Tom Has Fun In The Woods



I have checked and double-checked this story for errors and typos but I have dyslexia so can’t always spot them. If you do spot any mistakes, I apologise, as I know they can be infuriating for some, and I do hope it doesn’t stop you enjoying the story. If you do spot any mistakes, leave a comment and I will correct them.


Our hero in this story is Tom, a six foot tall, thirty something ex football player, who now travels around the world picking up odd jobs for friends or people he has met over the years.

He retired when he ruptured his Achilles tendon but he keeps himself in good shape.

Oh, and he loves the ladies!

Part 1

Tom has been asked by Maggie, a long term friend, to help out on a hen party adventure weekend at her country house hotel in the south of England. He arrives at around 5.30 pm at the end of a hot summers day. Despite the time of day, the temperature is still well up in the seventies.

The drive up to the hotel is a good half a mile through pastures and woodland. Tom pulls up, puts up the roof on his red sports car and heads for reception. As he enters things are quiet, but not for long. As he finishes check-in and collects his room keys a large coach has pulled up outside and around 30 or so ‘Twenty-Something’ young ladies disembark and enter the reception area laughing and gossiping. Tom immediately spots several real beauties and wonders which one he will be looking after that evening.

That evening’s entertainment is to be a ‘Tarzan Adventure’ in the woods across the lawn to the front of the hotel. Most of the girls will be in the main party hunting Tarzan on foot but one of the party, Rita, is recovering from an ankle injury so Sara has asked Tom to ensure she has as much fun as the rest of the party.

Tom is back in reception at 7.00pm as instructed and again there is a real commotion as the whole party is congregating before heading out. The scene is quite distracting as all the girls are dressed in short skirts, bikini type tops but with no straps around the neck, and trainers. Tom muses about how many of the girls will not be wearing panties under the skirts and he feels his cock twitching at the thought.

Before long the main party of around 15 girls are rounded up and led off by a tall Amazon like figure from the hotel staff to begin their adventure. Once they are gone Tom first sees a familiar face. It is Maggie’s daughter, Fran. She can only be 18 but she looks stunning. Her tight t-shirt does nothing to disguise her large pert tits and the fact that she is not wearing a bra; the short blue skirt shows off her long slender legs perfectly. She has long auburn hair, which she has tied up for the job in hand, and a really smiley face.

“Hi Tom. This is Rita, who we will be looking after this evening.” Says Fran, introducing a blonde who looks rather interesting. She might be described as petite, being less than 5 foot six tall but she has a great figure and an alluring smile. She can be no more than 19 and has long blond hair tied back in a ponytail.

“Hi Fran. Hi Rita.” He replies and gets a “Hi Tom” from Rita who is wearing the same outfit as the main party and she has the tits and legs for it. “I wonder if she has any knickers on?”

As they head out of Reception the main party are just disappearing into the trees across the lawn and Fran heads in the same direction.

As they reach the tree line though, instead of going into the woods Fran leads them to a rope ladder and starts to climb. Tom, chivalrous as ever, offers for Rita to go next and as they climb he looks up to check his suspicions! And indeed neither of them is, so he has a view of two perfect tight asses and a pair of plump, teenage, peach shaped pussies; one shaven and one with a nice blonde curly bush.

As Tom starts the climb Fran has already reached the wooden walkway built in the tops of tall trees. “Enjoy the view, Tom?” She teases.

“You bet!” he responds looking up for one last glimpse of Rita’s wears before she too reaches the top.

Once Tom climbs off the ladder, Fran leads the way along the narrow wooden walkway in the tops of the high trees. After a hundred yards or so the walkway opens out into a platform in front of a large tree house, which is not open yet. The platform, which is edged by 4 foot high glass panelling topped with a wooden rail, overlooks a clearing in the forest, some 30 feet below. There are a few tables and chairs spread around. The three of them go to the edge of the platform and lean on the wooden rail to look down into a circular clearing. Tom is in the middle with Rita to his left and Fran to his right.

The clearing is illuminated by daylight, which is starting to fade. A shadowy figure has been building a fire toward the edge of area, which he is just lighting. As the flames take hold, they add to the eeriness of the scene, but slightly improve the lighting. As the fire burns brighter it becomes clear that the figure porno izle is Tarzan-like, dressed in just a loincloth. He is a big unit, around 6′ 2″ tall and he obviously works out; his biceps and six-pack attest to that.

