Patty , Jo Fulfill a Fantasy

I met my best friend Jo when I moved 2 doors down from her in my first year of high school. Jo & I had the same opinions and attitudes about most things. Jo’s boobs developed faster than mine, so she attracted more boys than I did. A lot of talk was about boys, how most of them were such jerks, always wanted one thing, and didn’t want to work for it. During the first kiss, their hands were already moving to our boobs. We soon grew very close. We shared everything with each other. We spent nights together at my house or hers a lot, especially during the summer. It was not unusual for us to talk while the other was changing clothes. So we knew each others bodies also. But we never took our panties off in front of each other. It was kind of an unspoken barrier that we both respected.

I did become uncomfortable several times when Jo would say she wondered what it would be like to be made love to by another girl. One time her leg brushed against mine as she spoke. I always wondered whether she was testing me or not.

Soon after high school we both got married and a year later Jo moved out of state. We continued to talk daily and visited each other every year or so. I got divorced after 10 years, didn’t want to date, and became lonely and depressed. Jo invited me out for a visit with her & her hubby. I never forgot her leg against mine. It seemed more and more OK.

The first night we stayed up late talking. Jo was comfortable in a short, thin cotton nightgown with panties beneath. But even though Jerry had gone to bed I kept my clothes on. Jo’s breasts had fully developed. I could see her nipples when she leaned back or moved her body. Her hairy mound shone through her silky panties when she brought her knees up to get comfortable.

What is wrong with me, why am I thinking like this?

I kept my concentration on our talk as Jo seemed to know what she was doing to me as she moved her body around giving me a good view of her nipples and mound.

Am I just imagining this?

Knowing I was getting flustered I finally got up and said I was sleepy and we would talk more in the morning. When I awoke I left my room to pee and see if Jo was up yet. I knew Jerry had left for work. The bathroom light was already on, the door was open a couple of inches. I started to say something, but something inside told me to look in, instead. The escort bayan large mirror on the wall let me watch as Jo was just getting out of the shower. My inner excitement started growing rapidly as I watched her towel off.

What has gotten into me?

Am I becoming a peeping tom!

The nerves inside my body were exploding as I watched her in the mirror. The towel lingered around her firm breasts. She raised one foot up to the tub rim allowing her access to dry off her hairy mound. It also allowed me a full view. Her P hair was trimmed in a V shape, the bottom point just above where I knew her clit would be. My finger moved to my own clit as I lustfully gazed at her wiping her pussy, separating it to dry the inner folds. She then leaned forward at the waist. Her breasts hung down away from her body as she rubbed the towel up her ass crack.

This is too much! My body is aching for a climax as my finger slide inside my vagina, my thumb rolling around my hard clit!

Has it been that long, that I am getting so aroused by just seeing a naked body, a woman’s, no less??

Jo, still naked, sits at the vanity to brush her hair and put on her face.

I continue to watch, taking my hand reluctantly away from my pussy.

I need to calm down some, I tell myself.

But soon she stands, inspecting herself in the large, full length mirror. I see her smiling as her eyes seem to look into mine

OH shit, has she seen me? My mind screams!

I instinctually move back. Nothing happens, so I step forward again to continue my peeping.

Jo’s head is tilted back with her eyes closed, as her hands cup each breast, squeeze and roll each nipple. Then one hand moves to her crotch, the fingers separate her swelling pink lips and slide up and down lingering at her clit. I realize I am doing the same thing to my own pussy.

Why is this getting me so hot?

I have never done this before!

What if Jo knows I am watching?

Suddenly I see Jo bend over, to pick up the towels and her clothes getting ready to leave the bathroom.

I quickly walk to the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee and am sitting at the table when she enters the hall.

“Oh, Patty, I didn’t know you were up yet. You should have hollered, I would have been quicker getting out.”

And miss the excitement, my mind bursa vip escort giggles.

“That’s Ok, hon; a girl deserves to take her time getting ready in the morning.”

