Darla’s Games Day 04

By some miracle, I had set my alarm in my daze. I woke up and in spite of my numbness, managed to get into the bathroom. I gave myself the required enema for the day as I showered. It was unpleasant, but not having to hold it in, was a much less humiliating experience than last night. I carefully hid the enema kit under the sink so my mom wouldn’t find it. I went back to my room in a towel and set about bringing myself to the brink of an orgasm five times.

Despite my numbness, I panted in frustration in need by the third time and was a shaking mess by the fifth. I needed another shower, but a glance at the clock told me it wasn’t going to happen. I roughly wrote DARLA inside my ass cheeks and squeezed my erect nipples into the rubber bands which I knew would keep them hard and make me a sexual mess all day. I tossed on a pink belly shirt and a black mini-skirt, the staples of my new wardrobe. I pulled on a pair of calf socks and my favorite boots and I was ready. I grabbed my books, tossed them into my bag and headed downstairs.

I forced a banana down with a glass of milk for breakfast. With little time to spare, I kissed my mom and bade her good day and headed to the bus stop. Julie’s inquiries of my issues were blown off as we rode the bus to school and I didn’t even attempt to make excuses. I just sat there in silence and when her tenth attempt to extract information had gone unanswered, she just held my hand in hers for the rest of the ride to school.

Once at school, I walked straight to Farin and Rebecca and telling Julie, I’d see her in class, walked into what I would come to know as ‘our stall’. I showed them the bands and the ink in my ass crack. I told them I had done all five in the morning and apparently the throbbing of my clit let them know I wasn’t lying.

Rebecca then had me bend over and open my ass cheeks wide. She couldn’t have possibly known whether or not I had given myself the required enema, but she wanted to humiliate me, so she did. She told me she couldn’t wait until someone fucked my newly cleaned ass, sending a shiver of fear through my body, which did not escape her notice and subsequent comment.

Farin looked very sympathetic towards me. She could tell I was numb to everything today. Rebecca sneered at me constantly and told me she would look for me in second period. She left Farin and I alone. I waited to be dismissed, but she just held my hands and looked at me sadly. “I’m sorry Carrie.” She offered at last. “I never wanted it to happen this way. I mean, I always wanted to be your friend, or whatever, but I hate to see you like this. Is there anything I can do?”

I offered a weak smile. “Thanks Farin, sorry I was always such a bitch to you. You are a really nice girl and probably a great friend.” I don’t know why, but I kissed her cheek. She cried and I felt bad so I hugged her and she hugged me back really strong. I wanted to cry with her, but the numbness wouldn’t allow me to experience any emotions at this time, so I just let her cry into my shoulder as we hugged.

Finally, she pulled herself together and we walked out of the bathroom in different directions. I fell into my chair at homeroom and just stared at the wall behind Miss Galler for the next forty-five minutes. Thoughts randomly flew through my mind. The entire chronology of events kept replaying as I tried to figure out when I should have realized the entire evening was one big setup.

The one thing I couldn’t figure was how they knew I would be at the Wal-Mart when Rick was there. How had he known to be there at that time? Did he really even work there? Did it really matter?

Why had so many people gone out of their way to make my life so miserable? I had certainly never even met any of those involved. Why did they hate me so that they would set me up like this? What if I hadn’t played pool? Was I really even any good or had they let me win to set me up?

I had so many questions and my mind just kept running through them all, trying to grasp how this entire mess of my life had been choreographed. I felt like such an idiot. How could I have let myself be tricked like this?

As the bell rang, my cell phone buzzed and I picked it up to my ear. “Hey Carrie.” It was Darla as I expected. Julie squeezed my hand and said she would see me later. I wanted to talk to her, but I didn’t know what to say.

“Hey.” I returned, in a voice as monotonous as my mind.

“Carrie, I’m sorry.” Darla said in a soft voice. “I know this has you really upset, Farin told me this morning. Look, why don’t you just take the rest of the day and enjoy it. You have cheerleading this afternoon. I’ll pick you and Julie up afterwards and we’ll talk later.”

I was about to protest, the idea of her meeting Julie scared me. As if reading my mind, she added, “Don’t worry, I will never tell Julie about any of this, I swear it to you. Try to pull yourself together okay sweetie?”

