The Lake House Lessons 03


I woke up at about 4 a.m. on Monday. It was still dark, so I reached over for Cara, but she must have left during the night after I passed out in a sex-induced virtual coma. The bed was a wreck, the sheets were damp with who knows what, my back was scratched and my cock was actually a little sore. I couldn’t have been happier.

I got up to take a piss and clean myself off a little. I looked in the mirror. Other than messy hair, and a little growth of hair on my chin and under my nose, I looked like the same guy that I was on Friday, but I wasn’t. I turned part way around and saw the scratches on my back, some crusted with dried blood. I decided to rinse off in the shower, and as I washed my face, the smell of Cara’s pungent pussy filled my nostrils. I dried off and went back to my room. I decided to strip the bed and sleep on the mattress because I couldn’t deal with putting on new sheets.

Feeling dehydrated, I decided to get some orange juice. I put on a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and left my room. It was quiet, which was not surprising for that hour, but I was surprised to see that the door to the double room, where I assumed Ariel and Beth were sleeping, was ajar, and there was light coming from the room. I walked over and peered in. The two women were in the queen sized bed, talking. Ariel saw me.

“What are you guys doing up at this hour?” I asked.

They laughed.

“You and Cara were making so much noise that we couldn’t sleep, we started to talk and here we are,” said Ariel.

Beth said, “C’mon in.”

I sat down on the foot of the bed. Both of them were wearing t-shirts and panties, and even at that hour and without makeup and their hair tied back, they looked great.

Ariel said, “So, I guess you survived Cara. Congratulations.”

“Yeah, I guess so. I am wiped out.” I paused. “But trust me, I’m not complaining, although…” I said, lifting my shirt so they could see my back.

Ariel said, “You didn’t come through completely unscathed, I see.”

“No,” I admitted.

“You’re lucky,” Ariel said, “she once bit a guy’s cock when he pissed her off.”

I winced and reflexively crossed my legs.

“No permanent damage, apparently, but he got the message.”

I winced again and said, “I guess I’m lucky I didn’t piss her off.”

Beth smiled. “We thought she should go last—we weren’t sure you would be able to handle her, but you did so well with us, and we figured you would be O.K. From the sound of it, you did fine.”

“I never would have expected her to be so, um, intense. She seems so cool,” I said.

Ariel responded, “I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. One of my best friends at school is super hot, dresses slutty, but barely ever dates, much less sleep with anyone. And I have another friend who is mousy and seems shy, but has told me some things that she does that kind of freaked me out.”

I nodded. “I guess you need to figure out what works for you best.”

Beth then said, “You’re a smart guy. I think you’ve gotten a lot out of this weekend, besides just the screwing.”

Ariel added, “And to be fair, I think we all have enjoyed it too.”

They laughed, and I smiled back at them, proud of myself.

Ariel got out of bed and said, “Let me check in the bathroom to see if there is something to put on your scratches.

She came back with a tube of ointment, and gently applied some to my wounds, which I covered with my shirt.

Then Beth then patted the bed. “Why don’t you come up here and hang out with us?”

I looked a little quizzical.

“Don’t worry, we won’t jump your bones,” Beth said. “I suspect you need a breather, anyway, but I know I enjoy sleeping next to a good looking guy.”

I smiled and thanked her. Of course, I climbed into the bed with these two knockouts, and got under the blanket. Beth turned out the light, and I lay on my back, which stung a little, but the pain was counteracted by the fact that I was holding Ariel in my left arm and Beth in my right. It felt so good and comfortable, and I realized that just a few days ago, I never could have imagined talking to one beautiful half naked girl, much less holding two in my arms in bed, not to mention that I was doing so after having sex with a third beautiful girl who made me spank her and pull her hair. Exhausted, I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

I woke up some time later, and there was light filtering into the room through the curtains. We had shifted in the night so that I was lying on my right side, spooning Beth, with my body pressed tightly against her back, while Ariel was squeezing against mine. As I came out of my sleep, I became conscious of my cock pushing against Beth’s ass cheeks and Ariel’s tits pressing against my back.

