Orderly Not So Orderly

Sally Newton just got a new assignment, as an orderly to the newly appointed Chief of Defence Staff Lucretia de-Billiard, the highest ranked and most decorated woman in the history of the British Armed forces. She has long admired de-Billiard, who had attained the rank of General at 45, making her a role model for any aspiring young woman in the Armed Forces as well as a true legend of her generation. Such a feat was practically impossible to surpass. But then, it was at least a prospect.


Newton had been recommended by her supervising Warrant Officer, James Leighton, who had found her highly “intuitive and sharp minded”. The list for the job was a very short one, but she aced her interview and she got a call from the CSO to the Chief telling her she’d gotten the job. Newton had only seen de Billiard twice before their first meeting; the first was at her promotion to General and the second, when the Chief of Staff came their station in Afghanistan.

Her thoughts drifted off to the war, even though her posting was transient, she felt just as frustrated as the rest of them, fighting a pointless war, losing good men and women to a vague cause. She had lifted their morale though and she admired her even more fiercely than she already did. Her platoon had been withdrawn for a month now and it was a less grimy environment. There was significantly less noise, less dust and absolutely no gunshots in the Defence Intelligence Agency.

Now she had this assignment, which had to be the most lucrative she’d ever had; and working with a legend of her time even in such a menial capacity, things could hardly be better. She waited patiently in the CSO’s office on the day of her official resumption barely perceiving the span of time that had elapsed since her 8am arrival. Just a couple of minutes before noon, the CSO received a call and on acknowledgement he showed Newton in.

Newton was apprehended by the sheer grandeur of her office. She had taken it all in one furtive glance while saluting.

“Sally Newton, reporting for duty, ma’am.”

“Madam.” De-Billiard corrected without looking up at her.

“Madam.” Newton cursed herself. First five seconds and I’m already in danger of being dismissed.

“Come closer.”

“Yes, sir – I mean madam.” Newton felt like strangling herself. Sir!? She couldn’t blame that on habit.

“Your supervisor highly and so ardently recommends you. My fondness of him gave you an edge. You have him to thank for that.”

“Yes, madam.”

“Have you any idea what this assignment entails?”

“Yes, madam.”

“Well…?” de-Billiard led her on.

“I am to carry out what ever duties I am assigned by the chief with promptness maximum efficiency, madam.”

“Don’t make it sound so grueling, Newton. But yes, you are right. And if you falter or err, you will be immediately dismissed.”

De-Billiard had turned the heat up a bit, studying the tenseness in her countenance.

“I see you understand.”

“Yes, madam.”

She went back to the papers on her desk.

“Do you have something to say?”

That question completely threw her off guard. It was almost as if…

“You’d better say it now because henceforth all you will say to me is ‘yes madam'”

Newton started to speak but caught herself. She still reeled from the shock and had difficulty forming her words.

“Perhaps you have nothing to say. I must have read you wrong…”

“Yes, madam. I-I have something to say.”

De-Billiard ignored the fact that her orderly had just interrupted her, thinking the situation too interesting to make a meal of.

“I have deeply admired you for a long time now. Your biography is like a Bible to me.”

“You know all my quotes?”

“Yes, madam. I have always seen you as a role model, and this job is a dream come true. I had frequently thought of leaving the Armed bursa eskort Forces but when I knew of your feats and the rates with which you went up the ranks, it inspired me. I want to be at least half the legend you are… madam.”

De-Billiard had watched the young Corporal pour her heart out. It was almost touching.

“Don’t settle for half. Try to surpass the legend you set out to be.”

“Yes, madam.”

“Well, that’s out of the way. Get me a cup of coffee and have the CSO call the Deputy Director of Operations. And, Newton…”

“Yes, madam.”

“The next time you call me ‘sir’, I’ll have you stationed in Somalia.”

Yes, madam. Newton stopped herself from smiling.

Newton returned with the coffee a couple of minutes later. Setting it down at her desk, she added a teaspoon of sugar and stirred. De-Billiard watched her curiously.

“You left the door open.”

“I’m sorry, madam.” Newton rushed to the door.

“Lock it.”

“Yes, madam.”

She took a sip of her coffee and set it aside.

“Excellent job with the coffee.”

“Thank you, madam.”

“Stand there.” De-Billiard indicated a spot a few feet from her desk

“Yes, madam.”

“Take off your boots.”

“Yes, madam.”

