Under Maggie’s Desk


I had only been working at what we jokingly call “the company” (said phrase always being accompanied by a sarcastic chuckle) for about three months at the time my story begins. I’d met Maggie several times in the course of my duties there, but only briefly and had exchanged only work-related discourse. In the last few weeks, however, we’ve seen more of each other and have gotten a sort of friendly bantering going on between us.

One day I walked into her office with some paperwork to give her, and found her sitting at her desk with her shoes off and her legs up on her desk, rubbing her feet together as if they were in a bit of discomfort. I made some usual off-the-cuff remark and she returned the favor, adding with a wicked grin that if I were any kind of gentleman I’d offer to rub her feet for her. I chuckled and said that I had a lot to do, but if I had had the time, I’d gladly soothe her achy tootsies. Her grin widened and she asserted that I was just like all men, making promises I’d never keep. With a wink, I mentioned that I had the next day off, and if she needed her feet massaged then she could call me that night to let me know and I’d come in just to pamper her achy feet. While we both chuckled at that, we did exchange sly glances. When she stopped chuckling, she leaned back in her chair, beamed a truly wicked grin at me and said, “Ok, I will….I’ll call you tonight.”

I figured she was just keeping the joke going, and when I left her office I felt like a total idiot. If I hadn’t made a complete dunce out of myself, I was still pretty sure she’d never call. She was nothing if not a tease and a jokester. I thought it was all just our usual quipping and that was it. Needless to say, she didn’t call that night, but the following day, at around 1pm or so, I did receive a phone call from the lovely Maggie. I was surprised to say the least, but I got a tingle from just hearing her voice. She came right to the point, saying she’d had a terrible day, and if my offer to rub her feet was sincere, and not just another “man-lie” as she called it, that she’d really like me to come in and keep my word. Incredulous, I asked if she was serious. When she said, “Very,” I could tell from her tone that she indeed was.

It only took me about half an hour to get to “the company”, and shortly thereafter I found myself knocking on Maggie’s office door. From inside the office, Maggie’s sweet voice invited me in. When I walked in, I found Maggie at her desk as usual, but grinning from ear to ear. She said, “Wow…that was quick. I have to admit I didn’t think you were serious about coming in just to rub my feet for me.”

“Well,” I replied, “I always keep my promises.”

“Great. Pull up a chair and get started then. My feet are killing me.”

“What, no hello? Just pull up a chair and start rubbing my feet?”

“Well, that was the promise, wasn’t it? I don’t recall chit-chat being a part of it…was it?”

To that, I really had no idea what to reply. I had to admit she had a point. Remembering my words when I made the agreement, I did say I’d come in just to rub her feet. So, all I could do was shrug and pull up a chair next to her desk. No sooner had I positioned the chair next to the desk, and myself in it, than she immediately plopped her high-heeled feet into my lap. She was wearing the sheerest black stockings I’d ever seen under a mid-thigh skirt and black heels. Though her skirt was pretty short, I couldn’t tell if the hose were stockings or pantyhose. Didn’t really matter…whatever they were, they made her legs look great!

Her impatience brought me back to reality. Though she was smiling at my obvious admiration for her legs, her impatient sighs and the wiggling of her feet in my lap spoke volumes that she was anxious to get started. So, with a somewhat sheepish smile, I delayed no longer and began to remove her high heels from her tired feet. The sound of the shoe leather sliding along the heel of her nyloned foot somehow etched itself into my brain for all time. I can still recognize that sound from a mile away even to this day.

Having removed both her shoes, I bent down and placed them on the floor beside the desk. The freeing of her feet from the confines of her high heels alone brought a sigh of relief from Maggie’s sultry lips. And when I had placed her shoes on the floor and sat back up, I was greeted with the sight of Maggie’s feet playfully squirming and wiggling in my lap in anticipation of their much-needed pampering. I couldn’t help but smile.

I grabbed one foot with both my hands….firmly but gently. I began with a gentle rubbing at first, and worked my way up to a firmer and more soothing rub. She sat back in her chair, closed her eyes, and sighed with obvious relief and pleasure. I got a really warm feeling from making her feel so good. The smile on her face as I massaged her foot was worth every bit of effort…even worth going in to work on my day off. As I rubbed her feet, first one, then the other, I couldn’t help türkçe altyazılı porno but admire not only her shapely legs, but the beauty and softness of her feet as well. Her feet were very feminine and lovely, and massaging them was actually a pleasure for me almost as much as it was for her.

