On the Go Ch. 01

The girls faced each other in a small pocket of space on the streetcar. One had hair the color of the desert at sunset. The other had soft, onyx curls escaping from a ponytail and quivering by her cheeks. They stood as well as they could in the onslaught of other transit riders: self-centered, oblivious people that neither noticed nor cared about the others they jostled as they searched for a seat.

An exceptionally attentionless man shoved the dark haired girl into her friend as he stomped by. The fairer one raised a hand to keep from falling. The hand rested on the soft, cotton fabric of the black camisole. Their eyes locked as they shared an embarrassed laugh.

As the vehicle began to move, the pseudo-rescuer’s palm continued to rest on her friend’s shirt. With a secret smile, she stroked the other girl’s belly. A slow, shy smile bloomed in response, and a pair of cornflower blue eyes looked down. There was the beginning of a blush in her cheeks.

I felt a little bit dirty watching the scene unfold bursa escort before me. There was no where for me to move, however, as another passenger sat beside me and blocked the aisle. There was also the fact of a crowd that stood all around, pressing against each other, while more passengers tried to board at each stop. I consoled myself that there wasn’t anywhere I could look but at these college age girls.

Over the rumble of the streetcar, I heard the dark haired girl raise the slightest of protests.

“Gisele,” she murmured to her friend. Her eyes lifted enough to glance at the people around them.

“Shh,” the girl named Gisele murmured. “Everybody is too absorbed in their own thoughts. Nobody will notice. Nobody sees.”

As she spoke, her hand slid down her friend’s torso to the bottom of the camisole. She made eye contact again, holding the other girl’s gaze as she slid her hand under the material.

“Gisele…” she tried one more time. The name ended in a stuttering bursa escort bayan gasp.

I could see Gisele’s hand cupping the breast nearest to me. The thumb and index finger worked beneath the cotton, pinching and twisting the nipple. After awhile, it clamped down, pulling the dark haired girl towards her. In a moment, there lips were locked. After another breath, their mouths began to move against each other. Every now and again, a flash of tongue was revealed to be penetrating the opposite mouth.

The girl whose name I hadn’t grasped let out a sharp gasp. Her head rolled back slightly, and her eyelashes fluttered over her closed eyes. Sliding my gaze down the length of her body, I saw the source of her reaction: Gisele’s free hand had worked beneath her friend’s skirt. By the steady back and forth motion of her arm, I could tell that she was using her fingers to work her friend to a climax.

My suspicions were confirmed when the lighter haired girl crushed bursa merkez escort her mouth against her friend, and a moan was stifled. I could see Gisele’s arm pumping furiously. The other girl’s body trembled as she climaxed. Gisele continued to pinch and twist her friend’s nipple.

The streetcar was slowly coming to a halt. I was treated to a vision of Gisele gazing lustfully into her friend’s closed-eyed face as she licked the other girl’s lips. Slowly, without concern, she withdrew her hand from her friend’s breast. Her other hand pulled back from beneath the skirt with equal calm.

I had a split second to notice Gisele’s honey eyed stare meeting mine. In the next instant, she slid her fingers – still moist with her friend’s juices – into my mouth. The tart sweetness lay heavy on my tongue, causing my own panties to become wet. I found myself hungrily sucking on those fingers and trailing my tongue along the lengths to get every last drop.

Gisele’s breath was warm and seductive as she leaned to whisper in my ear.

“Come with us,” she said.

She stood up, withdrawing her fingers as she did so. Her arm slid around her friend’s waist, supporting her as they walked towards the exit. She glanced back at me, smiling that secret smile.

In a daze, I stood and followed…

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