Dirty Doctor Pt. 03


This story is fictional based on simple facts. All characters are at least 18 years old. This is a follow up story from Part one and Part two. They should be read to get the context of this story.

With recommendation from Dr. Jones to call when my symptoms showed up, I had a flare up two weeks later, so I called his office. Annie his receptionist said that the day was booked through the rest of the day, but would check with the doctor to see if would still see me.

I was on hold for a couple of minutes when Annie got back on the phone and said, “Okay Ken, the doctor said you can come in at 4:00pm and he’ll see you.”

I said, “Okay I’ll be there.”

I arrived at 3:45pm and checked in with Annie. She said, “The doctor is with his last patient now, so you’ll be next.”

I sat there in the waiting room for about a half an hour, when the last patient exited from the back of the office. She checked out with Annie and left. A couple of minutes later, Lori, the nurse came out to get me. She asked, “Ken, do you still have your symptoms?”

I said, “Yes I do.”

Lori said, “Okay, I need to draw blood from you right now, come on back.”

She sat me down in one of the exam areas and drew my blood. She said, “Dr. Jones will be here in a few minutes to examine you.”

I said, “Okay.”

A couple of minutes went by and Dr. Jones came in and asked, “So where are your symptoms showing up at?”

I pointed to my right ankle, and showed my right hand with the swollen fingers. He looked at my hand and palpitated my palm and inspected my enlarged fingers. He felt around and asked me to do some specific movements. Then he told me to take my shoes off so he could examine my feet and ankles.

After examining my inflamed body parts thoroughly, he came to a preliminary conclusion that I have Gout. He said, “I’ll need to look at your blood results and see if I can make a proper diagnoses from that.”

I said, “I hope it’ll show something, as you can see I do have some type of condition.”

Just then, Annie entered the room and asked, “Doctor, I’m finished up with my work, can I go home?”

Then, Lori chimed in, “Doctor, will you need me anymore?, I’m ready to go home too.”

Dr. Jones said, “Yes, I won’t need either of you, I just need to discuss a few items with Ken, the both of you can go home, good night you two.”

With that, the two women said good night and started walking out. Dr. Jones followed them out and said, “Ken, I’ll be right back, why don’t you take a seat and sit down.”

The doctor returned after seeing his staff off. He came up to me and said, “You know what Ken, let me take a closer look at your ailing body parts.”

I said, “Okay, that would great.”

Dr. Jones said, “Why don’t you get in a gown so I can examine you easier.”

I said, “Okay.”

I got out of my clothes and put the gown on. The doctor said, “Let’s start with you standing here in front of me,” as he pulled a rolling chair up to me and sat in it.

He started with my feet and ankles and moved up my leg to my Achilles tendon, and asked, “Does this ever bother you?, as he stroked my Achilles.

I said, “No, that has never bothered me.”

He then moved up to my knees and asked, How about your knees?”

I said, “I’ve had a little bit of tendonitis, but not the same symptoms I get in my feet, ankles and hands.”

He said, “Okay. I’d like to check your back, specifically your spine. Turn around and bend over and touch your feet.”

I turned around with my back towards the doctor and bent over to reach for my toes. He stood up behind me and untied the gown so it opened up so he could examine xnxx my back. The gown fell to the floor as it slid off my body. The doctor inspected my spine by running his hand up and down the center of my back. He pressed into my back as he felt the entire length of my spine. When he got to my sacrum, he pushed in and asked, “Is this tender here?”

I said, “No, it feels okay.”

He said, “Okay, good.”

Then he pushed on my tailbone and asked, “How about here, tender?”

I said, “No, that feels okay too.”

He said, “Great.”

He then said, “Okay Ken, stay bent over, but spread your legs a bit wider.”

So I slid my feet outwards to a little less than shoulder width. He said, “That’s good right there.”

Then the doctor put his hands on my butt cheeks and massaged them for a moment, then he started to caress my ass cheeks touching my entire butt. He did this for a while as ran his hands down my thighs too. He eventually ran his hands up my inner thigh all the way up to my crotch. He stroked my inner thighs for a few minutes, then he fondled my scrotum. He jiggled my balls with one hand and still stroked my inner thigh with the other.

I was getting aroused as my cock started to harden. The doctor could tell I was getting a hard on, so he reached through my legs and fondled my cock. As he played with it, it was getting really hard. He then said, “Turn around, so I can see your hard cock.”