After I’d been rubbing her feet for about fifteen or twenty minutes, a knock came at the door. The voice which accompanied the knock was that of our boss, he who we have lovingly dubbed “The Furious Leader” and “The Ogre”….a man who made Satan himself look like a saint. Now the boss had a strict policy of employees not entering the building on days off unless summoned by the High Lord himself….and an even stricter policy of employees not “fraternizing” in any non-business way. So, his knock and growl sent shivers down both our spines. Knowing that the Ogre never waited for a response to his knock, but rather immediately entered after his half-hearted pretense at consideration, I sped into action. Without even thinking, I literally flew off the chair and bolted under Maggie’s desk. It was all either of us could do to keep from laughing out loud, despite the fear-driven adrenaline rush.

The Ogre strode in, huffing self-importantly, and handed Maggie another pile of work, thankfully none the wiser as to what was going on before he entered. He barked and growled out instructions to Maggie, gave her a pathetic self-loving wink and strode back out again, actually having the rare courtesy to close the door behind him. After the door had shut, Maggie and I laughed aloud for several minutes, careful not to be too exuberant in our laughter lest Der Fuhrer return.

When we’d finally stopped laughing, and wiping the tears from our eyes, I started to get out from under the desk. My progress was impeded, however, by something pressing against my shoulder. I cocked my head to see what it was and saw Maggie’s nylon-clad foot pushed squarely against my shoulder, keeping me from getting out from under the desk. I looked up at her, thinking the Ogre had made a silent re-entry into the office and Maggie was keeping me from making an awkward and ill-advised appearance. Instead, I saw a truly wicked grin inhabiting Maggie’s lovely face. She sat there grinning that evil grin, her hand resting against her cheek and her index finger pressed to her lips in an obvious act of contemplation…..of planning. A slight shiver raced along my spine….but not an entirely unpleasant one.

As I tried to fathom what was going on in her lovely head, she sat back in her chair and brought her other leg up, planting her other foot on my other shoulder. I must have had a truly stupid look on my face as she chuckled with glee at whatever look was there. She didn’t stop chuckling until I asked dumbly what was up. The evil grin was still there as she replied, “I’ve always wanted to have a man under my desk to do….things…..for me. Why don’t you just stay there? You can rub my feet from under there, can’t you? Besides, what if you-know-who decides to make another appearance? We might not be so lucky a second time.”

I tried valiantly to reply, but when I opened my mouth, nothing came out. I have to admit, that, in retrospect, the idea of being under Maggie’s desk and doing…things….for her was a deliciously tantalizing one.

So, grinning myself now, I crawled back under the desk. Maggie wasn’t the only one anticipating now. I got as comfortable as I could in that cramped space, made more difficult by Maggie’s legs and feet resting on my shoulders as I did so. She obviously had no intention of letting me change my mind. Maggie was once again anxious to start playing, so I was barely in a somewhat comfortable position in my new home when her feet finally left my shoulders and reappeared wiggling expectantly not six inches from my smiling face.

I grabbed one foot to once again begin her pampering, placing the other foot gently on my lap to await its turn. At first she just sat back and enjoyed the soothing rub, but as time went on, she realized she had to get her work done so she busied herself with the tasks at hand while I sat under her desk massaging her feet. While she worked, I rubbed.

I enjoyed the feel of the nylon as I comforted her feet. But as the massage continued, I noticed that Maggie’s feet were getting hot, I assumed from all the rubbing. Feeling as though it was my fault that her feet were hot, and fearing that might make them uncomfortable, I thought of an idea to cool them off for her. I lifted both her feet up by the heels and brought them to my lips. I puckered my lips and blew hard on her feet, so that the air I was blowing would be cool, and even spread her toes so the air could cool between them. I kneaded and spread her toes with my fingers to make sure I cooled everywhere for her…giving her toes a gentle massage as I blew around and between them, alternating from one foot to the other. I hoped the air was penetrating xnxx through the nylon or it would all be for nothing.

