Fiancé of my Ex-Boss Ch. 10

Female Domination

Chapter 10 – You’re welcome!

Seth soon went into the shower and left. He wasn’t much of a talker and was probably still far and deep in the closet. But he spoke with Kyle with such admiration that I thought he may have fallen in love with him.


Kyle sat on the bed while I let Seth out and turned to me with a grin when I returned and pulled him in my arms, knowing the camera was still running. It was the one for extended shooting, and I knew it could record for hours if needed.

I wondered if I should’ve told him. I will. Maybe… Later.

“You really are a bad influence, bro.”

“You seemed like you’ve done that before.”

“I can be rough, but that’s not what I meant.”

“How is that different from what we did before?”

“Well, for starters, I could’ve hidden behind the fact that I didn’t fuck anyone.”

“True, but I didn’t force you to take Seth like that. I just wanted to make a video for you. Like you did for me.” I winked at him. “I didn’t know were coming over.”

I kissed him and licked his neck and ear.

“But I have to say I am fucking glad you did!”

He watched me closely, and his lips parted in exhale.

“I’m glad I did too.”


I pulled slightly back, still keeping my hands on his hips.




We stood up, and Kyle reached for his black boxer briefs.

“Why are you getting dressed?”

“Precaution,” he grinned at me. “I’ve seen your look when you came into that bathroom back then.”

“Man!” I instantly felt my dick harden again, remembering that. “Ok, you may have a point there.”

I took him by hand and led him to the kitchen. I can always take them off him later.


There’s one thing about me. I have hidden cameras pretty much in all rooms. It’s my dark passion, and it started once when I had the hottest sex plowing one guy over my kitchen counter, and all I could think of was that I didn’t have this on camera. So the next day, I ordered and installed one like this in each room. They can be switched on with my phone. Damn! How I love living in these times!

Most of the guys I sleep with have some idea about this kink of mine, or I tell them eventually, but since I never use them in any other way than my pleasure, I find it innocent. I had even one time when I was berserk furious about one prick, and even then, I haven’t used it. As I think that would just be too crude of me.

But I digress.

I turned on the one in the kitchen as Kyle stepped in. I’d rather delete unnecessary content than miss something spectacular. I already missed both with Kyle, the jerk-off session in the basement and the one in the living room. And I was pissed about those missed opportunities!


I started making pancakes. We talked about something, and I asked Kyle to hand me an egg from the fridge. After I thanked him, he sang: “You’re welcome.”

I turned to him with laughter and a questioning look. He was obviously in a splendid mood!

“Did you just sing that?”

“I’ve been having this tune inside my head, and when you thanked me, it went automatically with the rhythm,” he smiled widely at me.

I chuckled. “What song?”

“You’re welcome,” he winked at me.

I frowned and tried to remember where I had heard that. Kyle quietly sang a few verses and beat his chest in the rhythm. I leaned against the counter and crossed my arms in front of my chest, watching him and smirking.

“Isn’t that some sort of a kid’s song?”

“It’s from an animated movie.”

I started laughing. “For real?”


He wasn’t even ashamed!

“How old are you, man?”


“And you still watch animated movies for kids?”

“No, but I love that song.”

“No way! Tell me why?”

“I liked the main character.”

“Which one is that?”

“Look, bear with me,” he put his palms in front of me in a calming gesture.

This was so amusing! I grinned like crazy. He was so cute!

“So travesti porno I had this girl back then, and she made me watch it. I suppose because of the Polynesian heritage,” he pointed to his tattoo.

“Right.” My grin became even broader.

“And there was this catchy song that he sings. I liked it and sang it quite often. Then I watched clips of it a few times, and it kind of stuck with me.”

“Man.” I chuckled and shook my head

“You would be surprised how many girls I got into bed with that.”

“I guarantee you. I definitely would be surprised!” I told him, laughing.

“Look, the whole thing is confidence. If you sing it like you are not afraid that you will make a total idiot out of yourself, and even if you do, you are cool with it – it speaks volumes! And with how I look, man, trust me, you’d be all over me. Not to mention it was a perfect opportunity to take my shirt off without looking like I am way ahead of myself,” he flexed his tattooed chest and bicep. It still looked goofy but the flexi was hot.

“I don’t believe that. That was your move?” I was laughing.

“Among others.” he winked at me.

“Man! You were probably lucky you wanted to score with chicks, and you are ripped.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of confident, playful humor.”

I looked at him, grinning, “I would never.”

I chuckled and was about to turn back to the pancake mixture I was doing when he started singing.

“Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here.

