Two Go Wild in Bali Ch. 2


The next morning I awoke early and feeling surprisingly clear-headed considering. There was a body in the bed beside mine which was unfamiliar, and when after a moment the events of the previous night came back to me I did feel a stab of guilt – as much for Jenny as me. It wasn’t to last. As I was lying there, thinking about how to get the guys to leave without too much embarrassment, I heard stirring from the other side of the screen.

‘Roger?’ I heard Jenny whisper. ‘Is Sally awake too?’ I was, but not yet ready to talk so I said nothing. ‘No, I don’t think so,’ he whispered back. ‘Steve’s gone,’ she hissed. ‘I expect he needs to pack.’ ‘Oh yes,’ Jenny said, clearly remembering.

I think I was drifting in and out of sleep at this stage, then I heard again ‘Roger, are you asleep again.’ ‘No, that was Sally – she’s snoring a bit.’ ‘Oh,’ said Jenny. Then ‘I’m a bit lonely over here!’ That woke me up all right. Surely Jenny wasn’t so randy after last night she would… Roger clearly thought so, for I felt him disentangling himself from the sheets which were kind of wrapped around us and sliding ever so slowly out of the bed. There was the sound of bare feet on the tiled floor, then the unmistakable sound of someone sitting on a bed. My senses, as you can imagine, were now totally alert. What was Jenny going to say to this presumably nude man who had just arrived on her bed?

The answer turned out to be a very simple ‘hello’, whispered presumably out of respect for my presumed sleep. There were some sliding noises, then Jenny’s familiar giggle. ‘Pleased to see me,’ she said. And then there were a lot of moving noises, under cover of which I changed my own position to lie on my back so my ears were both free to listen. I couldn’t see anything thanks to the screen and I’m not a voyeur usually, but I was certainly to going to listen this time – I was actually almost laughing I was so amused. This was Jenny, my ‘couldn’t do that’ friend! It appeared she could – twice – and the second time with someone she didn’t really know at all!

Jenny was still giggling a little but there was no noise from Roger at all. He was obviously doing something though, for I heard an echo of last night’s groan and thought well, she’s not going to forget this holiday. Neither was I, I smiled, for the enjoyment of knowing Jenny was letting herself go away from her horrible husband at last was providing me with a vicarious thrill too. Well, maybe not so vicarious, I admitted, as I recalled that last night I was where Jenny presumably was now – wrapped around Roger’s cock. The thought was a bit naughty but not unpleasant, and I was aware that I was already enjoying a certain amount of self-stimulation…

Some appreciative “mmmm’s” were now coming from the other side of the screen, and I felt quite envious now. I knew the joy of early morning sex only too well and, dammit, I knew that cock too. It wasn’t fair – I couldn’t Porno 64

even see! I opened my eyes and glared at the partition. That’s when the obvious struck me. There was a long mirror over the dressing table/desk running over the foot of both our beds and if I moved just a little, surely… Given the noise now coming from next door, I didn’t think my movements would be heard as I slid quietly down to the foot of the bed.

It turned out to be better than I could have hoped for. Not only could I see the reflection in the mirror, but the long glass doors gave me a second, side-on view. We hadn’t pulled the nets the previous night and the shutters were on the outside, so there was quite a clear reflection in the glass too. I could see them both from two angles, and realised that my assumptions were wrong – they were stretched out in a long 69, and the “mmm’s” from Jenny were muffled by the fleshy rod in her mouth.

I had never thought Jenny was into oral from the hints she had given, but perhaps that was just with her husband for she certainly looked enthusiastic enough now. She was teasing Roger with her tongue, sliding it up the side, over the top and down again in a way that I enjoy doing myself, and all the time Roger was growing to his full potential. It still wasn’t enormous, but I remembered the eagerness with which I had welcomed it last night and I stirred against my own hand.

In the mirror, all I could see was the top of Roger’s head as he burrowed into Jenny’s pussy, and from the occasional little jerks of her legs I imagined he was doing a good job. At least she was getting some foreplay, I smiled. Then I looked at how Roger had grown in her mouth and how good it looked as she put her lips around him and I did feel jealous, I admit. I wanted to have his tongue on my pussy and his cock in my mouth, and I wanted a repeat of last night’s frenzied, furious bang… I wanted to feel his balls on my thighs and his hardness pummelling me and above all I wanted to scream and cry out again as I came and he poured hot cum into me and I came again… but it was just me and my fingers on my side of the screen and all I could do was watch… It was a particularly refined form of torture and it seemed to last for hours, that long slow licking and the little squeaks and slurps and all the little noises of people trying to have sex without anyone hearing.

But I could hear and I could see and I felt I had earned my position as voyeur. Roger’s head was moving more now, licking Jenny to a new level, and I noticed her own mouth had almost stopped so intent was she upon enjoying the tongue between her legs. Perhaps Roger felt this was too much one way, for he slowed then lifted his head. I thought for a moment he must see me in the mirror for I could see him, his upper lip and chin moist and shiny, and I could see Jenny’s red pussy bare and open to his tongue, but he gave no sign Konulu Porno of having noticed me as he raised himself from Jenny’s face and swung round on the bed.

