Meet Cute

He caught a glimpse of her from across a crowded room.

The lean frame of the young lawyer he’d been introduced to earlier swayed erratically at the centre of it all. Their gracious host was down on her knees before him, guiding his movements. He was new and he was gorgeous and it was obvious she’d had her eye on him from the moment he arrived. Her neck moved and his long, slender cock slipped out between her lips. Joe looked past them.

Four people were arranged haphazardly on the sofa next to them, moving in a way that he couldn’t track but that seemed to be satisfying for all involved. Holding onto the back of the sofa the divine Sophie struck her favourite position – standing, legs spread wide, back arched – while, unusually, her own husband rocked her delicate frame with fast, solid thrusts. She caught his eye from between her tousled bangs and winked. His pulse rushed but his eyes quickly flicked back to the other girl.

Elsewhere, people he knew and people he didn’t combined to make every shape that two (or more) people could make. The laid back music (turned up too loud) blended with the moans, the sighs, the impact of body on body. Another Saturday night at the mansion.

She was sitting on a table, a guy he didn’t know between her legs rocking into her. A mess of red curls, face flushed a perfect pink and… was that a tattoo? He frowned.

“See something you like, honey?”

He was propping up the bar a little way away from the action in the living room. He’d been talking to Doug but a petite blonde who he thought was called Suzie had come over and dragged Doug’s attention away. She had her hand inside his deep red robe and they were already edging away from the bar, but she had noticed Joe’s stare.

“Do you know who that is? The red-head?” He gestured with his glass, the ice-cubes rattling but barely audible over the undulating din of the party.

“Oh! We were introduced.” Suzie giggled as Doug whispered something in her ear. “I forgot her name… R something? She’s new!”

“Go get her, brother!” Doug shrugged off his robe as Suzie led him away, first by the hand, then by the cock. “The night is yours! Do you know if they found the key to the pool room yet?”

Reluctantly, Joe tore his eyes away from her and looked to Doug.

“Ah, yeah. Greg said they opened it up like fifteen minutes ago.” Off they went, allowing Joe to look back to the new girl. Only now the jerk who was fucking her had his head in the way, and he couldn’t see the perfect way she’d been chewing on that succulent lower lip.

He probably wasn’t a jerk but hell, Joe wanted to be in his place right now.

Doug was right. Joe finished the bourbon and stripped the towel from around his waist.

– – –

“Man, I’m glad you, hngh, came tonight.”

Rachel hummed a rising note in answer and held on tight to Ben’s back as his thrusts began to speed up. Her backside was getting a little numb from the cool wood of the table she was perched on, but it didn’t take much to ignore it in favour of the thick, lovely prick that Ben was fucking her with. She was still a little nervous, but yes, she guessed she was glad that she had come too.

It wasn’t her first time at this kind of party, but it was her first time since moving to this town and… well it was a leap of faith the first time. She’d hooked up with Ben at a club when she’d first moved here, and when he’d invited her here she’d thought of it, strangely, as a way to meet new people. The trip to the club had been kind of an anomaly for her and she didn’t want to miss out on any opportunity to put herself out there.

And she supposed she’d really be putting herself out there tonight.

Fuck, it was hot in there. She felt the perspiration on Ben’s back then realised that they were both already covered in it. He leaned into her and she felt their thighs slipping together, her nipples against his hairless chest. Everything was molten, flowing. This was her first time tonight and already she was probably fucking up her make-up.

She savoured it – the feeling of that dick filling her – and she let her mind wander to thoughts of other dicks. She liked Ben, but she wouldn’t have thought of coming to a place like this if she were serious about him. For some people that was fine, but that wasn’t for her.

She hadn’t been coy. From the moment they’d put away their things and allowed themselves to get comfortable she had been checking out the guys and what they had to offer. Ben had assured her that this party always drew the youngest, most beautiful crowd in town, and while beautiful was pushing it, almost everyone here was attractive in some way.

There was a trim blonde guy who she’d heard people saying was new here too, and while he was absolutely delectable she had a feeling that she’d have to really fight to get her hands on his goods. She thought of the thick-set stud that had smiled at her on the stairs and his cock, flaccid but still massive when she’d seen him. Mmm, when that thing was going… that might be something bursa escort to try out.

Then she opened her eyes and – over Ben’s shoulder, still impaled on his thick shaft – she saw him.

