Fat Bottomed Girls

Chapter One

(September 1997)

Angie stopped one step inside the Union Bar. It was Friday night, seven o’clock and already busier by far than she’d ever seen.

Then again, she had only been at uni a week, and for Freshers’ Week at that. Maybe this was the way ahead. Maybe this was how Friday nights would always be.

Meaning bars jam-packed with students of all ages, all of them out for a good time.

Freddie Mercury was on the juke, expressing appreciation for fat bottomed girls.

And who was likely to argue about that?

Not Angie.

Grinning, absolutely at home, she took in her surroundings. The pool table to her right was occupied by four girls (and yes, the one bending to take her shot was fat bottomed; but in a very alluring sort of a way). Every last one of the video games was noisily in use, mostly by spotty-faced males, intent on zapping aliens. Girl-power ruled as far as the darts boards were concerned and there seemed to be a lot of serious scoring going on. Phil Taylor might have struggled to keep up with some of those babes.

Well, he might if he relaxed his ultra-professional persona for one second and looked at their tidy little doubles instead of the usual trebles.

The background music was ever-changing. Freddie gave way to Roger Daltry, wanting to know who someone or other was.

‘Who, who,’ Angie breathed, ‘who, who.’

The influx of older students had been steadily increasing over the past week; she’d been noticing new faces ever since she’d arrived, as long ago as last Friday. Now, two days before university life began for real, just about everybody was here and the place was full to overflowing.

Speaking of which . . .

Angie let her eyes drift to Lesbians’ Corner. Promisingly enough, there were new faces there. Well, if not “new” at least different. More second and third years reclaiming their territory, she concluded.

Oh yes. Yum, yum!

Somehow remembering she was supposed to be out on a date, Angie had a closer look at the Union Bar’s most alluring (if unofficial) section.

Crikey, Billie was there, chatting with Charlie and that big-busted blonde from LGBT.

Composing herself, Angie approached her friends’ table. She was supposed to be dating Billie tonight but had fucked with Charlie as recently as Wednesday. How awkward was that?

Apart from Charlie having a live-in lover who reacted like a dangerous dog every time she saw Angie; that could be even more awkward!

No, make that a live-in lover who was, co-incidentally, fucking around with the LGBT blonde as well.

‘Hey lover,’ Billie said in greeting, jumping to her feet and kissing Angie on her mouth. Then, all green hair, tats and piercings, she grinned at the others. My round,’ she said, ‘make Angie welcome. She’s not as ferocious as she looks.’

‘She looks good to me,’ the LGBT blonde responded, matching Billie’s grin.

‘And I know she’s good,’ Charlie replied with a titter.

‘Marston’s,’ Billie said to Angie, ‘as if I need to ask.’

‘I’m Dani,’ the blonde added, thrusting out her hand. ‘I’ve heard all about you, Angie, all of it good.’

‘I’ve only been here a week,’ said Angie, shaking the proffered hand, noting the way Dani did not rush to let go.

‘A week’s a long time in higher education.’ Dani laughed. ‘And aren’t we lucky? We have months and months left ahead of us.’

‘It’s beer time,’ Billie said pointedly. ‘Come and help me carry them, Danielle.’

Angie shot Charlie a glance as she sat. ‘Where’s the Rottweiler?’

Charlie pretended to check under the table before replying. ‘If you’re referring to Ruby, she has had a family crisis. Her dad drove into a bus.’

Angie was about to say she hoped it was nothing trivial. But that would be spiteful about a guy she did not even know. Instead she rounded her eyes.

‘Is he okay?’

‘He is now, but he had time in Intensive Care. Rubes rang me maybe an hour ago. They’ve taken him out to a general ward, left him at the mercy of the nurses. Apparently he’s recovering and as happy as a pig in shit.’

‘What a quaint turn of phrase,’ said Angie. Then, deadly serious: ‘What’s the crack with you and Dani? She’s Ruby’s latest pull, isn’t she?’

‘Rubes asked me to look after her.’ Charlie sniggered. ‘I’ve been doing my utmost, obviously.’

‘She seems like a girl who can look after herself.’

‘Right, tell me about it,’ said Charlie. Then, soft and urgent: ‘Here they come. Woman up and let’s see where we go.’

‘See where we go . . .’

Angie fell silent as the other two girls returned to their table.

‘I got you an extra,’ ‘Billie said, depositing a couple of pints in front of Angie. ‘Can’t have you claiming that we’ve all supped more than you, can we?’

‘Billie suggested we join your pub crawl,’ Charlie added. ‘Sounds good doesn’t it, the four of us on the lash, painting the town red. Or do you think we would be cramping your style?’

Angie glanced at Billie, who was sitting rather close to Charlie. There was history bursa evi olan escort there; suddenly she was sure there was.