I guess my silence was acceptable. “Carrie?”

“Yes?” I groaned, stumbling towards second period.

“You bursa escort bayan really need to snap out of this soon hon, you know it is hard for me to be nice for very long.” She laughed uncomfortably. I forced a chuckle.

“You are going to be fine Carrie. You are strong, we all know that about you and we love you for it. I’ll give you until tonight, and then my games are back on okay?”

I knew it wasn’t a question. It was a statement offered in a pleasant way. “Yes.” I answered. She hung up. I arrived at math class.

Rebecca seemed furious. Apparently, Darla had told her to lay off me today and she was not at all pleased. She didn’t even taunt me about Brad’s cousin. She just sat there and ignored me. She had her notebook out and was writing furiously in it. She didn’t really pay attention at all to class. She kept looking at me with hate in her eyes and then went back to writing angrily in her book. Sometimes she chuckled to herself as she wrote.

About five minutes in, Farin reached over and took my hand in hers and I let her hold it for the remainder of the class.

The rest of the school day passed much the same. I walked about in my self pity and I didn’t get harassed like I had the day before. At lunch, Julie sat with the cheerleaders and I was allowed to sit with my friends. It was little consolation since I didn’t really talk to them and grew weary of the consistent questions about what was wrong with me.

I did occasionally notice Rebecca looking at me pensively and then writing in that notebook again. I was curious, but decided it best not to ask her anything.

The day drug on as I pondered the steps Jill had gone to for a lousy fifty dollars. It pained me that my life was worth so little.

Cheerleader practice was a nightmarish reminder of how ungraceful I was compared to Julie and actually all of them. My legs were nowhere near the limberness that they needed to be to do high kicks and things. Fortunately, I was allowed to wear gym clothes, so I wasn’t flashing my pussy at the apparently usual gaggle of geeks who stuck around to watch cheerleading practice.

Rebecca used her position as head of the squad to lean hard on me. She laughed at my missteps and yelled at me. I gathered from the looks on the faces of the other members of the squad that this was far from normal behavior. The cheers were easy enough, but my heart wasn’t in it.

Rebecca further exploited this by making me repeat things over and over again in front of everyone. She couldn’t ‘play’ with me, so she was going to humiliate me. At one point, she had me sitting on my ass on the ground with two of the other cheerleaders pulling my legs apart to help me to stretch them. It was painful, but she apparently knew when to stop and didn’t tear any muscles or anything like that.

By the end of practice, I was sore in addition to being numb. My legs felt like they had been in a tug of war match with each other and both sides lost.

Darla drove up as practice ended and Julie, Farin and I climbed into her car. Julie held my hand, intent not to ask what was bothering me anymore. For Darla’s part, she was extremely nice to Julie and engaged her in conversation while I sat in silence. Farin didn’t really say much either, she just sat in the passenger seat up front.

I offered to get out with Julie and walk the last couple of blocks, but Darla insisted on dropping me off at home. With a final squeeze and a ‘call me later’, Julie got out and left me alone with Darla and Farin. They pulled into a space at my house and Darla put the car in park and turned to face me.

“Carrie. It’s time to come out of it.” She said softly. “Let’s go upstairs, we have a couple of hours and I am not losing the little time I have.” She opened her door, as did Farin and they both got out. I sighed and got out of my own door and walked with them to the door. Once inside, Darla helped herself to a soda and grabbed one for me and one for Farin and we all went up to my room.

She didn’t have to say anything, I took off my clothes and lay naked on the bed, propped up by my pillow and sipping my soda. Farin kept looking away from me; I could tell she was sad for me.

“Give me your soda Carrie.” Darla ordered, taking the can from my hand. “It’s time you learn to eat pussy.”

I let the can go and looked up at her as she said the last part and let a single tear escape, but didn’t protest at all.

“Farin, you can be first, get your panties off and get on the bed.” Darla told her sister.

Farin stood stock still. “I don’t think so sis. You go ahead; I’m going to wait outside.” She turned and walked out of the room, giving me one last sad look before closing the door behind her.

“Wait there!” Darla growled at me and pounded out of the room behind her sister. She slammed the door shut loudly and stomped down the stairs. They started arguing, though, with the door shut, everything was too muffled for me to make out.

