Two Wheel Desires Ch. 10


It was late Friday evening when Brock called me from the Indianapolis airport. His commuter flight from Chicago had just landed and he was making his way through baggage claim. He was quite excited at hearing I was coming to his home Saturday for the cook-out and to meet his twin girls, Casey and Cassandra. We chatted for almost a half hour before concluding our conversation.

Saturday morning, I awoke after a restful night’s sleep. All I could think of was meeting Brock’s kids and hoping I’d make a good impression. I’d chosen my wardrobe carefully, wanting to look nice for them without being overdressed. On the other hand, I didn’t want to look too casual either. Dark dress slacks and a print blouse with minimal make-up and jewelry seemed most appropriate. Black high-heels, which I almost always wore, complimented my attire.

Driving east on the interstate towards Greenfield, I kept running the do’s and don’ts through my mind. My hands were perspiring the closer I got to my exit. Finding Brocks home, north of the community, wasn’t a problem. Barbara’s directions had been very clear.

Brock came running out as soon as I pulled into the driveway at his ranch style house. He was at my car door within seconds, waiting anxiously for me. Glancing at the front door, I saw two little girls, standing side by side, peering out at me. Brock pulled me into his arms, holding me tightly against him. We kissed but only briefly. It helped settle my nerves.

“You look fantastic!” Brock complimented. “Did you dress for me or for the kids?”

“For the kids, of course.” I responded as the two of us walked towards the house. “I wanted to look especially nice for them.”

The girls, dressed in striped t-shirts and fresh bib overalls, stood nervously by while Brock introduced me to his sister, Barbara. Wearing maternity clothes, she looked about seven months pregnant. She was younger than Brock, guessing her age at around twenty-three. Barbara was very personable, smiling pleasantly and thanking me for coming.

I shook hands with the girls, who seemed quite shy. They had their father’s looks, the same dark hair and the same bright blue eyes. I was at a loss for words, forgetting what I’d rehearsed to say. It was awkward but only for a moment.

“Where’s your motorcycle?” Casey inquired, looking a little disappointed that I’d driven my Mercedes.

“Well, I thought I’d drive my car this time.” I replied. “I promise I’ll ride one out the next time.”

“Is it a Harley?” Cassandra asked, hoping for a positive answer.

“Yes. One of them is.” I answered with a grin.

The girls rattled off motorcycle questions faster than I could answer them. I didn’t mind, thankful they were keeping the conversation ongoing. Taking me by the hand they wanted to show me their bedroom, which they shared. It was all typical kids stuff, something I’d missed when I was their age. Brock finally interrupted their continuing barrage of questions and comments, ushering them outside to their swingset.

“That went really good!” Barbara declared. “They took right up with you!”

“I was worried they wouldn’t.” I asserted with a sigh of relief. “I haven’t been around children all that much.”

“Just be yourself.” Brock suggested, putting his arm around my waist and pulling me close. “You’ll do fine.”

The three of us stepped out onto the patio, sitting down where we could watch the girls playing. Sipping soft drinks, I noted an extra big smile on Brock’s face, like he was hiding something.

“How was your trip to Chicago?” I asked, thinking his extreme happiness might have something to do with his trip.

“It was great!” Brock replied, clasping my hand. “I’ve been offered a promotion!”

“Really! That’s wonderful!” I exclaimed, squeezing his hand. “What’re you gonna be doing?”

“Barton Pharmaceuticals wants to open a branch office in Indianapolis.” He responded. “They’ve asked me to head it up.”

“It’s more money and I won’t have to be driving all over the state.” He added. “That’ll give me more time to spend with the kids. I wanna buy a house right away, maybe a new one that’s never been lived in. I’m so fed up with renting.”

I was happy for Brock, feeling he was getting the recognition he deserved. He talked about the details of the meetings he’d attended the previous day, recanting conversations with the firm’s upper management.

With the twins joining us, we changed the conversation to talking about school. The girls told me all about their teacher, their classmates and the goings-on at school. As the afternoon progressed, the girls went back to playing while Brock fired up the grille.

Barbara and I prepared food in the kitchen, which gave us a chance to talk in private. Brock’s sister didn’t pull any punches, filling me in on Karen. I was surprised to learn their marriage wasn’t all that Brock had said it was. Evidently, Karen’s priorities were money-based and Brock wasn’t making the kind of money she felt she deserved. Barbara commented about Brock being hd porno quite lonely since his wife’s death but he concealed it whenever the girls were around.