De-Billiard kept watching with that curious look on her face as she straightened back up. Newton wondered why she had her do all these things. Perhaps she hadn’t gotten used to the “thrill” of having someone to order around out of pleasure and not necessity. Whatever, she thought.


“Yes, madam.” She started to take off her shirt when the meaning of the command hit her. Only then did she show hesitation.

“Turn around. And dance while you do it.”

“Yes, madam.” Newton said, her voice laden with trepidation and embarrassment.

De-Billiard watched her strip, although she would have loved to see her expression of embarrassment, she knew that it would be marred by her perplexity. The faint notion of having an audience conflicted directly with her senses. She could feel de-Billiard’s eyes on her, judging her as she took off her clothes in an embarrassing dance she had to make up. She tried to get used to it, although she felt silly with her boots on. That was probably the point. It gave her confidence though that she didn’t watch de-Billiard watch her. Perhaps, that was what she was going for. She knew she was considerate enough.

“Put on your boots.”

“Yes madam.”

De-Billiard savored the view as Newton’s cheeks parted slightly revealing her tasty orifices. Newton on the other hand was still trying to battle the reality she faced. Her role model, treating her like a slave for petty amusement. She calmly braced herself as she knew things could get much worse.

“In my first year in the forces, when we were stationed in Buda, my ambush squad was stationed in foxholes outside the base. After waiting for a couple of hours, I started to get uncomfortable. I put my gun aside and started touching myself…”

Newton could barely react as de-Billiard’s words entered her head. Having read de-Billiard’s book, she knew she had quite the way with words. She could almost feel the sensations de-Billiard so keenly described.

As de-Billiard spoke, she noticed Newton shift slightly in her stance; glad that her words were having an effect. But then, she had been standing for quite a while now.

“…then I locked my side-arm and slid it up in me. I thrashed around, trying to endure the sensation of the cold metal sliding in and out of me. I could barely keep to myself. My body tightened and I wanted to scream…”

De-Billiard was engrossed by her own tale, temporary forgetting why she was telling the story in the first place. She blinked out of her reverie, her focus back on the pert little bum in front of her.

“Spread your legs…”

“Yes madam.”

“Bend bursa bayan escort over.”

“Yes madam.”

De-Billiard noticed her wetness drip slowly down. Her mouth watered at the thought of tasting her…

“Turn around, slowly.”

“Yes, madam.” Her response had lost its military sting… she was in dire need of release, not too mention deeply humiliated.

Newton turned slowly, leaving de-Billiard to savor her form in profile before she faced her fully. De-Billiard loved what she saw. Newton was a 32B and her breasts were so perky. Her nipples were so hard. Newton stared into space but de-Billiard stared into her eyes knowing Newton didn’t dare stare back into hers.

Newton found solace, despite herself, in the fact that de-Billiard was taken aback by her body, even if momentarily.

“Here,” de-Billiard handed her a pen. “Make yourself cum.”

“Yes, madam.” The sting was back. Newton was determined to do her very best to carry out that order.

Newton eased herself onto a chair across from her and spread herself, giving her superior a brazen view of herself. Newton watched her as she began to touch herself, closing her eyes as the pleasure coursed through her. She trembled slightly as she guided the pen into her. It was pretty small but at that point it was more than enough. De-Billiard had really got her going and it wasn’t too long before…

“Get up!”

“Yes, madam.” She was so close.

De-Billiard glared at her. She was having too much fun. She decided to wet her blanket a bit.

“Bend over.”

“Yes, madam. “

“No, no, against the table.” Newton turned back around and leaned forward slowly. De-Billiard could swear she saw a smile on Newton’s face. She decided she could have imagined it. No matter, Newton wasn’t going to be smiling soon.

De-Billiard went around to her, taking in the pose that appealed so much to her aesthetics. She ached to caress her chiseled, yet nubile form. De-Billiard smacked her hard on the bum.

Newton bit into her lips to keep from screaming. The pain seared through her entire body. De-Billiard watched her body tense up as she absorbed the pain, and the reddening of her cheek. She smacked her again on the same spot and did well to pry her hand free of that soft, supple bum.

She kept smacking her until she heard Newton sniff, knowing that the tears had long left her eyes. She switched to the other, smacking as hard as she could.

Newton’s hands and legs buckled slightly as her resolve wavered. She wanted to break down and wail her pain away.

De-Billiard stopped and she listened to Newton’s intermittent sobs.

“Straighten up. How do you feel?”

More tears streamed down Newton’s eyes.

