Twang in Haste, Jean for Leisure???

Big Dick

How could I have done something so stupid? Day-dreaming, and I did it…..

Our company believes in sending staff away to conferences – but only to cheap ones. In Spartan surroundings. And this had been no different. They had decided that the head of our branch – Jean – and I – second in charge – should go to this conference. We had travelled separately on the Friday evening, had enjoyed the conference and got a surprising amount from the conference, returning home on the Sunday evening. But it was early Sunday morning when I did it.

It was the sort of conference centre where there was half a dozen single rooms on a corridor, all sharing a tea-making kitchen. I had decided to make a cup about seven o-clock, had wandered to the kitchen in trousers and T-shirt, only to find Jean already there. It was seven in the morning – I was in a daze, I did what I would have done at home to the wife – I twanged her bra-strap through her blouse! Without thinking. How could I have been so stupid?

Jean was a good boss. She was in her late thirties and as far as I was aware lived on her own, and had done well for herself. She kept a bit aloof from the office where we worked, was quiet and reserved and dressed in a reserved way, but treated her staff fairly and well. In our office there were about 10 women of various ages and three men (including me) – it was a nice place to work, although we all, at this stage, kept our relationships separate from our work relationships. She was a good boss, but she was bound to react.

“What are you doing?” she demanded. “Why did you do that? Keep your hands off me.”

I spluttered my apologies, said how I hadn’t meant to do it. “Hadn’t meant to do it? What did you mean to do?”. It took several minutes to calm her down, to explain how I did that to my wife, that I’d done it without thinking.

In the end Jean stormed off, and sat the other side of the conference hall from me for the rest of the day, avoiding me at meal and coffee times. She left without having spoken to me for the rest of the Sunday. There was just a little corner of my mind which nagged away – was the anger just anger………..

The following day, because of the conference, I went into work late at lunchtime. Jean was already there in her office – she gave a formal and stiff wave, but her face was far from friendly. As she waved I heard a sound behind me – someone had twanged a strap. When I turned to see who, the rest of girls in the office, plus Steve and Brian, had their heads down, apparently working hard, but there was a hint of sniggers from some of them. It happened for the rest of the day whenever I wasn’t looking – the sound of straps twanging, sniggers, until I disappeared into my office.

The following day the jokes continued – I found a massive bra on my chair in the morning. Pieces of elastic lying around. And of course there was the innuendos – “…….would you like to stretch a point……” and sniggering. Clearly Jean had told them. With me she was very formal, businesslike, but allowed no other interaction. But there was something, something which suggested I needed to gerçek porno prepare in case…….

On Thursday evening before leaving work Jean and I normally get together to discuss the weeks work, what ends need to be tidied up, what needed to be set up for the next week. Through the week there had been no let up in the jokes. She came and sat in my office as usual across the desk from me.

We talked formally of business, we planned, we sorted what needed to be sorted, and as we did so I saw all the rest of the staff leave the office. When we were the only two people left, I got up from my seat, went around the desk, then sat on the desk in front of Jean looking down at her.

“Why did you tell them about the bra strap”. I spoke in my most domineering voice, pointing to the general office. Jean looked stunned, her mouth opening and closing without saying anything. I peered down at her. “Why did you tell them?”

She stuttered – “I didn’t mean to, it just came out…….”

I was quite angry. “Just came out?” I shouted at her. “Why didn’t you tell them I’d grabbed your tits at the same time?” There was a long pause and silence. “Well?”

Jean stopped her mouth moving and looked to the floor. Again after a pause I continued. “I bet you didn’t tell them because that is what you want me to do.”

She looked up suddenly. “What? I didn‘t tell them that because you didn‘t do that……” She stammered.

I spoke evenly again. “I bet you didn’t tell them that because you really do want me to grope your tits.” Jean was quiet as I moved off the desk, sat on a chair beside her and turned her chair to face me.

“Listen to me”, I spoke more kindly to her. “You can simply walk out of this room and we will never talk about this again; you can walk out of this room and get me the sack for sexual harassment. I will not stop you.” I paused. “But I think the truth is you really do want me to grope your tits – they are really gorgeous tits – and maybe do more……….”

There was silence for several seconds. Again I broke the silence. “Do you want to leave?”

Her voice was barely a whisper. “No – I would like to stay”.

I reached my hands out and cupped her tits through her blouse and began to squeeze and caress them gently – they were a perfect fit in my hands, and as I gently squeezed her nipples they hardened immediately. I watched as Jean’s eyes glazed, her breathing hardening as I worked those glorious tits of hers. After a few moments I undid her blouse and pulled it apart, then simply scooped the tits out of her bra. They looked even better in the flesh.

Again I let my hands roam all over her tits, pinching the nipples, squeezing gently, but getting slightly more rough with them. Whatever I did just seemed to make her breathe more heavily. I stood up, held her tits and pulled her to her feet with them. I quickly removed her blouse, then removed her bra. I leant forward and took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to nibble and suck, while my hand held her other tit. After a couple of minutes I transferred my mouth to her other nipple, gay porno but this time my hands undid her skirt, and dropped it to the floor, then pushed her panties down as far as I could, then they dropped to the floor around her ankles. I stood back, admiring her now completely naked.

