Diane’s Fall Ch. 04

Thanks to Candace as always for her editing skills.


Diane waited nervously in the sunroom, her right leg thrown over the arm of the chair, her open-toed high heel dangling from the end of her foot. Kayla, along with help from her three compatriots, had fun in using her as a living Barbie doll before the three cheerleaders headed home.

They’d finally settled on a sheer black bra and panties set. The lace demi bra was too small for her breasts, causing them to spill out the top of the bra cups almost obscenely. The lace panties were bikini cut, and so sheer they were almost gossamer in appearance. Her outfit was topped off by a pair of expensive black silk lace thigh highs. They were the most comfortable pair of hosiery that Diane had ever encountered. Despite feeling somewhat egotistical for the assessment, Diane found herself agreeing with Carrie’s opinion that their inclusion made her look “sexy as fuck.”

Despite the anxiety she was feeling, Diane couldn’t help but feel constant flutters in the pit of her stomach at the thought of Beth’s mouth between her legs. The middle-aged mother of two often found herself attracted to her sister-in-law over the years. Diane could remember a trip she and Jerry had taken with Beth and her first husband. This trip had taken place the year before she’d had the twins, and Diane had often thought she’d gotten pregnant with them on the trip.

Their husbands had spent the day deep sea fishing leaving the two women to have a free day. They’d spent it at an exclusive spa where they’d been naked around each other most of the day. Diane had found herself wet and horny for the duration. Beth’s incredible body that day had been the first real test Diane’s heterosexuality had ever faced, and it had nearly failed.

They’d finished their spa trip and retreated to the safety of Beth’s suite. They hadn’t been expecting their husbands back for several more hours and were lounging around in just their spa robes. Both women had consumed several glasses of wine as they relaxed on the sectional. Despite the piece of furniture’s size, they faced each other with less than a foot between themselves. Diane couldn’t help but find herself staring as Beth’s robe gaped open, clearly showing the full, round swell of her sister-in-law’s left breast. Diane could remember her mouth-watering at the sight of Beth’s brown, silver dollar sized areola and thick three-quarter-inch nipple. She’d looked up to find Beth staring into her eyes, knowing the beautiful brunette had caught her ogling her body. Rather than seem upset or embarrassed by Diane’s evident arousal, she watched as Beth bit at her lower lip, her eyes lowering to Diane’s full lips. Her movement forward subtle at first. When Diane’s fully registered that Beth was slowly leaning in to kiss her, there was no panic, only anticipation. She began to lean in to meet the kiss. When their mouths were a mere two inches apart, the sound of the front door and their husbands voices startled them both back to their regular positions.

Only an offshore storm had prevented both women from sexually experiencing each other’s bodies that day, Diane was sure of that. As manifest as that reality was to her, the two women never discussed what almost happened, not that day nor any other.

Diane was so aroused that she’d immediately taken Jerry back to their suite, where she’d fucked him repeatedly for several hours. It had been the best sex of their young marriage with Diane having a rare vaginal orgasm from penetration. Of course, she’d had her eyes closed and had been imagining what might have happened had the boys encountered better weather that day. She had been picturing Beth’s tongue buried in her pussy when she’d come hard as Jerry stroked away with his small cock inside her.

She’d missed her following period and took a pregnancy test a couple of weeks later. The resulting positive test had removed the thoughts of ever exploring her sexuality.

That is until Kayla had come along and thrown the doors to her lesbianism wide open.

In her left hand, Diane held the same riding crop that Kayla had used on Ah the night before. Kayla’s instruction as to the best way to approach the domination of her sister-in-law was appreciated but unnecessary. The closer it got to happening, the more Diane imagined taking charge of the beautiful thirty-nine-year-old brunette. It helped that this woman she’d trusted fully had betrayed her. This morning she would learn what a mistake that had been.

Diane listened, hearing the voices as they approached the sunroom. “Today, you get the pleasure of meeting my new girlfriend and your new Mistress. From this moment, both of you will follow her every instruction unless it contradicts an order of mine. While she is my girlfriend, and the woman that I love, she is also my submissive.” She heard Kayla’s voice inform the pair.

“Yes, Mistress,” both women responded in unison.

“Such loyal pets,” Kayla’s voice said. “While your bursa evi olan escort new Mistress is looking forward to having you both serve her needs, it is you, Beth, that she is interested in meeting today.”