The yelling görükle escort stopped and a few seconds later I heard the doorknob turn. It was Farin. She walked in and closed the door behind her. “Umm Carrie?”

I looked up at her, no expression on my face.

“I’m sorry Carrie. Look, we can take our time. Let’s start with a kiss okay?” She started pulling off her clothes. I watched, numb, but opening a little as she disrobed in front of me.

She pulled her shirt by the bottom hem with both hands and tugged it up her body, I watched as inch by inch, her flat stomach was revealed. Not an ounce of fat could be seen to remove the perfection of her belly. Her belly button looked so cute stuck there in the middle of those apparently hard abs. She wasn’t muscular like a boy, just very tight from years of cheerleading and working out.

My brown eyes remained locked on her as her face disappeared when the shirt rose up higher, her arms extending above her head. Her lacy bra bounced with the weight of her moderate, I’d guess B cup, breasts. It was almost like slow motion, watching them released from her shirt. I looked intently at the way the cups gripped her shapely breasts. My eyes wandered all over that exposed part of her body and delved into the cleavage created by the hugging of her bra.

Farin finally pulled the shirt off and let it drop to the floor. She smiled at me and as my eyes left her body to meet her light brown eyes, I knew she had seen me looking. She reached behind her with both hands and I watched her breasts inside the bra as she pulled to release the clasp, causing them to tug apart briefly, then almost bounce back together as she released. She shrugged the bra gently off her shoulders and her breasts, so firm, barely moved as they were freed.

Her nipples were pink and they jutted out betraying her excitement, though I don’t think she was trying to conceal it. They looked so beautiful and perfect, surrounded by perfect little circles of her areola. She paused, holding her hands to her sides to permit me to enjoy the visual feast that she was delicately serving to me, on course at a time.

When, at last, my eyes returned to hers, she smiled and slid her hands to the button on her skirt. Captivated, I saw the skin on her tiny waist tug inward as her hands pulled on the button to release it from the button hole. She released it and slowly dropped her right hand to the zipper pull and lowered it inch by tiny inch until one side flapped open and allowed her pink panty to come into view.

She lowered the skirt so gently, it seemed impossible that a human being could move so slowly. Awestruck, I gazed as her perfectly rounded hips, hidden now only by the brief pink panty, were revealed. She slid her skirt oh so slowly down over her hips and below her ass and when she could drop it no lower without bending over, she let go and I watched as it crumpled around her feet.

My eyes traveled from the discarded skirt up her shapely legs. Granted, I had seen her legs many times, but now, somehow it was like seeing them for the first time. They were so toned and smooth and shapely. I followed each tiny curve of them with my eyes, finally centering my sight upon her pink panty, the elastic band at her waist and legs seemed to tease me with their ability to hide what I found myself panting to see.

She waited and let me look on. I knew now that she would only take them off when I met her eyes again. She teased me, her left hand hanging loosely at her side, her right hand running back and forth over the waist. There was an unspoken conversation between us, I knew what she wanted to proceed and yet a part of me wasn’t ready.

Farin didn’t rush me. She watched. I felt her watching. I couldn’t look up to her eyes again yet. I let my eyes roll over her body from shoulders to finger tips and from her beautiful neck down over her breasts again and down to her small feet. I exhaled deeply, wishing it could stop here, but knowing that it wouldn’t. I raised my eyes again and met hers.

She held me with her gaze and smiled at me. I had to look like a wanton slut, sitting here, waiting for a girl who I had disliked for years to show me what I was going to be forced to taste. The thought of this made me shiver and I nodded to her that I was ready and trailed her fingertips with my eyes as she lowered them to the waist of her panty.

She again defied the laws of physics as she slid her fingertips inside the waist and gently slid downward. My heart pounded in my chest. Her skin was so smooth, I watched, feeling myself getting wet as she lowered them more and more until I saw an inch wide sliver of pubic hair, just a shade darker than the dirty blonde hair on her head. She didn’t seem to be moving at all and I fought the urge to lunge at her and rip them off myself.

Scant millimeter by millimeter of her hips and pubis were revealed. It was so slow I heard myself moan in desire for her to show me. She was teasing me so badly I wanted bursa escort bayan to cry in frustration. A glinting thought crossed my mind, ‘Carrie, you sick perverted lesbian, stop looking at the girl’. But it didn’t last.