You’re face to face with greatness, and it’s strange

You don’t even know how you feel

It’s adorable.”

I looked at him. For real?

One thing I must admit was that he had a great voice. I don’t know if I even saw that video, to be honest. I definitely heard of it, as Rock was doing it, but I never cared much for animated movies for children.

But I have to say… as I was there leaning on my counter and beaming while watching him go at it, I had to say he was cute. Even engaging! I don’t know if he was doing the choreography that was in the movie, but it looked smooth, and he was flexing a lot during that. This was probably the first time I realized he has some Polynesian origins.


It was indeed silly, he even started dancing around my kitchen island and handing me fruits at some point, but as much as I was laughing, I was entertained. He was seriously eye-catching doing that. I didn’t feel awkward about him for a minute. I suppose it even felt special, as this is not something you do just for anyone–what a weird guy!

After more verses, our eyes locked, and as he sang the final “Thank you!” Kyle finished right in front of my face.

Fuck him. It did work! I pounced on his lips with the widest grin and sucked the air out of him, pushing him against the island behind him.


“Man, you should do a striptease for me!”

“I can do that.”

“Fuck! You are just perfect!” I bent over him, and he was now nearly lying on the counter. I pressed on his ass and slid one hand under the briefs. Shame he didn’t dance without them!


He felt my hand and moaned under my lips as he pushed against me so we both stood straight. Kyle reached for my ass and started brushing his fingers on my crack. Man! He was good. We were still a little wet from the rimming and fingering just a little while ago, so we both managed to get two fingers in up to the first to second knuckles. Fuck! We were hissing and moaning, slowly fingering our holes while holding each other. Our cocks ground against one another, and we were both leaking by now. I needed to get those briefs off him NOW! I grabbed his dick, and he arched under me with the loudest moan as I took that hard shaft out and started jerking him.

“Kyle!” I snarled into his mouth “Fuck! Let me in that hole!” I didn’t use the word pussy intentionally. The alpha vibe was evident in both of us. Neither wanted to be the pussy. But I desperately needed to be in alt yazılı porno his right now!

Kyle rasped, and his eyes were pitch black, looking at me with such lust I could devour him! I pushed my fingers deeper and was now fingering him in the same fast rhythm as I was jerking his dick and bending towards him. His hand left my ass, and I moaned in anticipation. Kyle brought his other hand to his mouth and started licking those fingers. I could lose it just there and then watching that! Kyle licked them well and then gave them to me. While staring into his eyes, I sucked them in and kept licking each of his fingers.

Kyle took my hard dick with his other hand and started stroking me.

“Fuuck!” I howled, my mouth being fucked with his hand. Kyle wasn’t finished, however. After awhile, he put his fingers back in my hole and pushed. This time he was rough and demanding. I screamed in pain and instant pleasure! We stood like that, jerking and fingering each other. We were gazing at each other with such mutually dominant lust I could just as easily have bent over in front of him as I would bend him on that counter!


“Ross! Let me fuck you!”

I whined, seriously considering that now! I looked menacingly at him before ravaging his mouth with mine. Then I leaned to his ear and licked it before replying. “Let’s fuck each other!” I heard his moan, and his dick was twitching. He was close. I was too!

I leaned slightly back to look at him. We stared at one another, hissing, moaning, and bellowing.

“Bed! Now!”

I would throw him over my shoulder, but I didn’t want to scare him off. So I just nodded and pulled my fingers out, as did he. We walked so fast it seemed like we just ran there, stumbling over each other on the way.


I pulled him into me from behind and started kissing his neck, ear, and his hard back muscles. Then, I pushed him onto the bed, attacking his sweet hole again and hearing his moans as I feasted on it.

He didn’t want just lay there. He got on all fours and turned to me, pulling me on him.

“Let’s do a 69!”

I laid on my side and pulled his ass to me. I was bigger than he was, but he made it work well. Soon I felt his slick fingers dive into my crack and his mouth licking around my cock. Fuck! I was in heaven!

“Suck my cock, Ross!”

I gladly obliged.

We both now sucked our dicks and fingered our holes, slowly reaching the point of madness! I could now easily finger him with three fingers, and when I added forth, he jerked and hissed from pain. I held his hips firmly and wouldn’t back down now! Soon his hole got used to it, and I heard this throaty snarl under me. He wouldn’t miss the chance to get even, and soon I felt his fourth finger in as well. It took some getting used to, but we were back at it fiercely after a little while.


His balls were now tight under his pole, and I knew he was close and as ready as he could be! I was too!

