After moving to Texas from up north, I reluctantly looked at ads for rooms for rent instead of renting an apartment by myself, and found one that looked promising. It was splitting a 2 bedroom apartment with another guy around my age. We met, everything seemed fine, and shortly thereafter I had moved in.

My roommate Eric and I had similar interests. Playing video games, Netflix and chilling, and our jobs took most of our time. I was lucky in that he was not big on partying, so I didn’t have to worry about him coming home drunk at all hours of the night.

I worked evenings while he worked regular day shift hours. It limited the amount of off time together, which was fine. Too much time in close proximity would probably get on my nerves. We both had weekends off, so that was the limit of gaming together. The whole thing just seemed to work for us both, and I considered myself lucky.

I had gotten out of work on Friday night at almost midnight as usual. By the time I arrived home and got settled, it was close to 1:00 a.m. Nothing new captured my attention on Netflix, so I was absently watching a movie I had already seen five times.

I heard a noise and looked over. Eric was just standing at the end of the couch watching the movie. It was a little weird with him just standing there. He hadn’t said anything, he wasn’t even moving, just standing there staring at the screen.

“Why don’t you sit down if you want to watch it.” I suggested.

I got no response, not even any indication that he had heard me. He just stood there in his pajama pants and t-shirt staring blankly at the TV.

“Eric, are you okay man?” I asked.

Again, I got no response. His blank stare with glassy eyes was kind of off-putting, but as I started to get up to address it further, he suddenly turned around and went back to his bedroom. Weird, but whatever. I went to bed around 5:00 a.m. with no further sign of Eric.

The next afternoon when I finally woke up, Eric was sitting on the couch playing the Xbox. I sat at the other end and watched for a minute before speaking.

“What was the problem last night? I asked as he continued playing.

“Huh? Problem with what?” he responded.

“You came out and just stood there by the couch watching the TV for a few minutes. I tried to talk to you, but you acted like I wasn’t even there, then you went back to your room.”

“No I didn’t. I don’t even know what time you got home.” Eric said without hesitation.

I dropped the issue and grabbed the second controller to join the game. The rest of the day was normal for a Saturday. Gaming, movies, food, and more gaming before Eric finally called it a night. It was still early for me, due to my work schedule. I kept the same hours on my off days, since it was tough to readjust if I tried to live on everyone else’s normal daytime schedule on the weekends.

At around 2:00 a.m. I was surfing the internet on my tablet while a movie played on the TV. I wasn’t really paying attention to the movie since I had seen this one before as well, but I kept it on as background noise.

I heard Eric’s door open up and watched him shuffle out and into the living room. Once again, he stood at the end of the couch and stared at the TV.

“Eric?…Eric!!” I called.

He turned towards me with that same blank stare. I wasn’t even sure he was looking at me. I grabbed my phone and started recording video for proof.

“Are you okay? Do you want to sit down? Is the TV too loud? I can turn it down if it is.” I offered.

He had turned back to the TV and just stood there as I recorded. After a couple of minutes, he turned and went back into his room.

The next day when I finally got up, I was armed with my proof. Eric and I had almost exactly the same conversation of him denying knowing what I was talking about before I showed him the video.

“Well, damn.” Eric said as he watched. “I thought I was over that.”

“So what’s going on? We’re you pissed at me last night or something?”

“No, no. Nothing like that. I used to sleepwalk when I was younger, but it stopped and I haven’t had a problem in a couple of years. It’s usually brought on by stress or fatigue. I’m not sure what’s causing it this time. If it happens again, just leave me alone. Don’t try to wake me up or anything. I will just go back to bed on my own.”

“Alright.” I agreed. “You won’t try to leave the apartment will you? You don’t drive while sleepwalking do you?”

“No, nothing like that,” he laughed. “I just sleepwalk a little.”

Curiosity got the better of me, and I read a little about sleepwalking. Some info said to just guide the person back to bed, but to wake them if necessary. Other info stated it was dangerous to wake someone who was sleepwalking. I wasn’t sure, but Eric said to just leave him alone, so that was the plan.

