No Sacrifice Pt. 04


Hi Readers. “No Sacrifice” concludes. To tell the story I wanted to tell, I knew it would need four parts. Ted has become my favorite character, having VERY loosely based him on a real life friend of mine named … Ted. Despite the fact that they share a name and a few kinks, Real Ted has never helped himself to his brother’s wife. Still, I felt a responsibility to Real Ted not to have Story Ted do something that Real Ted would find repulsive.

For those newcomers to the story who want to forge ahead without reading the first three parts, John has been trying to get his wife Heather pregnant. He learns he is sterile. He becomes terrified that his wife will leave him if she finds out. Luckily for him, he has a twin, one identical to him right down to his DNA. He begs his brother, Ted, to have sex with his wife for a week in the hopes that she is pregnant.

In part Two, the hottest part of this entire story, Ted makes love to his brother’s wife and opens her eyes to new possibilities in the bedroom. Despite falling in love with her, he forces himself to switch back with John once the week is up. For his part, John comes home to a wife who has come into her own sexually, has started doing some really hot things in bed as a matter of routine. He likes the changes and their marriage becomes stronger. They learn that Heather is pregnant with twins. Ted is now dating a kinky lawyer named Minette.

At the end of part Three, Heather does something and John reacts negatively. Heather realizes that he must have switch places with his twin. What happens next? Read on to find out.


Ted was balls’ deep in Minette for the second time that morning. He had awakened her early, then fucked her doggy style for the better part of an hour. Then they had fallen asleep, only to have Minette return the favor an hour later. They were in the missionary position, her light little body wrapped around his, holding him tight inside and out. There was only one way to describe Minette in bed: Hot. She wasn’t one for romance or tender moments. It was non-stop weirdness, nastiness and just out and out inventiveness.

As he had cum so recently, Ted was sure he could keep going for quite some time. He swore as his cell phone went off for the third time. He longed to silence it, but with his sister-in-law’s due date so close, he didn’t want to risk missing any news. He paused mid-stroke to check his phone. It was John calling. He signaled Minette to be quiet, then hit the button to answer the call.

“Ted, I have been trying to call you for ten minutes. What the fuck, dude?” John sounded mildly hysterical. In a heartbeat, Ted pulled out of Minette’s tight cunt and he got out of bed, stepping away in order that she not overhear anything John was saying.

“Everything okay?” John asked, concerned.

“She knows, she figured it out. She got so pissed she hit me over the head with a lamp and took off in her car. I think she’s on her way to your place.” John sounded like he was in tears. “I’m bleeding, but I don’t give a fuck. I’m in my car on my way over. You need to look out for her. The doctor forbade her to drive a couple of weeks ago. She can barely fit behind the wheel.”

Ted started throwing some clothes on and ducked out of the room. “What do you mean she knows? She knows about the switch?” His heart was in his throat. His worst nightmare was happening and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

There was silence on the line. Ted could only hear road noise. “Johnny?”

John finally answered. “You fucking like a finger up the ass? You had my wife do that to you and you never thought about filling me in?” His voice was cold and terrible. “I asked you to tell me everything. You left that detail out?”

Ted’s chin fell to his chest and he exhaled slowly. “She didn’t bat an eye. She did it every chance she got. Hell, she did things to me no one had ever done before. I figured it was something the two of you did regularly.”

John would have closed his eyes had he not been driving. He had come to a couple of minutes after she had clocked him with the lamp to find his face covered in blood. He splashed some water over his face, rubbed his face with a towel and ran out to his car in a bathrobe and bare feet. Before, he had only been terrified about getting caught. Now that he had been caught, he was worried about the health of his wife and their babies.

He swore under his breath. “It doesn’t matter. She is probably on her way over there. She’s pissed off and she’s already high risk. Her blood pressure has been creeping up. I’ve been taking her to all these appointments and they were even considering taking the babies even earlier than 36 weeks. If she gets there, you need to calm her down and call an ambulance. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Ted agreed and hung up. He turned around to see Minette standing behind him, wearing her jeans, a bra and an unbuttoned shirt. He had forgotten she was even bursa yabancı escort here. “Minette, I’m having a family emergency, I need to ask you to leave. I’ll call you later.” He strode from the room to get some socks and shoes. Minette followed him.

