Valentine’s Day Teddy Bare



[Nerdy Valedictorian guy and shy Salutatorian girl are hooked up as a joke by high school gossips on Valentine’s Day.]


Arnold was the archetypal ‘nerd’, with thick glasses, a ‘nerd-pack’ (calculator, mechanical pencil, cheap pen) in his top pocket, and the worst sense of style outside a square dance hall.

Cindy was the same thing in a dress. No self-respecting guy in school would ask her out. Shapeless dresses only highlighted an apparently shapeless Cindy. These two 18 year olds were dateless wonders; real losers. Just one thing though; they both had perfect 6.0 GPA’s and could walk into any school up to and including the Ivy League, Stanford, Cal-Tech or the top dog: MIT.

All of the foregoing made these two persona non grata to the ‘Lunchroom Crowd’, a witch’s coven of gossips and nags. The fact that these two had no social skills or sex appeal but might actually go somewhere and achieve something really pissed off the girls of the LC.

Well, this was Valentine’s Day (next week) of their senior year. A little ‘trick or treat’ (well, mostly trick) never hurt anyone…

The girls of the LC were nothing if not thorough…if thoroughly mean. They knew that Arnold pined for the attentions of Kristen, a blonde goddess, high school prom queen, cheerleader, and (coincidentally) unofficial head of the LC.

They also knew that Cindy was all teary-eyed over Frank, the star quarterback of the team. These two ‘crushes’ of the nerds for students miles above them in the social world made the LC mob titter with glee. They had Gail, another LC member, put in calls to the two nerds as they listened in to the iPhone:

Gail: “Is this Arnold? Oh, good. My name is Gail, a friend of Kristen. She has had a secret crush on you for years. No, really… Anyway, she wants to meet you, Valentine’s Day, at the Hyatt. You can get a key at the desk, come in, take off your clothes and get comfortable. She will put on quite a show for you.”

Gail hung up. The LC witches were rolling on the floor with laughter. Well, the second installment was coming up; Gail went back to the fray.

Gail: “Hello, Cindy. You don’t know me but I’m a study partner with Frank. He’s always admired you for your brains; he says he’s sick of the shallow cheerleaders. He says their big boobs and silky thighs don’t hold a candle to your beautiful mind. Anyway, he wants to meet you at the Hyatt this Valentine’s Day. Just go to the desk and pick-up the key and a gift he got for you. You’ll know what to do.”

Even more laughter; the girls high-fived Gail for a job well done. Now they just had to pay for that room, tell the hotel reception clerks what to say, and give them the Teddy Bare package (a baby doll nightie sold for V-Day for girlfriends and wives.)

Arnold couldn’t believe this was happening. Valentine’s Day was a Saturday this year so he had all day to get ready. Unknown to the LC crowd, he had just received his contact lens prescription. Putting them on and dumping the coke bottle lens glasses removed 90% of the nerd stigma; dumping the nerd-pack finished the job.

He had a new iTablet which did math, sent messages, etc. His mom helped out, lining up a Halston outfit which transformed him into a ‘man about town’, or at least somebody cooler than Ron Howard.

For her part, Cindy was also trying to transform herself for the ‘dream’ date. Just because she wore shapeless dresses altyazılı porno didn’t mean she was shapeless. She actually had a wonderful figure. She had a very modest 33C bust, but she was slim with a firm bum and shapely legs, though no one in public had ever seen them. She only had the ‘Olive Oyl’ type of outfit so she went to the hotel dressed in the same dreary way.

At the hotel, scattered across the vast lower mezzanine lobby beneath the gorgeous atrium, were the entire mob from the LC. They just couldn’t miss this, the greatest prank in school history. Sure enough, Cindy arrived.

She got a magnetic key AND a package from Teddy Bare. Up the glass elevator she went to the top floor room the LC witches’ coven had arranged for. In the gift card was an explanation for her to get into the outfit and hide in the bathroom when he (Frank?) arrived.

Next came Arnold. The girls laughter died instantly; he actually looked kind of, well, good. No glasses, nerd pack, heck: in that shirt, he was better looking than half of their boyfriends. This wasn’t working out. Then, they got the shock of their lives. The room was registered in Arnold’s name. Who paid for it was immaterial (the LC kept anonymous with cash.)