He wasn’t fucking, he was at the bar through one of the big archways that led off from the living room. Talking to another couple, he looked pre-occupied. He had a white towel tied around his waist but he was naked from the waist up, and in the seconds she had to take him in Rachel liked what she saw. Broad shoulders and muscles – enough to give him definition but nothing too rippling. His dark hair was clipped almost down to his skull and she could see a dusting of hair on his wide chest too.

She had the strangest feeling he’d just been looking this way. Or was about to, or…

Suddenly Ben was leaning back and his face was in the way. Rachel must’ve looked shocked as he laughed straight away. His prick had stopped as well, but she felt it twitch inside her and gave a little yelp.

“Sorry,” he smiled, “didn’t mean to surprise you but… fuck you’re hot as hell Rach, but I kinda think we ought to… mingle. Y’know?”

“Yeah,” she nodded a little dumbly, “I think we ought to mingle.” Yes! Definitely! Mingling was exactly what she wanted to do right then. Especially with that gorgeous piece at the bar.

Neither of them had climaxed, but they were both buzzing as he pulled out of her. He snapped off the condom and she hopped off the table, rubbing her soft buttocks a little gingerly.

“So, see you later?” He was already looking around the room. That was fine by her.

“See you later.”

Now for the tall drink of water at the…

Wait. Where did he go?

– – –

Joe was three steps across the lounge, just over a couple that were flat out on the floor just fucking like animals. He saw the muscular chud step back from miss ‘R’ and grinned. Perfect timing. She was rubbing her butt in this gorgeously thoughtless way. He made one more step forward and then suddenly he felt small cool fingers taking his hand and turning him aside.

“Joey, come up the stairs with me?”

He hadn’t noticed the sylph-like Sophie separating from her man but here she was, using a strength that couldn’t possibly be contained in that so, so, slender frame to pull him towards the hallway.

Sophie was gorgeous, intoxicating. Her pixie cut was growing out into a messy style that seemed to suit her perfectly. And naked as she was, as they all were, her body almost seemed to glow. She had the kind of fragile physique that fuelled men with the desire to both protect it and to leave their mark on it.

“I’m just heading over there,” he said, but nevertheless she still seemed to be pulling him towards the hall and the stairs. She looked back over her shoulder at him with a teasing smile, and he half took it in before his eyes dropped to the twist of her graceful waist and that perfect, perfect ass. How someone so skinny could still have any curve to their ass was beyond him, but Sophie was just blessed.

She was flawless, but still there was a fractiousness and a conceitedness to her that made him glad he wasn’t her husband.

They passed him groping Deborah, a statuesque beauty that Joe had a soft spot for, and he gave Joe an ostentatious smile of blessing. Interesting couple, Joe thought generously.

He looked back over his shoulder for the red-head, but Sophie was good. They were at the archway now, and she pushed him back against the cold plaster of one of the pillars and guided his gaze back to her with a single finger on his chin.

“I don’t know who you’ve got your eye on and I don’t care, Joe,” she purred. “You’ve got all night, but I want this fucking dick before I miss my chance.” Filth from the lips of an angel. She pressed herself against him, so small against his six-something feet, and took his prick in her hand. He was already half hard of course; that ass, those words – what could he do?

“You know Sarah grabbed me before I even got in the door,” Joe grinned, Sophie rapidly becoming the centre of his attention despite himself. “You already missed being first if this is some kind of competition for you.”

“Did she make ya cum Joey?” That accent a little less refined, a little rougher. That was how she got. “She’s got a really juicy ass, Sarah. Did you fuck her? Did she suck you off?” Fuck, she had him. He was at attention in her hand, her slender fingers slipping up and down his shaft, streaking him with his own pre-cum.

“I fucked her,” he growled. He rose to the bait just like his cock had risen. “And I’m going to fuck you too princess.” He pushed her back off him and heard a sharp exhalation of surprise burst from her lungs. “Now where are we going?”

“Upstairs, upstairs,” she murmured, looking down at his rigid prick now, gently squeezing it in both hands. This party was full of big cocks and he wasn’t the biggest by any means, but he had something Sophie liked. “I’m gonna take you upstairs and fuck you, altıparmak escort Joe.”

“Well it sounds like both of us are going to be doing some fucking,” he laughed and she grinned.

“Ain’t that the best way?”

He remembered how far you could push Sophie when she was turned on. She led him the rest of the way across the cold marble floor of the two-storey lobby, but he had his hand on her ass the whole way.