But what did it matter? She’d agreed to have the most open of open relationships with Billie. So what if Billie ended up with Charlie tonight. They were a four, weren’t they? Two sets of two.

Did it really matter which two got it together?

Well yes, clearly it did, but not necessarily at that very moment.

Not if the LGBT blonde was game for a laugh.

Angie drained her first pint in one.

‘Painting the town red sounds good to me,’ she said. ‘Let’s go for it, girls!’

Chapter Two

Three pubs into the crawl and Angie had exchanged perhaps twenty words with her so-called date. Billie was lavishing most of her attention on Charlie, who seemed to have forgotten all about looking after Dani.

In contrast Dani had lavished her attention on Angie. She liked girls with shaven heads, she assured her. And she particularly liked girls who weren’t afraid to “experiment”.

‘I heard you’ve been with Sarah-Jayne,’ she said. ‘That must have been an experience.’

‘It was,’ Angie admitted. ‘But I don’t do gossip, so I’m not telling you about it.’

‘That’s a pity. Rumour has it she’s hung like a horse.’

‘I’ve never been with a horse,’ Angie grinned, ‘so I can’t comment on that.’

‘But she is hung? Go on, you can tell me. I went with a tranny myself once. It was blissful.’

‘Sorry, I still have no comment.’

Dani sniggered. ‘What about this stunning Indian neighbour everyone’s jilling over; can you comment on her?’

‘Madhu classes herself as English, not Indian. Yes, she is stunning, but she’s also innocent and very straight. And that’s all I’m saying.’

Angie crossed her fingers behind her back as she made that little statement. Madhu wasn’t as straight as she had made out. And she wasn’t merely a bit curious; that girl was ready to take the next step or two, and big ones at that.

Like most probably on Saturday afternoon.

For perhaps ten minutes Dani stopped overtly flirting and talked about herself. She was, she said, a post-grad student but effectively here as a new starter. She’d recently graduated from Leeds and, due to “changing circumstances” had opted to carry on her studies in darkest Lancashire.

‘I have contacts in LGBT here,’ she said. ‘I’d only heard good things. And they were all true. I couldn’t possibly be out in better company than I am tonight.’

‘I’ve made some good friends already,’ Angie said, ‘and you’re right; Charlie and Billie are great to be with.’

‘Those two are fun but I was referring to the youngest member of the crew.’ Dani was staring intently at Angie as she spoke. ‘The one we older women find irresistible.’

Angie didn’t let herself be flattered by that. Well, not too much, anyway. Older women were rather her forte. Her very first female was in her thirties and all of her more recent ones were senior by a year or two. Nowadays she knew she appealed to a lot of different types and ages.

And, at twenty-one going on twenty-two, Dani fit into the pattern like a hand in a glove.

Or maybe like a hand in a . . .

‘What about Ruby,’ Angie said aloud, ‘aren’t you missing her?’

‘I like Ruby but she’s Charlie’s girlfriend, not mine. And Charlie doesn’t seem to be missing her.’

Angie followed Dani’s glance, saw Charlie and Billie kissing and shrugged.

‘Looks like you’re right,’ she said.

‘Don’t you mind?’ asked Dani. ‘This is supposed to be your date with Billie, after all.’

‘Let’s just say open relationships are the order of the day. And Charlie’s a good kisser. Kissing her is a very easy habit to get into. I don’t blame Billie at all.’

She looked back at Dani in time to see her tilt her head, her eyes suddenly smouldering. There was no doubt she was offering up her lips.

Angie wasn’t renowned for hesitating at moments like that. Blanking out the rest of the noisy, smoky and crowded pub, she kissed Dani.

And wow, wasn’t that a good decision. She had often been told she had amazingly soft lips but Dani’s were softer still. Their mouths seemed to melt together and Angie immediately went into that swoony, swirly state of being where she’d likely agree to anything.

In fact bugger agreeing; she was in that state where she’d most likely suggest anything.

Time became relative. Eventually, after light years of swooning and swirling, Dani’s super-soft tongue pushed oh-so gently into Angie’s mouth. Angie met it just as gently, not so much duelling as caressing and encouraging it.

‘Yuk you two,’ Charlie’s voice cut in, ‘get a room!’

‘What an excellent idea,’ said Dani, smiling into Angie’s eyes. ‘Maybe a few more drinks and what do you say?’

Angie looked at Charlie and Billie’s grinning faces. ‘You started it,’ she said.

‘We had a little peck for old times’ sake,’ Billie countered. ‘You two were having oral sex.’

‘Oral’s better than just talking about it,’ altıparmak escort Dani said smartly.

Laughing, the four young women moved on to the next pub, where Angie caught up with Billie in the ladies’.