Well, as Arnold stood there, six of the Hyatt team gathered, and a photographer appeared from nowhere. They had him turn, smile, and then accept a check for $100,000 as the 100,000th guest of the city’s Hyatt chain. He was speechless as were the girls.

All of a sudden, their vicious prank against the nerds had fallen apart. The LC pack of jackals converged on Kristen, and it wasn’t pretty. The Hyatt security team actually had to tell them to leave what with their screaming and slapping at each other. This was the end of not only their fun but the LC itself.

Arnold, of course, was oblivious to the LC witches struggle. He had an oversized check for $100,000 out of cardboard(value 1/20th of a cent) and a REAL check, folded in his wallet, for the actual $100,000. But, now, to that date with Kristen, the blonde goddess, who (presumably) was all juicy and ready for him in that room. With the upward zoom of the glass elevator, Arnold was whisked to his dream date.

Arnold walked around the glass walled open atrium (kind of scary if you were afraid of heights) to the room. He let himself in and got comfortable, sliding in the big king-sized bed.

The darkened room then lit up as someone emerged from the bathroom. No, it wasn’t Juliet, nor the sun, but she was soft, wearing the short, sexy, Teddy from Teddy Bare. She had heard her dream date (?) come in, so she just sidled up to the bed and slipped into the sheets.

The two former nerds spoke in hushed, romantic tones. Neither of them had ever met, oddly enough. It wasn’t long before Arnold (thought to be Frank) kissed Cindy (thought to be Kristen.) With an acumen they shouldn’t have had, they French kissed with increasing fervor until they almost rolled off the bed.

Arnold locked his eager mouth upon the erect nipple of Cindy’s deceptively nice boobs. This raised her temperature from warm to atomic hot. The two of them had absolutely zero bed-time experience, but they HAD seen movies rated R.

Cindy now searched for and found Arnold’s private parts. She was expecting some giant organ, but instead found a modest four inch thing. She started to keyhole it and it did grow, ending up eight[later nine] inches of iron hardness.

Abandoning all sense of decorum, Cindy ‘went down on him’, putting zenci porno her mouth around that eight inch tool. She’d never done this before, but her mouth was a warm, tight, welcoming feeling for Arnold. He moaned in pleasure as she went up and down, all the while cupping his testes. As she held them, they swelled with seed for the first time ever. After her attention down there, they were enormously heavy, the size and weight of navel oranges.

Arnold was as much a virgin as Cindy but nature has a way of prevailing. He mounted Cindy (or was it Kristen?), eliciting a gasp. Somehow, he knew that he had to saw back and forth, then poke here and there in order to make this fun for her. He did and, by chance, gave her clit a good ‘going over’. Cindy had her first real orgasm, making her bite the pillow lest she scream—which would be uncool in an urban hotel.

Well, enough preliminaries. This was the first time for both of them, but Arnold was getting frustrated. He needed to ‘get her done’. He pushed Cindy back on the bed in the dark towards the bed board, rolling her gently until her legs were above his shoulders.

Nerd or no nerd, he had his first real hard-on, and it was a nine inch miracle. Nature told him he had to ‘drain that lizard’, hopefully within the deep, warm, recesses of the girl of his dreams, Kristen who, presumably, was in bed with him.

As he fumbled in bed, Cindy sensed what he was going to do and what she needed to do. To that end, she moved the rigid pole to the slavering lips of her virginal pussy, just installing the head into the entrance.

Arnold figured out where he was and what to do. With all of his might, he pushed in, penetrating her until this hard membrane was in the way. Not knowing what that was (a hymen) he just pounded her with fierce determination.

Finally, it gave way, and like a traffic jam unwinding, he had smooth sailing thereafter. His hips got into it, and he drove with increasing fury. Both of them were far too inexperienced to have brought ‘protection’. That was fortunate (unfortunate?) because this date was smack in the middle of Cindy’s cycle; her womb was not only totally unprotected but very fertile, indeed.

With a desperation brought on by visions of their dream dates, the two former wallflowers were pounding into each other with almost frightening speed and force. Arnold envisioned the dreamy Kristen below him; blonde, fair, lissome, nubile, the vision of the supple bedroom athlete. Cindy for her part pictured Frank above her; quarterback star player who drove the team to the state finals.

