Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 02


This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, chastity, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments are always really appreciated.


Nicholas’ next day was filled with confusion. He had difficulty focusing on his classes because he couldn’t stop thinking about his aunt. He was constantly adjusting his pants as his dick pulsed. He could remember the feeling of her hand around his penis. His hips had wanted to thrust. And then she’d tell him he was gay, and his penis got harder from the shame of it. He didn’t understand the shame. He wasn’t gay, after all. His head was full of thoughts of his aunt’s breasts, her hand on his penis and how he felt. The porn had been just a helpful tool, it would have been the same if he had been watching a woman getting pounded by a guy. Sure, he looked at some porn with a male focus sometimes. He was just curious. If he had to watch more, he would. He knew she was going to cage him, and the thought wasn’t pleasant. But in the end, he’d get to fuck her a month from now.

He was aware that he had gotten off on the humiliation she had heaped on him. Sure, he had thought of sucking on a dick before. But it was just a fantasy, he would never actually do it, but having her know it somehow made it better. He pushed the thoughts aside, trying to instead focus on his new freedom. He wouldn’t have time to move for a few days, but he had already started packing his meager amount of belongings after last evening ended. He’d had virtually no privacy with his roommates, and had never lived on his own. Despite his lack of much of a social life, his mind wandered to the possibilities a young university student with his own place. His, no matter what.

The day passed at a quick pace and Nicholas began to feel more uncomfortable as his work shift neared the end. While he was partially looking forward to what might happen tonight, part of him was also worried, afraid. What would she make him do? What if he didn’t want to? He figured he owed her at least a few days, if things became too out of control.

Cynthia came in just a couple of minutes before closing. Her hair was tied back in a lengthy pony tail, a crop top showing her slender stomach and doing little to hide her breasts and the shortest pair of short shorts he had ever seen in real life. She was carrying an anonymous white paper shopping bag, a fancy one. She smiled at him, and flipped the sign from “Open” to “Closed”, locking the door behind her. Making her way around and closing lights, she stopped in front of him. Her heels actually put her slightly taller than him.

She took his hand, taking him out the back, and up to his new apartment. “I’m so happy you agreed, Nicky. You’re going to have so much fun, I’m almost jealous!” she said as they climbed the stairs. She let go of his hand, and he fished out the key, unlocking it. Nicholas didn’t know what she was intending, but the place was empty. He stepped in, flipping on the lights. It was a decent apartment, he guessed. Enough room for a bed, a desk, maybe even a small couch. He had none of those, but he’d be able to shortly, now that he wasn’t paying rent. She closed the door behind her, locking it as well. She took her phone out while Nicholas’ back was towards her, and called his name once she had the camera app open. She managed to catch him right as he was turning around, and she snapped a shot.

“What was that for?” he asked. He was generally a bit shy, and did not enjoy people taking pictures of him, especially after a long day and before he had a chance to change out of his work clothes.

Cynthia slipped her phone into the back pockets of her shorts, “I just wanted a memory of you I could look at.”

Her sincerity surprised him, she had said it with some warmth. It felt odd, knowing she cared for him, despite some of the things she said. What he did not know wanted him to form a strong, positive, emotional bond with her. Or that she had many plans for his pictures, the least of which was to document her progress, so she could watch his progression. Besides, compromising pictures always had their uses.

“Well, take your clothes off.”

Nicholas paused. He figured he’d have some kind of repeat performance, take his pants off again. “Wh-What?” he asked. He wasn’t turned on. His aunt just rolled her eyes at him, “C’mon, take it off. Nothing I haven’t seen before.” And Nicholas started to slowly remove his clothes, unbutton his work shirt, untucking it and dropping it to the floor, keeping his gaze averted.

Cynthia’s excitement grew even more. Her nephew’s body had almost no definition. Very little body fat, but very little muscle either. He did have some hair, especially in his armpits, and lightly over his chest and stomach. He pulled his jeans down, stepping out of them nervously.

“The boxers too, sweetheart.” And he complied, if awkwardly, leaving the orhangazi escort last of his clothes in a pile on the floor. Some slight hair on his thighs too, and that bush of hair obscuring his penis. His balls were of moderate size, their sack somewhat leathery.