Soon they have Tarzan tied up in the middle of the clearing and the ‘tribe’ are seated around him in a circle. “I need two sexy volunteers now” says Jane. “How about you two?” she asks pointing to two petite blondes who have been quite friendly throughout the evening. The two girls stand up and move toward Jane in the centre. They are of similar height, around 5’4″, slim and in great shape. As they reach to Jane she gets them into a huddle to brief them. When that is done she walks over to a large box on the edge of the clearing, lifts the lid and presses something so that rhythmic tribal music is played through speakers around the area.

This is the cue for the two volunteers, Chrissie and Sam, to start an intimate dance together. Moving provocatively they start caressing each other’s pussies, pert breast and tight asses. As the dance progresses the two gradually become more and more entwined. As they do, a bra clasp must have been released as it falls to the ground.

For someone so small, Chrissie has great tits, must be 34C at least. So, not be out done Sam removes her bra. She is a good deal smaller up top than Chrissie, but has perfectly formed and very pert ‘ski jump’ tits.

The floorshow is clearly beginning to have the desired effect as everyone can see that the front of Tarzan’s lion cloth is slowly starting to rise.

With his lion cloth now tenting to extreme, Sam drops to her knees in front of it, takes out a knife that Jane must have passed to her, and removes it with a single swish of the sharp blade. There is a sudden gasp from all of the girls in the clearing.

There are similar gasps from the girls who are looking down from the comfort of leaning on the glass panelling around the edge of the platform.

“Geez, look at the size of that cock, it is huge” Rita squeals.

“Do you like big cocks?” asks Fran.

“Well normally I would say yes, but I didn’t know cocks that size existed! How long do you think it is?”

“Well I have it on good authority, from someone who should know, that is a little over eleven inches.” Fran answers.

“Fuck! And it’s not just the length is it? Look at the girth; that would be just as challenging. This is so unfair! I wish I was down there.”

“Would you have taken it on if you were down there? Fran asks Rita.

“Not sure!” is her initial response, then “Probably! Wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“Well, don’t be too upset on missing out. I also have it on very good authority that Tom is quite well hung! That is why he has been invited as your escort, just in case you decided you would like to be ‘entertained’ up here” Fran explained.

“Is that true?” Rita asks, but before he can answer “Well why don’t you come a little closer so we can get to know each other a little better.”

So Tom moves to his left, and stands behind her. The strapless bikini top she is wearing has a clasp at the back, so he quickly flicks it open and lets it drop to the floor before sliding his right hand around her right side to fondle her newly freed 36C tits, She moans as the palm of his hand slides across her hardening nipples.

“Crikey, you don’t waste time do you?” She asks rhetorically. Tom doesn’t answer, he just continues to rub her nipples and Rita continues to moan.

As the two of them are getting to know each other a little better, Fran moves over to a chair that she has turned around so she can watch them get better acquainted and also keep an eye on the scene below.

Down there, as soon as his cock sprang out in front of Sam’s face, as she knelt before Tarzan, she was on it. She took the shaft in the long slender fingers of her right hand, which struggle to wrap around the huge girth, and she took head in her mouth. She immediately started tugging frantically on the shaft and feverishly licking and sucking the big bulbous head. Meanwhile Chrissie has taken the knife and cut Tarzans bonds free.

Tarzans enjoys Sam’s attention to his cock for a while but with potentially so many girls to please he needs to get to the pussy action. So he pulls back from Sam so she release him and then he reaches down and helps her to her feet.

“Do you want to try some of this?” he asks leaning forward and whispering in her ear as he now wraps a hand around his cock and tugs it.

“You bet.” Is her reflex reply.

“Well take your knickers off and go and kneel on that blanket over there.” He instructs, pointing to a big blanket, laid out on the floor a few feet away. Sam immediately obeys taking off her knickers to reveal a shaven pussy.

Her state of excitement is obvious as her erect clit is clearly visible to all. Tarzan follows Sam over to the blanket, his erect horse cock swaying from side amatör porno to side as he walks. He kneels down behind her and straddling her legs, he moves up close behind her, trapping his huge erect cock between the two of them.

