Used Fuck Toy Ch. 05: Bath Night


These characters are fictional and over 18. If you have a problem with consensual-non-consent please read something else. This is chapter five please read the previous stories to understand the background of these characters. If you would like to read more stories about these characters please let me know. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only please no need to be cruel.

Thank you.


I’m not sure what is happening but, I think I fucking love it.

I have been spending more nights sleeping in Dylan’s bed. He uses my pussy almost every night. On the nights he is just too tired, I go back to my bed. When he fucks me I stay with him. We have even cuddled in the middle of the night.

At the beginning of this, I was just a hole to stick his dick in. A cumdump to relieve some of his stress. I have loved being his Fuck Toy. Lately though, he has been a little different. He ate my pussy last week and then left to go to work; before I could suck his cock. I feel him kissing my back while he takes me doggystyle on the living room carpet. Last night, he wouldn’t stop rubbing my clit until I came on his cock.

I’m not sure what to make of it. He still tells me where and when to lift my skirt. I like that he has power over my body. Dylan has a look that makes my pussy over flow. His ‘You’re My Bitch’ Look. I can’t sex izle help myself, I submit, I’m his Bitch. He is also becoming more tender. Making sure I orgasm, even if it’s after he has filled me full of his cum.

I think he has a crush on his Fuck Toy.

I think his Fuck Toy likes him back.


I had a terrible day at work. My boss is gone for the long weekend so all his shit got dumped on me. I was supposed to leave early because of the holiday on Monday, but ended up working until after 7:00pm. I called Dylan to let him know I was going to be late. He told me that was fine he would go out with work friends. By the time I got home I just wanted to take a shower and go to bed.

I walked in to find Dylan grinning at me.

“That look on your face is scaring me.”

“Follow me.”

He started walking towards his bedroom. I hesitated just a second but, a Fuck Toy is always ready to take cock when she is told. As I followed him I smelled lavender and tea. His room has the ensuite bathroom. When I walked in the room had candles burning and quiet music was playing in the background. The huge tub was filled with soapy water with wine in an ice bucket next to it.

“Get naked.”

I could have cried. As I was told I stripped off my work cloths. He also started to strip. Both naked Dylan climbed alt yazılı porno into the bath first hissing through his teeth at the tempter of the water. When he was settled, he held out his hand.

“Come here.”

“Thank you, Dylan. This is…”

“Shhh… You had a long day but I still want you naked and on my dick. This is my solution.”

Laughing I climbed into the water with him. I sat with my back to his chest and my ass pressed against his cock. We sat and soaked for a while talking about our weeks and drinking wine. Occasionally groping each other. He like to cup my big tits in his hands and play with them. When the wine was gone, we got out and went to his bed.

In only our towels we laid on his bed kissing gently. Our hands started to wonder over each other steadily building in desire. His tongue met mine and fought for dominance. I let him take anything he wanted. A big hand grabbed my towel and through it on the floor next to his. Dylan was on top of me pinning me to the bed with his body. I wanted more. Breaking our kiss, he leaned up, looking deep into my eyes as he pulled my left leg up and wrapped it around his hip. With his other hand, Dylan took hold of the massive erection he had going. Rubbing the tip up and down my pussy. I moaned wanting him to fuck me.

“Do you altyazılı sex izle want it babe?”

“Yes. Please, I want your Cock.”

“How much do you want me to Fuck you, Slut?

“I need you to Fuck Me. Please, Sir.”

“Your Fucking Cunt needs my Cock? You need me to cum inside that tight pussy?”

“Yes! Oh, God I Need It!”

He pushed inside me, taking my pussy. With steady thrust Dylan drove into me. pulling out and pushing back in. Out, in, out, in. Our breathing got heavy as the pace increased. I wrapped my other leg around him moving faster within me.

“Fuck. Oh, Fuck!”

“You have the best pussy. I Fucking Love your Pussy.”

My tits bounced with every thrust he gave me. Sweat was starting to form at his temples as he used my body.

“Right there. Don’t Stop. Don’t Stop.”

“You’re My Fucking Toy. This Pussy is Mine.”

“Yours. Fuck your Pussy. Yes! OHHhh, Fuck!”

He Fucked me hard. Holding my thighs in a death grip as he pounded into me. I came with a wave of pleasure hitting me like a tsunami.

“Take My Cock, Bitch. Fucking Take that Dick, Baby.”

“Yes! Make me Take that Dick.”

“Fucking Slut! UHHhhh…UHh.”

Dylan Came Deep in my pussy, holding himself inside me as he unloaded. Pure pleasure on his face, eyes closed as he felt the orgasm wain.

Leaning closer to my face he kissed me.

Still wet from the bath, cum leaking out of my pussy, we climbed under the covers. Exhausted from work and Fucking I Snuggled in next to Dylan. As we both started to drift off to sleep I heard him ask.

“Do you Love me?”

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