The bouts of sleepwalking became more frequent. Most times Eric would only be up for a few minutes, other times he would actually sit on the couch hd porno and ‘watch’ TV. A few times he would show up in my bedroom while I was still awake. Whenever I would recount his excursions, he would deny any memory of them. Soon I stopped mentioning them altogether. As the weather turned warmer, it was not uncommon for Eric to wander the apartment without a shirt, or sometimes in just his underwear. A few times he exited his room completely naked. I made sure not to mention anything to him afterwards.

A noise alerted me to Eric’s presence. “Here we go again.” I said.

Eric was naked except for socks this time. I wondered why he would bother to keep his socks on. He stood beside the couch where I was sitting. I tried to ignore him, but a naked guy just standing there a foot away was tough to dismiss.

I tried really hard to concentrate on the movie playing on the TV, but a new noise got my attention. Eric was stroking his cock not a foot from where I sat.

I turned away embarrassed, but with that glassy stare on his face I figured this was just a new aspect of his issue. Eric soon reached full hardness. His unit was nothing to be embarrassed about, but I didn’t need this issue. I turned off the TV and went to bed early. Sure enough, there was no mention of it the next day, so he was blissfully unaware.

These episodes started happening with increased frequency as well. It was up to two or three times a week that he would suddenly appear, jerk himself for a few minutes, and then go back to bed.

Something woke me from my sleep. Looking at the clock beside my bed, it was just after 5:30 a.m. I sat up at the edge of the bed and tried to figure out why I was awake. The glow from the alarm clock showed a slight movement near the bed. Eric appeared right in front of me, his engorged cock already in hand. I tried to back away, but his other hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards him.

“Eric! What the hell are you – mmmph.” My rant was interrupted when the sleepwalking Eric shoved his cock into my mouth while I was mid sentence.

I tried pushing him away, but he had the leverage and his iron grip kept my head in place. Eric’s assault on me continued as he thrust his hips, fucking my mouth as I sat trapped on my own bed. My hands were holding his hips as he treated my mouth like a pussy he was conquering. I gagged and coughed a couple of times, but quickly learned to breathe through my nose.

As suddenly as it had began, Eric started grunting. His cock exploded into my mouth, launching his hot cum over my tongue and down my throat. He held me in place until his cock stopped shooting, then sighed with relief and turned around to leave the room.

I was coughing and shaking as I tried to come to grips with what just happened. Eric didn’t even know he was doing these things. I wasn’t going to ruin someone’s life over something he couldn’t control.

For obvious reasons, I slept like crap. When I finally dragged myself out of bed that afternoon, I simply grabbed some food from the kitchen and retreated back to my room. I stayed there all day, not wanting to deal with Eric. I couldn’t face him after what happened while he was completely clueless.

I avoided him for the next couple of days, but his nighttime expeditions still continued. Sometimes it was just him staring at the TV, sometimes it was jerking his cock, but now every time he would shuffle around it would always be sans clothing. There was no telling what he would do until he was doing it.

One night I had laid down and fallen asleep on the couch long enough that Netflix had stopped and the screensaver was on the TV, barely lighting the area. I was woken up by a weight on me. Opening my eyes, I found Eric on top of me, straddling my chest, his hard cock right in front of my mouth again. His hands were on both sides of my head, but he wasn’t forcing anything like last time. His cock was barely brushing my closed lips, as if asking permission.

I watched the vacant look on his face as my mouth opened and his cock slipped inside. Eric sighed in pleasure as his member was engulfed by my wet opening. Slowly his hips moved forward and back, each time a little more of his hard but velvet like flesh was allowed in. I wasn’t sure why I was letting this happen again. Maybe I feared he would take what he wanted by force like last time. I didn’t want either of us to get injured, and fighting it would probably end with that result.

My mouth was accommodating almost all of his hard tool, and Eric was slowly and gently fucking my mouth. His hands were just barely holding my head, as if just letting me know he was ready to take what he wanted if it came to that.

Eric’s breathing quickened, and the thrusts of his hips became shorter and more insistent. I knew what was going to happen. I didn’t know if I could stop him if I tried. So instead, I just let him have his way. My hand wrapped around the exposed part of his cock and gently stroked japon porno him as my mouth continued to provide his night’s relief.