“What did you just call me?” Jo asks.

I realized that neither one of us had ever used any term other than our names before.

“Hon? I don’t know why I just said that, Jo.”

My faced blushed a crimson red.

Jo went to her room, but quickly joined me in the kitchen, scantily clad in panties and T top. She sets across from me. We talk about daily activities, etc… She adjusts her top frequently to tighten the thin fabric over her nipples and lowers the top, exposing more cleavage, but never says a word or acts any different.

“Do you think this top is OK to wear today?” Jo asks as she stands and adjusts it.

Is she teasing me on purpose?

Does she know?

“Well, it is pretty revealing,” I say, “especially if you pull the front down and tighten it around your boobs”.

“You mean like this?”

She pulls the top down until her areola are showing, hiding just the nipple. She leans over toward me and giggles, then straightens up, and pulls her top up.

“Well maybe I should wear something that is not so revealing,” Jo giggles.

“Well, I am going to get myself ready now.” I walk into the bathroom to shower and fix myself up for the day. I leave the door cracked, WHY? I always am careful to shut a door for my privacy, I have always been modest.

What is going on inside of me?

I undressed slowly, keeping an eye on the mirror to see if I see Jo. I don’t. While showering it is hard for me not to finish my climax. I separate my lips as I decide to pee in the shower; it excites me to watch the golden stream wash down the drain. So naughty, I never do that. After finishing I pull back the curtain to see nothing in the mirror, although it is a little foggy. I dry off taking my time on my boobs, ass, and mound just in case she is there. My common sense tells me to stop, but my inner needs win out. I want to give her a teasing show, just like she had done for me. I still do not see any signs of her in the mirror. Impulsively I quickly reach over and open the door to look out. I was disappointed to see she was not.

We spend most of the day clothes shopping. First bursa elit escort we looked at tops, shorts and skirts. She invited me into the fitting room several times. She seemed to take pride in changing in front of me.

She must know! my mind screamed each time she stood there close to me in only her panties and bra. She never asked, but just came in with me when I was trying things on. I was so afraid she would see the growing damp spot on the crotch of my thin silk panties. And she was always saying things that could easily have a double meaning.

“Well, those would go on and off easily”, “you look good enough to eat” she would giggle.

She was getting me so horny! I purposely tried to see if this was having the same effect on her, but disappointingly, I never noticed a spot on her.

We then tried on shoes. She made it a point to make sure that she knelt in front of me to slide my shoes on, and I did the same for her.

Was it my perverted imagination that she was massaging my ankles and thighs? Trying to look up my shorts? Spreading her legs for me to see her?

I think not only my panties were spotting but also my outer shorts. I am glad they are a dark color.

Before going home Jo stopped by a lingerie store.

No please, I can’t take any more of this teasing! My mind thought. Intentional or not, it was really getting me horney.

“Come on in” Jo instructed as she took a couple of bras into the fitting room.

I meekly declined. She grabbed my arm and said, “come on, I want your opinion.” My face was scarlet red as the door shut behind us. Jo casually removed her top and bra. I could not keep my eyes off of her firm breasts, no matter how hard I tried, they always wandered right back.

“Well, which one looked the best on me?” JO softly asked as she stood there before me wearing only the last bra she tried on from the waist up.

“Are they all comfortable?” I asked trying to dodge what seemed to be her obvious question.

“Yes, but which one do you think is the sexiest, the naughtiest?” She smiled.

I stammered and told her the one she had on now was probably the sexiest.

“I kind of like this one too”, she moaned as her hands cupped around each bra cup squeezing her boobs together. The thin, lacy material ever her nipples did a good job of hiding her hardness, but I could tell since she was wearing nothing over it now.

We left and much to my relief we got home. I was so embarrassed by my oozing; I just knew it was showing. I went in my room and removed my shorts and panties. They were soaked.

What is going on with me? My brain yells!

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