Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 08


Chapter 8:

Joan’s Ceremony

After we enjoyed lunch and a bottle of home made wine and had recounted part of the story, of how I came to meet Padme, it was time for Joan to take Sandra’s previous place on the table, ready to go through the same ceremony.

Lying on her back, with her legs wide open, resting on the stirrups with her black haired pussy, Joan looked exceptionally gorgeous, ready for anything. I took my place again, sitting on the stool between her wide open legs, inspected the area, contemplating of the magnificent swollen lips with the wet petals protruding outwards covered in love juice, covered with a thick bush of black pubic hair. With my fingers I lightly massaged the thick hair until I uncovered the little wet sticky petals and opened the slit exposing the door to the temple of love. My head moved down until my tongue hit her clit, kissed it and licked it; then slowly I started to press my tongue against it, suckling on the little bulge that was already, extremely activated.

She moaned, I pressed my tongue harder against her clit until I got the bulge between my lips, sucking it further into my mouth until she cried and shouted. Her hands found the back of my head and pressed down until my mouth ached with the pressure, as it was jammed against per pubic bone. While trying everything to escape from this position, her hands pressed harder and with my lips still jammed against her clit, her body shook more and more with one huge eruption flowing into another. The cries of pleasure were still heard for as long as my mouth was still jammed against her pussy with her clit still being licked with my tongue. We were stuck in this position until she gave me some release and my mouth moved just enough away from her clit, so her eruptions started to subside and I could slowly move my head away from the confinement it found itself in. She was still breathing hard from the flow of very strong orgasms as her body slumped down on the table fully sated.

‘What happened?’ I asked. Joan was still panting and moaning while looking very tired. She had not yet totally recovered. I had no answer except that her hands were now cupping her hot wet pussy tightly locked over it, enjoying the sexual energy flowing through her blood steam.

I just watched this beautiful lady lost in her sexual dreams visualizing the flow of sexual energy, which I had ignited minutes before, folding from immense pleasure into pure relaxation. A thought went through my mind like a loose star in the dark night sky, “Has ever these two, involved themselves in lesbian love?”

I waited. I was not in a hurry to start trimming her thick black hair out of the way. I just watched until the moment she totally relaxed her hands and slowly one by one moved them away. Her sex looked more than gorgeous with the amount of glistening liquid which had flowed out. I just took my time; just stayed there looking, visualizing as I concentrated my thoughts, watching her pleasing pussy, how it was going to look as soon as I shave all the black hair away.

I took the scissors and started trimming. Sandra lifted Joan’s legs up towards her head so she can help me get better access to the area around her rosebud. The panorama was fantastic, her legs wide open, her pussy too wet with the juices, sequence of the last eruption of which, she was still in heat. And; what about the aroma? She had a very strong smell of SEX.

Sandra’s help, holding her legs up and wide open, was more than helpful not only for the access of the moving scissors but also for the incredible view of her wet sexy smelly pussy. The small scissors was on the way removing off all the hair from the lower part of her pussy, towards her anus and beyond. In my humble opinion she looked perfectly clean, except that she still needed the final smooth shave.

When I finished I inspected my handy work, put one finger on her ass hole and pressed slowly inside without any lubrication. I had to put more pressure but felt the outer muscle contracting which gave me the clues of how hot she was.

‘Oh Sam; it hurts. Slowly please…Oh it feels great; more; more; Oh Yesss… Please, more.’

I continued pressing my finger slowly through her outer sphincter feeling stronger contractions as my finger again hit the inner sphincter. While with the fingers of my other hand I opened her very wet pouty lips. I looked inside the valley of love with the thick juicy covered lips glistening in the light. The feelings I get, when parting the lips of a pussy are incredible. Looking directly into that oval hole at the bottom of the valley of love gave me, not only pleasure but a stronger hardon which I hadn’t lost since her last sexual eruption.

But my body became tense with excitement wondering what Mr. One Eyed jack will be seeing in that dark abyss of love. Many times I wished I could have a speculum to open it as wide as possible and look into its depth. I was sure it could be a great experience. The more this scene, spin through the inner depths of porno izle my dirty mind the harder I become and the more I wanted to fuck her there and then; but I just stopped, relaxed and started looking at the situation from a different view point.

