Elaina and Kayla Pt. 02

69 Position

Elaina combed out her hair again, leaving it to air dry loose around her shoulders. She put on a simple, white linen shift dress she had in her bag. She didn’t bother with a bra or panties. She just didn’t care about them right now. With a smile on her face, she slid out of her room and down the stairs, where she found Kayla waiting with a glass of wine and a knowing, sly look on her face.

“So, I heard you found my gift,” she said.

Elaina nodded and smiled. “Best present ever for the weary traveler.”

“Oh no,” Kayla said. “I have an even better gift in mind. But from what I heard, you are going to need a few minutes to recover.”

She put the glass of wine in Elaina’s hand and said with a wink, “Drink up, old friend.”

Two glasses of red later, the women sat with their bare feet propped up on the coffee table between them.

“Remember that sleepover at Karen’s house?” Kayla said. “I brought that book about masturbation, and I thought you were about to call your mom to go home.”

“We were thirteen,” Elaina said.

“You were so uptight back then. I’m glad to see you’ve grown up a little.”

Elaina looked at Kayla for a long time. “It was different for me. Your parents were European. They were so frank about everything. My mom was practically born in the age before Christ, and her parents were religious freaks into the mix. It’s a wonder she let me go out at all.”

Kayla returned her friend’s long stare. “I know. Like I said, I’m glad you’ve grown up. And a beautiful woman you’ve grown into, too. Look at you! Skinny as a rail and bendy as a willow tree.”

“The boobs are still tiny,” Elaina said, cupping one small, firm breast in her hand.

Kayla shrugged and lifted one of her large, heavy breasts with her free hand. “Trust me, big boobs can be more of a pain than the hype would lead you to believe.”

“So what made you decide to leave that toy for me? And why put it in the drawer?”

Kayla’s eyes snapped to Elaina’s face again and her look changed. It was playful, but serious, gauging. “I wanted to see what you would do—I wanted to see if you were still uptight Elaina. If I had left it on the bedside table, uptight Elaina would have packed up and walked out right then. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. But if I put it in the bathroom drawer, then you would have had to be poking around to find it in the first place, which is a little less uptight. And if you didn’t want to use it, you could just pretend you didn’t see it. No problem.”

“But I used it.”

“And used it well, from what I bursa otele gelen escort could hear down here.”

“I’m sorry,” Elaina started—

“Don’t ever apologize for having a good orgasm for God’s sake! Do you know, how many women can’t do that, never have done that, or think it’s somehow wrong to do that? And besides, it was kind of a turn-on sitting down here listening to you up there. I almost felt like joining you.” Kayla’s eyes ran over Elaina in a way she was used to seeing from men. And she kind of liked it.

“Any word from Mark?” Elaina asked, setting her empty wine glass on the table and picking up one of Kayla’s naked feet. She started to massage the ball of her foot gently, struck by how much smaller and softer the woman’s foot was than a man’s.

Kayla sank back into the sofa and let Elaina work on her foot. “No news is good news.”

“So he could be home any time?” Elaina tried to keep her voice neutral. Like it didn’t matter one way or another. But she couldn’t fool Kayla, ever.

“Are you worried about seeing him?” Kayla asked, looking genuinely perplexed. “I thought you liked him.”

“I do—I like him a lot. I just, oh, never mind.” She refocused her mental energy on the foot massage.

Kayla smiled slyly. “Remember my fourteenth birthday sleepover? You and me and Laura and Mary. We drank Wild Turkey from my father’s liquor cabinet. We sat naked in the sauna. Well, everyone but you was naked.”

“I got there eventually.”

“No, you kept your panties on the whole time. I remember. Then everyone ran out of the sauna and into the snow, buck naked, just like they do in Sweden. Except you were still in your panties.”

“Well, I’m not wearing any now.”

Kayla put her wine glass down. “Now that is something I’d like to see.”

Elaina smiled and shifted Kayla’s foot out of the way so she could change the way she was sitting, giving Kayla a clear view up her short skirt. Her friend smiled, but didn’t laugh.

“You give a damn good foot rub,” Kayla said. Why don’t you come over here and see if there’s anything else you’d like to rub.

Elaina let go of Kayla’s foot and scooted closer to her on the sofa. She brought a hand to the blonde’s small, doll-like face, and traced the back of her finger down her cheekbones, across her jaw line, along her lip, then down her chin, to her neck. She leaned over and kissed the spot on her neck right between collarbone and jaw, and when she could feel Kayla’s quickening pulse under her lips, she parted them and let her tongue escort bayan explore the sensitive white neck.