She lifted her bag, pointing him into the bathroom. Nicholas wasn’t certain at all what was going on, and he had no way of hiding himself in the empty apartment, making his way into the bathroom with his aunt following. It was spartan, and there was no shower curtain for the bath.

“Go on, get into the tub.” She instructed him. She placed her bag on the floor, but Nicholas hadn’t moved. “Why do I need to get into the tub? ” he asked. A fairly reasonable question he felt, feeling awkward in his nakedness, starting to feel a bit of arousal in this strange situation.

“Well, you’re not just a faggot, Nicky. I’m pretty sure you’re a sissy as well.” She watched him flinch slightly but continued “Aaaaand sissy’s don’t have all that pubic hair. So, you’re going to need to shave it for this month.” She finished, like this was any other normal conversation.

It was anything but normal, for Nicholas. He wanted her hand on his penis again, it was starting to come to life. But still, this was incredibly personal. He had never shaved his genitals before, he barely shaved in general. It was worth the price of admission in his head, it would grow back. He stepped into the bathtub, his aunt watching.

She reached into her bag, pulling out a cloth, a small bottle of shaving cream and a brand new Gilette razor, placing them on the edge of the tub. “It’s easier if you’re hard.” She explained, glancing down between his legs. He lowered his hand, massaging his penis until it grew and was poking out straight ahead. She could see his cheeks redden.

Cynthia pulled out her phone, sitting down on the nearby closed toilet. “What are you doing!?” Nicholas asked out loudly, using his hands to cover his boner. Clothed pictures were one thing, but naked was different. His aunt didn’t respond, fiddling with her phone, then looked up at him. He looked angry. She didn’t let it fool her, and slapped his hands away from his crotch.

“Bad faggot! Take your hands away, I need a good shot of your dick.” She said, her voice different, more authoritative. For whatever reason, Nicholas moved his hands to the side, and his aunt took her time, taking shots from several angles with her phone. Nicholas swallowed slowly, his short erection noticeable.

“Alright. You need to get the area wet, and then start shaving. Remember, you need to be thorough.”

Nicholas didn’t know why he was going along with this, but he was feeling more and more aroused, and turned on the warm water, soaking the cloth, washing up his privates. The sensation felt good against his member, and he was easily able to maintain its’ size while he lathered the area up with shaving cream.

Cynthia watched on in silent glee. Her nephew was so desperate to have sex with her that he was shaving his own pubic hair away. It was a smaller step, a temporary thing. Hair grew back. The impact of removing something so intimately linked to his genitals thrilled him, though he couldn’t quite understand why. Eventually, she would have any body hair on his body removed, perhaps permanently. She hadn’t decided yet. He was a male, and she couldn’t change that. But she could make him feel inferior to every other man, even inside his own head. Not all men had much body hair, but they were all going to be unquestionably more masculine than he was.

Nicholas’ erection was struggling as he did, trying to access and shave his privates, his softening penis constantly getting in the way. He rinsed, and lathered up again for another attempt. “Could you, like, help maybe? Hold it out of the way or something?” he asked hopefully. Her hand on his wet dick would feel wonderful, and it would be helpful to boot.

Cynthia just shook her head, “Nice try, Nicky. I’ll touch you anywhere you want in a month.” He looked crestfallen, “But it is easier when you’re nice and hard. Would some naughty pictures help?” she asked. His answer was quick, “I guess, but I’d rather see you naked.”

For the moment, Cynthia thought he was oddly resistant. He was definitely clinging to his desire to fuck her, despite several good orgasms to men. His desire towards women wasn’t changing, and she’d have to work on that. Instead, she spread her legs slightly apart, her nephews eyes glued between her legs. Sadly, she only lowered her phone, flicking through screens “Don’t be silly. This is about seeing if you’re really gay, right? You like women though, right? Did you get a little harder just now when you thought you might see my pussy?” she asked as she kept flicking through screens on her phone, looking forward at his penis “But, I guess not that hard. Maybe you’re not that straight?” her flicking stopped, “Aha! How about this?” she said, lifting up her screen nilüfer escort to show him.

