Try Not to Scream…

Aidra Fox

It started in the club, on a Friday night. His eyes met mine, and locked with them for several long minutes. I knew him. I had known him for years, but had never seen him as anything but a friend.

But now, looking at him…

He stood at about 6 feet tall. He had black hair, short and spiked, wearing black converse shoes, black shorts, and a faded Metallica t-shirt. All topped off with a piercing through his eyebrow, and a piercing through his bottom lip. And while I had grown out of the whole “rocker” type when I was younger, for some reason here, tonight… he was sinfully sexy… And, already, I was all his.

We talked, we laughed, we flirted. Caught up on everything we hadn’t said to each other in the last few years, since we hadn’t seen each other. Then he grabbed my hand and dragged me onto the dance floor when a slow R&B song came on…

All it took was once dance. One dance to a seductively slow beat, my hips grinding against his, and I was a puddle… Within minutes, his lips found my neck. And he bit down. Hard. I shivered… When I caught my breath, I looked over my shoulder, and brought him down to me, my lips meeting his, almost feeling the electricity surge through my blood as I kissed him.

He groaned as my ass kneaded against his now throbbing cock.

“You’re mine tonight,” I heard seep out in a growling whisper, as his lips brushed again on my neck.

“I can’t tonight. Tomorrow?”

“You got it, babe.” And with another deep, potent kiss… He was gone.

The next night, I waited. He came in with the same group of friends, all of which were close friends of mine. Tonight, he was wearing black cargo pants, and a black button up shirt. Hair still spiked, and… holy shit… I didn’t notice before, but… is that a tongue ring??? Can someone out-sexify themselves? My pussy was immediately wet.

He saw me across the dance floor. Winked. My throat closed up for a moment, and I forgot how to breathe. I sent him a cool, easy smile and winked back at him. A moment later, after he had gone to the bar, he came up with two drinks in his hand. One for me, and one for him. He set them down on the table next to me, and wrapped his arms around my waist in a way that had goose bumps forming all over my body.

I wondered if he could feel how hard my nipples got when his hands ran down my hips to rest on my ass as he pulled me in close.

“Hi.” His voice was like silk. One of those deep purple silk tapestries that bring in a warmth to a room… a sexiness that can’t be described with words… That’s how his voice made me feel as he whispered that one word in my ear. Or maybe it was the way his teeth grazed my neck right before he said it… Either way, I was like putty in his hands.

After a night of dancing, laughing, talking, swaying, Porno grinding, sweating, kissing, and many sensual embraces, we went to a local diner with our friends. Throughout dinner, his hand found my knee. The simple touch threw shivers up my spine. By God, there had to be a wet spot on the chair I was in by now… If he kept touching me this way, like he had been all night, they would need to re-upholster the chair!

I could feel the intense heat burning between my thighs, driving me insane with that desire I had felt since the night before as it seemed to multiply with the minutes that passed at the table. His hand grew nearer to the source of my exquisite discomfort.

His eyes met mine, and I heard a small groan escape his throat as his hand came, finally, to my crotch. He must have felt through my jeans how wet I was.

The check couldn’t have come at any better moment. We quickly paid, and followed our friends back to their house, where we would be staying for the night. After a few minutes of chatting with them, they went to their bedrooms, and Freddy and I made a pad on the living room floor.

We made small talk, and I realized, suddenly, that I was nervous. Why the hell was I nervous? I had known him for years! We had the same friends, graduated together, and still saw each other from time to time. Only… I had never seen him in this way before. I had never imagined the feeling I had now, with his hand resting on my hip, pulling me close to him as his eyes stared into mine.

I had butterflies.

I wasn’t used to that.

His lips met mine, only at this moment it was softer than it had been the night before. The passion was still there, Yes… but he probably sensed that I was nervous, because his mouth was suddenly soft on mine. His hand was tender on my face, holding it just below my cheekbone, where I like it the most. His tongue was sweet on mine, reminding me that he wanted me in a way that soothed my nerves.

His hand moved from my face, down my neck, where his fingers toyed with the small hairs that came loose from my ponytail… down to my breast, brushing over my nipple as it slid down my side to slide under my shirt… His hand rested there for a minute, and he pulled his mouth away from mine, staring deep into my eyes.

Our eyes held for a minute, a message of mutual trust passing between us. No, I had never seen him this way. I didn’t think it was possible that I had known this man for so many years, because right now, in this moment… he was a whole new person…

His hand slid up, bringing my shirt up with it, pulling it up over my breasts, where he paused for a moment, rubbing his thumb over the bump on the bra where my nipple poked up… Sliding his hand up more, he brought the shirt over my head.

