Trinity Is My Heroine


When I got out of school I became a stockbroker. But I have a rough side, having played middle linebacker for championship football teams in high school and college, and I was completely unsatisfied. So what did I do? I became a bounty hunter. And I got good at it real fast, and made a ton of money in just two years. But I think my early success got to my head, and I became too cocky.

I went after a pair of brothers from Atlanta who had been charged with multiple rapes and assault with a deadly weapon, and skipped a $1 million each bail.

Now how, one might ask, could they be released on bail with such serious charges against them; and how could they post such a high bail? I can’t answer those questions except to say that the judicial system is screwed up, and that’s why guys like me are around.

Another good question – why did I think I could go after two serious felons by myself? I mean that guy on TV has a whole posse to back him up!

Fortunately the Grimm brothers were not geniuses, and I got a line on where they were within hours of accepting the job from the bail bondsman. I was certain they were in or near a wilderness area in Arkansas. I drove to the nearest town – I’ll call it Quaintville – one of about 5,000 people, and went to see the local sheriff. I didn’t want any trouble from the law, plus I wanted to warn him.

The sheriff was a pleasant Southern gentleman. He was really concerned for his constituents when I told him who the brothers Grimm were and that they likely were in the adjacent wilderness area. He was especially concerned since there was a young woman who lived in the wilderness area by herself, without any phone or Internet service.

The sheriff related to me the tale of a beautiful lady who the sheriff’s wife thought was the most wonderful young woman she had ever met. The lady, whose name was Trinity, was trying to escape her previous tragic life. No one knew exactly what had happened – just rumors – but she wanted out of life in Atlanta and came to Quaintville. Her plan was to live in a cabin in the woods until she could heal emotionally from her past, coming into town only once every three or four days. Everyone in Quaintville who had come in contact with her liked her immensely, and wished her only the best.

I decided I should warn Trinity about the really bad actors that were around before I went after them; so early the next morning I found her cabin and knocked on the door. From above and behind me I heard a voice “Hi stranger. Are you looking for me?”

I turned and standing on the small porch of a tree house, rising out of the morning mist that was melting away, was an ethereal female form. As I approached her explaining who I was and why I was there I was stunned. In a tank top and shorts, with sleek brown hair which lightly brushed her alabaster shoulders, was my idea of a perfect female body. I had only seen a few females in my life with bodies that compared, and they didn’t have the fine facial features that from my vantage point she appeared to have.

Strapped to her waist was a .357 magnum – not a typical woman’s gun; but then again, she wasn’t a typical woman!

Since my mind was processing this stunning vision as I was trying to talk, I wasn’t very articulate, and was having a hard time explaining myself. Trinity smiled and said “I see you’re having some difficulty getting your point across; let me come down,” and threw out a rope ladder. I’m glad she couldn’t see my face when she was climbing down the ladder since I probably looked like a St. Bernard after a run, with my tongue hanging to the ground. I regained control of my faculties by the time she turned to face me.

She was every bit the lady I had been told she was. Exceedingly polite, a beautiful lilt in her voice, a coy smile, an occasional flip of her head or sweep of her hand to move a wayward strand of hair out of her face. She was one of the few women I had seen in my life that looked so fantastic without makeup it would make a Revlon executive cry. Once I had finally explained the situation she said:

“That’s very nice of you to inform me about the Grimm brothers, but my bed isn’t in the cabin but in the tree house and I pull the rope ladder up at night; and as you can see I pack heat. But I’ll be on the lookout for those roughnecks.”

Not knowing if I would be perceived as a gentleman or an ass, I took a chance and kissed her hand goodbye as I slinked away. She grinned broadly! Beautiful teeth too! What didn’t this woman have?

When I got back to my all wheel drive car, I slapped myself in the face and said “Focus or those Grimm boys are going to do you in.” Focus I did.

The Grimm brothers were city dudes so why they picked the wilderness to hide in, I don’t know. However, as I said they weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. So after spending only one night in the woods, by the next morning I was hot on their trail. My pursuit sikiş izle was way beyond intense motivated not only by the reward but desperately wanting to make sure that the angel in the tree house wasn’t harmed.