By the time she got the fabric rolled down to the widest part of her hip, I thought I would have a heart attack. She moved her hands, letting the waist band grip tightly there at the widest part of her. I knew half her ass had to be hanging out. There was about two inches of closely groomed pubic hair showing in front. I did notice, however, that she had pulled from the front and perhaps her ass was still encased in the gentle caress of her panty as the sides pulled up the back.

As if to answer me, as if she could read my mind, Farin slowly, oh God so slowly and gracefully turned her body away from me. I gulped so loud I knew she would hear it as she showed me her perfect, unblemished back. Sure enough, her ass was still covered by pink, but it was pulled down so tight that even the tiny dimples in the sides of her ass cheeks were noticeable.

I let my gaze continue on the soft and perfect curvature of her ass and likened the visage to that of a perfect heart. The tops of her cheeks were so well rounded, but tight. Her entire ass was plunging toward me and I wondered if I was getting dizzy. I decided to raise my gaze and enjoyed the soft curves of her hips from behind. My eyes kept higher and higher, over the perfection of her skin, the way her shoulder blades so subtly showed below her soft but strong shoulders.

Her hair hung so delicately across her back, just bouncing softly there. I looked higher and saw she was looking back at me over her shoulder. Her face was still smiling, not with any sneering or cruel enjoyment, but of a sincere pleasure that she received from seeing the pleasure in my own face. When I met her eyes she gazed downward with her eyes, guiding my vision back to her ass as she softly glided her fingertips inside the back of her panty and oh so slowly bared her cheeks to me.

Inch by glorious inch of her perfectly rounded butt was revealed as she never quickened or slowed her pace of lowering them. When the widest part of her ass came out I had to mentally reprimand myself for having my hand in my lap. If she saw me subconsciously rubbing myself, she never mentioned it to me, ever.

I saw her bending at the waist and her fingers continued in their teasing dance, revealing more and more of those juicy, round globes. Finally, the elastic pulled with gravity and the band slid faster across the bottom inch of her cheeks to bunch just below the cutest lower tip of an ass I had ever seen. She stayed there, bent at the waist, her entire ass on display, holding her panty there. Later, I figured that she was holding the panty up so I wouldn’t be able to see her pussy yet, but for now, my eyes continued to enjoy each delectable detail of her bottom.

Perhaps minutes passed before I realized I was panting and I looked around her hip where she was twisted to the side, smiling so sweetly at me. Our eyes met and she slowly stood again. I thought for sure I would pass out when she turned around to face me. I let my gaze drop from her eyes and down over her perfect breasts again. Her panty was now bunched right at her sex. Her entire pubic region was displayed. It was so soft and smooth looking with just that tiny patch of hair going up the center.

I saw her hands dip and her thumbs reach in to grasp her panty where the waist bands and leg bands met on her sides. She bent her knees to the side, holding them together as she teased me again, letting me see the fabric slide over her thighs to her knees. I was gasping for breath, though I doubt it was as loud in reality as it was in my head. I groaned aloud as she let them drop to her ankles and stood so slowly as she simultaneously swiveled the leg closest to me and left the other where it was.

Her leg moved towards me, her knee turning and at last, I stopped following her leg with my eyes when her pussy was finally revealed to me. I couldn’t tear my eyes away and I fear if there had been a fire at that moment, I would have begged it to consume me as long as she stood there. A different kind of fire burned in me. I panted and moaned as I looked at the glistening wetness that shown from the lights in my room.

Her slit was so soft looking. The outer lips were slightly puffy and completely devoid of hair. They separated only barely, allowing me to see the inner lips, so pink, so moist, so inviting that I had to dig my fingers into my thigh to stop myself from running over to her at once. I don’t know what came over me, but I was thoroughly entranced and nearly orgasmic just seeing her naked.

I know my lips were open and I felt rather than consciously directed, my tongue licking across my lower lip. Farin kept her legs spread so her inner thighs were both directed towards me. She leaned back to raise the bottom of her sweet pussy into my view.

I just stared, waiting for it to do something perhaps, but it must have been minutes before she made a movement as my eyes never returned to hers. Her hands slid inward over her hips. I followed their progress in my peripheral vision, but the target of my ocular exploration was centered on the glistening wetness of her vaginal lips.

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