Diane could see their shadows approach the room, lengthening as they came and heard Beth say, “Yes, Mistress,” a split second before they rounded the corner, and she caught first sight of them.

Beth and Cherry were down on all fours and had crawled the length of the long hall. Both women were naked except for their high heeled shoes and the collars they wore around their necks.

The moment Diane and Beth’s eyes made contact, a look of sudden panic seemed to flood the older brunette’s countenance. Diane gave her no hint of recognition firmly slapping the end of the crop into her right palm. She stood and practically stomped in the high heels across the length of the room. Aayhlia, who modeled in her free time, had taught her the walk and had assured her that it would help sell her dominance to Beth.

Reaching Kayla and the two prone subs, Diane was aware of the eyes on her but ignored them leaning in and kissing Kayla passionately. The younger Domme wrapped her fingers in Diane’s hair and kissed back possessively. When their lips separated, Kayla handed Diane the leash that was connected to Beth.

She said, “Here’s the pet you requested, Baby. I hope you have fun with her.”

“Thank you, my beautiful Mistress. I’m a bit put out with pet Beth. She’s been a bit talkative about private matters and will have to be corrected. I’ll teach her how to be a good pet.” Diane offered.

Looking up, Beth said, “Diane, I…Ohhh.”

A sharp swat by Diane, with the crop, seemed to short circuit any retort by the middle-aged-blondes sister-in-law. Pulling up sharply on the brunette’s leash, Diane said, “Slut, you will not speak unless you are asked a direct question. Even then, you will keep your answers succinct and without elaboration. Do we understand each other?”

“Ye…yes, Mistress,” Beth stuttered. She was clearly stunned at the sudden turn of events.

Tugging at the leader, Diane said, “I think I’m going to take this pet upstairs to the playroom if you don’t mind Mistress.”

“That sounds like a good idea, Baby,” Kayla said, handing Diane the key to the room.

Diane pulled sharply on Beth’s collar and said, “Follow me, you worthless slut.”

Diane made her way slowly down the hall, patiently waiting for Beth to traverse the distance on her hands and knees. Her sister-in-law never once looked up, obviously ashamed of the situation she found herself in. Diane could feel a heartbeat pounding inside her clit as her juices flowed freely from her cunt. She was thoroughly enjoying having Beth under her control as her submissive. There would be no last-minute saving grace this time. She would finally experience Beth’s tongue feasting on her juices, and she planned to come all over her beautiful face repeatedly.

Swinging the crop firmly, she swatted Beth’s ass cheeks firmly and said, “Up the stairs pet. I’m feeling impatient with you. I’m most unhappy with learning that you failed to keep the secrets I told you. Blabbing the details of my sex life with my husband to a complete stranger is not acceptable.”

Diane knew what she was saying was unfair. Beth was a submissive and on the lower rungs of the hierarchy. She’d had no choice but to feel compelled to answer fully the questions that Cherry had asked her. She was trying to goad the beautiful brunette into speaking out of turn, but to her credit, Beth didn’t bite.

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth said, crawling quickly up the stairs.

Diane closed the door to the playroom behind them. Pulling on the leader, she led Beth over to the leather chair, sitting up on the dais. Diane took a seat and slowly wrapped the leader around her right wrist, drawing Beth in.

“Assume the rest position at my feet,” Diane ordered.

Beth crawled forward until she was almost resting between Diane’s legs. The brunette still could not meet her new Mistress’s eyes, whether out of shame or fear.

Diane brought the flap of the crop up underneath Beth’s chin and said, “Look at me, you untrustworthy, lying lesbian slut. I want to be able to look you in the eyes when you answer my questions.”

Beth’s eyes came up. The look of shame and humiliation in the hazel orb’s staring back at Diane was crystal clear, but there was something else there as well.

“You betrayed my trust slut. You were one of the few people in my life that I thought I could depend on, yet the first wet cunt willing to put a collar around your neck, and that went by the wayside.” Diane said.

Her eyes drifting down, Beth said, “I’m so sorry Mistress. I feel helpless as a submissive. I don’t feel like I can deny my Domme anything. I feel this overwhelming need to please her. I’ve always been this way, but I’ve always had to hide it. I can’t deny myself that anymore altıparmak escort but I’m so sorry I let you down.”