I spotted the thugs and they spotted me. They fired shots from a handgun at me as they ran – in the direction of Trinity’s cabin. That inspired me to really put on the afterburners, and I was clearly catching up to them.

When I was about 50 yards away they split up. I followed the one going most directly toward Trinity’s cabin, caught him within three or four minutes and brutally smacked him down. As I was handcuffing him I heard a shot.

As I turned around, drawing my Glock as I did so, there – no more than twenty yards behind me – was the other Grimm boy on his knees holding his right shoulder, with a pistol still in his right hand. I shot him in the same shoulder and his gun dropped to the ground as he collapsed in pain. I looked over to my right and there, about thirty yards away, I saw Trinity, putting her magnum back into her holster.

As I was cuffing the injured Grimm boy Trinity came over to greet me.

“I do believe you saved me a considerable amount of pain, and maybe my life, Trinity. What brought you to my rescue?”

“I heard gun shots, and since there’s no hunting in this area I thought it might be the roughnecks you were after. So I came to help.”

“God, you’re an Angel, girl. Here I was thinking I had to protect you from them as they were heading toward your place, and instead you end up the heroine.”

Trinity blushed and unconsciously twirled a strand of hair with a finger – how sexy – as she shyly broke eye contact. It was clear that she was humble as well as beautiful and courageous.

Once I had the two handcuffed criminals on their feet Trinity asked if I needed help getting them to my car. I didn’t really because I have a good sense of direction and I knew for sure by the way I had handled these boys there was no way they were going to try and give me any trouble; they were just happy to be alive. However, the more I could stay in the presence of a real live Angel the better, so I pretended I would need her knowledge of the area to help me find my vehicle.

We had a wonderful chat on the lazy walk to my car. While I had been told by people in town that Trinity was sometimes morose, I certainly didn’t see that. She was lively, with a twinkle in her eye, intelligent, caring, and modest about the help she had provided.

Plus she was compassionate; not only did she have the looks and actions of an Angel, she had an Angel’s heart too! Despite the fact that she knew the Grimm brothers were slime she put a compress on the injured boy’s shoulder to stop the bleeding, and offered both of them drinks from her canteen. I couldn’t believe it – the one could have bled to death and the other died of thirst for all I cared.

When we got to my car I strapped the boys’ necks and feet with restraints attached to eyebolts in the back seat specifically for that purpose. They weren’t going anywhere. I drove the Angel to her cabin. When we got there I got out with her, sucked up my courage and said:

“Despite how humble you are, you do know that you saved my sorry butt, don’t you? Please can I do something to thank you? It will be four days before I get the Grimm brothers to the bail bondsmen and get back, but can I please take you to dinner at the nicest place in Quaintville?”

The Angel broke into a big smile. “Why thank you. I really would like that. What day is it you’ll be back?”

I got out a calendar, showed her, marked the day with a happy face (not normally my style, but she seemed to like it), and left it with her.

The Grimm boys got patched up, spent the night in Quanitville’s jail, and the next day I began the trip to the bondsman who was anxiously awaiting my arrival. Despite the fact that I was in for a reward of 10% — $200,000 – I thought of nothing but the Angel.

I knew I might have only one chance to wow the Angel, and she was by far the most fascinating and desirable woman I had ever encountered, so I pulled out all stops. I called the only really good restaurant in Quaintville, had them order some special dishes, had banners put up on Main Street declaring Trinity a heroine, and had the twice weekly newspaper print the lead story about her. Plus, in Atlanta I bought a gorgeous, high class, slinky black dress, trimmed in red, that – with the assistance of a helpful saleswoman and a call to the Quaintville sheriff’s wife – I was sure would fit.

I arrived at Trinity’s cabin late afternoon on the appointed day, dressed in my best coat and tie, carrying her dress in a box under my arm. The look on her face when she opened up the box was worth a million dollars. But she had to sit down and started crying when I handed her a check for $100,000 (minus withholding tax), half my reward. brazzers A reward I likely would never have collected without her.

After I got her to stop sobbing, and convinced her that she really did have to accept the check otherwise I would feel horrible, I left her in the cabin to get dressed.

