Not So Little Brother Ch. 01


DISCLAIMER: The idea for this story is taken from a roleplay found on the Literotica Forums.


Erica was home for the summer from her freshman year in college. Campus living was certainly a different experience, but she could wait to be home again…even if she was sharing the house with her geeky little brother. Their parents would be away for a month on business (both of them the corporate types), so the house was going to pretty much going be theirs.

Her younger brother Eric (their parents were very unoriginal) was when she left him about 10 months ago, a tall and lanky twig of an 18 year old. He wasn’t a typical geek per se, but he was the most popular guy in school either, kind of a tweener with average looks. You could imagine her surprise when she got out of the cab and saw him at the door. He had really filled out.

“Oh my God, look at you!” she screamed as she greeted him with a hug. “What have you done with my little brother huh?”

“Made the football team,” Eric answers. “Coach works us like dogs, you know?” The work had certainly paid off nicely. Gone was a tall, lanky kid and in his place was a well built young man, muscular, fit but not a powerlifter build, moreso like a Greek sculpture, the near perfect male form. He effortless grabbed up the bulk her bags and led her back into their home. It was just like they left it when she left, save for it being pretty quiet.

“How long have Mom & Dad been gone?” she asks.

“Couple of days. You know things are really kind of different around here now. Most of your old friends are either pregnant or just straight up bar tramps now.”

“I’m sure it’s not all that bad now is it?”

“You remember Tina, right? From next door? She’s the town sperm bank if you catch my drift.”

“Damn…” Erica replies. Tina was the girl next door…literally, straight A’s, bright and cheery demeanor. “Guess a lot has changed…but some for the better, yourself included.”

She smiles and he smiles back they reach her room.

“Still that same way you left it, a mess,” Eric laughs. “Mom did straighten it up a bit, but she knew you’d flip out if she moved anything.”

“Isn’t that sweet…well, I guess I got some unpacking to do. What’re you gonna be up to?” “Oh nothing, hit the mall maybe, chill out for a bit. Want me to get you anything while I’m out?”

“No, I’m just gonna relax.” With that, Eric left. He was still as shy as ever it would seem. She fathomed whether or not he was still a virgin, and gorgeous as he looked now, because of his timid nature.Erica was now busy pulling out all the clothes she brought with her. Didn’t take long before she was settled right back in, laying down on her bed in the big, empty house. “God, I can’t do this…if I was gonna lay around in an empty building I’d have stayed on campus.”

Erica grabbed her keys and headed on out herself. It would be good she thought to she just how much the place had changed for herself. She met up with a few friends, even Tina, who true enough was a whore who worked for free, flirting heavily with some guys at the bar they had went to. It was getting late, so Erica decided to head on back home. She was still a bit tipsy, but managed to get back safely, and entered the house quietly so as not to wake her brother who was probably asleep. Tip-toeing down the upstairs hall past her parents’ room she could hear a wet slapping sound coming from Eric’s. The lights were off so creeped over and open his door a crack not worried that she be noticed. The sight she beheld left her breathless. Eric was laid spread eagle on his bed, his completely naked body exposed for all to see assuming that he was home alone, stroking his cock.

His huge cock.

His hand was wrapped around the biggest member her eyes had ever seen, even bigger than the ones on the guys she saw in pornos she and friends giggled over in the dorm room. It had to be about a foot long from base to tip, and it was very bursa evi olan escort thick. It was generously lubed as he masturbated to a magazine pictorial of a busty brunette, much like Erica herself. His body was glistening with sweat, indicating that he probably was at this for a while, his muscular, chiseled body gleaming in the nightlight he had on to the side.

Erica couldn’t help but think that this whole scene was really hot. She stood there spellbound as her younger brother (whom she officially would have to stop calling “little” as of tonight) cranked on his monster. Her own hand wandered underneath her skirt, sliding her panties to the side as she started to play with herself watching it all.

This went on for a few more agonizing delightful minutes until Eric closed his eyes tight and groaned aloud. She had to bite her lip from doing the same, but then her jaw simply dropped. He let loose with vertical cannon shots of white goo that splashed all over his stomach and chest. He was quite the gusher.