I knew I was not ready to fuck her now so I pulled my finger out of her ass very slowly. Then I washed it in a bowl I had next to the table and prepared the shaving foam. I spread a very generous amount all over the area from her clit down to below her ass hole, then started the shaver cruising downwards from the insides of her thighs over the majors towards her ass hole leaving a nicely clean shaved pasture. I done both sides and cleaned well round her rosebud, being careful not to skid the razor and cut the bulging wrinkles of her darkish rose. As soon as I finished I cleaned the foam residues with the face cloth taking good care of the dark hole region. On inspection it didn’t seem to need any further treatment.

I helped Sandra bringing down Joan’s beautiful legs, settled them wide open on the stirrups and started designing a nice heart with the bottom point ending exactly on the tip of her clit. First I marked it, and then I cut the rest of the hair as short as possible to give me a line where the razor should roam. I massaged a generous amount of foam on the area to be shaved and immediately started shaving as close as possible around the perimeter of the small heart. Sandra was closely watched my handiwork. In a few minutes the area was as smooth as a baby’s bottom, the light brown skin looking so smooth and beautiful that I became fascinated with the close picture I had of this cute pussy, those small thin lips protruding out from between the plumpy labia maggora.

‘What do you think Sandra?’ I asked.

‘That heart looks cute. I think it blends well with Joan’s creamy skin.’ Sandra answered.

‘Can I see this heart?’ Joan asked. I took the mirror, beamed it towards Joan’s eyes, putting it as close as possible towards her pussy. ‘Ohhh it’s fantastic I love it. How I am going to keep it there?’

‘Very good question! Well, either you shave it carefully yourself or once a week you do each other’s, hoping you will not get down to eating each other, too.’ I answered.

Sandra touched my ass while she giggled while looking at Joan with a mysterious eye and instantly gave away a seducing smile while her tongue ran over her red lips.

‘Have you ever eaten each other?’ I asked.

They stared at each other and smiled. ‘Not really. But we have looked at each other’s bodies and a close look at each other’s pussies; just the day before yesterday.’ Sandra answered.

‘Just a look!’ I exclaimed.

‘Well the day before yesterday we masturbated each other with our fingers. We became very hot when we entered the shower together, so we started soaping each other. It felt so good having Sandra soaping my back and then my ass. It was a wonderful feeling when her hands started exploring the insides of my anal channel arriving at the opening of my pussy. Tell you the truth my body became rigid with excitement. I sort of stopped. What is really happening to me? I thought. It was the first time that I have enjoyed such feelings inside my body. I became wet quicker than ever before, on Sandra’s touch. Then I felt myself pushing my ass back opening myself and asking for more. The feeling of Sandra’s fingers finding their way through my slit was more than I had ever anticipated. The feeling was great. The tingling between my legs became stronger. The confidence I was building in giving myself to another woman was also getting stronger. Her fingers started moving up and down my slit. I opened myself more from behind, pushing my ass backwards. This sure encouraged Sandra to go to my clit when I felt the first real shudder of pleasure rippling through my body on the touch of a woman. I remember, I moaned while asking Sandra to stop. I wanted to know, to find what was really happening to me, this sort of great feeling, the desire I got at that moment from the touches of another woman. Sandra continued feeling my clit and then she managed also to manoeuvre a finger towards my vagina. I was sort of shocked and pressed my legs together while enjoying a strong orgasm. I remember I pressed my legs too much together that Sandra started pulling her hand away.

‘I looked straight into her eyes and she sort of looked shocked. She excused herself for what she had done and I sort of said, no problem. I have just enjoyed myself so much that I couldn’t make out what was happening to me. Then she smiled at me and asked me if I really enjoyed myself. I smiled at her and hugged her to me in such away that I wanted to say the biggest thank you.’ Joan concluded.

‘When she started pushing her ass backward towards my hand I sort off thought that she must be enjoying herself. Then her legs opened wider and the more access I had, the more I encouraged myself to keep touching her secret parts. Then her body started to wriggle and tremble and I amatör porno was happy that she was enjoying herself. It was not the first time I had masturbated, as a matter of fact I stared masturbating from the time I entered my teens. But when she abruptly closed her legs I was shocked and I felt that I had done some very bad things to my friend, until she smiled and hugged me and thanked me’. Sandra said.