She came out about twenty minutes later. I was speechless, awed, dazzled, and stupefied. She asked if she looked OK. I have no memory of what I mumbled in response, but it must have satisfied her since she gave me a peck on the cheek and got in the car.

The town had gone all out for their heroine and she was obviously touched. She had to wipe away tears of joy several times. Seeing her cheer made me as happy as I had been in years.

After as great an evening as a couple could have in a place like Quaintville I drove her back to her cabin. She was pensive on the way back but did rest her head on my shoulder, sending electric charges through my body. When we exited the car she came up to me, held my tie, and said “I want you to be the first person to see inside my tree house – you don’t mind coming in for awhile, do you?”

“Do I mind?” If I were a sarcastic guy I would have said “That is the most quintessentially rhetorical question of all time!” Not being one I simply smiled and said “I’d really like that.”

After she nimbly ascended the rope ladder despite being clad in a dress and heels, we both laughed as I oafishly climbed up, swinging back and forth. Despite my problems, however, I guarantee there was nothing on earth that could have stopped me from reaching the top. Once we got in the small tree house, with only a twin mattress, night table with a bottle of water on it, bookshelf, kerosene lamp, and LED flashlight, Trinity asked “So what do you think?”

I knew that she meant “How do you like my tree house?” but I didn’t want to answer that question. I wanted to answer the question I hoped she had asked. So I replied: “I think you are an Angel. The most intoxicating woman on the planet; and I’d sell my soul for one night of passion with you.”

Turns out I didn’t need to make a deal with the devil.

When I said “night of passion” Trinity’s pupils dilated. She approached me, constantly looking in my eyes like a cobra hypnotizing its prey as she first took off my tie, then shirt, then carefully undid my pants and smiled devilishly as my flagpole poked out of my boxers. She then pushed me onto the bed and lay on top of me first gently and then lustfully kissing me. As I squeezed her to my chest I said “calm down” to myself since I was so excited my balls actually ached.

I did a reversal on Trinity, getting on top of her as I lifted her dress and quickly – with her enthusiastic cooperation – removed it. Her front clasping bra allowed me to make short work of that undergarment, but when I exposed her breasts I froze momentarily and gasped loudly. I thought she looked perfect clothed! But seeing those marvels on her chest I realized how wrong I was – the most supernatural sight of my life. I massaged and licked her tits voraciously as she ran her fingers through my hair and over my shoulders while uttering encouraging moans.

While she may have been enjoying my exploration almost as much as I was, eventually she started grinding her panty-covered pelvis on my steel-hard shaft. I then moved down to her crotch with my mouth while continuing to massage her breasts with my hands; but it was too hard to remove her panties with just my teeth. Being the Angel she is, she took them off herself and I rewarded her by immediately sticking my tongue as far into her gash as I could and moved it with all the ferocity I could muster.

Trinity was obviously enjoying my activities but I knew I needed more to bring her to her first orgasm. So I moved my fingers to join my tongue. All ten of them were working on one part of her snatch or another as my tongue and lips moved up to her glorious nub and furiously energized it. It wasn’t long before she was pulling my hair and shrieking – making me glad we were in the wilderness so I didn’t have to be worried about someone trying to see what the fuss was.

Totally surprising to me I enjoyed her first orgasm almost as much as she did. Pleasuring such a wonderful being gave me a warm glow of my own. Once she came down from her high and I let up with lightning speed she slid off the bed, unceremoniously removed my last shred of clothing – my boxers – and then straddled me as I sat on the edge of the mattress. By undulating and pushing with her hips she penetrated herself with my cock and then wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck while biting my shoulder. With my hands I caressed her breasts and with my lips nibbled the nape of her neck.

Effecting movements of muscles rarely used, we somehow established a glorious rhythm fueled by our mutual lust. It felt like every part of my fake taxi porno dip stick was being energized in ripples. I was ready to explode for minutes before I actually did. I wanted to be sure she would climax too. Once I felt her tense her pelvic muscles I relaxed and immediately blasted rockets of joy juice into her. She screamed as I groaned and we squeezed each other tightly just to prevent a complete collapse. But we couldn’t stop it for long. With our minds and bodies awash in endorphins and our energy gauges at “E” we zoned out into a happy glob of flesh.