I walked around behind Jean, and cupped her tits again and pulled her hard to me. Then pulled her to the carpeted floor of my office, then quickly undressed.

I lay beside her, kissing her on the lips, my hands now busy all over her body. With my knee I forced her legs apart, my fingers momentarily playing in her pubic hair, before disappearing between her legs. As I kissed I felt the wetness between her legs, gently pinched the lips of her pussy, before plunging two fingers as far as I could into her. As my fingers slid inside I heard her moan into my ear. I explored inside her pussy with my fingers, then let my thumb rest on her clitoris. As my thumb began to move I heard her gasp, moan, then cry out “This is so good”. I felt her legs widen as far as they could of their own accord.

I allowed my thumb to circle her clitoris as my fingers began to fuck her. She was so wet that my fingers slid in and out easily. It was so easy I managed to slide a third, then a fourth finger inside. I stopped for a moment and ordered her – “Squeeze my fingers”. She responded immediately, moaning as she did so.

Again I finger fucked her for a few more moments, my thumb on her clitoris, then after moving myself lower down, I pulled my fingers almost out, put my thumb to my fingers and pushed hard. She was so tight around my hand but I did not let go the pressure, instead increasing the pressure all the time. Suddenly she gave way and my whole fist was inside her. She gasped in pain at the invasion, but slowly relaxed, until she was squeezing my hand and moaning is ecstasy, begging for more.

I left my fist inside her, my fingers rippling against the inside walls of her pussy and put my tongue to her clitoris and began to lick it as hard as I could. Within seconds she screamed, her body shuddered and kept shuddering as an orgasm overwhelmed her. It felt like my hand was being crushed as the muscles of her pussy contracted and released over and over.

At last her body relaxed, my fist still inside her. After a few moments I slowly removed my hand, and gently ran the pussy-soaked hand all over Jean’s face, and through her hair. I don’t think she was even aware of what I was doing – if she was she didn’t object.

After she had recovered I whispered that it was my turn. I roughly pulled her onto her hands and knees, spread her legs wide, put my cock to her pussy and thrust deep inside in one go. I was amazed – even after being fisted, she still felt so tight and sweet. I reached around and began to play with her clitoris as I slowly began to move my cock in and out. I let my finger caress her asshole, then licked it and pushed my finger deep inside her. Jean was so far gone she would enjoy anything at this stage, so I thrust my cock in and out, my finger playing on her clitoris, evli porno my finger plunging in and out of her asshole – I could feel my finger and cock moving against each other through the membrane. Within seconds she screamed out again as a second orgasm overcame her, her muscles contracting on my finger and cock. I just managed to stop myself coming, and pulled out of her pussy.

Again Jean needed some moments to recover, but this time I lay her on her back, aimed my cock to her mouth, then fell into a sixty nine, my cock, coated with my pre-cum and her juices, plunging deep into her mouth. Within seconds I had my mouth clamped to her pussy, my cock plunging in and out of her mouth, her tongue working on my cock – she was really good. I transferred my tongue to her clitoris, thrust my cock in and out of her lips, and in seconds I could feel my cum rising. I thrust harder, and as I felt myself come I felt Jean’s body shuddering again. We came together as I filled her mouth with my cum, she swallowing hard to take it all in. It was several seconds before we rolled apart, both exhausted.

We lay together many minutes, then Jean said – I need to go home. I looked at the time – it was time to go as well. Jean thanked me and admitted I had made her do so much more than she’d ever done before. Fisting, her ass being penetrated – she had never even had a man cum in her mouth before. She was insistent however – this could not be repeated………..

After Jean had left I went over to the cupboard which I had prepared earlier – with a two-way mirror on the front, my video camera inside………………..

Two weeks later my wife Judy and I had invited all the office to a Bar-b-que. Judy and I enjoyed the adventures we both had, enjoyed sharing our adventures, and sometimes indulged ourselves with a third person when making love. She had loved the videos, it had led to some really hot sex between us. She had wanted every detail – and in the end wanted Jean as well. It was her idea to have the bar-b-que.

Jean and I had said nothing in the office, nothing had been repeated. Surprisingly everyone had come along to the bar-b-que. We ate well, we drank wine, we chatted, we laughed. It was as the evening drew in that I mentioned I had a special video I wanted to show. After a bit of moving around and getting drinks, I got everyone settled in front of our large screen TV. I turned the video on, and quickly the room went silent, with just Jean saying no, but stuck to her chair in shock. I had spent a lot of time editing the video to get it as I wanted it. There on the screen was film of Jean allowing her tits to be caressed, undressed, on the floor begging to be fisted, being fucked doggy style, sucking cock and swallowing cum. And I had not tried to hide that it was me doing the caressing and the fisting and the fucking. At first the others had been shocked into silence. Then there was a sense that the silence had changed to fascination. Then the silence changed to arousal. Then, as the video ended, the silence became congratulations and clapping. Jean sat in shock, in terror, in acute and total embarassment, but it was clear even she was fully aroused by what she had seen. Suddenly she felt pleased that it had been so good, and so impressed her staff. She would still be the boss, but perhaps our office would change completely now. And the evening was only beginning………..

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