– – –

Nuts, she had missed her chance. It took a moment to pick the guy out after she realised he must’ve dropped the white towel, and when she found him through the throng of naked bodies he was halfway across the hall with some disgustingly attractive waif all over him.

Rachel tried not to get caught up in competitiveness at things like this, but she couldn’t help that her confidence took a little knock when she saw the guy she wanted heading off with someone that cute. Were they close? They looked very comfortable and familiar, his hand on her rump, hers teasing and touching his… oh wow. Now that was a very nice cock.

Fuck it, she was cute, and she wasn’t going to let self-doubt get in the way of her meeting someone she really liked the look of. They were on the stairs now, and, already having lost track of Ben, she moved to follow.

She was almost at the archway to the lobby when her upper arm was caught in a firm grip.

“Rachel, wasn’t it?”

“H-Helena, right?” She looked up at the woman with a stutter of surprise. It was the handsome owner of this crazy mansion: their host for the night. She couldn’t just dash off.

Helena was a striking woman. She must’ve been in her late forties and she still looked gorgeous. Rachel had seen her practically seducing everyone, man and woman, that had come to the party. With long, ebony hair, she was taller than Rachel, and stronger too, so it didn’t take much effort on her part to stop the younger woman short.

“I saw you and young Ben over there, but I’m sure you’re just dying to meet some more people.”

“Actually I am, I was just…”

“Wonderful,” Helena ignored the finger that Rachel had pointed at the stairs and diverted her through a side door into what seemed to be a smaller lounge. This room was empty in comparison with the large lounge. Another open doorway led from this room to the hallway, and Rachel could just glimpse the bottom of the stairs, which she glanced at longingly.

“John, this is Rachel I was telling you about. Rachel, this is John and Megan.”

“Rachel, right, hi.” John was sitting on a small sofa in the middle of the room. A good looking guy about Helena’s age, flecks of grey in his hair. Megan was on her knees between his legs, her tongue lolling out, licking up the length of his prick.

“Hi babe,” she said with a cheeky grin before she leaned forwards and popped the head of the cock between her lips. Megan looked younger than Rachel, in her early twenties probably. Helena brought a glass to Rachel’s lips and she drank without thinking. It was delicious, a rich red wine that seemed to make the room tilt a little. She thought of the guy with the shaved head, but she also noticed very clearly Helena’s large, soft breasts against her arm as the older woman put her arm around her waist.

“Rachel,” she whispered into her ear, “I think that Megan needs some help with John’s dick, don’t you?”

Rachel caught her breath, and for a moment she wanted to edge out of the room with nervous apologies and go somewhere else. But then her resolve came rushing back. Her guy was probably deep into that little sylph he’d been with now. She should just indulge here and let him have fun and track him down later. And one of the reasons she had first come to parties like this was to gain the confidence to never back down.

“It looks,” she said, “like a very difficult cock.” She was on her knees too before she knew it, pressing herself against Megan’s curvy body. The other girl came up off John’s cock and pushed a strand of her chestnut hair back out of her face. She smiled conspiratorially at Rachel and moved over so they could go shoulder to shoulder, each straddling one of John’s legs, each looking up eagerly at his large penis.

“It’s a burden I have to bear,” laughed John, looking down at them. He was fit – even slouching in the sofa like that his stomach looked hard as mahogany, and his temporarily unattended prick bobbed in front of it.

Rachel felt Helena’s hand on her ass, but was in the mood to play now so she hardly needed the encouragement. With a glance at the young brunette she was squeezed up against, she opened her mouth and licked up the length of the hot, hard shaft in just the same way Megan had.

At the tip, his precum was thicker and stronger than she had expected. The salty taste filled her mouth and she kept going, wrapping her full lips around his purple head, then pulling back and caressing it with her tongue. She looked up at John the whole time, her eyes playful and seductive.

“Oh, I görükle escort am very glad to meet you, Rachel,” John groaned, letting his head fall back. She wasn’t exactly an expert at this, but she had kind of expected Megan to… help out perhaps? She had expected the other girl’s face against hers, licking his shaft and sucking his balls while she worked the bulging head of his manhood.

Instead, Megan seemed more interesting in her. As Rachel sank further down, taking more and more cock-meat into her mouth, Megan’s lips were suddenly sucking at her earlobe. Helena’s hand was getting firmer too, that gentle touch starting to feel more like a squeeze.

