Unexpected Caller


It is just another morning, dull and boring when the doorbell rings. Cherry has just finished dressing to go out shopping. Dressed in a cute little red-flowered sundress, she walks to the door still brushing her hair. “Hello, I am the plumber,” a tall older man says.

Cherry looks at him strangely, he is a good-looking man wearing overalls and a cowboy hat. Cherry is attracted to his manly scent almost immediately. Seeing the puzzled look on her face, he asks, “You did call a plumber didn’t you, ma’am?” Then she answers, “No. I think you might have the wrong address.”

“Oh, I am so sorry, Miss. Excuse me,” he says, apologetically. He turns to leave, but Cherry catches him by the arm. “Since you’re already here I do have this small drip under my kitchen sink. Do you want to fix it for me?”

“Yes, ma’am.” She invites him in and as he walks past her, she gets a whiff of his fantastic cologne. His butt is not bad either. Just as he kneels to open the cabinet doors, she gets a good look at his butt crack. Normally the sight of a man’s butt crack would have turned her love switch off, but his ass was so tight and sexy that it made her shudder.

“Okay, I see the problem, ma’am. I can fix this quite easily,” he says looking up at Cherry. His honey-brown eyes are smiling in a way that sears her senses. “Ma’am, can you hand me my wrench?” She squats down and rummages through his toolbox until she finds the one he wants. Cherry glances back over wanting to see those eyes again and notices that he is looking under her dress.

Cherry gets warm and tingly seeing this and feels quite turned on by it. He tightens something under the sink and then asks her to turn on the water so he can check the leak. With the position of his body sticking out from under the sink, she has no choice but to straddle his legs in order to reach the faucet. Her sixth sense, the one that women have when they know a man is watching them triggers another flush of anxiety because she remembered that she rarely wears panties. “Should I turn it off now?” she asks, nervously.

“No, ma’am not yet.”

“Please don’t call me ma’am. My name’s Cherry,” she says a little frustrated.

“Okay, sorry, Cherry.”

The thought of what he must be seeing under her dress and how he is responding to it is making Cherry warm all over. She glances down at his crotch, to her surprise his pants are bulging out, and she can see the outline of his massive dick. It is fully erect and trying its best to get out of his pants.

Cherry decides devilishly to continue the tease as long as porno indir she can. She squeezes her vagina muscles together in a way that makes her pussy move like it is trying to talk. His hand slowly moves to the bulge and he starts to rub his erection. Cherry giggles under her breath and suddenly she feels wet down there. ‘If he doesn’t tell me to turn off the water soon I am going to drop to my knees and take that thing in my mouth,” she says to herself.

Not able to stand the anticipation any longer she bends her knees and makes eye contact with him. She is smiling her sexiest smile as his eyes jerk away from your wet pussy. “What is your name, Sir?” she asks. “Danny–[ahh]–Danny Devine.”

“How old are you, Danny?”

“Oh, I’m 40 something, Cherry. Too young to be old and too old to be young–I guess.”

“I’m 20 and I live alone,” she says not believing what she has just said. ‘This guy could be a rapist for all I know.’ she thinks to herself.

Next, he slides out and puts his hand over hers that is still on the faucet handle. His touch is warm and tender. “We can turn that off now, Cherry–all fixed.” He turns to leave. Reaching back into the depths of her mind, she is desperately searching for a reason to get him to stay. “Would you like some coffee or something, Danny?” she says, thinking to herself of how lame the question must have sounded.

“No, ma’am. I gotta be going now,’ he says picking up his toolbox and walking toward the door. Not wanting to be left standing there alone and forced to spend another hour with that damned vibrator; she says, “Did you like what you saw under my dress?”

He freezes in place and drops the toolbox. The look in his eyes was saying more than words could ever describe. Within a fraction of a second, he was in her arms. His breath smelled like Tic-Tacs as his lips covered hers. His tongue was almost as big as his dick as it flickered around inside her mouth. Her breasts are rising and falling with each nervous breath as his hand grabs her bottom. Her knees go weak and she is almost unable to stand. It has been a while now since Cherry has had the company of a man. Just as she is about to collapse, he picks her up into his arms and carries her to the bedroom.

Cherry looks up into his eyes and seemingly floats down the hallway. There is passion in his eyes–intense passion that frightens her, but her own lust is blocking out the repercussions of trusting a complete stranger. Her wariness is being overshadowed by raw sexual desire.