As it turns out, Maggie must’ve felt it after all, because it seemed to take her by surprise. I couldn’t see her face from under the desk, but I heard her chuckling. Then, she slid the chair back a little bit and bent over to peer down at me. Her chuckle and surprised look made me feel a little embarrassed, so I stopped blowing on the foot I had in hand and looked up at her sheepishly. I was surprised when she held her feet in front of my lips and wiggled and flexed her toes playfully.

“Oh,no…don’t stop. Keep blowing on my toes….and do it while you rub my feet…just like you were. That feels incredible!”

So, I did just that. I continued to massage her feet, kneading her foot flesh as I blew on her toes and soles…while she did her work above me. As I blew on those sexy toes, the closeness of her feet to my lips made me wonder what nylon would feel like pressed against my lips. How soft or silky would it feel? So, to answer this question, I decided to find out first hand. I brought the foot I was blowing on up against my lips. I kissed her nylon-encased toes, letting my lips brush against and linger on the tips of them, pressing my lips into the nylon to get a good feel of it. It was heaven. In fact, it was so heavenly that I got completely lost in kissing Maggie’s feet….my lips caressing every inch of both of them. Sometimes I just pecked little kisses, other times I allowed my lips to barely touch various parts of her foot as I glided my lips along, still other times I pressed my lips firmly into her foot. I kissed those lovely feet….again….and again….and again….my lips not wanting to stop…or, perhaps, unable to.

So engrossed in adoring Maggie’s feet was I that it was some time before I realized that she had again leaned back in her chair and was peering under her desk to see what was going on. I had my lips busy caressing the ankle of one foot and I froze that way, lips puckered on her ankle, when I noticed her looking down at me again. While she had a curious look on her face, she was unmistakably pleased with what she was seeing and feeling.

Although my lips were frozen on her luscious ankle, my fingers, with a mind of their own, were still massaging her instep and sole. The smile I saw on Maggie’s face was pure pleasure to behold…rewarding…….and encouraging. She sat back up in her chair to resume her work, saying nothing. That plus the contented smile I’d seen on her face told me it was not only ok, but even desired that I continue my present course. So I once again rubbed and pampered her feet…and adored them with grateful lips.

As I worshipped one divine foot, Maggie brought the other foot up and I felt it gently caress the side of my face, stroking my ear, cheek and jawline with nylon-encased heaven. Her toes played with my hair, then slid down to play with my cheek and gently rub all around my face. I still kept kissing and rubbing her other foot, not wanting to stop pleasing her for one single second. In between kisses and caresses, if I felt her foot getting warm again, so I cooled it yet again with my puckered lips. I was not going to let anything bring discomfort to either of her feet if I could possibly prevent it. I hadn’t a clue how long the kissing, massaging and cooling went on….but I didn’t really care.

Having given me her non-verbal approval of kissing her feet, Maggie went on about the task of carrying out the Ogre’s assigned duties. Occasionally my fingers or lips would hit and soothe a particularly sensitive spot on her feet and Maggie would sigh or I’d hear a soft purr from her and she’d stop work for a second to enjoy.

Although as time went by I got uncomfortable in that confined space, I kept pampering Maggie’s feet. I felt that my own discomfort was unimportant as long as I was pleasing her. Her pleasure and comfort should come first and I wasn’t about to disappoint her. So, cramped as I was, I stuck it out. I massaged every inch of both her feet, giving attention to each toe individually, firmly kneading her soles, bending and rotating her feet to stretch seldom used tendons and ligaments. I gave her as thorough a foot massage as I could…and she seemed to enjoy every second of it. I soothed insteps, soles, heels, ankles….even tried to push the stocking material down between her toes so I could massage between her toes as best I could. And whatever aches my fingers couldn’t soothe, my attentive lips tried valiantly to kiss away.

All at once, Maggie’s feet flew from my pampering hands. In a gasp of disappointment, I could only try feebly to guess what was going on. Her feet had escaped my grasp in mid-kiss and mid-rub. As my disappointed eyes focused, they saw Maggie now standing in front of her chair. I feared that for some reason our fun was all over. From my position, all I could see was Maggie’s fine legs from about mid-thigh down. Continuing porno izle to look, I realized that her stockings were pantyhose after all. I discovered this as she slid them down her legs and over her feet to remove them. Once she’d gotten them completely removed, she wasted no time in bounding back into her chair, holding her now naked legs out to me for me to continue their pleasure.