“That was John?” she asked, concerned. “Is Heather okay? Is it the babies?”

Ted grew exasperated. “She’s on her way over here and I need to talk to her about something. It’s private. I need to talk to her alone. Can you please just be gone before she gets here? It’s delicate.”

Minette was a trial lawyer, a shark. She knew when there was blood in the water. “What the hell is going on here? Your brother’s wife, who is about to give birth to twins any minute, is on her way over here? She told me the other day she’s not supposed to drive anymore. What can be so fucking important that she’s got to talk to you about that couldn’t be said over the phone?”

Ted stopped in his tracks, having been hopping around on one foot trying to get his other shoe on and laced. He couldn’t deal with this right now. The life is someone he cherished, as well as their two children, hung in the balance.

“Minette, her twins are mine. She didn’t know. She just found out. She’s coming over here to confront me.” A look of utter shock came over Minette’s face and her jaw dropped. “The entire situation is delicate. I need you out of here. Now can you just go? I’ll call you later and explain everything.”

Minette pulled up to her full 5’3″, her eyes flashing. “Oh no, you don’t. I’m not leaving. You got Heather pregnant? Were you and John playing some sort of sick game of twin switching?” Her face grew pale. “Oh my God. Did he have sex with me, too? Did you do this to me?”

Ted caught her hand just as it was about to hit his face. His dark eyes bore intently into hers. He was really into Minette, but at right now, he couldn’t remember a single thing he liked about her. “Min, you’re great, but you are not going to make this about you. It’s got nothing to do with you. Now, you can go home and wait for my call, or you can get thrown out on your ass. I really don’t care which option you pick, but I need you to get out of here.”

Minette’s nostrils flared. She wanted to argue really bad, but the look on his face told her not to push this any further. Grabbing her things, she stormed out of the apartment just in time to see Heather hauling her enormous belly out of a ridiculously tiny car. She was about to go help her, when Ted shoved her aside, running to his sister-in-law, scooping her up and carrying her into the condo. The door slammed shut behind them.

Looking at the door, Minette shook her head. She had liked Ted a lot; the sex was great. Hell, she might even have gone for the twin swap had she known it was an option. But there was something weird going on. Minette didn’t do the bad kind of weird. She dug into her purse for her car keys, then got inside and drove home.

Ted set Heather down on the sofa. Her long dark hair was still damp, sticking up at all angles. Her green eyes were stormy. A flush filled her cheeks. She stood and for the second time that morning, a woman raised her hand to his face. This time, Ted let it fly. He deserved so much worse. He stood there, taking it. Her hand flew again, harder this time. Tears streamed down her face and he was positive that there was no coming back from this.

She gasped for breath between sobs, sitting back down on the sofa. Large gulping sounds followed as she tried to breathe. The babies took up so much room, she hadn’t taken a deep breath in weeks. Her adrenaline had caused them to start kicking furiously. Heather looked up at Ted. “I need to know. Are they yours?”

Ted looked at her for a long moment, then slowly nodded. Heather looked around the room wildly, as if looking for an escape. “I knew it. The second John pulled away from me when I …” she stopped talking. Ted nodded, to indicate that he had known what happened.

The entire way over here, Heather had done the math in her head so many times. Before she had finished her PhD, she had worked in obstetrics. She could calculate due dates and dates of conception in her head. The week her marriage had taken an abrupt turn for the better, she had conceived. She had always credited the magic of that week for the successful conception of their family. Things had only gotten better since then. It never occurred to her that anything untoward had happened.

She groaned, her eyes unable to look at Ted any longer. Staring at the ceiling, Heather could only ask, “Why?”

Ted closed his eyes, trying to find the right words. “John found out he’s sterile. Mom was going through some health kick, so she didn’t get us vaccinated. John caught the mumps, I didn’t. Mom and Dad knew that there was a risk that John would never have children, but they didn’t tell us. We didn’t piece it together until after he found out.”

