Too Much To Carry

Big Tits

He walked her out to her car, helping her carry her stuff. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her ass as he followed her to her vehicle. My god, he thought, unconsciously touching the tip of his tongue to his lower lip. If only…

It had all started earlier that night, when he walked in on the ladies after their shopping trip. He saw her standing there at the end of the kitchen island, engaged in conversation with her fellow shoppers. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders, her black blouse had a deep v that exposed the valley between her breasts in a way he found delightfully distracting. She turned to him and her face lit up. Her eyes sought his out, and his feet melted into the floor, locked down by the molten chocolate pools that seemed to see right through to his soul.

After a long glance – slightly longer than necessary? – she turned back to her friends and continued the conversation. She casually leaned over the island, resting her elbows on the surface, and when she did so her shirt fell forward, revealing the enticing curve of her breast and the edge of her black bra. He was still rooted in place, unable to tear his eyes from the sight of her voluptuous cleavage. He started guiltily, realizing he probably needed to roll his tongue back in. When he glanced around he realized the only one looking his way was her. This made him more uncomfortable, until he realized she had the ever so tiniest grin on her face. She cut her eyes down as if in invitation, and his eyes instinctively moved with hers. As he looked once again at her magnificent chest he couldn’t help but notice the outline of her hardening nipples beneath the thin fabric of her blouse.

He looked quickly up at her again, and she languidly moved her gaze back up to his face and smiled again. Oh yeah – there was definitely a vibe going on, she was giving him a show. And right in front of the other ladies! He felt intoxicated with desire, and knew right then he’d find a way to walk her out to her car.

And so the dance had continued for the rest of the evening. Every so often she would lean down, and every so often he would stand up – and every time he would get an enticing view down her blouse, sometimes more, sometimes less of her magnificent breasts, depending on the exact position of them both. He spent half the evening hiding an erection, and was getting more and more worked up as the night wore on.

Finally the evening wrapped up, and she had just enough stuff to where it would be convenient for her to have help carrying the stuff out to her car. He wasn’t sure whether he orchestrated it or she did, but next thing he knew he was following that ass out to the car, and he was beside himself with excitement.

He opened the door for her and she slid into the driver’s seat, her previously conservative skirt suddenly shortening by the minute as she rummaged around getting her stuff situated in the passenger seat. Was it his imagination, or was she doing that on purpose…? He didn’t know, and wasn’t sure he cared, he was just enjoying the show.

Finally she got situated and closed the door, opening the window while she did so. The darkness enveloped them both as her dome light went out, and he leaned his forearms on her windowsill porno while they chatted. Gradually he could see her better as his eyes adjusted to the semidarkness, and once again he thought he could see the outline of her nipples as the seat belt pressed her blouse firmly against her breasts.

He lost himself in the pleasure of staring at her, and only belatedly realized she’d asked him a question.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” he said.

She laughed and said “I asked what you were looking at, you seemed so intent.”

He flushed with the embarrassment of being caught, and hunted for an explanation. But then he remembered the look she gave him in the kitchen as she practically showed him her tits, and he decided to be at least semi-honest.

“Well,” he said, “I was thinking how much I admired that black bra you’re wearing.”

She cocked an eyebrow at him and grinned mischievously. “Oh, you liked that, did you? Perhaps I should learn to be more ladylike…”

He laughed this time and said, “No, I think you’re just the right amount of ladylike. In fact, maybe a little too much, because all I could really see was the edge of your bra. It’s not like I really ever saw anything.”

She pulled her blouse away from her chest and looked down it, giving him a bit of a peek before saying, “Well, it’s just a bra, nothing special about it really.” She held the blouse out a moment longer, watching his face as she did so. His eyes were wide, his nostrils flared, as he tried to see more of her in the dark cockpit of her van. She let the blouse fall back into place and watched the spell break as he tore his eyes up to hers.

“That’s where you’re wrong,” he said, and something in him had changed. The playfulness was still there, but with a determined edge. She felt her heart flutter when he said, “Show me.”

She looked at him, her breath quickening, and she could feel the wetness begin to grow between her legs. “Show me?” she said. She was trying to sound playfully innocent, but her voice cracked with barely hidden desire.

“Show me.” His voice was gravelly and soft all at once. It was the voice of command, of controlled need, of unbridled want. “Show me,” he repeated, with a hint of steel underneath the velvet of his deep voice. Just like that he’d turned the tables, and she knew she’d do what he wanted.

Slowly she unbuckled the seat belt and it retracted, freeing her torso and allowing her to move more freely. She reached up and pulled first one sleeve off her shoulder, then the other. She could feel the cool night air wash across her torso as she lowered her blouse to reveal her bra-covered tits to him.

She looked down and could see the distinct outline of her nipples through the fabric of her bra. She imagined what it must look like to him, seeing her for the first time this way, knowing that she was his to command. She reached up and traced the outline of her bra, teasing him the way she loved to do, running her fingertip all the way down between her breasts, then slowly up the other side. She leaned back into the seat and closed her eyes, and imagined it was his fingernails gently raking the soft flesh of her tits under her bra, encircling her erect nipples but never quite touching anime porno them, not yet. With her eyes closed her other senses became heightened, and she could hear his ragged breathing. There was a kind of a vibration coming from the window where he stood – perhaps the way he was leaned up against her door was somehow transmitting something to the vehicle, but she could feel his presence there with her eyes closed, could hear his breathing, could feel his eyes carefully following every teasing movement of her fingers. She could smell her pussy in the close confines of van.