Although it was a bit dim there under her desk, I noticed for the first time that Maggie painted her toenails. In the dimness it appeared to be a hot pink or similar color…and it brought a smile to my face. I looked up to see Maggie peering down at me again, and I flushed when I realized she’d noticed me admiring her toes. She grinned that evil grin again and proclaimed matter of factly, “Now you can do some serious foot pampering for me. Take your time…I have all day.” And she immediately went back to her work with no further discussion.

As I took up one bare foot in my hands, I marveled at how soft and smooth it was…so lovely to look at…so pleasant to touch. I continued where I’d left off, kissing and rubbing her feet, blowing on them when I felt they needed it. Kissing her bare feet was even more enjoyable than kissing them in nylon…and I let her know that by the way I kissed them. I let my mouth adore her feet as I rubbed them. I kissed them a bit more passionately than before they were bare. Her skin was so sweet and erotic. I pressed my lips into it in total worship. I was coming to adore her feet. It was wonderful having my hands and lips all over them.

But, I confess that Maggie’s acceptance – and, more, her enjoyment – of all this made me bolder. I wanted to try other things I thought she might enjoy…that might feel good to her…that might please her in some small way. Every sign she gave me emboldened me to go ever further in worshipping and comforting her feet. As I kissed her feet, I would part my lips and allow my tongue to play on them, to glide along every succulent inch. My kisses now encompassed licking as well….my tongue massaging as my fingers had done. As my lips slid along the side of her foot, they would suck gently and my tongue would flick at her foot. My kisses became open-mouthed, my tongue enjoying her feet…hopefully pleasing them as well. And then, kissing my way up to her toes again, I could no longer resist. I held her soft foot up to my lips and put them around her big toe, letting her toe slide between my lips and into my mouth. The toe’s warm softness made my mind turn to mush. Reluctantly, I eventually let go of that toe, but then moved on from toe to toe, taking each one into my mouth and savoring the feel and taste of it. I sucked her toes slowly, and as I did I resumed hand massaging her sole and instep, and even her ankles and heel.

Again I lost track of time, sucking her toes and massaging her feet for who knows how long. But her sighs and moans encouraged my every lick, nibble and suck. I knew I was pleasing her and that was all that mattered. I barely even noticed the aches in my back and neck. They meant nothing to me….only Maggie’s sighs were important. My hands, lips and now my tongue too, were pleasing her immensely, and there was nothing on earth that could’ve pulled them away from their attention to her feet. Except one thing….Maggie herself. For, at this point, my hands and mouth on her feet was no longer enough…for either of us.

As I soothed and worshipped her feet, I instinctively knew what Maggie now desired. My lips still focussed on her wriggling feet, but my hands began to wander above her ankles,to her well-formed calves. As my mouth tended to her feet, my hands massaged and caressed her calves soothingly. My lips and tongue did their best to stimulate her lovely feet while my hands crept slowly up her calves, gently caressing their way up.

It was at this point that Maggie became intent on a more active role in things. She took her foot from my grasp and positioned it on my shoulder, sliding her chair forward, putting her other foot on my other shoulder. Her sliding her chair further under the desk made me that much more cramped, but it brought her delicious thighs withing easy reach of both hands and lips. Happily, I took this as a sign that she wanted me to explore more than just her feet now. So, gently rubbing the instep of one foot, and letting my other hand slowly caress her thigh, I kissed and nuzzled her calf as I rubbed both foot and thigh. I took my time rubbing and kissing my way up her calves and thighs. There was, after all, no need to rush.

Soon, I was kissing her knee, and then above it. Now the sighs were more frequent and I could tell Maggie had stopped sorting through files and papers altogether. My lips worked their slow way up to her silky thighs, and as I did so Maggie once again sat back in her chair, shut her eyes and smiled contentedly. It wasn’t long before her lush lips parted slightly and soft sighs escaped them, her breathing becoming quicker with each passing moment. I decided to go for broke. I might never have this kind of opportunity again, and Maggie sure seemed to be enjoying things, so why not? I moved all of my stroking and kissing above the knee now, with a definite plan of moving as far up as I was allowed.

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