To Love a Real Man


TV going, dog barking, phone ringing, a usual day at home. Noise everywhere and you don’t even notice it anymore. Sitting there on the couch reading a steamy love story wishing that the guy in the book would knock on the door instead of the old mailman. But, we all know that never happens, so we keep right on reading our silly books. Though you’re sitting there with your eyes scanning over the words, nothing is registering. In your mind, you’re making up your own story. What it would be like to love a real man. But “who” is the real man? What is he? Where is he from?…

There is one guy that has gone through your mind many times, but you know you can’t have him. He’s unreachable. You only know him through the Internet, and everyone knows that kind of thing isn’t real. But what if…I mean, Jeff is a good looking guy, I know he is, I’ve seen his picture (if that was really him and I think it was.) And he’s really, really nice every time we talk. We can talk about anything, and have many times. He seems to understand every tiny, unimportant thing about me. And it’s the same with me. We just have a connection.

Laying back, my blonde hair all hanging over the side of the couch, my book is on my chest. The sun is shining beautifully outside and I open the doors and windows to let the breeze in. That’s when I like to close my eyes and just dream of what it would be like with Jeff…It would be great, I know it would. Walking through the woods, the sun shining through the leaves on the trees, making really pretty designs on the ground. So peaceful and serene. It’s amazing the things you miss in everyday life.

Jeff and I are talking and holding hands while we walk. He’s so sweet, and he really cares about who I am and what I stand for. He has a great sense of humor and loves to tease me. We always have such a great time together (ahhh… if only this weren’t a mere fantasy…) but because it is, this is how I sex izle would want our time to be spent. As we’re walking, we see a spot dug out of the earth, it looks almost like a crater, but covered with thick beautiful grass and tiny yellow wild flowers. It’s a perfect picnic spot. The quilt will fit nicely in the circle. Just sitting in the sun, the breeze blowing my hair and smelling of pine and wild flowers. Jeff’s voice sounds so sexy in the surroundings. I’m having thoughts I shouldn’t have, but I can’t help myself. I wonder if he’s ever had the same thoughts…. I’m sure he hasn’t.

But as we’re sitting there eating, he lies down beside me and asks if he can put his head in my lap. Naturally I say yes because I’ve always wanted to touch Jeff in ways I shouldn’t. When he lays his head in my lap, I can’t help myself, but as we talk, I start to run my fingers through his hair. He doesn’t seem to mind, so I let out the breath I was holding. I know I shouldn’t but I move my hand down and run it over his chest, just lightly moving it in circles as we talk.

He stops talking and I move my hand quickly and apologize. But he takes my hand and puts it back, looking right into my eyes as he tells me it’s ok. He tells me he’s really enjoying the relaxation. As we’re talking and I’m rubbing his chest, I notice the smell of rain faintly and ask if he’d like to leave. I’m shocked when he says no, that it doesn’t look like a thunderstorm, just a light spring rain. I love rain, so I’m delighted that he doesn’t mind to get wet. We start to talk about sexual fantasies, something we do quite a lot of. But it’s almost more than I can handle being so close to him and touching him. He asks what my most secret fantasy is, but I can’t tell him it’s to be with him so I make him go first. He sits up, takes my face in his hands and licks my lips.

I quiver and stick my tongue in his mouth. I can’t believe this is happening, alt yazılı porno but I’m getting wet while he licks my lips. He lays me back and runs his tongue over my throat. It starts to rain and we’re getting soaked, but we don’t care, the rain blends in with our breath as we kiss deeply and passionately. He tastes so wonderfully sweet, and he’s hot. The thoughts are killing. I have to have him.

I gently pull his hands from my face and lift his shirt, suckling the water running over his chest. I feel chills run over him as I slide my fingers up his sides, removing his shirt. I stand up and walk behind him, making the quilt into a backrest for him lean back on. Then I prop his feet on a small log lying close by so that he is very comfortable. Once he’s all settled back in nothing but his jeans, I walk up to him and stand straddling his legs. I slowly start to remove my clothes, taking my time so that he can see how my bra and panties stick to my form from the rain.

Once I’m completely nude, and he is completely aroused, I slowly lower myself so that I am sitting astraddle his legs. I lean over him and flick my tongue across his lips and then playfully flick the tip of my tongue over the tip of his nose. I lay myself back on legs so that my pussy is very close to his face and start to rub my tits. I lean up to look at him and he is smiling, eyes shining with lust. I know he enjoys this so I move my hand down to trace the lines of my tattoo that is on my stomach. After loving my tattoo I move my hand further down and start to massage myself with my entire hand. Lightly rubbing my whole pussy, making it wet and inviting for him. I can feel his hardness against my ass cheeks and I slowly move my hips back and forth so that he can feel my ass grinding on his hard cock. I slip one finger inside my pussy lips and barely flick my clit, causing me to quiver with the pleasure.

I remove altyazılı sex izle my finger and lick it slowly with the tip of my tongue, I can taste myself and this drives me to madness! I slip two fingers in and start to thrust them like I know he will thrust himself inside of me. I pull both fingers out and suck them at the same time like I would were I sucking Jeff’s cock. I move my hand down again and start to rub my clit in circles, knowing that soon I will cum for him! He reaches up and runs his hands over my thighs, wanting me. As I cum, I quake with the force and move my ass across his hard shaft. As I begin to still, Jeff moves my legs off of him and rolls me over onto my hands and knees. He leans over and runs his tongue down my back then thrusts his full, hard cock into me!! OH GOD it feels so good! I want him to fuck me till it hurts! He grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them wide so that he can enter fully into my dripping wet pussy.

I rock back and forth, shoving my pussy onto him so that I can feel all of him inside me. He reaches around and grabs my tits as he pulls me into him. He whispers that he is about to cum because he was so excited at seeing me make myself cum. I turn around and take him fully into my hot mouth and suck the head of his cock while I stroke him with long quick strokes. I can feel the head of his cock swelling inside my mouth and suck harder, wanting to drain his cum. He moans from low in his stomach and I feel his body tense, I’m ready to swallow all of him.

His hot cum fills my mouth and throat and tastes so wonderful! After he is spent, I take one last, long, slow, wet stroke with my mouth and kiss the head of his cock lovingly. Then I move up and kiss him sweetly on the cheek. I brush the wet hair back from his forehead and move around so that he can lay back on me and relax.

As we sit with the rain running over our naked, spent bodies, I wrap him in my arms and rub his chest with both hands. I whisper to him that I love him, and we both fall asleep wrapped in the warmth that the other provides, knowing that this is only the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I sleep peacefully knowing what it is like to love a real man.

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