Str8 Cop Tamed


Mark’s POV

I never expected to be pulled over but to be fair, did anyone?

Nevertheless, I pulled over to the shoulder of the empty strip of road and waited.

I watch in my rear mirror as the patrol car pulls up behind me, its lights flashing in the night. The door opens after a few moments and a figure steps out. They approach and knock on my window.

Rolling down my window I look up to find myself face-to-face with a rather handsome officer. His jawline looks as if it was chiseled from stone and his sky-blue eyes reflect in the overhead light of my car.

“I’m going to need to see your license and registration,” he says in a deadpan.

“Of course,” I reply before leaning over to open the glove box and retrieving the paperwork. I turn and hand it to him, watching as he looks it over before handing it back.

He puts his arm out and places his hand against the hood of my car as he lets out a sigh. “Do you know why I stopped you, Sir?” he asks.

I push down the want to roll my eyes… it’s such a cliche thing for an officer to ask.

“uh…I don’t, actually,” I reply. “I’m sorry.”

He watches me for a moment before stepping back. “Could you step out of the car, sir, please?”

“Why?” I ask with an arched brow.

“Because I told you to, now get out of the damn car.”

Anger settles in my gut as I unlock and open my car door. Slowly I step out and stand to my feet.

“Come with me, Sir,” he says before gesturing to behind my car.

Part of me wants to argue, though I push that down, deciding to pick my battles. We make our way to the back of my car where he gestures. “Your tail light is out,” he says. “You could cause an accident by being so irresponsible,” he says roughly.

“I’m sorry, officer, I wasn’t aware, I’m not able to see my tail lights from the front of the car,” I snap, having lost my will to keep cool. If he is going to be so condescending I am not going to take this lying down.

He narrows his eyes at me and grits his teeth. “Look here fucker,” he growls as he steps into my space. He reaches into his belt and pulls out his cuffs. “I could arrest you right here if I wanted to and have your car towed, what do you think of tha-“

Fully losing my patience, I push him back and step aside, grabbing his wrist I slam him against my car and rip the cuffs from his hands. Having caught him off guard I am able to pin his hands behind his back and restrain him.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” he shouts as he struggles to break free from my grip. Despite his muscular build, I am able to keep the upper hand by maintaining my leverage.

“I think I am teaching you a lesson, officer,” I chuckle as I force him to the ground. Rolling him over onto his back, I sit on his legs and begin unlacing his boots.

“Stop that!” he shouts. “You can’t do this,” he writhes under me. “I’m a cop.”

“That you are,” I smile as I pull off his left boot and begin working on the right. Once I am able to get it off, I smile and begin pulling off his socks.

“What are you doing, you fucking creep?” he shouts.

I ignore him as I stand up and move to roll him onto his stomach. Pulling him up, I situate him on his knees. “Now there are two ways this can go for you,” I begin. “You can behave and do as I tell you…or I can start taking pictures and removing a piece of your uniform every time you fail to obey…imagine what your cop buddies would think of you being restrained by your own cuffs and overpowered by someone smaller than you.”

I watch as war wages in his eyes. His pride fighting his rationality.

“What’s it going to be, Officer…Sloan?” I ask him as I glance at his nameplate.

“You’re a fucking psycho,” he growls out.

Letting out a sigh, I crouch down and reach out for the buttons on his shirt.

“Wait! Wait!” he yelps. “Stop…I’ll…I’ll do what you say, just please stop!”

Part of me wants to hold my threat but seeing the genuine fear in his eyes, I pause, keeping my hands on the top button. “Are you sure about that?” I ask him.

He keeps his eyes locked on my hand before looking up and nodding at me.

“Alright,” I concede before pulling my hand back. “But this is the only freebie you will get,” I tell him.

“What…what are you going to do to me?” he asks.

“Have some fun,” I smile. “And who knows…you may even come to enjoy it,”

“I’m straight,” he snaps. “There’s nothing you could do that I would enjoy.”

I shrug and pull him to his feet. Taking him back to the driver’s side of my car, I sit down with my legs hanging out and extend my legs. “Lick my boot,” I tell him, shifting my cowboy boots.

“What?” he exclaims. “There is no way that I am going to-” he pauses when he glances up and sees me raising a brow with a knowing smile. Letting out a sigh he leans down as much as he can and slowly begins licking the material of my boot.