Of course, de-Billiard thought. There are no words to describe the way she feels right now.

“I want you to know that admiration is the furthest thing from understanding. That isn’t something you’ll find in my book. This situation is the last thing you would have expected, is it not?”

“No, madam.”

“Come here.”

“Yes, madam.”

De-Billiard held out her hand as she approached her. Newton tentatively took it and de-Billiard pulled her gently to herself and Newton noticed the significant change in her countenance as she eased herself onto her lap. De-Billiard’s hands trembled as she ran them along the nude body they held. She took a nipple in her mouth, swirling around it with her tongue. She took the other in her hand and worked it much to Newton’s pleasure. Her sobs slowly disappeared and were replaced by soft moans. De-Billiard reached around her pulling at her and caressing her back. She cleared her table and hoisted her onto it. She kept sucking on those wonderful tits as she slid her fingers into her.

“Oh yes!”

Yes ‘madam’. De-Billiard thought. But bursa ucuz escort then, she had fallen prey to her charms and now Newton had her in palm of her hand; she simply couldn’t get enough of her.

Newton had her arm around her, convinced it was okay given the circumstances. In the end, sex breaks all barriers age, gender, race, even rank.

“Oh… fuuuck!!” Newton exclaimed as she came. Her body shuddered and she clung limply to General de-Billiard. When she came to, she noticed the mess she had made of her desk as well as her uniform.

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay. It’s kinda my fault.” De-Billiard couldn’t believe the words that had just left her.

“Let me take care of it.” Newton made to take off her uniform. De-Billiard tried to stop her but couldn’t, as she was taken by the situation. She watched her closely as she got it off her. Their eyes met and de-Billiard couldn’t bring herself to look away.

Newton closed the gap between them taking her lips boldly. She reached around, pulling her deeper as she had a taste the woman she wanted to be. De-Billiard could barely think as Newton’s hand eased underneath her shirt. She stepped away abruptly, staring back at her naked subordinate seemingly weighing the consequences of Newton’s intentions. She decided, and began to take off her skirt.

“Let me.”


Newton went to her, kneeling at her feet as she undid her skirt. She kissed her thighs on her way back up to her.

De-Billiard stopped her as she pried her shirt apart.

“What’s wrong?”

“Please don’t…”

Newton was more than surprised at her docility. As she kissed her, she wondered what it was that made her so self-conscious all of a sudden. She managed to get the bra off and she saw exactly what made her act that way. Her left breast was scarred heavily around the nipple area with the nipple itself missing. The scars had long healed. Newton cursed herself for not remembering. Of course! De-Billiard had been held a prisoner of war for over six days, constantly and severely tortured. She couldn’t believe she missed it, after having read such a detailed gruesome account in her autobiography. Newton kissed it softly, taking them both in her hands.

They felt so good and warm in her hands as she kneaded them. De-Billiard moaned into their kiss as they held on to each other. Newton started to go down but de-Billiard held her.

“No. More…”

Newton was amused at de-Billiard’s sudden taciturnity as she welcomed her lips once more.

They kissed for over five minutes and it began to tell on de-Billiard. Her knees gave way and she fell to the floor.

“Madam! Are you okay?” Newton went to her.

“I’m fine. Just a little weak in the knees. Come on”

They resumed kissing and finally, de-Billiard let Newton go down on her. She was so hot down there… Newton felt as though de-Billiard would melt against her lips. She let out a loud moan as Newton’s lips snaked into her. Newton ate her ferociously, barely holding her hips in place as de-Billiard writhed under the pleasure. Lucretia grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her deeper into her.

“Yes, Newton! Just like that.”

Her words felt so much like an official commendation. Pleased with her work, Newton doubled her efforts, sucking harder at her clit and moving her tongue in and around her. De-Billiard’s grip loosened as her orgasm welled up in her, her moans turned slowly to these excited paeans Newton loved to hear.

“Oh my god… oh my…”

De-billiard inundated her lips as she came, making quite the mess of her.

“Oh my god, Newton…”

Newton kissed her way up to her lips.

“Yes, madam?”

“You’re such a mess.” De-Billiard tasted herself off her.

“I’m sorry, madam. It won’t happen again.”

“You got that right.”

De-Billiard had set out to humiliate her and dampen her spirits yet here she was, kissing her as though she were in love with her. She had planned to do much worse things to her but she gave in too quickly and let Newton see her in such a vulnerable light. Replacing her would be difficult, but she vowed never to give in like that again.

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