Seen from behind like this his cock looked bigger than it had seemed last night, not that I had long to consider it. Jenny’s ringed fingers appeared from between their bodies, wrapped themselves around him and pulled him straight into her with no hesitation. He grunted and she gasped and I thought, well that noise would have woken me up if I hadn’t already been awake!

Although all that tonguing had shown a different side to Roger from the one I had experienced, it appeared that he only knew one way to fuck and Jenny certainly wasn’t going to mind that. It was weird seeing this, I thought as I looked in the mirror, like seeing myself a few hours ago. If I looked at the first reflection I could see mainly Roger’s bottom, but as Jenny spread her legs wide and raised her hips from my low viewpoint I could actually see his cock penetrating her swollen lips. It looked… well, I’d never actually watched this before, and I’d never been a fan of blue movies, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. It looked very basic, animalistic, and of course I recalled that was how it had felt too. As he started to pump in and out of her I was surprised by the tautness of the muscles of his bottom, and by how hard he was thrusting. I had felt it before but seeing it… my fingers were moving harshly on my pussy now, crushing my clit almost savagely and my teeth I knew were clenched.

In the other reflection I could see a more side-on view. Roger was on his elbows and from here too the sheer physicality of the act was evident. Jenny’s small breasts lurched with each thrust. As I watched she drew her legs up and twisted her head and I could see the look on her face. How to describe that look? Her mouth was stretched wide, her teeth white, a grimace that would have been agony had it not been for the little noises she was making and the way her hands were moving on Roger’s back. She was clawing him as if trying to drag him deeper inside her with every thrust. Her head was bouncing and, as I watched, she started moving it wildly from side to side, her hair flying about her.

Then I watched as Roger put his hands on her arms and held her down and that was when she had no choice left but to take the fucking he was giving her. I looked back in the mirror.. I couldn’t believe the sheer force he was using. He was pounding into her, hammering her poor pussy so hard, and I could see his cock quite clearly each time he pulled back, an angry dark reddy-purple, more like a weapon than an instrument of love. But who was I kidding? This wasn’t love, this was a simple old-fashioned caveman fuck, and Jenny was submitting like an old fashioned cavegirl. No, she wasn’t submitting, she was loving it. Even as I watched I could see her tensing up, her Porno İndir legs jerking and then going rigid, her mouth opening in a long noiseless scream, the scream of release, of lust, of happy orgasm.

But Roger wasn’t paying any attention to that, selfish pig, for he just went on fucking and fucking and fucking, long beyond the point where it has passed from pleasure to pain for the woman. Jenny was making a noise now, couldn’t help herself, almost crying, but Roger still slammed into her body faster and faster, harder and harder, till I thought either Jenny or the bed must break. Her head was forced against the headboard and she looked so uncomfortable but between her legs that cock was pistoning in and out no thought but itself, no aim but to cum. And cum it did. Like me Jenny had no choice, pinned to the bed as she was, and when Roger tensed and banged into her and held it there, his back rigid, Jenny bowed up under his pressure, he was able to shoot right into her womb. Remembering the night before I must admit I was a little frightened and yet at the same time the thought of that creamy gusher brought on my own climax. No-one would hear me whimpering, I thought, under Roger’s grunts and gasps as he thrust and pumped, his hands tensed white on Jenny’s arms.

I looked at Jenny’s face. Amazingly, she had lost the fear now and instead she was, incredibly, smiling, a broad, wicked grin as she felt Roger emptying himself into her. For a moment her eyes opened and she appeared to be looking right at me in the mirror. But I doubt if she was focusing and her eyes soon closed again and she sighed loudly and, to my ears, very happily. Just as well she couldn’t focus, I thought, thinking of me lying there across the bed, legs apart, fingers still stroking myself and bringing me down gently. She wouldn’t want me to see her, crushed and fucked and satiated on the next door bed – would she?

But Roger was moving now, and I felt I had to move too before I was seen for real. I heard a “uh- uhhh” from him, and the romantic words “Christ, that was a good fuck.” As I pulled the covers over myself and feigned sleep again I wondered how he would compare us, the two married ladies he had screwed in the same room just hours apart. Would he get home and boast about it to his mates? Would anybody believe him? I grinned. Were Jenny and I to be the subject of bar room fantasy? Well, I had been there before, and it would be a long way away so it didn’t matter.

What did matter – to me – was that my friend Jenny had broken away from her awful husband for a few hours and enjoyed the attentions of not one but two lovers of her own. I felt a bit responsible for that – and just a bit proud, too. The wicked smile on Jenny’s face when Roger was coming was evidence enough that she had experienced something to dream about when she got home. And she had had Ralph, too. She wouldn’t be dancing so easily tonight, I thought naughtily, not with all the pummelling her pussy had received in the last eight hours. Nor, I realised, would I, for now my own tingling had gone I realised that Roger had probably left both his conquests sore and bruised. He was right, though – Christ, it had been a good fuck!

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