Now, reaching round both sides of her, his big right hand goes to her pert 34B tits whilst his left hand seeks out her swollen clit. As he finds his target and starts to rub it with his forefinger, she moans loudly and pushes her hips back again this hard cock.

Back on the platform Tom turns his attention from Rita’s tits to her pussy. He moves his right hand down from under her top, sliding into the waist of her skirt and down through a thick curly blonde bush. “I do like a thick curly bush!” he thinks to himself. Once his fingers find the damp lips of her teen pussy he goes to work on her clit, which is already swollen and erect with anticipation.

As he does so, he pushes forward with his hips so the bulge in his shorts presses against her right firm buttock. As soon as she feels him she reaches around behind her and grabs at his swollen cock through his shorts.

“Oooh! That feels hard!” Rita manages to get out between the moans and groans being caused by his fingers.

“It sure is! And it will feel even harder when I slap on your clit before I ram it into your wet pussy!” He teases.

“Oh yes please! What else will you do to me mister?”

“You will have to wait and see, you naughty little girl.”

“I’m not naughty, I’m a good girl!” she answers in her best little girl voice.

“You had better be naughty!” he answers, squeezing her clit between his finger and thumb causing her wince.

To his right, Tom can see that Fran has her shirt up around her waist baring her clean-shaven pussy and is rubbing her clit. The sight causes his cock to strain even further in his shorts. Rita has seen it to, increasing her horniness.

Tom can sense that his attention to Rita’s clit will soon pay dividends so his fingers continue to work frantically until the girl suddenly stiffens and then soon after trembles all over as her first orgasm rips through her body.

Down in the clearing, Tarzan’s attention to her tits and clit is having the same effect on Sam, who is soon in the throes of her first orgasm and as it hits, the young girl squirts all over Tarzan’s left hand.

He can’t wait no longer now, he really wants to fuck this little witch so he places a hand on her right shoulder from behind and urges her to lean forward into the doggy position. She obliges and waits on all fours for his next move. He moves quickly now.

Retreating slightly to give him the space he needs, he takes cock in hand and pulling back the foreskin, he slides the huge shiny, bulbous head down between the cheeks of her tight little ass and lodges the tip in the entrance to her tight little pussy. He now slides his hand up the underside of his long shaft until it is under the swollen head and then he pushes the head up slightly and with a short thrust of his hips, forces it through her slimy labia, in to her.

He had expected a reaction to her size. Instead, Sam moans her appreciation! Encouraged he pulls back slightly before thrusting forward again, this time sending a good 3 or 4 inches of cock in to her.

She is really tight, so much so that as he pulls back again for the next thrust, he sees that the lips of her pussy are pulled out on his thick shaft, the sight making him even more horny, if that were possible.

The next lunge sends 6 or 7 inches up her chute and this time she shoots a hand over her back, behind her and presses it against his hard abs, to indicate that’s enough for now. Heeding the message, Tarzan takes hold of her slender frame by the hips and, thrusting slowly at first, he starts fuck her with half his shaft.

Doggy style is a good position for arousing the G Spot and as stroke after stroke slide over that erogenous zone her juices start to flow and run down her inner thighs. Tarzan can feel her chute starting to loosen as she relaxes and enjoys his cock, so now he starts to slowly feed a little more shaft into her with each stroke until he drives it in up to the hilt and his abs slap against her cute little ass.

Sam had been on the verge for the last few strokes so when he finally pushes it all in, it tips her over the edge and she screams out as she cums again. As she shudders and shakes her arms collapse under her and she crumples to the floor. As her ass moves away from him, Tarzan follows her down, moving to a press up position over her, with his hands either side of her.

In this new position she is at his mercy under him and so he takes full advantage, starting to piston in and her of her wet pussy sending length after length of his equine cock deep up inside her. The angle means that each downward thrust rubs past her G Spot with force so it is not long before the early signs of her next orgasm start to show.

Back on anal porno the platform, as Rita starts to subside, Tom leans into her right ear and whispers, “If you want to feel my hard cock on you swollen clit like you said, why don’t you go and sit on the edge of the table just behind us?” So, brushing Tom out of the way, she did and Tom follows her.