Although only a few hours ago I thought that I would never get be able to get hard again, the elapsed time, and the sexy sandwich that I was in the middle of, caused me to begin to stiffen. bursa sınırsız escort I guess that Beth must have felt that, too, because she began to gently rub her ass against me. I reached down with my free hand and began to softly caress her big breasts and she pressed into me harder. I started to kiss her neck, and she wiggled with what I guessed was pleasure.

At that point, Ariel must have awakened, because she started kissing my neck, sending chills down my spine. She reached between me and Beth and grabbed my cock, which stiffened even more with her touch. We continued like this for a while, and I moved my hand from Beth’s tits down to her panties and began to rub her crotch through the thin fabric, then slid my hand inside the waistband and stuck a finger into her dripping hole. She pressed her butt harder against my cock, which was still being held and stroked by Ariel. Somehow, Beth was able to wiggle out of her panties and Ariel pulled my boxers down. Beth lifted her upper leg, and Ariel guided my throbbing rod into Beth’s moist pussy from behind. I started to slowly thrust into Beth, who pressed back, and I reached up under her shirt and started squeezing her tits.

Meanwhile, Ariel helped me out of my shirt and was gently tracing my scars and stroking my back, sometimes straying to my ass. I realized that she was entitled to some attention, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I took my hand out of Beth’s shirt, and reached back and tried to pull Ariel toward me for a kiss. She went along with that, so I was leaning back, kissing Ariel, who was partially leaning over me while I was fucking Beth slowly from behind.

Ariel pulled off her shirt and stuck one of her perfect breasts in my mouth, and I started to suck it. But the twisting was getting uncomfortable, so I tried to swivel onto my back while keeping my cock inside of Beth. She helped by lifting herself up so that she was sitting on me, facing my feet, and she kept bouncing on my pole. Ariel swung a leg over my chest and pressed her moist vulva to my lips. I started licking and nibbling on her lips and fondling her tits while continuing to fuck Beth. Who the hell was I, having a threesome with Beth and Ariel? I briefly thought, but then returned to the matters at hand.

Beth started to quicken her pace, and I kept up with her while continuing to orally pleasure Ariel and rub her firm tits, gently squeezing her nipples. I heard both women moaning and panting, and I was doing the same. I began bucking wildly under them but kept my face buried between Ariel’s legs, licking her passionately. I began to lose control, and tried to warn them that I was cumming, but my words were muffled by Ariel’s pussy. I unleashed a load of cum into Beth, which seemed to set her off, as she gasped, bucked her hips, and laughed. Ariel then began to writhe wildly against my mouth, and arched her back, sighed loudly, then stopped moving. She was leaking her juices onto my face and I licked them clean.

The women fell off my prone body and made their way back to the pillows. My slimy cock was deflating before my eyes. We resumed our positions from last night, me in the middle of the two women, one in the crook of each arm. We caught our breath for a bit and lay quietly together. I figured that we would be heading back home later today, so that was probably my last time with these incredible women, and I was going to be back, invisible, at my high school. I resolved not to let that happen, and to make the last month of school, and the summer, better.

Reluctantly, I extricated myself from the two half dozing women and went to the bathroom, cleaned myself off and took a leak. I put my boxers back on and decided to go back to my room, shower and dress. I kissed the sleeping Ariel and Beth on their foreheads and left the room.

To my surprise, Sarah was sitting in the dining area, alone, drinking a mug of coffee. She looked at me leaving the double room and shot me a look that, for some reason, seemed vaguely disapproving.

“Did you have fun in there?” she asked.

“Yeah, I did. They are incredible,” I replied.

I wasn’t sure why Sarah seemed annoyed, so I went into the bathroom and started the shower. I cleaned myself off and enjoyed the hot water, despite the fact that it stung my scratched back. I was actually a little sore from all of the activity over the last few days, but I considered it a badge of honor. Again, I promised myself that I would get home and not be nervous around girls anymore, that I would put myself out there, and maybe find someone to have a real relationship with. I tried to think of girls at school who I could approach without fear.

I dried myself off and went to my room and dressed in shorts and t-shirt. I stripped the bed and piled the sheets on the floor. They really needed a washing–they smelled strongly of sex and sweat, and I wondered if the blood would come out. I wasn’t sure whether we would be swimming before bursa escort bayan going home, so I left out a swimsuit and a few other things. I then packed the rest of my stuff up.

