Cutty Ch. 09


They first went to a luxurious shop where Donna would get her evening dresses.

“I will let you pick some dresses, don’t worry about the price, just make sure they are sensual. They must show a lot of your lovely long legs, your breast, and your body.” Ms. Brendan instructed Donna.

Donna was now eager to follow up on these orders. The excitement still in her body, she went through the collections, picking out the ones she felt would best fit her.

“This one with the split will go so nice with some black high heeled strap-shoes.” Donna looked at the sexy black long dress. “Ms, Brendan will like it, and maybe Robert too.”

She chuckled at the fact she actually wanted to please Ms. Brendan before her Robert. “What a difference a job makes!” she smiled to herself.

Within minutes she went back to the waiting Ms. Brendan to show the dresses she had chosen.

“Try them on, Cutty. Let’s see what you think turns me on.”

The sales lady looked a bit strange at that remark, but Donna was still beyond caring. She just went to the dressing rooms and changed into the first dress.

When she got out wearing the first dress, she paraded in front of Ms. Brendan, smiling happily.

“Do you have any brown or red shoes to go with that dress?” Ms. Brendan asked the sales lady.

“I will check: what is your size?” she asked Donna.

“7,” she replied, and the young sales lady was off to look for the right shoes.

“Come here,” Ms. Brendan said to Donna. Donna walked over to her, seducing her, and seeing the effect it had on Ms. Brendan.

“She likes what she sees,” Donna thought, as she waved her hips sensually, making the long red dress sway from side to side, showing of her long legs. She walked tip toe to make her legs look longer.

She stopped walking when she was very close to Ms. Brendan. Ms. Brendan was just all smiles. “Kiss me, Cutty,” she just said, and Donna did happily. The lips met, their tongues battled. Donna pushed her hard nipples into Ms. Brendan’s breasts, making her feel her excitement.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Donna thought in a daze, “but this whole thing has got me hot for sure!!” Their hands explored each other, feeling each others legs, thighs, back, ass…

“Hmm-mm!” the sales lady had returned and was a bit embarrassed to find her clients kissing passionately, especially as it were two women.

Donna turned and just smiled and said, “Oh, the shoe,.” and walked over to the girl and took the shoes from her.

From that moment on Ms. Brendan used every kind of excuse to send the girl away to find some item, at which moment she would

order the willing Donna to kiss her again. The whole dress up became a heated fore play, with a voyeuristic touch as the sales girl every time had to interrupt them while they were kissing, making out. The girl had told other sales ladies too, as

Donna noticed more girls and ladies working in the shop looking their way, especially when bursa otele gelen escort the sales girl went away for another shoe, stocking or whatever. Donna didn’t mind however. She was in a bliss and as the ‘fashion show’ continued she got hotter and hotter.

Eventually she was escorted out of the shop by Ms. Brendan. They bought a lot of dresses, Donna didn’t even know how many, and other items, such as shoes (all high heeled of course, according to Ms. Brendan’s taste), stockings etc., and when they left she could see the whole store staring at them, and she almost could see the gossip filling the air. Yet she didn’t mind at all. Not now, not in her blissful moment of old forgotten dreams come true!

Outside of the shop they gave the boxes and bags to the patiently waiting driver.

“Come with me, quick.” Ms. Brendan childishly pulled her away, leaving the driver to take care of the bought items.

Donna followed as she was hurriedly pulled, almost not able to keep up on her high heels.

Ms. Brendan guided her into the public bathrooms, into a toilet and closed the door.

“Kiss me!” she said breathing heavily, and Donna, also out of breath, did.

She kissed Ms. Brendan passionately, first only on her mouth, but she was soon guided to kiss all over the face of Ms. Brendan. Next, she was gently pushed down, and she kissed the breasts. Freeing them with her hands, so her tongue could play around the nipples of Ms. Brendan. They stood fully erect already, and when she kissed and caressed them Ms. Brendan started to breath loudly.

“Oh yeah, Cutty, lick them, lick them…” Ms. Brendan sighed, as she leaned back against the toilet door. The space was small, so Donna had to spread her legs just to be able to bend over to lick Ms. Brendan’s breast. This caused her short jeans skirt to become rather uncomfortable, so when Ms. Brendan ordered her to pull it down, she eagerly did so.

“Now finger yourself again… slut,” Ms. Brendan whispered as she smiled and looked into the eyes of the lovely Donna looking up at her, licking her breasts.

“Wow, she got me doing this in the public toilets!” Donna surprised herself as she did as she was told. “Ah fuck it! I want to enjoy the moment,” and she just concentrated on having sex, not bothering with the time and place.

Ms. Brendan meanwhile pulled her head lower, causing Donna to sit with her bare ass on the toilet. Donna opened the blouse of Ms. Brendan fully, and kissed all the way down from her breast, to her belly, shortly paying attention to Ms. Brendan’s most adorable belly button, and smiling she arrived at the area between Ms. Brendan’s legs. Ms. Brendan had unbuckled her belt already and had pulled down her skirt and panties. Donna licked down to her pussy lips, and noticed they were already dripping from heat.

“Good, Cutty, good slut, make me come, fast!” Ms. Brendan said out loud. A stumble outside let Donna knew somebody or maybe escort bayan even more women were outside listening in. She just concentrated on licking Ms. Brendan and fingering herself.

