Emma and Naomi Ch. 02

You don’t necessarily have to read chapter 1, but it’d be great if you did. This chapter jumps into where we last left off. Hope you enjoy.



“It’s a surprise.” Naomi said smiling. She excitedly got up from the bed and put on the dress that she knew drove Emma crazy. She went to the bathroom to put her makeup on. When she came back in the bedroom, Naomi saw Emma putting on a dress and high heels. “No, no, no. That won’t do.” Naomi saying as she wagged her finger from side to side. “Here, put this on.” Naomi threw her a bag that felt like clothes inside. Emma looked inside and made a face.


Naomi interrupted her with a stare. “M&M, are you refusing to do as I say?” Naomi said with a staged shocked face. “You know you will have to be punished for that later now, right?”

“OK.” Emma said immediately knowing that she had screwed up once again.

“OK, what?!..”


“My, my, my, you are on a roll today. I’m gonna have to make a list.”

Emma put on the clothes she was told to wear. She had on a white crop top with the letter E stitched in it with pink sparkles and a pink ruffled skirt that barely covered her ass and cunt. The only thing on her pussy was a thong, leaving her ass open to anyone who saw her reach, bend, or stretch in any way. She looked like a 16 year old anime character. “Ready to go?” Naomi asked as if what her pet was wearing wasn’t the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen.

“Yes, mistress.” Emma said trying to figure out what her mistress has in store for her.

When they arrived at their destination, Emma became even more frazzled. They were parked in the far corner of a parking lot in front of a building, old and square, much like a vacated factory building. Two spots shone against the grey wall next to an iron door, but that was the only light.

“What is this place, mistress?”

“You’ll see.” Naomi got out and came around the car to open the door for Emma.

“We should probably get your first punishment over with.”


“Yes, here. And be sure to be quiet. We wouldn’t want anyone to know that you’ve been a bad girl, would we?”

“No, mistress.” Emma said as she was being bent over the seat and having her skirt hiked up so the world could see. The cold breeze brushed up against her ass, but it was soon replaced by the searing pain of Naomi’s smack.




At first it hurt but then it just felt hot and numb.



When Naomi was finished, she stuck her two fingers in Emma’s dripping cunt. She pumped it in half way and pulling out of her all the way real slow like, teasing her pussy, making Emma rock back and forth trying to fuck herself with Naomi’s fingers. just when Emma was nearing the edge, Naomi pulled out slowly and lightly rubbed the outside of Emma’s pussy lips. “Oh please, god don’t stop, mistress.”

Emma whined. She groaned at the feeling of her pussy unfilled, wet, and cold from the breeze. “Mmmh, you feel so nice against my fingers, but you gotta sit up now.”

Emma sat up and stretched out. She tried to fix herself but Naomi quickly revoked the idea. “Hold your skirt up over your ass while you’re at it.” Naomi walked off to the mysterious door and motioned Emma to follow. “Whatever happens don’t let go of the skirt.” When they were inside the building, they were greeted by a strong looking woman with purple bursa escort bayan hair standing behind the front counter.

“Hey Naomi, haven’t seen u here in awhile.

” Hey Deb, I’m paying for the both of us tonight.” Naomi fished for her wallet in her purse and gave Deb $20. Deb stamped Naomi’s wrist and motioned for Emma to come over so she could stamp hers. Emma stood there looked at Naomi frightened. “What’s wrong with her? What she got behind her?”

“Show her, Em.”

Emma slowly walked around the counter, and turned around to show the stranger her still red derriere.

“Oh wow.” Deb said sounding impressed “She’s still a little wet.” Emma turned cherry red at the fact that a stranger could clearly see her ass and glistening pussy, but it also made her more horny and wetter per second. Deb stamped her ass and tapped it for good measure. Emma winced a little for it was still tender. Deb opened the door behind her and gestured for Emma and Naomi to go through. They were met with a long hallway that was filled with music that made the both of them vibrate. At the end of the hallway was a door and a big bulky security guy. Naomi tilted her head to him and he did the same and opened the door for them. Emma looked around to what looked like a strip club. The whole vibe consisted of women who were half naked walking around, women who were dressed normal that were sitting down talking, and women dancing on the dance floor. What shocked Emma the most was that she had seen more than one of them eating each other out. Some were even being eaten while talking to their friends. Emma heard a little of their conversation.