I checked my phone, and realized I had a response from Fred.

“No shit. What a stud. Really fucking jealous. Any more details?”

I thought before responding, then figured, what the fuck.

“Yes. Last night, crazy sex with Cara. She is insane. Then, this morning, I literally slept between Ariel and Beth, then fucked Beth while eating out Ariel. Don’t ever want to come home.”

Fred responded—”OMG. OMG. I don’t blame you.”

I went back out to the common area, and saw Sarah, Ariel and Beth whispering to each other. When I came out, they stopped.

“Everything O.K.?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s all good,” Sarah said, unconvincingly.

I grabbed some coffee and made a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

“What’s the plan today? When are we going back?” I asked.

“Pretty soon, I think,” Sarah said. “We need to strip the beds, do laundry, clean up and pack up, then we should leave to try and beat the traffic,” she detailed. “Ariel has to work tonight, and Beth has a date.”

“Makes sense,” I agreed.

I finished my breakfast and went to the laundry in the basement and brought up a couple of baskets. I went into my room and brought out the sheets and tossed them in the basket. Ariel and Beth watched me work, but Sarah wasn’t there anymore.

I walked over to them and whispered, “What’s with her?”

Ariel looked around to make sure that Sarah wasn’t there and whispered, “Look, she is happy that this weekend she planned has been great for you—she really loves you and wants the best for you—but she is jealous. We are all getting off and she isn’t. So we need to downplay the sex stuff for a while.”

“Understood,” I whispered back. “I can play it cool.”

I continued to straighten up the house and noticed that Ariel and Beth were no longer downstairs. I figured they must have gone outside, or upstairs to talk to Sarah.

Cara stumbled out of her room, still looking half asleep. She saw me alone in the dining area and said “Coffee?”

I poured a mug and walked over to her. She took the mug, then reached down and squeezed my cock and balls gently.

“Good work,” she said, smiling at me, “you’ve earned another chance,” then walked away, sat down gingerly and drank her coffee. “Where’s everyone?” she asked.

I came close to her and said quietly, “Sarah apparently is annoyed that all of us are having sex and she feels left out, so she went to her room. I’m not sure if Ariel and Beth are up there with her or not.”

She looked at me briefly, stood up and started up the stairs. I went into her room, and stripped the bed and brought out the sheets to the laundry basket.

I could hear some muffled noises from Sarah’s room and my first instinct was to stay away and let them work out their issues. But I was curious because I assumed it involved me, and maybe I was getting a little bit cocky, so I walked quietly up the stairs toward the master bedroom to try to listen. As I got closer, I realized what I thought was talking was more like heavy breathing. The door was ajar. Again, I hesitated, but decided, what the hell. I slowly opened the door a bit more, and peered in. What I saw is something that I will never forget as long as I live.

Sarah was naked, lying on the bed with her head on the pillows. Ariel, also naked, was sucking on Sarah’s right tit, her own breasts bobbing below her. Beth, also naked, was sucking on Sarah’s left tit, her massive chest hanging down. And Cara’s perfect heart shaped ass was facing me, and it looked like her face was buried in Sarah’s pussy. Sarah was writhing and panting on the bed under this incredible attention.

I was stunned. First, I was seeing my sister naked. Putting aside the fact that she was very hot, it was very weird. Second, there were three other beautiful naked women pleasuring her. I stood there like a statue, watching, not sure whether to leave, but not wanting to stop watching this monumental display of gorgeous female nakedness. My cock was rock hard.

Then I heard Sarah yell out, “Oh my god, what is Jack doing here?”

Everyone stopped and looked at me. I felt the blood rush to my face and I wanted to run. But still, I couldn’t move.

Finally, Cara said to Sarah, “What’s the big deal?” and buried her face back into my sister’s muff.

Ariel and Beth shrugged and went back to working over Sarah’s breasts, and she started to writhe on the bed again. I knew I should leave, but I was paralyzed by the situation. This was better than any video I had ever seen, and it was actually happening right in front of my eyes. And then, Cara reached her right hand behind her and waved me closer, pointing to her ass. I thought I understood what she wanted, and as if in a trance, I dropped my nilüfer escort shorts, took off my shirt and approached her from behind. I maneuvered myself into position and slowly slid my cock into Cara’s slippery pussy.