“Let me fuck that hole, Kyle!”

He was quiet. He was definitely heated to the max, yet still, he was too afraid to lose his cherry like this. Fuck! I wondered if I should make this decision for him, but he was more special to me than any other undecided bitch that I didn’t give a fuck about.

Fuck it!

“Then feed me, big guy!”

He screamed as I started sucking him deep into my throat and thrusting my fingers on his pleasure button. I felt him engulfing my dick as well, returning this favor good!


It took us maybe thirty seconds, and we were filling our throats with each other’s cum!

Damn! Now I was obsessed with taking that hole one day! I was fucking invested! One day! No matter what!

I turned and leaned back to his face. He was grinning and licked my lips before kissing me slowly and passionately.


I held him, and man! I could spend hours here like this! I was set on doing just that when I heard my ringtone.

Damn… still, üvey baba porno I was interested in who was calling, and Kyle just smiled.

I jumped from the bed and looked for it. The tone, however, sounded from Kyle’s jeans.

“I think that’s yours.”

“Right, I probably forgot to turn on the silent mode. Could you hand it to me?”

“We have the same ringtone,” I smirked and reached for it.

“You mean as most people who didn’t care enough to change it.”

I smiled and handed it to him. Then I realized the caller’s name was mine… what the heck?


“Do you know another Ross Garret?” I asked him with a frown.

“No, that’s Chad.”

I raised my eyebrows, watched him answer it, and walk out of my bedroom.

What the actual fuck?!


He came back, explaining that Chad knows some guy and they are looking for an architect. He said he wouldn’t bore me with details after seeing my look. But that was definitely not the problem. Seriously?!

“Why is he saved under my name?”

“I thought it would be safer if Karl saw you calling me.”

“Why not just Ross? Why am I Chad? I suppose I am saved as Chad.”



“Is that a problem?”

“I don’t know, but it’s bugging me for some reason.”

“It was easier like that. Karl can get nosy. I had a reputation back in my days. And we met Chad with Gloria, and Karl didn’t like them.”

“How does all that make any sense?”

“I told Karl that I am helping Chad with rebuilding the basement as he really did ask me for some ideas, and I may have told Karl that we became best friends.”

“So you choose Chad as a best friend?!”

“In front of Karl. Yeah.”

“And how is that making things easier?”

“I know Karl will not ask me to bring them over for dinner or invite them to our wedding.”

“Even your supposed best friend?”

“Stop it,” now he finally started to look as if he realized how all this sounded.

“No, no, enlighten me, please. Tell me why?” I knew it very well, but I wanted him to say it.

“Just drop it.”

“Say it. We both know the answer, Kyle.”

“Then why do you need me to say it? I am not like that.”

“I think you need to hear it.”

“Then you say it,” he looked angry as well. I was, however, livid!

I glared at him. “They are not good enough for him.”

Kyle turned away, obviously agitated, picked up his clothes, and started getting dressed.


“I have known him since I was 17. Seriously, Ross, you don’t know him more than what? Two years? Three?”

“I think you are so used to his crap you eat it for dinner.”

He frowned at me angrily. “You are just mad at him cos he fired you.”

“I am mad at him cos you think he is good enough for you!”

“And who else would be good enough for me, Ross, you?”

“Yes!” It just flew out of me without thinking. I was really furious. Kyle stopped in the middle of pulling his shirt down his abs. He stared at me for a moment.

“You just want me cos you can’t have me,” he shook his head, picked up a sock, and put it on his foot.

“Trust me, boy, I didn’t have you yet because I chose not to.”

“Yeah, right!”

“Kyle, I’m not blind. I think you are also looking for a reason to let me fuck you. But you are scared you may like it too much. So, you rather dodge me each time.”

“That’s bullshit!”

“For fuck’ sake, you know you want me! That’s why you keep coming back!”

“And who would even fuck who? We are both tops, damn it!”

“I don’t care! We can take turns!” I watched him putting on the second shoe, trying my hardest not to run to him and start ripping all those clothes off him and make him stay somehow…

“I am not ok with that. It may come as a surprise to you, but I love him.”

“You are a coward.”

“I am engaged to be married. Not like you care, Ross.”

“Just ten minutes ago, you didn’t seem to care about that yourself.”

“Fuck you! This…” he waved his hands around. “is the cruelest hobby one can have. I am done here!”


I watched him leave. I just stood there. My arms crossed on my chest, breathing heavily, and when I heard the door slam shut, I angrily wiped the tear that fell on my cheek.

“Fuck you too, Kyle,” I said to the empty room.

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