as he stared down at the slippery, open petals of Carol’s aroused pussy, her toned ass and her long, shapely legs.

Carol glanced over her shoulder and saw the reaction she was having on Andy as his cock hardened and stuck straight out in front of him. “It looks like somebody likes what they see.”

Moving behind her, Andy gently rubbed his hands across the well-toned globes of her ass. “You have the sexiest ass I’ve ever seen,” he complimented before moving closer to rub his cock head along her wet slit. His per-cum mixed with the juices covering Carol’s pussy as he slid it along the pouty lips until he struck her clit.


“Do you like that sweetheart? Do you like the feel of my cock rubbing your pussy and clit?”

“Yesssssssss, but I want you deeper … much deeper.”

Andy gently pressed forward sliding the tip of his cock between her pussy lips.

Using her hands as leverage Carol pushed backwards sinking more of Andy’s cock in her. “That’s it, darling. Push your cock inside your step-mother/wife. Love me like you did last night. Fill me with your cum.”

“Argh,” he groaned as he continued to push in slowly, an inch at a time. Andy was surprised that he didn’t slip in all the way into Carol’s wet pussy on the first thrust but she was tight, even tighter that she had been before. “I can’t believe how tight you are this morning. It feels like a vise is grabbing and holding me.

“Yeah,” Carol winced as his cock slid further into her slit. Leaning down, Carol rested her tits and face on the counter top. “I’m not quite as wet as I was earlier so it feels tighter, or maybe it’s the exercises the doctor has me doing,” she replied as she tightened her pussy muscles.

“Aahh, I love it!” he exclaimed. “So tight! So wet! So hot!”

Lifting herself up onto her elbows, Carol removed her robe letting it drop to the floor. Now totally nude she looked out the window above the sink, thinking, “I wonder if anyone can see me? I wonder what they’d think if they look at the window and saw me standing here nude? Would they be able to see Andy behind me? What would they think if they knew that my step-son was stretching my pussy with his hard cock and that he was going to fuck me and cum deep inside of my pussy?” Shifting her weight Carol pushed back against Andy as her pussy stretched to accept him while he pushed another inch of his cock inside her. “AAaaarrrggghh,I don’t care what they think or see just so long as Andy keeps loving me!”

Andy’s cock felt as if it was getting wrapped in a soft, velvet glove. His next push sent more of his cock inside her, thanks to Carol’s pussy juices that were now flowing around his cock. It was tight, warm and wet. He could feel her insides quivering; the soft folds of skin rippling up and down his shaft.

“You feel so fucking good, sweetheart!”

“You too, baby. You too.”

Andy soon bottomed-out, his entire cock was in Carol’s slick hole. Her butt flesh met his thighs, his balls jingled against her slit and bounced against her clit. A chorus of grunts filled the room.

Carol pushed her hips back against Andy as she felt him drive his cock into her. She tossed her head back yelling, “Yesssss!” as Andy began to fuck her as the morning sun flowed through the window.

Andy moved in and out of her in a slow, firm motion, taking his time, building the heat and excitement. His rock-hard cock was soon coated with Carol’s juices, and easily slid in and out, as his breathing increasing into short gasps.

Carol gave a lusty stare over her left shoulder at him. “Yes! Oh, yes! Andy, you fuck soooo beautiful!”

After that the tempo started d to escalate. So did the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Sweat appeared on both of them as he stroked his thick manhood into her pussy, and she pushed her hips back to meet him; two lovers in perfect harmony.

“Don’t stop! Darling, don’t stop,” Carol begged wantonly. “Don’t ever stop fucking ME!” Carol felt her tits swaying beneath her and lowered herself slightly so the nipples lightly dragged across the counter top. The result was almost instant as mother’s-milk started to leak from the stimulated nipples and leaving a trail across the counter top. Then to her own amazement she leaned forward and began licking it up. She had never tasted her own milk and vowed that she’d be doing it a lot more from Brazzers then on. When she glanced back at Andy, he was watching intently while he continuously plowed into her. She gave a sensuous look as she licked her lips, her eyes never leaving Andy’s. “Mmmm,” she purred, “so sweet. No wonder you like sucking on my tits.” Then she reached up with her hands and squeezed both nipples spraying mother’s-milk all over the counter top and returned to licking it up cat-like.