Learning some of the dark secrets about Brock and his wife, I remembered certain things that happened or were said that I thought odd at the time. He always held me tight, like I was going to get away. He massaged me during sex, prolonging our shared pleasures and some things we did seemed new to him. Hearing Barbara’s comments, things were falling into place.

With the food prepared, we sat outside at the picnic table. The steaks were fantastic, cooked to perfection but I think the girls would just as soon have had hotdogs or hamburgers. The gobbled up the French fries and vegetables, barely touching anything else.

“How far along are you?” I asked Barbara.

“Seven and a half months.” She replied. “Seven and a half long months.”

“Raymond will be home on leave just about the time Barb’s ready to have it.” Brock stated. “He wants to be in the delivery room when she goes into labor.”

“You got any kids?” Cassandra asked, stuffing her mouth with French fries.

“No, I’m afraid not.” I answered, hoping she wouldn’t push the issue.

“Why not?” She inquired.

“Hon, you shouldn’t ask those kind of questions.” Brock interrupted before I could answer.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind answering.” I assured Brock.

“I don’t have any children because my husband didn’t want any.” I stated.

She bought my answer, not asking anymore questions. I was surprised at how easy it was to deal with Brock’s children. If they asked a question, I’d just give them a straight answer. Beating around the bush or evading a question would just make them that much more inquisitive.

That evening we all sat in the livingroom, watching a rented DVD and eating popcorn. Brock allowed the girls to stay up until 10:00pm but they were zapped out well before then. Barbara volunteered to put the girls to bed so her brother and I could have a little quiet time.

“Well, what’d you think of my girls?” Brock inquired, putting his arm around me. “Be truthful and don’t worry about hurting my feelings.”

“They’re wonderful!” I responded. “I can’t get over how well we got along. I worried about it all day yesterday.”

“Their questions didn’t bother you?” He asked. “They often get carried away.”

“Nope. Not a bit.” I answered, squeezing his hand. “If they hadn’t of asked any questions, I’d have taken it that they didn’t much care for me.”

“The girls really like you.” Barbara spoke out, rejoining us in the livingroom. “They asked me if you were coming back tomorrow. I’d take that as a good sign.”

“How about it?” Brock asked. “Will you?”

“Sure. Why not?” I replied.

“Maybe you guys could look at some model homes?” Barbara suggested. “At least get a look at what’s on the market.”

“Yeah. That’s not a bad idea.” Brock asserted. “Whatta you think Kaitlyn?”

“Maybe we should wait and decide in the morning.” I proposed, squeezing Brock’s hand. “After the two of us have slept on it.”

“Hmmm. Now that’s an idea I really like!” Brock exclaimed, kissing me softly on the lips. “You wanna go back to your place?”

He didn’t have to ask twice. Saying good night to Barbara, we hurried out the door. I tossed Brock my car keys, asking him to drive. With Brock behind the wheel, we made it back to my apartment in less than thirty minutes.

Entering my apartment, Brock pulled me into his arms. Our kisses were passionate, tearing at our clothes with our lips still pressed against each other’s. We never made it to the bedroom. Pushing Brock down on the couch, I straddled him, pressing my bare breasts into his face. His mouth clamped down on one of my nipples, sucking the life out of it.


I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy through my panties. Gyrating my hips, I felt him grow even harder. Brock sucked on my other nipple, flicking it back and forth with his tongue. I was going out of my mind, wanting him to fuck me…wanting him to make love to me.

Brock tore at the string sides of my panties, ripping them apart. Raising up, I slipped my hand between my legs, guiding his rigid fuck pole into my pussy. My juices lubricated his cock, allowing me to impale myself with little effort.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” I moaned, sliding down on his shaft.

I lifted my hips, then slammed myself down on him, driving his wonderful cock deep inside me. Brock held my waist, giving me an extra boost upward so I could long stroke his dick. I came within moments, screaming out his name. My fingers dug into his shoulders, causing him to cry out in pain.

I kept fucking him harder and harder, grinding my pussy up and down on his cock. Brock plunged his cock upwards, lifting my heated body completely off the couch. Still holding me by the waist, he pumped his cock into me like a jackhammer. I sex izle came again, this time much harder, biting his shoulder as the sexual gratification ripped through my entire body.