“I need to come fast,” was all that was on Donna’s mind. “Fast…Fast…” She worked furiously with her fingers on her own wet twat, as she felt Ms. Brendan nearing her orgasm.

“Oh yeah slut, lick me, lick my clit, drink my cum!” Ms. Brendan said in ecstasy, as she came. She held Donna’s head tight and smeared her juices around on her face. Donna could barely breath as she felt her face being coated with the cum of Ms. Brendan, and she work frantically with her fingers on her own pussy. “Oh, yes!” she thought “Almost there, almost…”

She was abruptly pulled up. Opening her eyes, sticky with slimy cum, she saw Ms. Brendan smile at her.

“We best be going before the police or local guards get here,” she said lightly, as if nothing had happened. She pulled up her panties and skirt, buckled her belt fast, and turned and unlocked the door.

Donna quickly stood up and pulled up her jeans too, suddenly afraid of the reality of being caught. Ms. Brendan didn’t wait for her to be ready and just opened the door. Two teenagers and an older lady curiously looked at them.

“Well, hello there,” Ms. Brendan said to them, as she walked towards the sink and proceeded to wash her hands and tidy up a bit. Donna meanwhile struggled nervously with the jeans, her face turning a dark red as she noticed the eyes on her.

“Whenever you’re ready, slut.” Ms. Brendan said as she was finished. She turned to face Donna and leaned against the sink, her arms folded, a look of triumph on her face.

Donna just finished buttoning up the jeans, pulled down her t-shirt, and walked outside towards the sink.

“My face,” she thought embarrassed to the bone, “they’ll see the slime on my face!” She felt dirty.

The three women just looked on at the scene unfolding in front of their eyes. A middle-aged woman walking out of a toilet leaving behind some sort of whore, who had her skirt down, had no panties, was wearing red high heels, with her t-shirt showing of her hardened nipples. Actually, one nipple was peeking out before the whore rearranged it, and her face and hair were covered with shimmering slime.

The two young girls started to smile and whisper as they understood what was going on. The older ladies just couldn’t believe it yet.

“No, we just go immediately,” Ms. Brendan pulled Donna away towards the door, before she reached the sink. “Bye ladies, hope you enjoyed the view of this slut!” Ms. Brendan said in a happy voice to the ladies in the rest room.

Donna was hurdled into the hallway, through the crowd. Her face red of embarrassment, and wet with female cum.

“We go to the car, we are finished here, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan said, and this relaxed Donna. She quickly followed Ms. Brendan, “anything to get out of here!”

In mudanya escort the car Ms. Brendan looked at her smiling, or actually, laughing at Donna’s situation.

“You are a real slut. Or better, a whore. Just the promise of a nice job, made you hot and eager to please me.” Ms. Brendan said as the car drove off.

Donna was just recuperating from the horrible scene. She breathed heavily as she had practically ran towards the limousine, with only her high heels keeping her pace down.

“Pull off your jeans,” Ms. Brendan instructed.

Donna, tired, just did it. “At least I’m safe in the limousine,” she thought.

“Good, and now start masturbating yourself. You didn’t come in the toilets now did you?”

“No, Ms. Brendan,” Donna said frustrated.

“I won’t allow you to come now either, but I want you hot again.” Ms. Brendan said, as she watched Donna taking of her jeans, and fingering herself. Donna was still wet, though in her mind she was dry as hell.

“Do as I taught you this morning,” Ms. Brendan said, and Donna reluctantly took her masturbating fingers towards her mouth to wet them some more. She tasted her own juices.

“Explain me why you did what you did, Cutty,” Ms. Brendan said after a few minutes of Donna masturbating and cooling down.

“I- I was excited…” Donna said. “Ms. Brendan,” she added quickly.

“And you always start licking women and fingering yourself in toilets when you’re excited?”

“No, Ms. Brendan, it was because…” She thought back, “because you wanted me to..”

“So, you’ll always do what I tell you to do?” Ms. Brendan continued. “Or you just follow orders of anybody whose there when you’re hot?”

“No…” Donna’s mind was quite confused. “Why did I do those acts actually?” she thought.

“… Ms. Brendan, it was just the excitement, the shopping, the …”

“So, you did it because you were being pampered?” Ms. Brendan informed.

“Yes, I… think so, Ms. Brendan,” Donna said. Her fingers had hit the right spot, and she felt herself getting hot again. “Damn, I have to fight this, she turns me into some sort of nympho!” Donna thought. Suddenly she realized; “She has manipulated me into this, manipulated me into humiliating myself, degrading myself. With her lies…”

“For the record, my little slut, the job offer is real.” Ms. Brendan said.

“As if she can read my mind, am I so shallow?” Donna thought.

“As was you’re slutty behavior. Let’s not forget that.” Ms. Brendan looked Donna in the eye, “Out of your own needs you licked me to a wonderful orgasm, while fingering yourself. The fact that you did not come was only due to your lack of experience with masturbating. You will change that by frequently masturbating when with me.”

Donna thought about it. “She is right, but I don’t want to become a slut, it is she who manipulates me into these situations, like yesterday, this morning, and now also in the toilets!”

“Stop masturbating, you’re wet enough right now, and we’re almost there.”

“Where is she taking me now?” Donna wondered, as she peeked through the window. The limousine was just driving up a parking lot. A large sign said ‘Adult shop’ in bright red letters.

“Figures…” Donna thought as she licked and sucked her fingers clean.

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