At the edge of her four-poster rokettube bed, he lowers her gently to her feet. She can feel his warm breath on her neck as he kisses her there. Chills are running down her spine and her soft skin is puckered with tiny bumps. He masterfully uses his teeth to untie the straps of her sundress. She gasps as it falls to the floor exposing her complete and sacred beauty to his eyes.

Her nipples are firm and erect and the soft fleshy skin that encircles them is swollen and wrinkled. Below, she feels a kind of burning tingling in her pelvic region. He steps back now as to inspect the masterpiece before him.

For no apparent reason she glances down at her pussy. A long string of sticky secretion is hanging from it. Embarrassingly, she reaches down to wipe it away, but he grabs her hand and smiles. Holding both of her wrists very tight, he lowers himself slowly down to his knees. Running his tongue along the frontal region of her body as he drops. He moves in toward her swollen throbbing pussy. She knocks off his hat and run her fingers through his hair as she guides his head to her waiting womanhood.

When his lips connect with her glistening vagina she cannot help but to moan. The sound wavers because her chest is fluttering with utter bliss. Her confused and still wary mind suddenly abandons all logic as she drifts into a perfect world of ecstasy. All her prior thoughts of abuse and torture have flown.

At first, he ever so delicately sucks out every drop of her female secretion and then flicks his stiff tongue up and down her pussy lips. Each time that it makes contact with her clitoris her vagina convulses sending out another flow of secretion. Cherry’s legs are shaking at this point and she is becoming quite aroused.

Roughly, he lifts one of her legs and places it on the bed. She loses her balance and falls forward grabbing his tight ass with both hands to keep from falling. He opens her secret area under her big round buttocks and begins to suck on her asshole. Immediately she is transformed into something animalistic and can no longer restrain her enthusiasm.

She falls back seating herself on the edge of the bed and guides him up to a standing position. She quickly and wildly pulls his coveralls off and he is helping by kicking off his boots and removing his socks and shirt. Totally naked before her he is a mountain of manliness. Cherry reaches back, grabs his ass, and guides his enormous cock into her mouth. She can taste the pungent flavor of pre-cum as her lips devour every porno inch of his nine-inch penis. She is now in a state of insanity. Outside people move along sidewalks in the event of another day. Birds are singing in the tree outside her window, but Cherry is unaware that they even exist at all.

Transported to the perfect world of eroticism she savors every fleeting moment. She feels his buttocks tighten beneath her grip and senses that her greediness is beginning to be unbearable for him. His dick is throbbing inside her mouth. He pushes her head away and directs her to the middle of the bed. Cherry is on her back and her legs are spread open wide.

He climbs over her and lowers his head down to your waiting lips that are parted and waiting for his deep kiss. You can taste your own love juice as his tongue enters her mouth. She reaches under him and guides his big dick into her slimy cunt. His thickness surprises her as it stretches her flower nearly to its tearing point.

Time passes, but Cherry has no knowledge of it. He is thrusting in and out of her so perfectly that her only concern is the clear and present. Her body shudders from the first orgasm. It is very intense and it forces a squeal from her lips. A second and a third follows and every inch of her is quivering. He signals her into the doggie position. She jumps up quickly and pushes her bottom up high as she buries her head into a pillow. Her little puffy camel-toe is almost destroyed by his gigantic member. She is making farting noises that are almost comical, but she is in no mood to laugh. His plunges are deep and hard. She is shuddering from one orgasm after another as she fingers her clit. Then a quick slap on the ass triggers her to spin around where she can catch every drop of warm cum in her mouth. A long stream of hot love cream splatters over her face and breast. Some is in her eye and some is hanging from her chin. Cherry falls back onto her pillow as he wraps her into his arms. She begins to re-enter the real world again and rises to find something to wipe off with. Clothes are strewn over the floor chaotically. When she returns from the bathroom, he is dressing. “That was the best fuck I ever had, Cherry,” he says, starting for the door. “I’ve got to get back to work now.” She begins to think of how wonderful the encounter was and she thinks of how she wishes she could do it all again, but with a few twists. He could bring a friend next time, she ponders or maybe she could get her neighbor Babette to come over. ‘I want that dick in my ass.’ she says to herself. Just as he is about to walk out the door Cherry leans against her bedroom doorframe, still naked and asks, “I got a leak on the bathroom faucet. Do you think you could take a look at it tomorrow?”

“Sure, Cherry, but I’ll need to bring a helper.”

THE END or is it?

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