Brock still hadn’t climaxed, his stamina much more than I could match. I collapsed lifeless in his arms, still straddling his cock. Picking me up, he stretched me out on the sofa, spreading my legs wide. He slid his cock out of me, letting me see my juices glistening on his shaft. Plunging into me, he slammed his cock to my inner depths. His hot balls pressed hard against my ass, grinding them into me. Brock was uncontrollable, relentlessly fucking me harder and harder. I grabbed for his butt, digging my fingernails into him. Spurred on by the pain, he fucked me with long, hard strokes, jolting my entire body.

“GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” He moaned, finally reaching his climax. “KATEEEEEEEE!”

Hot cum spewed from his cock, filling my pussy with his love cream. Brock kept pumping his cock into me, gradually coming to a stop. His arms braced himself over me, his eyes were tightly closed. We shared the last moments of our sexual ecstasies, trying to catch our breaths.

“Well, so much for foreplay.” Brock quipped, smiling down at me. “Let’s head for the bedroom.”

Pulling his cock slowly out of my pussy, a long strand of cum dangled from the head before breaking off and falling to the floor.

It took all the strength I had left to get to my feet, even with Brock’s assistance. I’d never felt so sexually exhausted. Brock’s cum was flowing from my pussy, streaking down my legs.

We made our way to the bedroom, not bothering to turn on the lights. I pulled the comforter off the bed before climbing onto it. Brock positioned me on my tummy, stuffing a pillow underneath me. I realized he wasn’t kidding about his remark. He wanted to fuck me again!

Spreading my legs, I felt his presence between them. Holding his cock, which wasn’t completely hard, he pushed it into me. It felt wonderful, bringing renewed sexual desires. Slowly and gently, he fucked me until his cock hardened like a steel shaft. I rocked back against him with each plunge, matching him stroke for stroke until we were slamming into each other. Loud smacking sounds filled the bedroom as we climbed towards our sexual peak.

Brock was nearing his climax much faster than my tired body could work up another orgasm. But it didn’t matter if I came or not. All I wanted was to sexually satisfy my lover. It wasn’t long before Brock’s stamina finally gave out. His cum, warm and thick, poured from his cock. It was absolute ecstasy feeling his juices inside me. He collapsed on top of me, moaning softly as his climax faded. Neither of us moved, too tired to move a muscle. I fell asleep with Brock laying on top me, the pillow crushed beneath my hips.

I awoke Sunday morning to the sound of the shower running. Easing myself out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom. Brock was just stepping out, reaching for a bathtowel.

“How about I fix us some breakfast?” He suggested. “Then we can decide what we wanna do the rest of the day.”

While I showered, I heard Brock fixing breakfast in the kitchen. The smell of bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing tantalized my senses, making me hungrier than ever. Drying myself off, I slipped on a robe before joining him.

“Hope you’re hungry!” He exclaimed with a smile.

“I’m famished.” I responded, sitting down at the table. “I’ve never been so hungry.”

We both ate like we were starved, trying to replenish our energy.

“Whatta you think about looking around at houses today?” Brock inquired. “We could pick up the girls and tour some model homes.”

“Sounds great!” I responded. “Do you have an idea about where you want to relocate?”

“Where would you like to relocate?” Brock asked with a grin.

“I was just thinking…it’d be nice if we lived close.” He stammered.

“I’m not moving.” I responded. “I’m fine right where I am.”

“Would you consider living together?” He asked. “It’d save you money not having to rent an apartment.”

“I don’t think that’d be a very good idea.” I replied. “Not because I wouldn’t want to but because of the girls. It wouldn’t look right to them. At their age, they’re very impressionable.”

“Are you afraid they’ll think you’re not a good person?” Brock questioned. “Is that it?”

“That and the fact I wouldn’t feel right making love to their father with them in the house.” I affirmed. “It just wouldn’t be acceptable to them or for me either.”

“I could have a talk…” Brock started to say.

“NO!” I interrupted him. “I don’t want you trying to explain to your kids why it’s perfectly normal for two people to make love just because they’re consenting adults! They wouldn’t understand and I wouldn’t consider it fair for them.”

Stunned by my response, Brock was in a quandary trying to come up with ideas that would change my mind. It wasn’t going to happen. altyazılı porn There was no way I was going to conform to his wishes. With children in the picture, we had to consider them first.