I normally have vivid dreams. Not this night. My reality was more vivid than any dream I had ever had. I was aroused from my exultant stupor by my Angel pinching my nose and rubbing my crotch. “Are you ready for another round, Sugar?”

How does one say “no” to that? I didn’t!

With her silky mouth and active lips on my dick, and milking fingers on my testicles, she had me saluting in only seconds. She continued until she was too excited herself, and then turned around, got on top of me, and supporting herself with her arms on my thighs lowered her still moist vagina onto my rod. Soon she was riding reverse cowgirl. My God what a feeling! When she was putting out so much effort and was pleasuring me so much, I couldn’t just lay there and enjoy it.

I rubbed two fingers between our crotches to lubricate them. Then I slowly inserted them into her second hole, greeted by an encouraging pleasure moan from Trinity. As she increased her pace, so did I, finger fucking her anus with the same alacrity she was fucking me. When I ejaculated into her vagina I twisted my fingers in her anus. I swear that caused two distinct, sequential climaxes to wrack her body, causing her to arc, jerk, and bend before she crumpled onto my legs.

I had to wait for my member to go flaccid before I could separate us. Then I pulled her onto the mattress, put my arms around her, kissed her forehead, and immediately fell into a pleasure-induced slumber. I normally sleep on a king sized bed, but somehow I had enough room along with this celestial being on just a twin mattress.

When we woke up the morning light was streaming through the tree house windows. We had the most gleeful, playful pillow talk in my experience. When Trinity stood up and stretched I was stunned. I thought that in the moonlight and the diffuse light of the kerosene lamp her naked form was beyond compare. I was wrong. In the morning sunlight she looked even better.

Her flawless skin glistened, her hair glimmered, and her eyes sparkled. When she saw my dumbfounded look she twittered “What?”

“Come back here you,” I growled.

“On no, I’m clearing out you sex fiend,” she giggled as she moved toward the door, plainly slowly enough that she knew I could catch her. Catch her I did. She was fake screaming and pushing her arms against the doorjamb as I had my hands around her waist. “I’ll hire this bounty hunter I know to lock you up unless you release me you perv,” she chuckled.

My only response was “He’s on my side,” as I started stroking her inner thighs and slice of heaven with one hand, while moving the other up to one of her unparalleled breasts. She stopped moving, except to stick her ass toward me, and stopped verbalizing except to say “Oh yeah, that’s it, Lord have mercy, yes, Oh, WOW, yes, yes…” as I continued stroking her.

While I was at half mast when she stuck her ass out, once she did that I hardened instantly. After another minute of warm-up I penetrated her love canal from the rear and as I pummeled her my balls slapped against her thighs and I massaged her shoulder blades with my hands. She squeezed the doorjamb so tightly I thought she was going to distort it, as she banged me back as good as I was giving her. She kept yelling “Yes, yes, yes, oh yeah, yes…” until finally I felt her tense and I was ready to climax myself. A quick thought shot through my brain about how funny it was that timing with previous sex partners had always difficult for me, while with her it was totally natural to be in complete sync.

After our latest simultaneous earth-shattering orgasms our legs failed us, and started to buckle. I gained enough balance to have us fall back onto the mattress, and we just lay there with me still inside her for another wonderful few minutes before we finally actually made it out of bed with the intention of going to the cabin.

I was so high on endorphins I could have floated down to the ground, but took the ladder instead. As the most astounding being I had ever had the honor of seeing in my entire life was – topless – serving me the bacon, eggs, southern grits, and coffee she had made for us, she suddenly paused.

“Well, Sugar, I guess you owe me your soul, don’t you.”

“Damn,” I said to myself, “she remembered and I sure can’t deny that was a night of passion can I?”

With a twinkle in her eye she said “I think you should stay here a while, say another three or four days, and then drive me to Atlanta. I’m ready to rejoin society and the bounty money will make that possible.”

Not a difficult first assignment from the woman who owns my soul!

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