Seeing this trigger desires deep inside of Andy and he began to thrust in and out of Carol’s hot, wet pussy like a piston. It was if a switch had been turned on causing a primal desire to be released; a desire to fuck this woman, to possess her, and to breed her.

“Oh god, you feel so good. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of your pussy wrapped around my cock. You feel incredible!”

Carol lifted her face from the counter, her chin covered with mother’s-milk, her breathing sounding ragged as she looked over her shoulder again. “Me, too baby. I love your cock! My only cock! The only cock that will ever be in my pussy again. The only cock that will stretch me and fill me and cum deep inside of me.” Then Carol’s hips bucked, and her legs quivered. Her mind was in a whirlwind as Andy relentlessly fucked her from behind. She was rapidly heading for an orgasm to top all other orgasms. She started to pant. His thick cock was sliding farther into her greedy pussy, getting completely buried in her. She continued to look over her shoulder at Andy as she gasped, “Fuck me … fuck me hard … I need it so bad … please fuck me,” as she reached down between her parted thighs with her right hand until her fingers found her inflamed clit.

Andy’s hips were a blur as he pounded into Carol. His stomach banging against her ass checks as his balls swung forward and collided with Carol’s fingers as they tickled her clit.

Carol’s pussy felt as if it were on fire. The sensations from his cock burying itself against her cervix and the nerves of her tunnel being rubbed as he pumped in and out along with the electrical charges coursing through her each time his balls hit her clit made Carol’s pussy feel like a pot of molten lava.

Suddenly Andy felt his balls pull tighter and knew that it was time. Grabbing Carol’s hips he pulled her tight against him as he cried, “I’m going to cum … going to fill your pussy with my cream … going to fill you until it drips from your pussy … now … now … AAAARRRRGGGhhhhhh!”

Carol pushed back hard, placing her hands back on the counter to give added leverage and support, as she looked back over her shoulder again. “Cum in me, darling … Cum in me … fill me with your cum … I want to feel it splattering inside of me … coating my pussy with your cream!”

Andy continued to pump frantically. His tempo becoming more erratic and his breathing coming in short gasps as his cum rocketed from his balls to cover the walls of Carol’s pussy.

Carol felt Andy’s cum shoot deep inside her pussy as strand after strand were being deposited in her. She shuddered, her own climax triggered by the sensation and surging through her body. Her pussy contracted and quivered around Andy’s shaft as her pussy muscles milked him of his love juice. She gyrated her hips on his cock, her pearly juices mixing with his cream for a lover’s cocktail. “I’m cumming too … mmmmmmmm … yessssssss … I can feel you filling me … so hot … so fucking hot … burn me, lover … brand me with your thick, hot cum,” she yelled followed by and almost imperceptible, “Yeeeeesssssssssssss… ssssssssssssssssssssssss.”

Andy leaned forward placing his hands on the counter alongside of Carol’s as their bodies shook from their orgasms. Then slowly he shifted his weight so his head was leaning against her shoulder and he lightly kissed her neck and back.

Carol’s orgasm was so intense that she placed both hands on the counter before lowered her chest and head to the cool surface.

Andy’s cock slowly wilted and slipped from Carol releasing a flood of cum that landed on the floor between their legs. When he gently pulled away, Carol turned and melted into his arms in a loving hug. Their kissing was slow and caring and spoke of their love for each other.

Still wrapped in Andy’s arms with her head resting on his shoulder, Carol looked at the pancake batter she had been making when Andy had entered the room. It had thickened in the bowl and looked like a hard lump of some unknown material. Laughing, she pointed at it and said, “I guess I’ll have to make a new batch of that.”

Andy pulled her tighter and began to laugh as well. “I have a better idea. Why don’t we go pick up little John and then head for a breakfast joint? This poor body of mine is all worn out and if we stay here like this,” looking at their naked bodies, “there’s no telling what might happen.”

Carol nodded her head and the two of them left the kitchen holding hands, the batter still in the bowl, and headed for their bedroom for a shower and to get ready for whatever life had waiting for them.

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