Heather bursa sınırsız escort nodded. One of her big pet peeves was parents refusing to vaccinate their children. The risks of the diseases themselves were far greater than the non-existent chance their baby would catch Autism from a shot. She had thoroughly researched the matter, talked it over with John and they had decided to vaccinate their babies. John had seemed particularly passionate about. Now she knew why.

“How many times? How many times was it you?” She met his eyes now.

Ted reached out for her hands, then realized she wouldn’t want to be touched. Not by him. “It was a week. Just a week. I offered to donate my sperm, but John was freaked out. He didn’t want you to know he couldn’t give you children.” It all sounded so stupid now. Just saying the words out loud made Ted cringe. “I love my brother, he’s my best friend. Our DNA is identical. Genetically, it doesn’t make any difference which one of us fathered them.” Ted grew more intense. “I could not sit there, with my brother in despair, terrified, and refuse him. He would have done the same thing for me. I know it.”

Heather’s lip curled up into a snarl, a look he had never seen on her face before. “And it never occurred to either of you apes to consult how I felt about it?” Her hands came down to soothe one of the babies as it kicked her ribs hard in emphasis. She stretched her chest up, trying to give him or her more room. “Do you have any idea how violated I feel? I never gave you permission to fuck me.” The contempt dripped from her mouth like venom. “I’m not sure what the law would say, Mr. Attorney, you tell me. Did you and my darling husband rape me? Or was it just you?”

Ted paled. “I know, I know, I know. It was stupid and it was bad. I never meant to hurt you. I hoped to God you would never find out.” He closed his eyes, then opened them again. “You will never know, never understand what that week meant for me. I thought I would do John this little favor and walk away happy. It didn’t work out that way. It killed me to walk away from you.” His jaw worked furiously as he struggled with his emotions. “I swear to you; these babies will belong to you and John. I’ll never interfere. I’ll be their loving uncle, if you’ll let me.”

Heather let out something that was a cross between a laugh and a sob. Before more could be said, there was a furious pounding at the door. Before either of them could move, John burst into the room.

Ted looked at his twin in shock. There was dried blood all over his face, except for a smear of white going across his eyes. His hair was matted to his head and covered with more blood. He was wearing something that looked like Heather’s maternity bathrobe and it too was bloodstained. When John took in the fact that Heather was there, he seemed to lose his balance and sank down to the floor, groaning. Ted’s cat Veronica, having sensed the presence of the hated man who got her stoned on catnip, picked that moment to emerge from wherever she was hiding and hiss.

Ted looked at his sister-in-law, angry now. “What in the hell?” Before Heather could say anything, she gasped and clutched her belly. A sudden gush of water poured down her legs. Ted stared at the mess in shock. He looked from John to Heather, then back to Heather again. Pulling his cell back out of his pocked, he punched the number for 911.

“Yeah, I need an ambulance. No, two ambulances. Yes, send everything.” He pulled himself together, then explained the barest of details to the astonished operator on the phone. They had him remain on the line until there was a blare of sirens audible in the distance.

Several hours later, John sat in the chair in Heather’s hospital room. She was sleeping between contractions. Ted sat in a chair in the other side of the room. He had grabbed extra clothes for John, then rode in his ambulance with him. Heather had ridden in the ambulance behind them. To Ted’s astonishment, they were more concerned for John. Pregnant women have babies all the time, but they weren’t fooling around with a head wound.

Many tests later, they had determined that while John had a mild concussion, he wasn’t in any danger. They let him go upstairs to his wife, who was in labor with their children. John was positive that they would be joking about little Heather Aiello hitting her husband over the head with a lamp while going into labor for some time.

Heather moaned, another contraction starting. Out of habit, John checked his watch. The pains were coming regularly and strong every few minutes. The doctors were sure the babies were in the correct position to be born normally, so they were letting labor proceed while keeping an eye on all the monitors that were beeping around his wife.

By unspoken agreement, none of them continued their conversation from before. Heather permitted both men to be there. She wasn’t focused on being angry görükle escort anymore. She was so terrified for her babies, she would deal with the two of them later. She breathed slowly through the contraction, allowing John to rub her back until the pain eased. She blew her breath out, then made herself relax.