Kayla’s head arched back and she brought a hand to Elaina’s thigh, working her smooth hands gently up the outer thigh and down the inner thigh. She moved in circles, higher and higher, until her fingers brushed the soft, short hair of her cunt.

Elaina breathed in sharply, a soft, triple-breath in. It was the first time any other woman had touched her there. She moved her lips from Kayla’s neck to her mouth, kissing her softly at first, but as Kayla’s hand kept moving under her dress, massaging her ass cheeks and teasing her pussy, she kissed harder, and eventually slipped her tongue into Kayla’s mouth.

Kayla wrapped her hand around Elaina’s, and placed it on one large breast. It was so much larger than Elaina’s little, round, firm tits that she stopped kissing for a moment to look at it. Then the returned her tongue to Kayla’s waiting mouth and began rubbing the nipple through her thin, black dress. Once she started to feel the nipple hardening under her hand, she lifted it out of the dress and freed the breast. Elaina lowered her mouth to it and sucked on it, looking at Kayla as she did. And Kayla was definitely looking back.

Kayla slid her finger between Elaina’s pussy lips, and both women inhaled sharply. Elaina was still super-sensitive from the Make-me-Cum cream, and Kayla’s fingers knew exactly what to do.

“Oh, my God,” Elaina sighed as her friend rubbed her finger over her clit.

Elaina moved to straddle Kayla, and pulled off the blonde’s shirt. Kayla’s bra was a satin leopard-print. Nice, but in the way. Elaina popped it off and threw it behind the sofa. Elaina ground her hips against Kayla’s lap, and Kayla slid two fingers into Elaina’s pussy. Elaina could tell how wet she was already.

Elaina took one of Kayla’s full breasts in her hand, and sucked on the nipple of the other as she ground her wet pussy into her friend’s hand. Kayla moved her two fingers in and out, pressing down on Elaina’s back wall so that it felt exactly like an enormous cock inside her. Even though she had just come a few minutes ago, it didn’t take long before she was moaning and dripping again.

“You’re so wet,” Kayla said.

“Are you?” Elaina asked. Although she hated to move her throbbing pussy away, she slipped down onto her knees in front of Kayla, and pushed her thighs open. Elaina snaked herself forward, reaching around Kayla’s hips and pulling her crotch down to her face. Kayla wore thin, satin animal-print mudanya escort panties. Elaina kissed Kayla over the underpants, feeling the heat from her friend’s cunt. Elaina relaxed back. Watching Kayla’s head between her legs.

Elaina left the panties on for the moment, kissing and running her tongue over the satin-covered slit. She pressed her nose into Kayla’s clit, and that got the blonde to writhe a little, so Kayla slid the panties off, and worked her fingers down into Kayla’s soft, blonde hairs. When her fingers slipped through the labia and touched the soft, slick skin of Kayla’s cunt, both women shivered. She liked rubbing Kayla’s clit, and the unbelievable slickness inside was amazing, but what she really wanted was to bury her tongue in Kayla’s vagina. She pulled the lips aside and gently licked at the clit, the way she loved it when men did to her. Just a little, so Kayla could feel the roughness of her tongue. As she began to respond, Elaina pressed harder on the clit, working her tongue all over it. She slipped her fingers inside and spread them apart, sliding them in and out until Kayla arched her back and pushed her hips forward into her face.

Then Elaina pushed her tongue as far in as she could, and rubbed her nose against Kayla’s clit.

She was kind of wishing she had brought the vibrator down, but wasn’t about to leave right now to get it, so she worked with her hands, pushing down against the back wall, and with her tongue, trying to find that one white-hot spot every woman had. Meanwhile, Kayla began making some very gratifying noises. Elaina was so horny now that she would have fucked anything, but since both her hands were occupied, she just rolled her hips against the air while Kayla got closer and closer to coming.

Elaina dipped her little finger into Kayla’s dripping cunt to lube it up, and then slid it into her asshole, which was enough to send the girl over the edge. She started shivering and quivering, and then all the muscles in her cunt contracted.

“Oh, oh, oh!” She screamed, and Elaina was briefly reminded of the screaming fake orgasms at the lunch table. Fortunately, she could feel the intense contractions on the inside, or she would be starting to worry. Kayla pressed her head so hard into her cunt that she could hardly breathe, but she didn’t mind. She just waited until the fury had passed, and then she relaxed a little, looked up at her friend from the perspective between her legs—blonde mound, round belly, big tits, closed eyes, head to the side.

“Well, well, well,” A voice said behind her. “Looks like I came home just in time.”

It was Mark. From where he was standing, he had an excellent view of Elaina’s bare ass, exposed under her short skirt. It was also obvious that he had seen everything. Kayla didn’t startle at all. Her eyes rolled open a little and she smiled at her husband.

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