I turned around and he took a hold of my cock and put it in his mouth and started sucking on it. He was sucking the head of my cock like it was a lollipop. He then pushed his head forward taking in my entire 6.5″ cock down his throat. He didn’t gag at all as I guess he has had much bigger cocks in his mouth.

I could see that under his white doctor’s coat he was totally nude and he was touching his cock. It was still soft, but it was bigger than me being fully erect. I wanted to get to touch his big cock so I asked if I could touch him.

The doc said, “Okay. I have an idea, let’s get in the sixty-nine position.”

He pulled out a blanket and spread it out on the floor. He said, “You lay on your back and I’ll get on top of you.”

I laid down and waited for him to get on top of me. He straddled my face with his crotch, then leaned forward and laid down on me. His big cock rested on my face for second, before I could get it in my mouth. It was way more than a mouthful as I could barely get a quarter of it in my mouth, and it was still soft. He started to get hard as I sucked on it, now really filling my mouth as it grew in length and thickness. I started to gag on it as he tried to fuck my mouth with it. He heard me gag, so he stopped the fucking motion.

In the meantime, he was sucking my cock, almost making me cum. I said, “I’m about to cum.”

So he quickly stopped and said, “Okay, let’s move onto something else.”

He got off of me and grabbed a stool and said, “Ken, sit on this stool backwards, hang your ass off the edge and hold onto the backrest.”

I sat down and hung my butt off the edge of the stool and hung onto the backrest. The doc went a got some lube and spread it on my anus. He said, “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

With my anus completely exposed and spread wide open, I felt the head of his cock rub against my anus, then I felt it push into me. The doc pushed in slowly as I grunted, feeling the pressure of his big cock entering my rectum. He kept pushing in till he was balls deep, bottomed out, so to speak.

He asked, “How are you doing?”

I said, “I’m doing okay.”

He said, “Good, I’m going to start fucking you now.”

So with that, he started to brazzers speed up his motion. His big cock was impaling my butt hole that was starting to relax, being able to take on his more forceful and faster thrusts. He got to a rapid rhythm of fucking me and said, “You love getting fucked in the ass, don’t you.”

I said, “Yes, I enjoy getting butt fucked.”

The doc then started jackhammering me with fast and hard thrusts. He needed to grab a hold of my hips to maintain proper balance.

I yelled out, “Oh my god, ooooh shit, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!”

Just then, the door to the room opened and Lori entered and screamed, “Holy shit, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were here having sex!” As she sort of covers her face as not to see what we’re doing.

The doc chirped, “What are you doing here Lori?” As he still kept fucking me, with grunting.

Lori said, “I forgot something here that I needed tonight.”

The doc asked her, “Are you in a hurry to go?” While still fucking me.

Lori said, “Well, not really.”

The doc said, “Okay, then join us, get out of your clothes.”

Lori quickly got undressed and said, “What do want me to do?”

The doc said, “Come over here,” as he pulled his fat cock out of my ass and said, “Suck on my cock and clean it up.”

Lori took the doc’s cock and licked it, then put it in her mouth and sucked on it. This gave me some time to relax a bit as I was getting pounded by the doc. Then the doc said, “That’s good for now,” as he stuffed his cock back into my ass.

I yelped a bit as the the doc reentered my rectum with his cock. He continued with the fast and hard fucking of my ass. I kept grunting as he was relentless with my ass pounding as I thought this guy could go on forever. He then pulled out again and put his cock in Lori’s waiting mouth. She sucked and licked it again, enjoying the doc’s cock.

The doc said, “Okay, that’s good,'” and re-shoved his cock back into my now sore butt hole. He went back to the rabid fucking and said, “You have a very fuckable ass, Ken!,” and continued on.

I was getting worn out with the hard ass fucking, and the doc could tell I was fading as my sounds and reactions were getting weak. So the doc pulled out of my ass and said, “Lori, get on your hands and knees.”

She did so and the doc went over to her and got behind her and starting fucking her in her cunt. Lori moaned as she was getting a hard fucking from the doc, in the ‘doggy’ position.

I stepped off of the stool and laid down on the floor so I could recover from the hard butt slamming I received. I watched Lori getting fucked hard by the doc and was actually able to get aroused. I wanted to fuck Lori, but didn’t know how I was going to do it.

Just then the doc asked me, “Ken, are you up for fucking Lori?”

Was he reading my mind… I said, “Yes, I’m for it.”