Diane could sympathize with what Beth was saying. She felt the same helplessness around Kayla. The same obsession to please her and always gain her approval. It was for that very reason, though, that Diane had to fight the urge to tell her sister-in-law that she was forgiven.

Biting her bottom lip, Diane reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. Holding it there with the hand controlling Beth’s leash, she reached down and dragged two fingers through the cleft of her cunt before plunging them into the second knuckle deep in her soaked opening. She watched her submissive sister-in-law as her eyes glazed over with arousal. Whether Beth was conscious of doing so or not, Diane watched the brunette’s tongue peak between her plump red lips and drag it across in evident hunger.

Diane’s fingers continuing to slide in and out of her wet cunt, the squelching noise setting an almost hypnotic beat.

“Put your hands behind your back slut,” Diane ordered in a stern voice. She felt a thrill run through her body as Beth immediately reacted, her hands going behind her, causing her upper torso to lean forward. The movement left the older woman’s face less than a foot away from Diane’s slit.

Removing her two fingers, Diane held them up in front of Beth’s eyes. They glistened in her juices, her white cream built up along their base, and their very tips. She waved her hand from side to side and was delighted to see Beth’s eyes follow the movement as she once again licked her lips.

“Look at what a hungry little dyke slut you are,” Diane teased as she took her fingers and smeared her cream and juices all around Beth’s lips and underneath her nose. The brunettes tongue snaked out, licking greedily at her lips, not even trying to hide her desire.

Diane slid her fingers between Beth’s lips. She watched as the brunette’s eyes rolled back in her head and felt her tongue began to lavish her digits as she sucked on them.

“You’re mine now, my slut. I assume ownership of you. From this moment on, you will be at my beck and call. If I give you an order, you will follow it without question. Do you understand my pet?” Kayla asked sternly as she pulled her fingers from Beth’s eager lips with a plop.

“Yes, Mistress,” Beth replied, her eyes dark with arousal.

Leaning forward, Diane cupped Beth’s chin and asked, “How do you feel about that pet?”

“Mistress, I’ve wanted you since the first time Jerry brought you home to meet the family. There were times when I thought you felt the same. And then there was that time down in the islands…”

Diane reached out and ran her fingers through the brunette’s hair and said, “You silly slut. I’ve been fantasizing about having your mouth on my pussy for more than a decade and a half. But now I own your mouth. I own your tongue. Your tits are mine as is your pussy and that plump little ass. When you please me, I will see to it that you are as sexually gratified as any woman can be. Make no mistake, though, when you displease me, I will punish you.”

Diane noticed that Beth’s gaze had drifted back to the sight of her swollen pussy lips.

“The look in your eyes is an almost ravenous one slut. You want to suck my cunt, don’t you?”

“God, yes,” Beth said in almost a moan.

“Yes, what, slut. Be specific,” Diane ordered.

Beth had her top lip tucked between her teeth. Diane knew her well enough to know that it was a clear tell of the woman’s frustration. She watched as Beth let out a deep sigh and then said, “I want to suck on your sweet cunt, Mistress Diane. I want it so bad. I can smell you, and it’s literally making me dizzy. Please let me serve you. I’ll be a loyal pet. I swear to you that you will never have to tell me anything twice. Just please let me taste you.”

Diane stood and said, “You may remove my panties.”

Beth removed her hands from behind her back and quickly slid Diane’s panties down her hips. The blonde sat back in the chair and lifted each foot, allowing Beth to slide them off her. The brunette immediately brought them to her nose, inhaling deeply as she closed her eyes.

Feeling a rush at the power she held over this woman she’d long fantasized about, Diane snapped her fingers, bringing Beth out of her cunt infused fugue. Beth seeming to take the snap as an invitation started to lean in only to find Diane’s right stocking-clad foot pressed against her chest.

“Since you asked so sweetly, I’m going to give you the pleasure of coming on that hungry little tongue of yours. First, though, I want you to limber that tongue up by using it to bathe my feet.”

Beth didn’t hesitate to take the foot in her hand and wrap her lips around Diane’s big toe. Diane had insisted she perform the act on a whim. Kayla had instructed her that Diane would need to break her new pet down before finally rewarding her. gemlik escort She said it was an essential act in establishing the hierarchy that would exist between them.