‘This open relationship,’ she began.

‘It’s working well, isn’t it?’ Billie chuckled. ‘Listen, Angie, me and you can get it together anytime, but tonight we have a one-off window of opportunity. I haven’t shagged with Charlie since she hooked up with your best mate, Ruby. And Dani, who has co-incidentally shagged with both Charlie and Ruby, is hot for you. It’s written in the stars, isn’t it?’

‘What about Ruby? What’s she going to say if she finds out? And what if she catches you and Charlie at it? She might arrive home at any minute.’

‘Dani’s got a house,’ Billie replied smoothly. ‘She’s there on her own at the moment, and Ruby doesn’t know where it is. I bet she’ll go for a four-girl housewarming.’

It was clearly another of those instant-decision occasions. ‘Okay,’ said Angie, ‘you get her to agree to a one-off housewarming and I’ll play along.’


Dani didn’t need any persuading. Abandoning their pub crawl the girls called at an off licence for beer and wine then strolled to a detached house in one of the nicer parts of town.

‘The rent on this must be astronomical,’ Charlie observed, thinking aloud like the student she was.

‘I inherited it,’ said Dani. ‘There isn’t any rent; just rates and utilities.’

‘You inherited it!’

‘Yeah; my aged aunt died late last year. She left it to me. That’s why I switched from Leeds. Dad says it’s not the best time to sell, but things are picking up. So I’m going to live here for two or three years, get massively qualified, and then sell up for squillions.’

‘A landed woman,’ said Billie, ‘just what I’ve always wanted. Will you marry me?’

‘Sorry, sweetheart. I’m not the marrying kind.’

With the exception of the lounge, the house was furnished with what probably were antiques, and not well-preserved ones at that. To girls accustomed to halls and student flats it was, however, luxurious in the extreme.

‘This is my living space,’ Dani said, showing them into the lounge. ‘It needs decorating, but the suite is brand-new.’

Billie swigged lager out of a can. ‘It looks good to me. Are you sure you’re not the marrying kind?’

Ignoring her, Dani took Angie’s hand.

‘We’re going to inspect my bedroom,’ she said. ‘Well, maybe all of upstairs. You two get the run of all downstairs. Is that a deal?’

‘Yes,’ said Charlie, jumping in before Billie could delay proceedings.

Angie swigged down her wine and let herself be led from the room.

‘We might be some time,’ Dani called as they exited, a la Captain Oates. ‘Don’t drink all the vino.’

Chapter Three

Angie was unfastening the buttons of Dani’s man-like white shirt when she realized she hadn’t a clue what was expected of her. So far as she knew Dani had fucked with Ruby and Charlie . . . very much polar extremes, if ever there were any!

Not that Angie had laid a finger on Ruby of course. She hadn’t dared. The last thing she needed was having her finger bitten off.

So, she was very much judging Ruby by her appearance. But classing her as an aggressive bitch was not exactly a long shot. Her bedmate, Charlie, was relatively submissive. No, make that very obliging. Charlie’s idea of a good time was to lay back and shout out encouragement.

And where did that leave Dani?

Giving her mind leave of absence, Angie kept on unfastening buttons. Dani was three years older and more experienced; if she did anything wrong she’d protest, wouldn’t she?

Not that Dani raised as much as a murmur of protest.

‘Oh yes,’ she breathed as her shirt was peeled off her, ‘omigod yes.’

Angie was seriously impressed by Dani’s chest. Contained in a straining bra, her tits would have won global prizes. So too would the bra designers technicians. Surely great scientists had written formulas about mass and gravity that were currently being defied?

‘Yours,’ Dani gasped. ‘I’ve been staring at your nipples all night. Get them out for me. Get them out for me right now.’

Angie pulled off her T-shirt and tossed it aside, letting her as-always bra-less tits bounce into play.

‘Awesome,’ went Dani. ‘Like really, really.’

‘Get yours out,’ Angie countered.

Dani turned away from her, presenting her with a rear view. ‘Unhook me,’ she said. ‘Unhook me and do as you will.’

Surprised at the dexterity of her trembling fingers, Angie unhooked Dani’s bra and cupped her breasts a lingering moment or two before letting it fall away. Her body by then was close up to the other girl’s. Her groin was pressed onto a shapely bum; her tits were tight up against suddenly sweaty shoulder blades.

Moving Dani’s blonde locks out of the way with her nose, she kissed and nuzzled her lightly tanned neck.

‘I’ll do anything you want,’ she breathed, ‘tell me and it’s yours.’

‘I gemlik escort want you to screw me,’ Dani replied. ‘Throw me on the bed and screw me.’

