One Year Earlier


CF “Cam, If You’re Nice” and “Anaconda, or Korean Stew”

TW watersports

Simon took a giant huff and undid his apron. His lovely little blue apron with the lace trimming, a gift from his mother-in-law. At first he had been bewildered when he received the feminine gift, but seeing how it made Toby so happy – and err, so hot – whenever he dressed in that apron, he subsequently relented. He was secure enough in his masculinity that a little piece of flimsy fabric, however adorable, could not have corroded it.

He checked again on the cake baking in the oven, and the piping hot steak just needed a few more minutes of resting time before they can be carved – medium – just like Toby’s favorite. He needed at least half an hour decorating the cake, and finishing the cocktails, before everything was set and they could sit for the housewarming dinner. Him, Toby and assorted guests from St Dominic, beloved hospital cum cardiac center. Philip his good friend already started work on the drinks, but he needed a good hand to keep up.

“Thanks Phil, you know if you’re not here the kitchen will probably blow up in my face.”

“That’s okay,” Philip said, shaking the drinks with ice. “You’d better pay me well in cakes.”

“Of course.” Simon blew him a kiss across the counter. “Where’s Tim?”

“He’s coming in later, he’s driving Michael down.”

“Okay, I’ll just make an announcement for dinner, if that’s all right with you.”

“Go on, go on.” Philip was about to ask where Toby was, but he decided against it when he saw the flurry Simon was in.


“Fuck,” Toby whispered, as his thighs throbbed and his thick cock released his cum into Camden’s waiting mouth. Some of the forceful sprays hit his nose, some were entangled in his curly hair, but most ended up pooled on sarışın porno his tongue, the talented tongue that had wrung out many an orgasm in late nights at the office.

Cam made a show of playing with the massive amount of cum, drawing white silken tendrils like spider’s web, before lifting up his chin, showing his dainty neck, and swallowing the cumball whole, like a pale imitation of a python. “Yes, fuck indeed.”

“You always make me come lots.”

“You always come lots.” That made Toby giggle like a child, which was weird hearing this sound come out of his tall hulking masculine body, but hearing it always made Cam happy, that he could make this man produce those happy sounds. “You taste good too, like daiquiri with extra lime.” Cam kissed his heavy balls, which hung ponderously below that sublime piece of cock, lying – for now – sated.

Toby watched Cam play with the remnant of semen in his hair and skin before cleaning the knees of his pants. He had wished for a quick furtive fuck, but oral sex would have to suffice. They had known each other since Simon introduced Cam to him when he came to the hospital to send some food to his husband six months ago. A few meetings around town, and they finally sealed the deal a few weeks ago while Simon was away for a course – a memory he would keep in his heart’s darkest corners. Since then they had been meeting after Cam’s shifts ended, at Toby’s office or at a parking lot somewhere they could suck and fuck to heart’s content.

Sometimes the guilt came, sometimes laced with fear. He didn’t know why he kept coming back to have the time of several lives between Cam’s thighs. But let it be known that the feel of Cam’s ass throbbing around his erection was something so special he wouldn’t give it up for anything. And sex hikayeleri what his husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

“Okay lover, we have a dinner to go to,” Cam knotted his hand behind Toby’s neck and gave him a kiss. The fact that his mouth still smelt like his cum made his cock throb once again. His tongue stiffened into Cam’s mouth, like an extension of his penis, only wetter and more flexible, and play-wrestled with Cam’s tongue. They had to stop before they were going to have another round of sex again. They exited the second floor closet they were in and made way downstairs, to light, food and friends.


Scene I: Michael’s bed. Timothy still had one of his pants’ legs stuck on his foot, but other than that like Michael he was naked. They were in the tail end of a wonderful bout of sex, about to reach massive orgasms. Moments flew by where you could have a glimpse of Timothy’s massive cock plugging Michael’s pliant ass, with a shadow falling on his bull balls, but mostly Michael’s soft pillowy thighs covered their coupling.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuck!”


“Oh fucking God, you came so fucking much!”

“Fuck, keep doing that, that thing you do with your ass.”

“What?…. this?”


Giggle. “Fool, you’re the one fucking me.”

“Fuck yeah I am.” Deep kiss, with lots of tongue. “Fuck yeah.”

“Now how are we going to go to Simon’s housewarming like this? Your pants half-strewn across the room and me wholly naked? Cock deep in hole, and cum running down my thighs?”

“Might give some of them a show they’ll never forget.”

“Yeah, particularly your loving partner and husband.”

“Heh. Come let’s go into şişman porno the shower. We still have time, Phil messaged me they were decorating the cake.”

“And maybe you can fuck another load into my ass.”

“You read my mind.”

Scene II: Timothy was standing in the shower, the cold water running at full blast. He was finally fully naked, and one could see he took care of his body like he did his patients: very well, very well indeed. He looked down between his legs, where Michael was doing a very good job trying to reawaken his cock from dead satiety in his wet mouth.

“Wait, wait, I’m going to piss.”

Michael released the cock, but held it in his dainty hand. “Piss in my mouth.”

“Are you sure babe?”

“Sure as a heart attack.” Michael put the cock back in his mouth. “Come on.”

Timothy concentrated. It was hard to pass urine when one’s cock was as hard as marbles, but finally the flow came out strong. Michael made a happy gurgling sound and let the warm piss overflow out of his mouth. He held on to Timothy’s thighs, mouth close to the cock, trembling in the water. He felt Timothy’s ass clench as he finished pissing, pushing out the final dregs of the urine, and took a gargle of the water running down Timothy’s body. As a final touch he kissed Timothy’s pubis, just above his relieved cock.

Timothy was overwhelmed. Never could he dare ask Philip his husband for such raunchy stuff, but Michael kept hitting homeruns. He reflected back to the first time they fucked, when Philip was working one of his inhuman double shifts. Michael remarked, between fucks, that he had personally changed the work schedule so that he would have time for Timothy’s anaconda cock, that was what he called it. He knew then Michael would be different from the ever correct, ever scrupulous husband of his. Timothy pulled Michael up and gave him a kiss. Just lips, for now.

“Ohh. I gargled already, you can kiss me deeper.”

“You silly fuck, you brilliant fuck.” Timothy bent down and kissed him deeper this time. With tongue. “Okay, let’s go to Simon’s party.”


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