Eric thought she was going to swoon. She quickly but quietly shut his door and rushed to her rush to her room before he noticed she had just watched him service his gargantuan tool. Throwing herself on her bed, she slid off her panties and began to brush at her clit with her dainty soft fingers. She began to masturbate furiously herself, stuffing her fingers into her pussy. Her brother!!! All she could think about at that moment was her brother and that monster cock of his. How it would feel having something that huge pounding into her, stretching out the walls of her box. Her hand went back over her clit, the other now grabbing at the head board of her bed. It was swirling the firm but soft pleasure point with furor at that point and Erica was letting out short little squeals aware that she might be heard if she let looses and she didn’t want him to know she was there. She covers her mouth as she came, letting wave after wave of sensation tingle all over her body. Beads of sweat trickle from her brow and she comes down from the high, her hand never even leaving her loins as she drifts to sleep.

Morning came around, and Eric had jumped out of bed, threw on some sweats and went on customary 2 mile jog. The coach had always been a stickler for conditioning, he believed it was the most important part of training for football. Since his body was now “conditioned” to that of a machine of sorts, he could manage the distance in 20 minutes or less. Afterwards he came on back home and headed up to the bathroom, stripping down to get into the shower. He steps into the lukewarm water, letting the jets cleanse away his workout, not just from this morning, but the previous night as well. Suddenly he hears a knock on the door.

“Eric! You in the shower? I really have to pee!!!” screams Erica from the other side. It was safe enough, not like they didn’t share this very bathroom before…

“Come on in, the door’s not locked!” he replies over the stream of water cascading down his body. As she entered, he could see her through the frosted glass of the shower door, a blurry silhouette of a young woman who unlike him had sported a fit form for years and years. Erica was naturally curvy, full hips and a perfectly round ass, natural DD cup breasts, thick, creamy thighs and legs that went on forever. She had kind of favored natural beauties like Jelena Jensen or moreso Aria Giovanni, who’s pictorial he was admiring the night previous, a night like any other night except that it felt a little different to him now that he thought about it.

“You know Erica, I gotta tell you…last night, I kinda felt like I was being watched for some reason…in bed…you know? Ever get that feeling?”

“You’re just being paranoid, little brother…” she answered. Did she just call him “little”? Oh he was certainly not anymore, not in any sense of the word, but his notion made her dreadfully nervous. Did he know she altıparmak escort saw him jerk his monster of a penis off last night?

“Where were you last night anyway? Thought you said you were gonna chill in the house?”

“It got lonely in here. I had to go out and see the sights. I’m still a little tipsy from it all, hmm hmm…” she answered him, rising from the commode. She didn’t flush it yet so as not shock her brother with a jet of cold water as the tanks did what they did. “Step away from the shower, hon…I’m flushing.”

He did as he was told and she flushed the toilet. Now two years ago she wouldn’t have thought less about that tinted glass shower door, but this time around she was actually aware of that Adonis-like body and the meat dangling between it’s legs as he stepped back away from the shower until the cycle completed, and then returned to his position. The worst part was, she wanted to see it again. She wanted to touch it. Erica adjusted her hair as she looked into the mirror then glanced again at the door, still able to make out the muscular outline of Eric’s body.

“You only live once…” she thinks to herself. “I could always blame this on the hangover anyway.”

“Remember when we were little kids Eric, and we use to take showers together because we would run out of hot water?”

“Um…yeah…” Eric responded softly. Erica meanwhile inhales a deep breath…

“Well…I could really use one right now, I stink like a pig…and it’s not like you haven’t seen me before,” she continues, slowly approaching the shower door and preparing to take off her underwear. “Can I come in?”

Eric had always thought of his older sister as a sexy girl. It’s one of the main things his small group of friends talked about, the way she filled out a pair of jeans or was always brimming out of a top. Now she was asking to get into the shower with him, and all of a sudden he was self-conscious of his own body. Just the thought of her being naked so close to him had made him hard and he didn’t want her to be creeped out by it.

“Uhhhh…sure sis,” he answers reluctantly. “There isn’t as much room in here as there used to be though.”

God, he hoped that would deter her…but through the glass he could see her unclasping the front of her bra, those perfect breasts flopping out onto her chest and then peeling down the matching pair of panties. She grabbed the handle and slowly stepped into the shower. He noticed her eyes wander across his naked body and hover over his cock.

“Yeah, uh…sorry about that,” he frowns. His cock had become a full, massive erection, he blushed and turned away from her. “I just won’t look that way. Do what you gotta do and I’ll try not to freak you out, OK? I just can’t help it, Erica…sorry.”

His massive manhood brushed against her belly as he turned from her. She shuddered as its fat head slid across her flat tummy.