Tom was about to suggest she hitch her skirt up around her waist to give him access, but as she turns to rest her ass on the edge of the big table, she reaches behind her waist, unfastens the skirt and lets it slide to the floor. She is totally naked now apart from the trainers on her feet and she looks stunning. Long slender legs, a great pair of pert tits, a tight ass and a thick blonde bush; sex on legs!

As Rita perches on the edge of the table, Tom is straight on to his knees between her legs and as she parts them for him, his mouth goes straight to her hairy pussy. Straight to her clit swollen clit actually, which is bulging from under its hood.

As Rita leans back placing her hands on the table behind her to support herself, Tom is sucking and nibbling on her clit. She throws her head back, closes her eyes and moans.

Confined by his shorts, Tom’s swollen cock is really aching now, so as he continues to work on her clit he uses both hands to undo his belt, unfasten his shorts and slide them and his boxers down to his knees so that his cock springs free of its prison.

From her position, Rita can’t see Tom’s cock but Fran, who has been excited watching Tarzan fuck the young Sam, suddenly spots it and she lets out a gasps as it springs into view causing Rita to open her eyes and look over inquisitively. Although it wasn’t fully erect when it escaped, it is slowly rising and thickening before Fran’s eyes.

“Wow’ Mum was definitely right, that is one nice piece of meat!” Fran proclaims, leaving Rita frustrated that she can’t see it yet. The sight of his member causes Fran to intensify her attack on her clit and within seconds she is shaking and moaning as another orgasm spreads from between her legs. “Cuming!!” she shrieks as it hits.

Tom’s attack on Rita is also about to pay off as she first her legs start to tremble, and then go rigid before her whole body starts to shake.

“Sheeeet! She screeches, as it hits. At this point, as well as sucking on her clit, Tom slides two big fingers in and out her pussy, the sensation prolonging the orgasm!

As she peaks, he rises from his kneeling position to stand between her still trembling legs and reveal his erect cock to her.

“Fuck.” She blurts as she see opens her eyes to see the size of it. I see what you meant Fran, it’s a fair size.” She observes, then “This should be interesting.” She adds as Tom moves in to give it to her.

But before he does he wraps his right hand around the middle of his shaft, pulls the foreskin back and slaps the big, shiny crimson head hard down on her clit. Once. Twice. And then again and again. Still sensitive from the good sucking it has just had, this new attack on her clit makes her clit shudder each time it hits.

He is desperate to fuck this gorgeous, nubile young thing now. So after the latest slap, he slices the big fat head down along her wet labia until he feels her little opening and then a quick thrust forward form the hip slide the head and a couple of inches of shaft into her chute.

“Fuck.” she squeals, shuddering as she cums immediately I response to his sudden attack and the sheer girth of his cock.

“Crikey, that was quick! Do you always cum so quickly?” Fran enquires.

“Sometimes. I reckon I have a really sensitive G Spot so if a cock is big enough it sets me off straight away. And this cock is certainly big enough!” She groans as she lays back on to the table, overwhelmed by his onslaught.

Tom is undistracted by the girls chattering, he is focused on getting a much cock as he can up her chute as quickly as possible. So, he pulls back and lunges again, this time burying half his cock into her and she cums again, moaning beneath him

She is really tight, so he takes hold of her by the hips and eases her ass forward until it is right on the edge of the table to a point where he will be able to give her his whole length once her tight young pussy starts to loosen.

Holding her slender frame tight he now starts to fuck her, slowly feeding more cock into when he senses her chute is ready to take it. She is moaning and groaning as one orgasm blends into another as his shaft rubs on her G Spot. She now pulls her legs up and Tom takes the chance to wrap his arms around her thighs to hold her in prime position.

Stroke after stroke, length after length, he gradually feeds his thick 10 inch cock into her, inch by inch until he is up to the hilt and his big, heavy balls slap against her tight ass. She cums again! He holds there, deep inside her, tensing his buttocks and causing his cock to grow a little further. He repeats two or three times and she groans at the sheer size of him.

To his left, Fran has tired of playing with her clit but still has a hand up her top, stroking her tits and nipples. She continues to be aroused by the action on the platform and down in the clearing.

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