She was surprised at the vigor in which Beth attacked her silky nylon-clad foot, almost fellating each toe. She wasn’t just content to suck on the toes either. When she’d finished working over the pinkie toe, she began to run her tongue back and forth along the sole of Diane’s foot.

“Good girl,” Diane cooed at Beth. It surprised her the level of self-control it took not to force the woman’s head between her thighs. There was a constant pounding in her clit, begging her to do just that. Kayla had explained the importance of these steps and how she would need to become accustomed to doing them when it came time for her to seduce a woman on her own. She still had her doubts as to whether she would be able to pull that particular act off or not. Confirmed submissives were simple enough, but to seduce a woman who was an unknown, that thought scared her.

Beth moved on to the other foot and went through the same process. “Such a good and obedient slut. When you’re through with that foot, you can come to receive your reward.” Diane said as she used the fingers of both hands to spread her labia open so Beth could get a good look at her goal. Seeing the glistening and gathering of cream surrounding her opening, Beth groaned and sped up her attack on Diane’s left foot.

When she’d finished, at last, she released the blonde’s foot and, without being told, placed her hands back behind her back. Diane smiled down at her and said, “Do you swear your loyalty to me from this point forward? Think carefully about your answer because from the moment your tongue touches my cunt, I own you.”

Beth groaned, “Please, Dia…Mistress. I want to be your slut, your pet, for as long as you will have me. I want it desperately.”

Diane wiggled her finger in a come hither motion and said, “Then get that slut mouth over here so I can baptize that beautiful face in my cum.”

Beth didn’t have to be told twice, burying her face between Diane’s thighs. She dragged her tongue inside her sister-in-law’s cleft, lapping away at the juices she found there. Diane brought her hand to the top of Beth’s head and wrapped her fingers inside her brown tresses.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Diane moaned as Beth’s tongue danced around her clitoris. Each time she sucked the little nub into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue, jolts would flash through Diane’s core. The blonde knew the morning’s stimulation already had her on edge and found it a struggle to make Beth work to earn her reward. It would have been easy to douse her friends face with her cum, all she had to do was give in to the sensations Beth’s talented tongue were causing.

Diane wanted more though, she needed to belittle her sister-in-law despite loving her dearly. There could be no doubt in Beth’s mind, no opening through which she might try to escape. She wanted this woman to feel as dependant upon her as she did towards Kayla.

“Stand up!” Diane ordered as she grabbed Beth’s wrist and helped her up from her knees. Leading her over to the bed, she ordered the brunette to lay on her back. Beth quickly and eagerly complied. Diane straddled her chest facing back down Beth’s body and slowly lowered down until she felt Beth’s lips make contact with her cunt. She felt the brunette’s tongue slither into her opening before stiffening and probing her wet cunt as deep as possible.

Reaching down, she used the fingers of both hands to seize Beth’s nipples. She pinched them roughly, drawing a moan that vibrated into her own opening.

“You like the taste of my cunt, don’t you slut. You want to taste my cum and wear it home on your face. Isn’t that right, you dyke whore.” Diane teased, trying to further humiliate Beth into total submission.

She felt her sister-in-law’s tongue withdraw from her orifice long enough to say, “I want your cum so bad, Diane. I’d be honored to wear it home. I’d do anything for you, all you have to do is ask.”

Beth buried her mouth back against Diane’s opening and once again began slathering her tongue between her engorged folds. She worked her way back down to where Diane’s clit lay and sucked it between her lips as she slid the rough flat of her tongue over its surface. Diane could feel her orgasm reach the point of no longer being able to be denied. Reaching up, she squeezed her own breast together roughly and began to twist her nipples.

It was like having the ground suddenly open you up and swallow you whole. One second, Diane was entirely in control, and the next, simple comprehension was beyond her. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body as her brain flooded her bloodstream with endorphins. She was vaguely aware of grinding her cunt against Beth’s face in a back and forth motion as the waves finally crested and slowly began to subside.

She rolled to her side and collapsed on the bed. She didn’t think she actually passed out, but it was clear that her brain chemistry was fogged enough that she was going to need a moment to return to normal.

When her heart at last settled and she opened her eyes, she found Beth in the rest position waiting patiently for her Mistress to come around.

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