It was a picture of a penis. Maybe six inches in length, decent thickness. Colin felt his own penis surge. While it was a fine dick, it had a wicked upward curve on it, almost like a horn. Cynthia smiled approval, “See, a little bit of dick and you’re all nice and hard again.” Again, he started to feel ashamed. He couldn’t deny that he did get harder. But he couldn’t explain that it wasn’t because of just the penis. He was naked in a bathtub while he shaved away his pubic hair, and that’s what was making him hard.

He proceeded, carefully. He went over the area to the best of his ability, catching everything he could. He couldn’t do much around his balls, any attempt was pointless without cutting himself. He washed off slowly with the cloth, his pubic hair shaved away. It felt colder, but oddly freeing, he thought. He liked the way it looked, if not it’s size.

Cynthia showed his hand away, not bothering to even ask as she used her phone to snap several more pictures of his penis, still wet and fully erect. She wondered again, despite his age, if he was still growing perhaps?

“Alright, let’s see what we’re dealing with here.” She said, handing him a ruler. He took it in one hand, his other already back on his penis. What was she trying to do, he thought. He knew the penis she had made him look at was bigger than his own, there was nothing wrong with that. She motioned expectantly with her phone, as if to get it over with. Why not, Nicholas though, it wasn’t stranger than anything else he’d been asked to do. He stroked himself comfortably, trying to imagine what it would be like to sleep with his aunt, wanting to be as hard as possible.

“Would you liked to have sucked on that cock, Nicky?” she asked suddenly, his hips tense. “A bend like that in a dick, don’t you think it’d be fun to suck on?” Nicholas just groaned, his balls feeling tense. “Oooh, looks like that hit a nerve, did it? You like the idea of sucking another guy’s cock? They have names for people like you. Cocksucker is one of them. I think you like the idea of being a cocksucker. A male cocksucker. OK, you can measure now, sweetie.”

Nicholas had stopped pumping, barely even moving his hand, for fear of cumming. Her words were far more potent than the images he had tried to conjure in his head, of having sex with her. He paused for a moment, sliding the ruler beside his penis, pushing it in to the base as far as he could. “No cheating” she chided, “just the part you can stick in someone.” He repositioned, holding it in place, aware of it’s size.

Cynthia got very close, her phone’s camera making sure to capture it, his straining penis barely taking up any space on the ruler. She took several pictures, each sound from each picture loud in Nicholas’ ears. She locked her eyes on his, seeing his discomfort “You lied! You said you were almost five inches.” She accused him, seemingly real.

Nicolas stalled, “What? I am. I’ve measured before.” He said, defensively. “Almost five inches.” He unwrapped his hand from his penis, resting it against his palm. It was certainly pulsing, but it also certainly wasn’t five inches.

Cynthia found one of the pictures, zooming in a bit to make it fill the screen, then lifted it to Nicholas’ face. He couldn’t argue with that. “I know that cock made you hard. I know thinking about sucking on it made you very hard. Am I wrong?”

Nicholas couldn’t deny it, not with his penis still hard and photo evidence in front of his face. “How big is it, Nicky? Tell me how big is your cock? You can see, it’s right there for you.” She asked calmly. He inhaled deeply. He felt horribly embarrassed, as if not answering her could change reality. He mumbled, “It’s three and half inches.”

“How big is it? I couldn’t hear you, speak up faggot.” Her voice sliding further towards steel.

“My cock is three and a half fucking inches, alright?” he blurted out. There were tears forming in his eyes and he let go of his penis.

Cynthia didn’t let off however, nodding “Yes, it is quiet small. You can see why I wouldn’t want to have sex with you. That’s barely above functional for fucking a woman. Barely, I guess.” She sighed, “But, I guess you’re going to need to cum before I lock you up.” And reached into the shopping bag again.

Nicholas was simply trying to process. His dick was so very hard, but at that moment he just wanted her to leave, so he could masturbate, because he needed the release. Suddenly, Cynthia stepped into the tub with him. He stepped back, almost against the wall. She was going to put a cage on his penis if he came, but he needed to cum.

Cynthia understood the emasculating thoughts floating around in his head right now. The truth could hurt. But, like certain other things, sometimes a little bit of pain felt good, even if it was internal. And eventually, a lot would feel go. But for now, she needed to suck him türbanlı escort into her plan further. She stepped up right in front of him, toe to toe, face to face. His penis was directly underneath her clothed vagina, almost touching. “You need to get all that gay cum out of you, don’t you little Nicky?” she asked pleasantly.