“Don’t worry about Eric, it’s completely natural,” she replied almost wanting to pant. Eric’s wide shoulders seemed to slump in front of her. “Plenty of guys are like that. It’s just nature taking its course.”

Erica slid right behind her taller little brother, making sure to accidentally press her front into his back.

“You’re right, there isn’t a lot of room in here. How about we help each other soap up a bit and try to get out of here quick. I promise to be nice…” Eric began to blush a deep, reluctant red as he turned around to face her, his cock brushing up against her core once again.

“Ummm…if you’re sure,” he whispers. Erica simply nods in approval, and with that he lathers up his spongie and begins to lather his sister’s body. He noticed that she liked it when he touched her breasts so he spent a long time soaping them up. Erica just closed her eyes and softly sighed as he cupped and lathered her bust, his hands slowly rubbing over her hardened nipples before he proceeded down. He started from gemlik escort her feet and worked way up both of her legs, lathering every inch of them. She spread her legs apart as he lathered his way up her long legs but reluctantly stayed away from in between them even though Erica could see that he was staring at her pussy. She was almost trembling, she had to return the favor. Erica dizzily lathered up her bare hands and rubbed them along his chest, soaping it up. Her soap covered hands wandered down her brother’s washboard stomach and found their way to the base of his thick shaft.

“Oh my god, Eric!” she gasps. “Have you been hiding this from the ladies or something? It’s fuckin’ HUGE!!!” She began to soap up the length of his cock, her small hands not even able to wrap around its girth. She made sure the tool was nice and sudsy. “Lucky bitch that’s getting this in her, you must be one fucking STUD!!!”

Eric’s knees buckled as she touched his cock, his face flush with embarrassment, moreso at the word of his sister and not her current actions.

“I guess I have been hiding it…no one’s ever touched it besides me until now,” he shudders. “I’m not really much of a stud…I’m really kinda lame, I guess none of the girls really want me.”

“And why not? You’re gorgeous, Eric…and this thing, my god…you could have more wives than a sultan with it!” She smiles. “Doesn’t it feel good feeling someone else’s touch against your cock?”

“Oh god, sis…it feels so good you touching it,” he hisses in reply. He couldn’t help himself anymore, he returned her favor reaching down with the spongie and started lathering up her pussy. Both sibling stared at each other private areas intently as the caressed them for a few moments before Erica broke the silence.

“Use your hand,” she cooed taking the spongie away from Eric and setting it aside. She placed one of her hand over his and guided it right over her, It was so big it practically covered her whole pussy. “This is the first time you’re touching one of these, isn’t it?”

“Yes…” Eric replied, once again more embarrassed that his answer than that of who it was he was touching for the very first time. Her hand began to lead his up across the tight, taut lips of her trimmed love canal, right up to the clit that had been overstimulated since last night’s “show.” Erica sighs heavily as his thick fingers smother the button, meanwhile her other hand instinctively continues to stroke her brother’s massive, soaped up member.

“Mmmm…that’s good,” she moans. “You’re getting the hang of this, aren’t you?” She finally breaks her gaze of his monster and looks him in the eye with a smile. Erica however was practically fixated on her pussy. It was the first time in his 18 years that he had seen one in the flesh, so to speak, let alone touch it. Erica leaned herself back against the shower wall grabbing onto a safety bar and jutted her pelvis out to him to give him a better view and angle of what he was doing. She had let go of his cock and let him take control of the moment, rubbing at her clit like it was a job he had to finish. Erica was like an orgasmic magnet, all it took was the right amount of stimulation to her clit, her boobs, even her ass to make her explode. She was reaching that crescendo now, gripping the bar and shutting her eyes tight and she felt that tingle shoot from her toes to her nose. She squealed with ecstasy as her orgasm welled up within her, tensing up every muscle in her body. Eric could see one of her legs shiver and as she almost slipped she was coming so hard. All he could do was hold onto her and let nature runs its course through her as she sat one of her hands over his again whilst it remained hovering over her pussy.

“Wow,” he smiles. “That how it works for girls, huh?”

“Mmm-Hmm…and we can do it over and over again if we want to.”

“But if you can make yourself come as much as you want, why would you need a guy?”

“Eric…” she smiles, placing her hand over his cheek, “As good as fingers or toys or even a tongue may feel, there’s no substitute for a nice hard cock.” Letting her hand wander down to his, she sees that his erection is still very much present and accounted for. “Now I wanna see you come for me…”

To Be Continued…

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