Smiling, I reach behind myself and retrieve my phone. Opening the camera app, I snap a few quick pics of altyazılı porno him performing his task. After a while, I pull my foot back and watch as he straightens his back to look at me.

“there…I did as you asked, now uncuff me and we can both forget this ever happened.”

Smiling, I lift my leg and place it on his shoulder, he frowns and glances to his side before looking back at me.

“Now why would I want to forget this? A nice hunky cop like you on your knees, being such a good dog for me, I want to remember that!” I chuckle. “And besides, I’m not finished with you,” I tell him.

As his face morphs into one of confusion, I hook my leg and pull him forward, laughing as his face collides with my crotch. He gasps and struggles to break free, but the hold of my leg is too much for him. Reaching down I flick his ear and smile as he hisses. “Behave or I remove your shirt and I’ll record your whimpers as I pinch your tits.”

He instantly stills and settles against me.

“Now just relax and breathe in the smell of what is to come,” I tell him as I once again snap a few pictures of his current predicament.

“What’s to come?” he asks, his voice muffled against my jeans. “You…you said…”

“I said that if you did what you were told that no pictures would be sent to your friends,” I tell him. “And so far you’re doing ok,” I tell him. “Keep it up and nothing happens.”

He sighs again and shifts for a moment before settling. I smile and reach down to take his hat off to card my fingers through his soft black hair.

After a few moments, I release him and let him move back. Extending my hand, I begin unbuttoning his shirt, ignoring his gasp and squirming.

“No, please…I behaved!”

“You did,” I nod. “You were such a good boy,” I smile, glancing up to see his glare. “But I changed my mind…I want to see what you are rocking under this shirt,” I tell him as I work my way down the buttons. Finally, when they are all undone, I let it slip down his shoulders and bunch up at his restrained wrists. Grabbing the hem of his undershirt, I lift it above his head and trap it behind his neck. Moving my hands, I run them along his chest, mapping every inch of his tanned and muscular flesh.

“Damn, you are sexy!” I tell him. “Like a greek statue,” I add as my fingers come to his pebbled nipples and begin lightly tweaking him. He gasps at the sensation before looking up at me, wordlessly pleading with me.

I only smile and continue enjoying myself before bringing my thumb up to his lips. “Bite it and not only will your buddies get pictures…but you will find yourself going home without your manhood,” I warn him.

He whimpers and nods before parting his lips just enough for me to slip my thumb into his mouth. I move it around a bit before letting it settle on his tongue. “That’s a good boy,” I tell him.

“Pluhs,” he mumbles around my digit.

I ignore him and once again take my phone out and hold it up.

“Smile,” I chuckle as I take a few photos before setting my phone aside.

Retracting my thumb, I wipe it along his lips and smile.

“Why are you doing this?” his voice almost a sob.

“Because you pulled me over and were a jerk for no reason…so this is me humbling you…and honestly I think you need to be taught a lesson, so this is what is going to happen, I am going to uncuff you,” I say as I back the photos up to my cloud and lock it. “And you are going to get dressed again.” I continue as I write down my address on a piece of paper from my console and reach down to stuff it into his front pocket. “You are going to go to it after your shift where we are going to continue your lesson,” I smile at him. “Now…this can go wrong for you in two ways…after I uncuff you, you can attack me…or you can not come to the address…if you do any of these things…those photos that I have saved will be released onto every social media with your name and badge number,” I smile. “so…I’ll leave that choice to you,” I tell him before scrounging for the key to the handcuffs. Once I find it, I undo his restraints and get back into my car. I watch as he pulls his under-shirt down and rebuttons his uniform. He stands to his feet and sends me a glare before walking back to his boots as I drive off.

— — —

Officer Sloan’s POV:

I arrive at the address the freak had given me. Part of me had considered not coming and trying to call his bluff…however, I couldn’t take the chance that he wasn’t. I hated what he had done to me…treating me like some dog…humiliating me…but I knew that if I didn’t do what this asshole said…my reputation could be ruined.

Taking a breath, I step out of my truck and make my way up the walkway and to his front door. Raising my arm, I knock and wait. A few moments later, the door opens and the asshole reveals himself.