When Altyazılı Porno the hem of my shirt slid off of my head, his face was back up by mine, smiling. He kissed me gently, before moving his mouth to my neck. He found that spot I loved… where my neck meets my color bone…

How did he know that was where I wanted him to kiss me…

Before I realized it, my bra was off, and he was staring down at my breasts in his hands, admiring for a moment before he moved down to kiss them.

I gasped, and my body raised off the ground as his teeth and tongue sent my body into a frenzy, and a small moan dripped from my mouth. He quickly looked up at me, smiling as he came up and kissed me again.

“Roze, we gotta be quiet. The others will wake up if you scream.”

I nodded at him as he peeled his shirt off, and threw it aside, with mine.

“Remember, Roze. You’re mine tonight.” The tone that lingered beneath those words matched the fire that shone in his eyes. He slid his pants off, revealing his hard cock. As soon as I saw him, he disappeared beneath the covers, his thumbs latching onto my pants and underwear, pulling them down together. I was now fully naked.

I felt his lips first graze over my feet… slowly moving up my legs, over my knees… skimming up my thighs… I lifted the covers, throwing them to the side to see what he was doing. He caught my eye, looking up at me, and his lips came within a breath of my dripping wet pussy, and he whispered…

“Try not to scream…”

And he was on me.

His tongue drove me crazy. He thrashed over my clit, relentlessly pushing me closer to the edge. I was trying so desperately not to scream, as little whispering moans escaped my throat. He slid one finger in, quickly following with two. He slid them in and out, over and over, moving them rhythmically as his tongue flicked over my clit again and again. And then, he pressed them up towards him. He found my spot. Held it there.

All I needed was one movement.

I was so close.

With one quick twist of his wrist, he latched onto my clit, sucking hungrily as his fingers moved against that spot… I exploded, shaking against his hand, and mouth. Breathing out silence in place of the moan I was longing to give. When I came back down from wherever it was he had sent me, he was staring up at me, the fire that had been in his eyes before now burning brighter. I grabbed his hair, pulling him up to me and kissing him hard on the mouth.

I rolled us over, grinding my hips against his cock, like I had done earlier in the club. Only this time, the wetness dripping from my cunt trickled down his dick. Each time, more and more as my pussy rubbed against his cock again and again. My clit was so sensitive from just having come, Brazzers that all it took was a moment of his cock sliding against just the right spot, and I came again…

As I slid down off of another high, I also slid down his body, not hesitating as I took my tongue and slid it up his cock, lapping up every drop I had left there. I spent several long minutes tracing his cock with my tongue, making sure I had cleaned it of my juices. I tasted delicious… He tasted delicious… I took him in my mouth at last.

Sucking his dick was like sucking on candy. I loved every inch of his beautiful cock as it slid in and out of my mouth…

I could feel him pulsing, as the head of his cock pressed against my throat. And the sounds he was making as I toyed with him, with lips, teeth, and tongue, had me on the edge all over again.

I needed him inside me.

I came back up to him, laying next to him as his hand found my pussy again, rubbing me to prepare me for what was next. A few more minutes of teasing touches, and his hand moved to my hip, pulling me over him, and the head of his cock met my pussy. I slowly slid down… taking inch by slow inch into me… my head falling back, my hair brushing over my shoulders…

I started to ride, looking down at him as his hands rested on my hips.

“Ahh, fuck Roze. You feel so good.”

“Mmmm, you do too, baby.”

I decided to tease him. I moved my hips up, so just the head was in.

And I froze.

I came down to his ear, traced my tongue over it, and whispered…

“You want this pussy, baby?”

“Oh GOD yes!”

“That’s not good enough. Do you. Want. This. Pussy.”

“Please, Roze. Please give me your pussy. Fuck me. Please Fuck me!”

I slammed down, gasping as I began to pump on his cock. I fucked him hard. Fast. I drove him closer to the edge with every stroke. I kissed him passionately, trying to keep us both quiet as I fucked him into oblivion.

He moved lightning fast, meeting every thrust of mine with one more powerful of his own. I was going to cum soon. Very soon.

I started to tremble as he pounded against that sweet spot deep in my pussy. He brought his body up to mine, wrapping his arms around my waist, bringing me down harder onto him. His hand covered my mouth as I opened it to moan. And I came, quivering over his cock as the waves of delicious pleasure crashed over my body.

He flipped us back over, and put my ankles over his shoulders. He plunged back into me, somehow getting deeper than before, making me cum again, almost instantly. Within minutes he was throbbing inside me, ready to cum.

“Where do you want it, baby?”

“MMMmmmmmmmmmmm, cum all over me… I want it all over me!”

He pulled out, and stroked it once, twice, three times, and he shot his load all over me. It spilled out onto my tits, my mouth, my belly. I moaned as I looked up at him, giggling quietly as he smiled at me. I cleaned myself up, wiping the cum off of me, and licking it off my fingers.


And that was only round one…

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