She was surprised when she suddenly felt his hand on her head. She jumped a bit, but didn’t open her eyes. He slowly entwined his fingers in her hair and suddenly gripped her hair strongly, firmly, pulling her head slightly to the side, letting her know he had control.

He leaned into the van until she could feel his hot breath against her cheek. Still she did not open her eyes. “Cum for me,” he whispered into her ear. She moaned, and her cunt flooded, and she knew she would cum for him, she knew she’d wanted to for a long time.

He watched her face, her mouth parted in desire, her tongue flicking out occasionally to wet her lips. He knew he had her when she moaned after he’d whispered in her ear. Up to that point he wasn’t sure how it would end, but now he knew. He knew because he’d make it so, and that increased his excitement even more.

He watched as her hands left her tits and snaked down to her thighs. He admired her sense of the erotic, somehow liking the fact that she still hadn’t revealed her tits to him. Her bra was still firmly in place, though her nipples were poking out so far they seemed in danger of tearing the bra. He gulped, his mouth robbed of saliva, at the thought of being so close to her tits, knowing her could view them if he wanted, knowing he could touch them, feel them, rake his fingernails across them if he wanted to.

He was driven wild by the thought that thus far the only touching that had occurred was his fingers wrapped in her hair, where they still were. He was so close to her, he knew she could feel him like a weight pressing on her. And somehow it was all the more exciting for not having touched, and he knew he would not touch her that night. This night was a gift of sorts, and he wouldn’t spoil it by taking more than she wanted to offer.

His eyes scanned down past her heaving tits to her hands, which had pulled her skirt up to her hips. He took a half step towards the front of her van so he could see her better, and he let his hand slip from her hair and back onto the car door. He could see the satiny sheen of her panties as her hands pulled her skirt higher, showing him, revealing herself to him as she’d wanted to for weeks. He could smell her excitement then, and saw a slight tremor in her hand as she ran her fingers slowly up her thighs, spreading her legs for him.

In the dim light he could see the junction of her thighs, and though it was probably his imagination in the darkness, he thought he could see a wet spot on her panties. The fingers of her right hand drifted lightly over her pussy, gently probing her slit through her panties. He was pressed against arap porno her door, bent over, with his head just inside the door frame, his cock pressed up hard against her door. All worries of someone driving or walking by was forgotten as her fingers teased the top edge of her panties. He tried not to hump the door, afraid he’d cum right then. Then her hand disappeared under the panties, and he realized here again that she was toying with him, even now, even as she did his bidding and prepared to cum for him.

“Cum for me!” he said again, his voice distinctly more ragged now. She opened her eyes as her hand disappeared under her panties and looked down. He looked animalistic as she watched him watch her hand, and the sheer want on his face brought her right to the edge.

He noticed her head lean back again as her hand began moving under her panties. He could imagine her fingertips, pressed into the folds of her cunt, feeling the slippery heat engulf them as she pushed two fingers into her eager hole. She moaned loudly as she started finger fucking herself for him, her pussy still shielded by the black panties. “Yes, oh fuck yes!” he hissed as her fingers moved more rapidly. “Yes, fuck yourself for me, fuck that pussy for me and imagine it’s me, my fingers, my cock!” She moaned again and threw her head back, pumping her pussy harder. He moved up beside her head, and as he quickly reached in the window and pulled her skirt up as far as it would go, he breathed right into her ear “Rub your clit and cum for me, show me, show me how you cum, fuck yes, show me.”

She touched her clit as he watched from directly above, and his hand snaked out and rested on her forearm. Not firmly, not taking control, but just lightly resting on her forearm, wanting to share the moment. She rubbed her clit furiously with her right hand, and with her left she reached up and grabbed his shirt, pulling him down and farther into the van, so that his face was brushing her tits and just inches from her busy hand. She turned her head into her shoulder so as not to scream out loud, and feeling the heat of his face through her bra and the ragged puffs of air from his labored breathing on the hand working her pussy sent her over the edge. She rubbed her clit with abandon, still pulling him down by his shirt, pulling him closer, showing him the indistinct shape of her hand working her cunt beneath the panties, just inches from his face as her body arched and spasmed in pleasure.

Finally she stopped, and slowly traced her fingers up and down her slit while she let go of his shirt. She looked at him dreamily as he stood back up – even in the darkness she could see the sweat standing out on his forehead, and could see how flushed he was as he drank in the site of her spent body, her tits still heaving beneath the bra, her hand still moving lazily beneath her panties. The smell of sweat and sex was in the air, and they both drank in the heady mix for a moment.

“How was that,” she said. It came out more like a sigh than a question. He gulped, his mouth dry as cotton, his cock humming, looking for an outlet, amazed at the experience they’d just shared. “Eh, not bad,” he said, and winked at her when she cocked a questioning eye at him.

He smiled that smile that seemed to crack her open, and she settled back into her seat. If she hadn’t been so content she would have playfully hit him.

“So,” he said, getting ready to go back inside,”…when’s the next book club?”

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