Her words were music to Angie’s ears. And the sight of the bed didn’t hurt, either. She hadn’t taken a lot of notice of the bedchamber until then. Now, when she finally came to look, she could see that the antique theme was continued and included a four-poster.

As a venue for fucking she couldn’t have imagined a better one.

Still squeezing Dani’s tits and nuzzling the back of her neck, Angie whispered.

‘I’ll screw you forever if you like. Want me to?’

‘Yes . . . yes I do.’

Dexterous again, Angie unfastened Dani’s stretchy jeans.

‘On the bed,’ she commanded. ‘Take them off for me. Do it now.’

Dani complied.

‘My knickers,’ she said throatily, ‘what about them?’

‘Leave them on for now,’ said Angie. ‘I’ll take them off when I’m good and ready.’

While Dani blatantly ogled her, Angie removed her denims and panties, totally in control as she did so. She was a large, skin-headed girl with a man-like body but knew that women liked the sight of her. Her early teenage insecurities had been ditched long ago. Okay, so she was over six feet tall and well-built, but she wasn’t fat and she wasn’t unattractive.

Yes, nowadays Angie was comfortable inside her own skin and liked attention. Hell, she wasn’t even averse to a bit of drooling male attention, was she? Men liked her tits as much as girls did. So long as they looked but didn’t touch she was cool with that.

‘Think of England,’ she said before kissing Dani’s mouth . . . and her eyelids and cheeks and chin.

‘Let me,’ she added, pressing her lips to Dani’s fetchingly swollen nips.

‘Fuck yes,’ Dani wailed. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

Equally excited, Angie gave Dani the full foreplay treatment, focusing a lot on those tits but regularly gravitating upwards to kiss all parts of her face.

‘Yes, yes, yes!’ Dani regularly moaned.

She seemed surprised by the oral attack on her armpits. And the toe-sucking simply blew her mind.

Then, perhaps as long as half an hour into the feast, Angie went for some pussy.

Well, in truth she went for quite a lot of pussy. Nibbling Dani through her soggy panties at first, going on protruding outlines rather than visible targets, she ate her and ate her. Those panties soon weren’t merely soggy, they were saturated.

Chuckling, Angie pulled them off. Underneath Dani was clean-shaven, swollen and quite predictably dripping. Determined to be as thorough as possible, Angie began with her clitoral hood, moving it over and around her actual clit; moving it very, very slowly indeed.

Then, content she’d found the right rhythm, she leant in and used her tongue, spiralling in decreasing circles around the mouth of Dani’s vagina, relishing the taste and her very vocal approval.

Ultimately, with the diameter of her circles next to nothing at all, she took stock. She was not actually penetrating yet, not really, but she was definitely stimulating squillions of nerve endings.

‘Fuck yes,’ Dani howled. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

Deciding that Dani was nearly as ready as she was, Angie pushed with her tongue, sinking in maybe half an inch and locating another squillion or so nerve endings. Meanwhile her fingers carried on their good work, manipulating that hood; slowly, so very, very slowly.

‘Fuck me,’ went Dani. ‘I’m gonna explode.’

Angie’s tongue pressed in another inch or two, G-spot hunting.

Dani exploded.

Showing no mercy whatsoever, Angie continued tonguing and manipulating, seeing Dani through her cum and on to another one. Then, safely through number two, she switched tactics.

Dani’s clit was as large as any Angie had ever encountered. By now over-sensitivity wasn’t a problem. Transferring the tip of her tongue to the swollen button, she began spiralling again, decreasing those circles much more swiftly. Simultaneously, she slipped two fingers inside the world’s hottest, readiest vagina.

When it came to fingering two was Angie’s lucky number. Dani seemed to like it as well. In no time at all she was contracting and roaring approval.

‘Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, yes, yes!!’

After taking Dani’s cum count up to five Angie switched tactics again. Sliding up her juddering, so very grateful body, she got into position: nose to nose; tits to tits; groin to groin.

‘Now I’m going to fuck you,’ she breathed.

‘Oh yes,’ Dani countered. ‘Oh yes, yes please.’

Tribbing was Angie’s specialist subject. She could perform in several ways, from purely pleasing her lover to purely pleasing herself. That time she went for the middle ground, using all of her sex on all of Dani’s and blessing them with a gloriously long string of alternating orgasms. All false modesty aside, she excelled.

‘Fuck yes,’ Dani groaned over and over. ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

Their ultimate conclusion was co-ordinated by the female art of verbal communication. It was without doubt mutual and as perfectly synchronized as of a pair of Olympic divers. In fact by then their groins couldn’t have been wetter if they’d plunged into an Olympic diving pool.

It was splash, cum, splash, cum, splash!

‘Bravo,’ a voice cried as Angie’s entire nervous system stopped spontaneously combusting.

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