“Come in,” he says as he steps aside and gestures for me to enter.

Taking a breath, I step into the house.

“Listen, I don’t know what game you are mobil porno playing, but you are going to-” I say only to gasp as his hand lashes out and grabs my crotch in a crushing grip.

“No… it’s time for you to listen and remember who is in charge,” he growls. “The same rules as earlier apply…you be a good boy and your friends don’t learn what you look like on your knees…misbehave and you will have a front-row seat to your reputation falling to pieces…you will become the laughing stock of the locker room…seen as nothing but a pussy,” he chuckles. “So this is what is going to happen…you are going to follow me, and obey, nod if you understand.”

I hold his gaze for a moment before finally giving a single nod.

“Good boy,” he says as he releases my crotch and turns on his heel.

I take a breath to adjust myself before following after him.

He takes me further into the house where a set of stairs split off…one leading up to a second floor and another down into a basement. It catches me off guard for a moment seeing as not many people in Texas have basements in their homes but before I can think on it for too long he is descending the steps.

I trail after him as we come to another door. He turns and smiles at me and turns the handle. Opening the door reveals a room that can be described as nothing other than a dungeon. There are various chains that hang from the ceiling. In one corner a large ‘X’ is leaned against the walls as well as various other benches spread through the room.

He places his hand on the small of my back and eases me inside.

“What the fuck is this?” I ask as I continue to look around.

“My playroom,” he answers. “This is where most of your training is going to happen.”

“My training?” I ask as I whirl to face him. “What exactly do you think you are going to do to me?”

“Whatever I want,” he smirks. “Because as of right now, so long as I have those pictures…you belong to me,” he says as he steps into my space until our chests are pressed against each other. “You are nothing by my obedient little bitch,” his smirk widens.

I open my mouth to argue, only to shut it when I realize he’s right. He has the upper hand and holds all the cards.

He must notice the way my face falls because he laughs and claps me on the shoulder. “Now you’re getting it…there is no getting out of this…you might as well accept it…your tight little straight ass is gonna be mine.”

I gape at him for a moment while he smiles. After a second he claps his hands together and nods. “Alright then, get out of that uniform,” he tells me before walking over to a cabinet. “While you are in this house you will address me as Sir, or Master,” he says as he opens in of the doors and looks inside at its contents. From where I stand I am unable to see what it holds but part of me thinks that I don’t wanna know.

Taking a breath I begin undoing my uniform shirt and let it slip from my shoulders, I fold it neatly and place it on the nearby bed in the center of the room. Removing my undershirt I continue the process of stripping until I am in nothing but black boxer briefs.

The man turns around to reveal a black leather collar in his hand, and a smile on his face.

“No…no way,” I shame my head. “You are not putting a dog collar on me.”

“Didn’t you hear me a few moments ago? I’m doing whatever I want,” he chuckles as he steps forward.

I force myself to remain completely still as he buckles the offending accessory around my neck.

“You look good,” he says as he steps away and looks me up and down. “It really accents your skin and eyes.”

I say nothing as I glare at him.

“Well you managed to follow orders well enough,” he tells me as he moves to sit on the bed next to my clothes. “Now, kneel.”

I glare at him again before slowly moving to lower myself to my knees. He catches me however and frowns. “When I give you an order. I expect you to answer with “yes, Sir, or yes, Master.”

“Ye-yes, Sir,” I bite out before finally kneeling. I look up at him and hold his gaze with a glare.

“Good boy,” he murmurs before reaching out to drag his thumb along my face, wiping it along my cheeks, my chin, and my eyebrows, before finally settling it on my lips. “I’m going to have so much fun training you.”

I clench my teeth and do my best to not let the bile rise into my throat.

He pulls his hand away and I watch as he takes his phone out to take a few pictures of me in my current predicament before putting it back.

“Now let’s start with something simple,” he grins. He reaches down and unzips his jeans and immediately my hair stands on end.

He pulls his dick out and gives it a few strokes before looking down at me with a raised brow. “Suck my cock,” he commands.

I glare up at him. “Yes, Sir,” I seethe. Having no other choice, Iean forward and tentatively wrap my lips around his cock. In my head I scream at myself for allowing this asshole to do this to me, allowing him to sex izle make me into some homo bitch…but my rational piece of mind knows the consequences are too severe to not obey him.