“Yeah so what we’re doing is that the company will take the money out and put it on a security card.” Said the woman who was being licked under the table.

“Oh my gosh that’s so cool. I’ve actually heard of businesses doing that now. You know -“

“Oooh, hold that thought. Aaaah oh oh yes oh yeah. Yeah that-that’s enough baby, you were saying?”

“Yeah so …”

Emma didn’t hear much else, but it was enough for her to be a little frightened and confused and aroused.

Out of nowhere, Naomi walked behind Emma and quickly put something thing around her neck.

“What the fuck is this!?” Emma said as she tried taking it off. She couldn’t.

“Now, I will overlook the disrespect because we’ve never done this before, but don’t think this freebee comes freely. It’s your collar and leash hon.” Naomi said with her sweet smile. “Now get on all fours.”

Emma looked at her for a second then did as her mistress demanded. Naomi took the leash and walked over to the bar and Emma crawled closely by. “Two beers please.” Naomi told the bartender while she sat on a stool. When Emma tried sitting on the stool next to her lover, but she was quickly yanked by the throat to the ground. She looked up, hurt and confused. ” Pets sit on the floor, not on furniture, what if they make a mess?” Emma, reluctantly but obediently sat on the floor. While they were waiting, they were approached by a woman with a “pet” of her own.

“Hey Naomi, what’s this little one’s name?”

“M&M.” Naomi said proudly.

“M&M” the woman repeated, rolling it off her tongue as if trying to taste it. “thats…cute” she said while stroking Emma’s face. “This is Berry.” Emma looked at Berry who seemed to be staring at her as well. Berry was a blond with green eyes and C cup breasts. görükle escort She had only a sports bra that clearly showed that her nipples were hard and silver glittered booty shorts. Berry parted her lips slightly and licked her lips just so Emma was the only one who saw it. Emma bit her bottom lip at the erotic gesture. Naomi looked down to see Emma and Berry staring at each other.

“I think these two need a room, don’t you think?” The lady look down to see what she was talking about.

“Hhmm, how do you feel about them doing it now?”

“What a great idea.”

Berry looked at both of the mistresses then at Emma and readjusted herself. “Berry?” The lady started. Berry focused on Emma and prepared herself. “Sick her.”

With that, Berry pounced on Emma and kissed her. It was a closed kiss at first but Emma was so wrapped up in it, she parted her lips letting Berry stick her tongue in. They stayed like that for a while; exploring each others mouths. Emma could taste a hint of pussy coming from Berry’s tongue as she sucked on it, but she didn’t mind. Berry began sending wet kisses down Emma’s neck. She started biting on it which made Emma moan and tangle her hand in Berry’s hair. Berry went back up kissing her jawline up to her lips and lightly licked and bit Emma’s lips and advanced down to her collarbone and put her hand under Emma’s shirt and found her nipple. She rolled it in between her fingers and tugged on it making it harder and harder. Emma put her hands on Berry’s waist and pulled her closer before she glided her hands down to her ass and gave it a little squeeze. This made Berry moan and pull on Emma’s shirt. Emma tried to stop her, but Berry grabbed her wrists and put them above Emma’s head, then held them there with one hand. Berry went back to lifting her shirt and kissed from her belly button and licked up to the middle of Emma’s breasts. Berry went to one of her breasts and held her nipple in her teeth and held it there while she flicked it with her tongue. Emma gasped and moan and started grinding her pussy in the air. Berry put her leg in between Emma legs so Emma could grind on her leg. She felt Emma’s wetness slide up and down her leg and smirked. “Wet already, huh?” Berry’s voice was low and sultry. Emma looked at her and giggled. “You have no id.. Aah” Emma was cut off by

Berry’s thumb resting on her clit.

“Feel good?”