I could sense his approaching orgasm as he held still halfway buried in my mouth. His moans were low and long, and then my mouth was flooded once more. I quickly swallowed to avoid choking, and my hand continued to milk the remaining juice from his gland. Several seconds later, Eric dismounted the couch and shuffled his way back to his bed.

For whatever reason, I wasn’t traumatized from this session. In fact, after Eric left me alone on the couch, I felt the need to masturbate to achieve my own relief. I came in record time and headed to the bathroom to clean up before going to bed.

After a couple more episodes like that, it seemed that Eric’s unconscious mind knew where to go to get off. Eric was completely normal the following day each time, even remarking how good he slept. I struggled with whether to tell him about his increasingly interesting semi regular bouts of sleepwalking, but decided against it.

It was another night like most others, except Eric had not been out of his bed in the past few nights. I figured that maybe whatever had been causing his nocturnal issues had resolved itself.

A surprising pang of regret flitted through my mind. These had been interesting experiences, and Eric was none the wiser. I had quickly grown to enjoy his clueless visits. I had bi curious thoughts like that off and on, but had never acted on them. I was glad it had all happened like it did.

Later that same early morning, I woke up laying on my side. It took me a moment to realize I was not alone in my bed. I always slept in the buff, a fact which sprang to mind when I felt someone behind me in my bed. An arm was draped over my side and I looked back enough to see that it was Eric. I felt his body pressed against me, his cock wedged in the crevasse of my ass. It was lightly sliding up and down my ass as Eric’s hips made a humping motion. His precum made a good lubricant as he humped again and again. I made a move towards the edge of the bed and the arm that was wrapped around me tightened. Eric’s leg pushed my leg forward, exposing my ass further to the probing tool of my roommate.

My quick acceptance and enjoyment of sucking his cock was one thing, but this was different. I tried to move to get off the bed again, but Eric’s arm stopped my escape. Eric moved his own position, which pushed me onto my stomach with him laying on top of me. His hands clenched onto my wrists and held them down by my sides. His legs were together between my parted ones. He lay full length along me with his cock still pressed into my ass. After a few seconds, Eric’s humping motions resumed. His cock was rubbing dangerously close to my virginal hole. When his movements brought his cockhead directly against my opening, I tried a different approach.

“Eric! Eric, wake up! Eric!” I yelled.

His hold on my wrists tightened and his legs spread apart, forcing my own even farther apart. His precum let his cock glide smoothly against my tight button. I was more exposed than before, and Eric was getting aggressive again. His thick bulbous head that I had become intimately familiar with was pressing uncomfortably at my entrance.

“Eric, if you don’t get off me, so help me God…”

My roommate lurched his hips forward, and my hole’s resistance failed. The head of his cock penetrated me, and I gasped at the initial pain. In his state, Eric took no notice of it. His humping hips continued their motion, and little by little Eric’s cock was starting to disappear into me. My initial shock wore off, and the pain of being impaled by Eric’s girthy weapon was fully on me now. I gritted my teeth and tried to move away, but the weight of his body on mine was too much for me to easily escape. I was stuck, he was not waking up any more than he ever did, and Eric kept up his short hard thrusts, plunging more and more of his cock into my still resistant ass.

“Eric!” I grunted out through my teeth. “Get off me!”

After what seemed like an eternity, I felt Eric’s balls press firmly against my ass. He was fully embedded, and my virginal hole was no longer virginal. Shifting from his short drilling thrusts, my roommate had started slowly withdrawing and readvancing. The sharp pain had receded, and it was just a dull pain and pressure.

Somewhere in Eric’s sleep laden mind must have registered my resistance had stopped. I stopped my struggles when they proved useless, and Eric’s grip on my wrists loosened.

While he slowly humped me, I slid my arms underneath me and started to raise my chest from the bed. Not only did he let me, but Eric moved from holding me down to grabbing my hips and pulling me up to my hands and knees.

In this new position, we both quickly found out that Eric’s cock could reach new depths. We both groaned when his full stroke buried him deeper than ever. The pain was gone, and lezbiyen porno every time he drove into me, my rock hard cock would leak more fluid than the last stroke caused. I found the fucking becoming enjoyable.

Eric moved his hands to my shoulders, gripping and pulling himself into me with each long thrust. I could hear him breathing heavily behind me. From our previous encounters, he was working towards his climax.