“He tastes good, doesn’t he?” Megan’s whisper was throaty and low. “Johnny always tastes good. S’why I never mind when he tells me to get down on my knees.” Rachel couldn’t answer, John’s prick was pressing her tongue down and filling her mouth. She moaned as he shifted his hips a little, eager to push further in. “It’s coz he’s a fitness nut. Eats so much fruit and protein, y’know.”

“Fuck, what a mouth,” John murmured, to himself, just a little boost to Rachel’s ego and suddenly a sharp pain stung Rachel’s buttock.

“Very nice, but John likes it a little faster.” Helena swatted her ass again, but Rachel’s squeals were muffled. She breathed through her nose, thinking ‘Can’t he tell me that himself? He seems to be enjoying it well enough…’ But she didn’t speak up, just slipped off for a second to catch her breath then went back to work with renewed vigour.

She bobbed her head, worked her neck. John’s thick, creamy pre-cum oozed into her mouth as the blow-job became faster, sloppier, messier. Rachel’s skin was tingling as she felt Megan lick up her neck then pull away.

She was alone between the man’s legs now, and losing herself in her work. She came up on all fours, her ass in the air, because the sofa was low so it was easier this way. Sweating again, she felt strands of hair starting to stick to her brow, and knew that trickles of saliva and cum were starting to escape her lips. She slurped at his head, pumping the base of his shaft with one hand, supporting herself with the other.

“That’s… mmn… that’s right. Lose it for me Rachel,” John growled. “Hnngh! I love this girl, Helena.”

“She looks, mmmn, delightful,” answered their host, and with a squeal of embarrassment Rachel felt her strong hands squeeze her ass cheeks and pull them apart as if inspecting her.

“Look at that pussy!” Megan’s voice now. John’s hand was on her head and Rachel knew she had no choice but to keep mouth-fucking his member, but her heart pounded to know that the two women, young and old, were kneeling behind her examining her cunt and her asshole. “Did she get fucked already tonight?”

“By young Ben, who brought her here,” answered Helena, teasingly tickling the tight, tight pucker of Rachel’s ass. Her hips jumped and Megan laughed. John’s ass was jumping off the sofa now, and his cum was coming more and more. The smell of him dominated her senses, but the attention the girls were giving her most intimate areas was spinning her head around.

“Jeez, no-one fucked me yet.” Rachel couldn’t see the immature pout, but she could hear it.

“Hey, I’ll fuck you later,” John grunted, making no move to stop Rachel even though she could feel him twitching, and knew he couldn’t be far from loosing his thick load into her mouth.

“Everyone will fuck you, darling,” Helena crooned. “Don’t be silly. You could go find someone right now.”

“Mmn,” Megan wavered, “But I want to play with Rachel a bit more first…” Rachel jumped and came up off John’s cock, gasping for air as the fingers first stroked her soft, flushed labia.

“Ahn!” She couldn’t turn to see. John needed her tight mouth back on his piece immediately, and she didn’t know whose fingers were flitting up and down over her lips until Megan offered a comment.

“You’re so wet, Rach. I wish I had a cock to fuck you with… this’ll have to do.” With that she pushed, and Rachel had no defence as two of Megan’s slender fingers penetrated her, sliding deep inside her wet, ready cunt.

Fuck, this escalated quickly. She managed that thought, but Megan was good, and she popped her wrist and finger-fucked Rachel so well, that her brain was rapidly getting as fuzzy as John’s must have been. Down on all fours, mouth full of glorious dick and getting finger-banged with professional skill, Rachel couldn’t think of anything.

But for a second she remembered that guy.

Then she felt the dick tense and grow between her lips, and almost immediately John was unloading his burdensome seed into her mouth, thrusting to reach the back of her tongue. Spurt followed spurt as Rachel groaned dizzily and felt her mouth rapidly fill up with the strong, and not all that unpleasant, taste of him.

The first guy she’d made climax that night. Her guy would be the second, she promised herself.

She let John’s prick slip from her lips, but she couldn’t do it without losing some of his spunk. It trickled from her lips down over her chin as she concentrated on swallowing the rest of his heavy load. Down it went, thick and sticky, since she knew she couldn’t spit it out. Megan’s fingers, meanwhile, were still going, fast and insistent and the girl seemed to have no intention of letting her go.

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