The doc said, “Great,… I’m going to sit on this chair and Lori you get on top of me in cowboy position, and Ken you get behind Lori and fuck her in the ass.”

We all got in position as I spread some lube on Lori’s anus. Lori sat on the doc’s big cock and I got in behind her and pushed my cock up against her waiting butt hole. I slowly pushed in as she yelped a bit. Lori had a tight anus, I don’t know if she has had anal sex with doc.

As I pushed in deeper, Lori was really tight so I really slowed down to let her relax a bit. I asked her, “Are you okay Lori?”

Lori said, “Yeah, I’m okay, I just haven’t done much anal, so I’m a bit tight.”

I thought to myself, “Yes, she’s really tight, but it feels good.”

As her sphincter relaxed and loosened up a bit, I started sikiş izle fuck Lori’s ass a little faster and harder. Lori yelled out, “Oh yes, fuck my ass, ooooh shit, ooooh fuck, oh yes, fuck me!”

I really started to fuck Lori and the doc kept in rhythm with his pussy fucking. Lori screamed out, “Oh fuck, I feel so filled up, keep fucking me, guys!”

After a few minutes of Lori getting double penetrated, she yelled out, “I’m going to fucking cum, oh my god, here I cum!”

While the doc and I are fucking Lori, her body starts to shake and shudder, then Lori lets out this very loud moan and then screams incoherent words as she climaxes. Her body continues to twitch as she is coming down from her orgasm.

I feel here body go through the deep rooted orgasm and it triggers me to approach my orgasm. I yell out, “I’m going to cum in your ass Lori!”

My body shakes as I feel a rush of energy come through my body as I ejaculate my semen deep in Lori’s rectum. After I’m done depositing my sperm in Lori’s ass, I pull out of her butt hole and lay down next to them and pass out.

The doc is still fucking Lori but said, “I need to get off the floor, get off of me and get on stool Ken was on.”

Lori sits on the stool backwards and hangs her ass off the edge. The doc said, “Good, now I’m going to fuck your ass.”

Lori turns around looking nervous, knowing how big the doc’s cock is. The doc said, “I’ll be gentle as possible, Lori.”

Lori faces away from the doc as he re-lubes Lori’s anus. He smears some lube on his big cock and pushes on Lori’s butt hole. It takes a bit of pressure to get past Lori’s sphincter muscle, but the doc penetrates her and waits to see how she reacts. Lori grunts really loud and said, “Oh my fucking god, you are too big.”

The doc said, “You’ll be okay, just take a deep breath and relax.”

The doc feels Lori relax a bit, but she is still tight. He pushes in deeper and Lori yelps, “I don’t think I can take your cock.”

The doc said, “I’m already half way in, so you’ll be fine.”

Lori said, “Oh, okay, I think I’ll be okay then.”

So the doc pushes in deeper till he’s balls deep. He asked, “Lori, are you okay, I’m all the way in.”

Lori said, “Yes, I’m okay.”

The doc said, “Okay, good, I’m going to start fucking you.”

The doc pulls his cock out to the point, only the head of his cock is still in her ass, then he pushes back in, balls deep. Lori moans and sighs as she feels her rectum get filled, then emptied as the doc goes in and out of her.

The doc builds up to a nice paced rhythm and Lori now seems to be enjoying her butt fucking. After a few minutes, the doc yells out, “I’m going to cum Lori!”

Lori said, “I want you to cum on my face.”

So as the doc is about to cum, he pulls out of Lori’s ass, Lori gets off the stool and kneels down in front of the doc. The doc strokes his big cock and screams, “Here I cum!”

The doc’s body shivered as he shot he giant load of semen onto Lori’s face. The first squirt of semen shot onto Lori’s forehead and hair, the second rope of jizz hit Lori in her right eye, the third load landed on her nose and mouth. Her face was covered with the docs semen.

After that huge ejaculation, the doc sat down on the floor and exhaled deeply, he was worn out with all the heavy fucking he did. Lori licked whatever semen she could reach with her tongue and wiped the rest off with a towel.

I had come out of my brief slumber to see everyone trashed from the sex session. The doc said, “Ken, we’ll get back to you about your blood test results, then go from there.”

The doc walked into another room, I’m guessing his private bathroom to clean up. Lori said, “Annie will call you to set up the next appointment,” as she got up and went to another bathroom to clean up.

I cleaned up a bit, got dressed and left.

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