The other times when his cock filled my mouth, I stayed silent beyond moaning, groaning, and humming around his meat. I was no longer encumbered in that manner, and my actions surprised myself.

“Come on Eric, take that ass. It feels good doesn’t it? Does it make you want to cum all over me? Are you gonna shoot your huge load all over my back?”

I was finding out what a filthy mouth I had as the words tumbled out unbidden.

“Come on roomie. You already made a cocksucker out of me. But that wasn’t enough was it? You just had to plow my ass too, huh? Was it worth it Eric? Is my tight ass gonna drain the cum from your balls?”

I would never have talked dirty to my girlfriends during sex, but knowing he wouldn’t remember seemed to open the floodgates.

“I can feel your cock getting bigger. I can tell you’re gonna cum soon. God you’re big. Damn that feels good. Keep fucking me Eric. I want you back in here every night. Take my ass as often as you want. Make me beg for you to fuck me. Make me your bitch. Come on, I want to feel your hot cum rain down on me.”

Eric was moaning and groaning with each thrust. As often as I made him cum with my mouth, I knew he was right at the edge.

Eric grabbed my hips and thrust hard and fast into me several more times. With a long gutteral groan, he slowly pulled himself into me, completely filling my ass and driving his cock as far forward as possible.

He held himself still and without pulling out as I had expected, he unleashed his torrent of semen deep into my surrendered orifice. I felt his cock spasm again and again as he spewed deep into me.

“Oh fuck Eric! I can feel your hot cum filling me up. Did you forget to pull out?”

Before I could drop to the bed, Eric began pumping into me again. His cum made my freshly fucked ass slippery, and his cock plunged in and out even easier than before.

“Damn Eric, you’ve still get more? I don’t know if I can take it again. Slow down man, slow down.”

My words unsurprisingly had no effect on his actions. He was in full fuck mode again. His cock kept hitting a spot deep in my ass that made my own cock jump at each thrust. Now that I accepted and encouraged his use of me, my turgid member was painfully wanting it’s own release.

I let my shoulders down to the mattress so one hand could spread my ass open a little more for him while the other started stroking my own tool.

Eric was fucking me with increasing speed. I wasn’t sure if he could cum again in such a short time, but I was willing to find out. As my hand flew up and down my shaft, I felt myself quickly closing on my own grand finale. Eric driving his cock into me for the second round was all the encouragement I needed for my cum to start racing towards the open air.

I started cumming onto my bed, and my spasms made my ass grip Eric’s cock harder, making him moan in response. My earlier question about his cumming a second time was answered.

This time Eric jackhammered me for another minute before I heard the familiar sound of his orgasm engulfing him. He pulled his cock out and it laid on top of my ass. His cum streamed out as previously requested and I felt shot after shot land up my back.

I finally collapsed onto my semen soaked covers, and I felt Eric roll to the side, laying next to me as we both recovered.

I shakily got to my feet and got some wet towels from the bathroom, cleaning him up so that hopefully he would be none the wiser when he awoke.

I was able to get him to his feet and half carried, half dragged him to his own bed, where I just let him flop down and left him there.

My abused ass was definitely gonna feel it in the morning, and my cock was thoroughly drained. I went back to bed with a smile on my face and my ass slick from Eric’s now welcome sleepwalking advances.

I slept later than usual, and shuffled out of my room and sat down hard on the couch. Since it was a Saturday, Eric was already in there and playing games as usual.

“Geez Brad, you look like crap.”

“Had kind of a rough night.” I replied, knowing he would have no idea. “I’m sore all over from sleeping wrong.”

“Yeah, I’m kind of sore too, but I slept great. Go ahead and grab the other controller. It’s time for me to make you my bitch.”

I whipped my head around at those words, but Eric was focused on the screen. Talking smack was not unusual, but those specific words were uncomfortably familiar. I watched him for a few seconds as he continued to play, but nothing else odd happened.

After playing for a while, Eric got up to get a drink. He crossed in front of me on the way to the kitchen. I was still playing when I heard him rooting around the fridge behind me.

“Did you want anything while I’m in here anyways?” he asked.

“Sure, I’ll take a drink.” I requested.

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