He simply nodded, overwhelmed. He was so close to touching her. He didn’t even realize he had ignored that she had called him gay and he hadn’t disagreed. His hormones were raging, and he wanted to touch his dick so badly, he wanted to cum.

“You’re being such a good faggot today, Nicky!” she beamed as she moved aside, standing next to him. Suddenly, Nicholas could see himself in the mirror behind where she had been standing. He hardly noticed his aunt for a moment. He could see his small member poking out, thickened. His crotch sort of looked like the gay younger men in the videos he enjoyed sometimes. He wrapped his hand around himself again, wondering perhaps if he was like those men. But he did have his aunt, an incredibly hot woman, standing next to him. He knew he was close.

Cynthia had decided he need to cum, so she could get on with the evening. She leaned in close, and started to whisper into his ear, “Only homosexuals shave their pubes like that. Does that turn you on?” Nicolas simply nodded, focused on the how hard his penis was. “You kind of like women, don’t you?” More enthusiastic nodding. “But I think you like men more. A lot more. You think about dick pretty often, don’t you?” Nicholas didn’t answer, his face contracting, almost like he was holding back. She lowered her voice even more, barely above a whisper in his hear: “Only raging homos jerk their little dicks’ wondering how gay they are.”

Nicholas grunted as his orgasm hit. It shot several feet, almost to the counter. Cynthia was pleased, watching him arch his hips forward as if to thrust what little of himself he could into his hand, several more strands of cum splattering along the tub and the floor.

While Nicholas panted, his hand loosely wrapped around his spent organ, Cynthia snapped another few pictures, full body. Nicholas didn’t even protest as she got a close up of his cum covered penis, handing him another cloth to clean himself up. Later, she would have other uses for his cum. For now, she needed him off his orgasm high, letting the thinking and the emotions sink in. Nicholas looked to step out of the tub after drying off, but she shook her head no at him. She lifted her closed hand in front of his face, opening it her fingers slowly to reveal the chastity cage she had purchased for him.

It was small, and metal. Now that the time was here, Nicholas was far more nervous. He wanted her gone, so he could hide, now that he wasn’t aroused. How could he be? This was the gayest thing he had ever done, let alone thought of. He didn’t think she was right, he wasn’t gay. But what was he going to do, now? She dropped the small metal chastity cage into his hand. He thumbed it, feeling the cool steel of the bars. “Go ahead darling, slip it on.” she asked.

Awkwardly, he lowered his hand, trying to position it over his penis. He shivered for a moment as the cold metal come in contact with his skin, as he positioned it into place. He looked down past his stomach, in awe. It completely enveloped his penis, leaving his balls free. He had to adjust a bar, or it would fall off. It wasn’t a tight fit, but there wasn’t much room at all. His aunt kneeled down quickly, careful not to make contact as she locked his cage.

Nicholas stood their dumbly. He hoped this would be worth it, as she took a final few pictures on her phone, several close ups of his now encased and spent penis and a few full body shots as well. Tucking her phone away, she walked out of the bathroom, and Nicholas followed slowly after. While he had been excited at times during the day, and while this had only been a short period of time, he simply wanted it to end for now. He quickly started pulling his clothes back on, which Cynthia allowed.

She knew she couldn’t push him any further tonight, she didn’t want to break him. She wanted to bend him, and she was going to whether he liked it or not, further than he could rationally expect. Despite what she had just done, she was able to speak to him with care. He needed a bit of kindness right now. “How does it feel, baby?” she asked.

Nicholas shrugged, having difficulty putting it into words. Finally, he said “It feels different.” He didn’t know if she had been asking about his caged penis, or what she had just done with him. But it did feel different, the metal warmed with his skin, but was alien to him. His genital area felt much cleaner, and he kind of liked it.

Cynthia went on, “Good, good. You can clean yourself through the bars if you try, and you’ll have to do that every time you need to pee. I’m going away for work for a couple of days, and I’ll know you won’t be able to masturbate until I’m back and you’re supervised.” She said casually.

Nicholas however, did not take it so easy. “I always masturbate! At least, once a day.” He knew she would lock him up, but he thought of it as for foreplay, not constantly. Certainly not several days. “I can’t go that long, I’ve never done it before.” He whined.

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