‘Then I reciprocated,’ Joan continued. ‘I must say I had enjoyed the sensation of the sexual feelings, which sexual heat mixed with the soap, I started massaging her secret region territory. I massaged her pussy from the front moving my hand from her pubic bone down towards her ass, on many occasions passing my finger over her clit and straight down into her slit and further down over her ass. I had done this many times and have even started getting the sensation of enjoying what I was doing to Sandra.

‘In the end I concentrated mostly on her slit and clit giving her short strokes while pressing a fingers against her clit; with my other hand I started caressing her round buttocks and the back channel. The feeling was so good that I even started pressing my crotch against the side of her leg, pressing so hard that I was nearing to cum again. I decided to stop as I was thinking and hoping that what we have started could continue later in the bedroom.’

‘Joan…, so by that moment, you were also very hot and your pussy was totally drenched.’

‘Incredibly hot and very wet, I must say!’

I was still sitting on the stool between her legs which were still wide open, resting on the stirrups. I bent my head down; focusing on her vaginal area, while with my left hands fingers separated her freshly shaved labia and exposed the drenched pink slit. Slowly I shoved the pointing finger of my right hand inside her vagina, and yes she was more than drenched. ‘Wow Wow, you’re more than drenched. Sure still loves to have Sandra’s mouth on your clit.’

‘Sam, please don’t be naughty.’ Sandra cried.

‘Have you ever eaten a pussy, Sandy?

‘If you like the truth… yes; just after I entered the nursing school. My room mate was very hot and her boyfriend didn’t like to go down between her legs, although he enjoyed blow jobs, but he could not totally satisfy her sexual hunger, so she said. I ended seduced.’

‘Have you enjoyed it?’

‘Yes; as much as I had enjoyed being sucked, Sam. She used to send me crazy. I still dream about her, sometimes; problem, she’s married now.’

‘What about you, Joan?’

Well, yes. I was seduced by my younger sister. We used to sleep in the same room and she wanted to find out what it felt being sucked by another girl instead of masturbating on her own. We were very close, so we started, you know, masturbating each other and from there we enjoyed a lot of hot encounters doing anything two females can do together.’

‘Well, I think we have deviated from the original subject of somebody having a go at Joan’s clit, let me start first…’

I lowered my mouth and started sucking on Joan’s clit as my finger was still totally embedded into her drenched tube. Soon Joan started moaning and crying with the flowing heat going through her body especially as I slowly pushed a finger inside her hot volcano, trusting it in and out and turning it around looking for her G-spot. Sure I hit, as he cried out load and her body shook on the table as she started to twist to the right and to the left.

With her legs in the stirrups her movements were restricted. She couldn’t even close her legs and jam it against my head, but in the situation she was in she could only use her hands to push my mouth away from her pussy. I pressed forward, pulled my finger out of her hot furnace and locked my lips between her swollen labia sucking her aromatic juices straight out or her vaginal entrance.

She tasted great. The amount of love juice was rather enormous flowing straight into my mouth. I was turning it around my tongue, enjoying the tastes, while I started pushing my wet finger through her rose bud…

‘Nooo; Please Sam, not there; you’ll send me crazy… Please Nooo!’ I continued pushing, very, very, slowly, until it was totally sucked in, deep into her abyss of her dark ass hole. ‘Stoop Sam… Stoopp.’

Sandra moved behind me massaging my shoulders and watching with delight my actions. My cock was as hard as ever and in some way I wanted some relief or at least slide it inside the heat of one of their hot infernos. The way she was moving her hands around my naked body; her hand roaming over my breast, going down towards my navel was sending shivers of sexual energy circulating from one chakra to another. The fine hair covering my breast and my stomach started to vibrate with the sexual energy flowing through the whole of my body. My hard rod, hanging there between my legs was sure evidence of the state I was in. It was pulsating so hard that with every breath I was taking it was sending signals to where it wanted anal porno to enter.

It really needed a very hot nest, a good erupting volcano to further increase the heat and the eruptions the body is made to enjoy. Sandra’s hand kept moving downwards, slowly towards the battle front. She got hold of my hardness, moved her hand a few times lightly caressing it, sending more shivers of pleasure flowing through my sex chakra to which I had to make extra efforts not to let vibrate too much. I was trying to last as long as possible. Then she tightened her hand and pulled the foreskin down, even pulling the head backwards from it fraenulum.