Arnold had had enough. When he heard the girl of his dreams beneath him howl in her third orgasm, he joined her in a simultaneous big ‘O’. His innocent virginal cockhead was inside this rubbery cavity within her deepest recesses; the tiny slit now expanded to the size of a quarter as it spewed out a titanic spend.

Though Arnold was thought of as a weakling (wrongly), his seed was in fact quite potent. His pent-up passion was alive with virile sperm; it had waited fully 18 years to find release. Now every drop, every single spermatozoa was being jetted, shot, sprayed, dumped into the receptive, welcoming, fertile womb of this lover-in-the-dark.

For a while, they just lay on the bed, catching their breath. Then, Arnold made the mistake of putting the lights on, thereby shattering the illusions they both had as to their dream love session.

Arnold: “My God, who the hell are you? Where’s aldatma porno Kristen??”

Cindy: “Wait, aren’t you the valedictorian? You ARE! Wait, did a girl named GAIL set this up for you?”

Arnold: “Shit, yes…busted!! We were both duped into this. I bet they are in the lobby or the hallways, laughing their ass off. God, we fell right into their trap.”

A funny thing happened, though. They both looked each other over and, not knowing about the nerdy past, thought that their partner for the night wasn’t all that bad. Wordlessly, they came back together with a torrid kiss. They made out for minutes, whereupon Cindy pushed Arnold onto his back.

She climbed on board and proceeded to vent some of her saved up passion in a frenetic, energetic cowgirl session that Ginger Lynn of adult film history would be proud to call her own. With the springs of that poor bed about to hit wood, she fell over, kissing her new lover.

Arnold sensed he should hold her tight; he did as he vented his love into this 18 year old fellow student. His balls had re-charged and now dumped an unholy volume of baby batter into the fertile depths of his new girl-friend.

Exhausted the two social pariahs rested in each others’ arms, totally satisfied. In a last gesture of petty, nastiness, two former members of the LC called the hotel room at 3:30am just to awaken them. They of course hung up upon hearing a sleepy response.

As the two young lovers in the hotel room had been awakened, they stirred. With ‘night wood’, Arnold mounted his new girl-friend Cindy, with an adeptness belying his relative lack of experience. As their lips met and a few tears of joy were cast, his increasingly mighty nine inch sword vented another mother-load of baby-making sperm.

As they settled back down to sleep again, Cindy’s formerly virginal pussy was oozing excess cum. It drooled out in two steady streams; it would keep leaking out until morning. Meanwhile, there was a gigantic pool of potent seed in her womb.

Neither of them had any intention of a long-term relationship; they didn’t even know each other before this day. But some three hours after that phone call, at about 6:19am, unknown to them, four of his inexperienced sperm found a home in her equally inexperienced ovum. As it alighted upon her walls, Cindy conceived.

Just as May rolled in and their high school life ended, Cindy realized that she was pregnant. She confronted Arnold about it. He was proud and pledged support. She had anticipated his weaseling out, maybe slinking away. She was relieved and hugged him.

Arnold had been accepted to MIT, Princeton and Penn (his Ivy League back-up choice); Cindy got letters from Harvard, Dartmouth and, yes, Penn. They would both go to Penn. It was a struggle at first, with four new mouths to feed. They could just eke out an existence until they both were very well employed upon graduation. That $100,000 from the Hyatt guest award was the difference for them.

It was a marriage fit for the gods, though actually set up by much humbler beings. As for the LC crowd, those oh-so-popular high school belles, three of the six got knocked up, the guys leaving town or doing time. One of them ended up doing time herself, for selling meth.

As for the two ‘stars’ of the prank we just read about, Gail ended up with a bald, older man who loved kids, if only he had the ‘count’ to actually create any.

Kristen ended up unmarried. It seemed that once you stopped working out and being active, food actually had calories. She ended up a no-neck stubby woman, working the cash register at the local Piggly-Wiggly. But, she always had that great practical joke from high school to tell anyone who wanted to hear about it.

Alas, in the end, no one wanted to hear about it.

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