We finished breakfast in silence. Neither of us said a word, wondering what the other was thinking. After cleaning up the kitchen, I went to the bedroom to get dressed. Brock waited in the livingroom, turning on the television. A few minutes later he sauntered into the bedroom.

“You wanna give me a ride home?” Brock asked. “The girls will be wondering where I am.”

“Yeah. Sure.” I answered, tying my sneakers.

The drive out to Brock’s home was uncomfortable to say the least. Both of us were unhappy with each other and neither of us was about to give in. We didn’t say a word, knowing it would only provoke another argument.

Pulling into Brock’s driveway, I barely had the car stopped before he jumped out, slamming the door without so much as saying good-bye. It was the end of our relationship, the last relationship I’d ever let myself get involved in!

Driving back to my apartment, I cried most of the way, at times nearly losing control of my car. I belittled myself for letting my guard down and falling for someone, someone who’d put their own interests ahead of everything else.

Monday morning, I dreaded going in to work. I hadn’t slept much the night before, dwelling on a relationship that ended in disaster. My morning conversation with Evelyn wasn’t much more than a friendly greeting and a comment about the weather. She sensed something was wrong but Evelyn wasn’t the type to pry.

Heather had called in sick, which for me, was a relief. I wouldn’t have to answer her questions, at least not for another day. Now, if I could only dodge my father, I was fairly confident I could make it through the day.

My computers were still booting up when Lady Luck turned her back on me.

“Well, how’s the bride-to-be?” Dad laughed, barging into my office and plopping down on the couch. “Picked out your bridal gown yet?”

Realizing I wasn’t going to give him an answer, he surmised what had happened. He didn’t say another word or try to comfort me, knowing I’d reject anything he did. Walking to the door he closed it, then sat down across from my desk. Looking out the window, I could feel his eyes looking at me, waiting patiently for me to say something.

“Brock asked me to move in with him.” I mumbled. “I told him no.”

“Because of his children?” My father asked.

“Yeah. It wouldn’t look right to them.” I answered. “It’d be awkward for me too.”

“Well…there’ll be other guys.” Dad commented. “This Brock guy’s just in a rough situation. It’s got to be hard on him having two kids to worry about, balancing a career and trying to find someone to develop a relationship with.”

“You make it sound like I’m the bad guy!” I exclaimed, turning around to face him. “You think I should have said yes?”

“You’re not the bad guy and NO I’m not saying you should have agreed to move in with him.” Dad responded.

“I’m just saying you should have put yourself in Brock’s position.” He added. “Better yet, you should have put yourself in his children’s position. Brock obviously needs someone who loves him and the kids need a mother.”

“Well…it’s too late now.” I proclaimed. “It’s over with.”

“If that’s your decision, I’m not going to say another word.” Dad asserted, rising from his chair.

“If you wanna talk, you know where to find me.” He stated, walking out of my office.

I was allowing my disappointment, as well as my anger, to overrule my better judgment. Brock Townsend was out of my life for good and nothing was going to change that. I knew it was a bad decision but I was going to stick with it.

Over the couple of months, the weather turned much too cold to ride. I was spending my evenings and weekends at the renovation site on East Washington Street, pushing the Outlaws project along. By the end of the year, Kelly and I had the first level completed and were preparing to interview tattoo artists and sales personnel.

The first floor of Outlaws was partitioned off to accommodate a large sales floor for leather goods, including motorcycle accessories, a tattoo parlor, a showroom for used Harleys and a large area for indoor motorcycle parking. All we had left was to interview personnel to fill the open positions. I left that chore to Kelly so I could work on the second and third floors.

I was putting in fifty hours a week at Regency and another thirty hours at Outlaws. It was taking its toll on me but it kept my mind off other things.

By late March, the weather was still cold but warmer weather was just a few weeks away and so was the grand opening of Outlaws. The second floor of the building accommodated two bars, a large dance floor, restrooms and a stage for live bands. The top floor provided for another bar, numerous pool tables and pinball machines, restrooms, an office and storage area.

Liz Mitchell, Cory’s wife, had quit her job as a nurse technician and joined us to put the finishing touches on the biker nightclub. She took on the job of managing all the first floor operations while Kelly managed the second and third floors.

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