Joan still on her back, my mouth still locked on her pussy, my finger trusting in and out of her ass hole, her body moving and shaking as she was going through a series of orgasms, one flowing into the other. Her hands were still trying to push my head away while crying and shouting as she tried to stop me. I kept pushing my mouth against her vaginal hole sucking the sweet nectar that was flowing out, sometimes sending my tongue deep inside the entrance of her temple of love.

‘Sam either stop or fuck me,’ Joan shouted.

I was still lapping at her juices, moving my tongue up and down through her totally drenched slit, from her clit down to her ass, where my finger was still thrusting in and out of her dark hole. ‘Sam, please stop, stop and fuck me; stop and fuck me, pleassee. Sam Fuck me; fuck me.’

I moved my mouth slowly away from her vaginal entrance licking slowly all what was there between the folds; slowly upwards towards her clit, there I stopped and slowly opened my mouth and sucked the little bud between my lips, pulling on it as hard as I could while I enjoyed the way she ascended into the high heavens.

‘Sammm, please fuccckk meee.’ She cried and shouted while she was going through this huge sexual eruption. I stood up, pulling my finger out of her ass, my hardness hanging between my legs, pulsating with every moan and every cry that left Joan’s mouth. I took it in my right hand and slowly slipped it inside her drenched hot vagina. With one strong thrust it was all the way deep inside her. She cried with pleasure as it hit her cervix. Moaned as she squeezed her vaginal muscles tight like a vice, holding it there, locked in the confines of her erupting volcano, as her body started shaking with new and stronger orgasms.

‘Offf Samm, I’m cumming, cumming … fuck me Sam, fuck me.’

I felt her vaginal vice unlocking and slowly pulled my hard dick slowly outwards until I stopped as soon as it was at the curtain of her yoni. One short stroke after another, in and out of her vaginal entrance, she cried and shouted for more. She was hot, her eyes were closed, her body whittling on the table as it shook from on orgasm to another. She lifted her ass upwards to try and get a little more in. I kept the short trusts. I knew I was hitting the most sensitive points of the entire vaginal area. Then with the next try I slammed it all in, all its total length and that’s when I triggered her greatest orgasm of the whole session .

Sandra, from behind me moved towards her, bending forward and locking her lips on hers, her hands around her neck. Joan accepted her kiss and as I looked, they were tonguing each other while she was still enjoying the hot sexual energy burning inside her sexual chakra with the heat flowing into the others.

As she started to relax I pulled by hardness to the entrance, then a few more short trusts which again ignited more sexual fire, unlocked her lips from Sandra’s and cried, ‘Sam stop please, I could not take any more. Stoppp!’

I pushed my hard dick straight in, deep, with all the strength I had, hitting her portal of her womb as she tried to cry again, but Sandra was holding her, her lips locked to hers and her body shook with blissful pleasure. She was more upwards then the ninth heaven as her sexual energy was flowing from one chakra to another, now even moving through Sandra’s chakras. They both seemed to be moaning with heavenly pleasure.

I was watching Sandra, bending nicely, with her ass popping outwards, her fine golden body lit by the light from the sun which was being reflected inside the dinning room. What a sight I thought. I gave a few more strong long thrusts in and out of Joan’s drenched pussy. She was lost, totally, in the pleasures of the flesh. She was exhausted as there were no more grips inside her drenched vaginal tube. She was too wet and probably her vaginal tube now was, too sore.

I pulled out slowly, walked towards Sandra and presented my dick to her waiting yoni. With my hand I moved it a few times, up and down her slit; between the freshly shaved lips, looking for a reaction. After hitting her clit a few times with the polished mushroom head, there was her reaction as she pushed as ass back as my hard red hot rod, touched the entrance of her heating up cave of Venus.

The head just popped inside and slowly followed the lead by starting to fuck the entrance, giving her more fuel for the sexual fire to increase its’ intensity. As the fire was burning with more intensity I slide it all the way, deep into the well lubricated tube, feeling the pulsating muscles, opening and closing with every beat of her heart.

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