Having been with a few women, I know what I like in a blow job, so I do my best to emulate the techniques that were performed on me. I curl my tongue around the head and tease his slit, all before moving forward to take as much as I can into my mouth. I don’t get far before I’m gagging and he eases me off.

“Ambitious I see,” he chuckles. “I like that, but as much as I love the thought of choking you on my cock…you’re not quite ready for that…yet,” he grins. “Keep it simple,” he says before releasing me.

“Yes, Sir,” I grind out before once again taking his manhood into my mouth.

He gives a moan as I run my tongue along the underside of his length and his hands bury themselves in my hair. He gives a few short thrusts into my mouth, not enough to choke me, but just enough to make me take a few more inches into the wet heat.

A few moments later and I can tell he is about to come, I can feel his fingers clench in my hair, his body stiffens and tenses for a moment and his cock gives a single twitch before he is pulling out quickly to cover my face with his load.

He moans once again as he strokes himself through the aftershocks before smiling down at my come-covered mug.

“Good boy,” he grins before wiping his spunk-slicked length along my lips, leaving behind a trail of his salty seed. He then reaches out and wipes his finger along where some had landed under my eye and holds it in front of my lips.

Knowing what he is asking, I glare even as I lean forward enough to suck his finger into my mouth and lick his come from his digit.

He grins and pulls it out once it’s been cleaned to his liking and looks down at me.

“Well isn’t that interesting,” he purs. “Looks like you enjoyed that.”

At my confused look, he gestures down. Following his gaze, I am shocked to find that my cock has tented the front of my boxers without me even realizing it.

“What?” I gasp. “No…that…that can’t be. I’m not some homo.”

“Maybe not,” the man says. “But your dick apparently didn’t get the memo,” he chuckles. “How about I help you out with that.”

I glance up at him, still in shock at the fact that got hard from sucking his dick. Before I can ask what he means, his leg extends out and his socked foot catches along my bulge. I groan at the immediate friction and whimper up at him.

“You can come…in your boxers and against my leg…or…you can continue to have that hard on and I won’t touch it.”

“I- ill deal with it later,” I say before gasping as his foot shifts.

“No…you won’t because you aren’t allowed to touch your cock…it no longer belongs to you…it belongs to me…the only you can touch it is during a shower or taking a piss.”

“You…fuck you can’t do that!” I growl out.

“I can,” he nods. “You touch your cock without permission and you will be punished, so I suggest you keep your hands away.”

Glare at him before gasping as he once again shifts his foot to run against my crotch.

“Now…since you decided to be so mouthy, how about you beg to come while you grind against my foot.”

I want so badly to jump to my feet and knock him into next week, but at the same time, I know I can’t. Surrendering to my current fate, I begin slowly rocking my hips against his leg. Taking a breath, I look up at him. “please…please,” I moan as the friction begins to build.

“Please what?”

“Please…let me come…give me permission to come.”

He smiles down at me as I degrade myself for his pleasure.

“Well have to work on your begging skills but not bad…you can come so long as you keep humping my leg.”

“Th-thank you, Sir,” I whimper as I continue to ride his foot like an unneutered dog.

A few moments pass and I feel my balls clench before my cock releases its load into my boxers. I gasp and slump again his leg, my head once again between his thighs.

His fingers once again card through my hair as he murmurs that I’m a good boy for him.

As I come down from the usual orgasmic euphoria, he stands up. “Alright, get dressed, keep the collar on at all times.”

“What about when I’m at work?” I gasp.

“You can slide it under your shirt…you need to get used to being my pet,” he replies as he tucks himself back into his jeans and stands up.

“Take off the collar and you will be punished,” he tells me as he stops at the door.

After I finish getting dressed I push the collar down to let my uniform conceal it. My crotch is slightly uncomfortable from the drying come but I refocus my mind on going home. Climbing the stairs he stops me and asks for my phone. I unlock it and hand it over. He puts in his contact information under the name of ‘Master Mark’ and gives it back to me.

“When I call you or text you, I expect you to reply unless you are unable due to being on a call or an emergency, understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I nod.

“Good, now drive safely officer,” he smiles before stepping past me, he pats my ass a few times and leaves me to walk outside. I close the door behind me and and head for my truck.

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