“Mmhhhmm, so good.” Emma moaned. Berry pulled Emma’s thong down and slowly slid her one finger in Emma’s pussy. She gradually pumped her finger in faster. “Two!” Emma squealed. Berry stuck another finger in her and pumped at the same pace as before. “Oh fuck yes, fuck me!” When she said that, she felt her pussy once again be left alone and unfilled. Berry turned to her mistress who was looking very closely at everything that was happening. Berry whispered in her ear and the lady fished for something in her purse. When she found what she was looking for, she gave it to Berry. Berry was now holding a dildo in one hand and a strap in the other. Emma watched attentively as Berry put the two things together. When Berry was all settled and had her strap-on on she went back to Emma and kissed her passionately. ” Kneel over the table.” Berry said pointing towards one of the nearby tables. Emma quickly obliged and stood up and put one hand on the other side of the edge of the table and put the other hand on the edge that was closest to her. She cutely bursa escort bayan poked her butt out at Berry and turned around looking at her sexily. “You’re gonna fuck me now?” Emma said full of lust. Berry walked over and kissed her lightly on the lips. She slowly put her cock in Emma’s pussy and quickly found her rhythm. “Oh, god yes!” Emma moaned. The nub of the shaft was rubbing on Berry’s clit in just the right way and she let out a moan herself. Berry leaned over Emma’s back more and more to where Berrys nipples were grazing her back. “Oh, yeah! love the way you’re making me take your dick right now!”

“Yeah? You like takin this cock you fuckin slut?!

” Yes, ughhh, fuck me.”

Berry ran her hand in Emma’s hair and pulled it back, make her sit up a bit. She took her free hand and grasped Emma’s tit. She started fucking her faster when she heard Emma’s breath grow fast and short also trying to rub her clit more.”Aaaahhhhhhhh my…Ahhhhhh my… Gooohhh… Fuck” Emma felt her orgasm pulse through from her pussy to her clit, from her feet to her head and from her ass to her nipple. She came so hard, she squirted everywhere, primarily on Berry’s dick. Berry’s orgasm came shortly after and let out a small “Fuck!” and a high pitched moan as she bit Emma’s shoulder. When the two calmed down from their orgasms, Berry pulled out her now soaking cock out from Emma’s pussy. Without thinking, Emma quickly crouched down so her face could be leveled with Berry’s dick. She licked the tip just getting a hint of her juices. This led to her engulfing the entire attachment into her mouth, happily cleaning her juices off. She finally stopped once she felt every lost drop of her girl cum was in her belly. When they both turned around to their mistresses, they saw them staring approvingly and they suddenly heard clapping and whooping all around them. Half of the club had stopped to watch them go at each other.

“Seems like we’re popular, ” Berry said laughing and lowering back down on her hands and knees. She crawled back to her mistress who rewarded her with a wet passionate kiss.

“Come on M&M, time to go.” Emma crawled to Naomi and was greeted with Naomi grabbing her ass and pulling her close. ” Want me to fuck you proper?” Naomi whispered as she licked and nibbled on Emma’s ear.

“Mmmmhhmm please.” Naomi yanked on her ear.

“please what?” She said in her stern but sexy voice.

“Please mistress, I want you so bad.”

“Berry made you wet?”

“Yes, mistress”

“You liked the way she fucked you?” Naomi said now pulling Emma’s head back and tracing her finger up over her collar to her chin and in her mouth. Emma happily moved her tongue around took Naomi’s finger in between her teeth and playfully bit a nibbled on it.

“Yes, mistress.”

“You liked being fucked by her than me?” Naomi said in a playful pouty face.

“No, mistress. I love it when you fuck me.” Emma said still sucking on Naomi’s fingers. Naomi looked at Emma and grinned. She took her fingers out her pet’s mouth and wrote something on a piece of paper and put it in Berry’s bra. She got up and pulled at the leash to signal that she a Emma were leaving. When they got to the hallway, Naomi took Emma’s collar off, pinned her against the wall and sent kisses and nibbles up her neck.

“Do you even know what you do to me?” Naomi said in between kisses. Emma giggled and wrapped her arms around Naomi’s shoulders. Naomi lifted her head to where it was an inch from Emma’s faces.

“I don’t know, why don’t you tell me.” Emma pressed her lips to Naomi and they made out for while before opting to go home and make everlasting love.


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