From her position, she could observe Ted pretending to be asleep. Her newfound knowledge rocked her to the core. That week had meant so much to her, but it had been so seamless. When had it started? When had it ended? It wasn’t that things “went back to the way they had been before.” If anything, they had grown more wonderful. Her marriage, always strong, had turned into a thing of beauty. She had fallen in love with her husband all over again.

Looked back and forth between both, she wondered. Had she fallen in love with John all over again? Or had she fallen in love with Ted without realizing it? His words back at the condo rang in her ears. It had killed him to walk away from her. Had he fallen for her as well? If he had, what about Minette? How did she figure in? Heather had been so wrapped up in her pregnancy, she couldn’t remember how or when that had started. Minette had just suddenly appeared.

Heather remembered seeing Minette leaving Ted’s house as she arrived. In her anger, she had barely registered it. Now, however, it took on new significance. Minette had probably stayed the night. In all the years she had known him, Ted had never brought a woman home to meet the enormous Aiello clan. How serious was it? And how could he date someone when Heather was pregnant with his babies?

Confused, Heather felt another contraction take her. The pains were like a wave, starting out like a muscle cramp, then rising like a wave. Her back seized as John rubbed it for her; she struggled to breathe through the pain. This one was a bad one, the harshest yet. Heather sighed with relief as it started to subside, then groaned again when it got fierce all over again. This time, she couldn’t breathe, she cried out.

Ted forgot about pretending to be asleep and raced over to the bed. He looked at John stupidly. “What the hell?” Seeing no answers there, he pushed the call light button just as one of the monitors started beeping insanely. Medical personnel poured into the room. Ted and then John were pushed aside. They hung back, each of them frantic as they struggled to understand.

Finally, an older male doctor turned to John. For the first time in their life, it was easy to tell them apart. More than once, they had heard voices in the hallway say, “The one with the bandage on his head is the husband.”

Looking at the bandage, the doctor said, “Her blood pressure is skyrocketing. She’s in transition labor, things are only doing to get more intense from here. If there was one baby in there, I might let her try to deliver, but she’s a primagravida with 2 more centimeters to go and two babies to push out. I don’t like the odds. I’d like your permission to take her into surgery and deliver them by C-section.”

John nodded. He had talked over a lot of possibilities with his wife. He knew she would want the babies born safely rather than worrying over some silly “birth experience.” The doctor took that nod for consent. Some papers were shoved into his hands, which he signed. Then nurses were putting something that looked NASA gear over his clothing.

John looked at Ted. “Him too. We want him in the room, too.”

The nurse looked at John incredulously. “You want your brother to watch your wife give birth?” Most brothers would have run for the door gratefully, but Ted was standing his ground.

Heather spoke up from the bed, where she was in the middle of another contraction. “Oh, for fuck’s sake, let him come in. Can we just hurry?” She hollered more expletives. The NASA assistants got another set of gear for Ted. As soon as everything was ready, they rolled Heather onto a stretcher and rushed her down the hall.

Ted and John waited together in silence. Ted was grateful to his brother for even thinking of him at this moment. John hadn’t been entirely selfless. He was scared to death and wanted his twin’s support.

A nurse beckoned them in. Heather was hooked up to a million machines. A drape was pulled up, they could only see her face. An oxygen mask covered her mouth. She was awake, chattering like a magpie with the man working the machines she was connected to, some strange version of the “Great and Powerful Oz.”

Quickly figuring out that they had already started operating, John stood there a minute, next to his twin, baffled about what to do. A nurse completely gowned and masked walked up to them both with something that looked like a sharpie. “Which one of you in the husband,” she asked. John felt like laughing for the first time that long, horrible day. His bandage wasn’t visible anymore.

“I am,” he laughed. The nurse wielding the sharpie drew an enormous H on his chest. John surmised it stood for “husband” and laughed even harder.

The Great and Powerful Oz looked over at them. He was a small, elderly Asian man. “Is it true your wife hit you over the head with a lamp?” He had heard the story from one of the ER residents a few hours earlier and was greatly entertained by the tale.

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