As I thrust into Cara, I leaned forward over her back, reached around and started rubbing her small, sensitive tits, and I could see the three of them pleasuring my sister, who was moaning and thrashing on the bed. I kept up my pumping into Cara as the women increased the pace of their oral work on Sarah, who began to buck her hips wildly against Cara’s mouth. This caused Cara to go even harder on Sarah’s pussy, and, at the same time, press harder and harder against my cock. At about the same time that my sister let out a loud scream and shuddered, I came hard into Cara, who snapped her head up from Sarah’s crotch and growled.

Sarah was sweating, her dark hair matted against her head, and Ariel and Beth were resting their heads on her chest, above her tits, which I noticed guiltily were fairly large, quite nicely shaped, with small, dark areolas. I started to feel uncomfortable again, and tried to quietly slip out of the room, grabbing my clothing. I made it back downstairs to the bathroom, cleaned myself off again and got dressed. If that was the end of the weekend, it was certainly a memorable ending.

After a while, Ariel, Beth and Cara came downstairs, followed by Sarah, carrying her dirty sheets, which she put into the basket.

She looked at all of us and said, “As great as that was, it never happened. We never speak of that again, O.K.?”

We all agreed. I still felt a bit uncomfortable, so I decided to do the laundry and let things chill out for a while.

When I came back upstairs after starting the wash, the remaining food and drinks were packed and the girls had brought their bags into the living area. I finished my packing and did the same. We sat in the living room, awkwardly. It was a little sad that such a fun weekend was ending with some weirdness. Suddenly, Cara began to laugh, a deep belly laugh that seemed too big to come from her slight frame (but I had learned not to underestimate her). Ariel caught the laughing bug, then Beth. I tried to hold back, out of respect for my sister’s feelings, and it was only after Sarah started laughing that I joined in. It was a cathartic laughter, and it appeared to release the tension in the room.

With tears streaming down her cheeks from the laughing, Sarah said, “you know, I love you guys. All of you. You are the best friends, and, it turns out, great in bed.”

The girls all laughed and got up for a group hug. I decided that I was better off staying out of it. When the laundry was done, we folded the sheets and put them away, then loaded the car.

The ride home was relatively quiet. There really wasn’t much to say, so we listened to music as Sarah drove home. I mostly replayed the weekend in my head, trying to make sure I remembered every last detail, and trying to think of what each of the women taught me. I vowed again that I was going to use this knowledge to improve my social life in the next few months before I went to college.

After this weekend, I couldn’t imagine not having sex again for a long time, and I couldn’t be sure whether any of these three would be willing to do it again once we got home, despite Cara’s comment. Although I figured it would be worth a try at some point—because they seemed have enjoying it, too, but it was also possible that it was a one time only lake house event. So, if I wanted to get laid again, I thought that I would need to try and find someone on my own.

About half way home, Sarah finally took me up on my offer to drive, and so I had to concentrate on the road, and the traffic. I noticed that Sarah fell asleep with a half smile on her face. I dropped off Ariel, who gave me a peck on the cheek before she went to her house, then Cara, who shot me an incredibly sexy look before kissing me good bye on the lips, and finally Beth, who also kissed me on the lips.

Sarah woke up as we were pulling into our driveway. We unloaded the car, but before we went in, I grabbed Sarah’s shoulder and said, again, how much I had appreciated what she and her friends had done for me.

She said, “Jack, it was my pleasure to arrange it, and my friends all told me that you performed way better than expected. They all said that you were not only great in bed, but that you were respectful, responsive and caring. That is exactly what I was hoping would happen. But trust me—if we find out that you forgot what you learned this weekend—if you turn into a douchebag and treat women badly, or, on the other hand, if you go back into your shell, we will make you very miserable.”

I promised her that I would take all of the lessons of the weekend to heart.

We entered the house with our stuff. Dad was there, sitting at the dining room table, working on his laptop. He asked how the weekend had gone, and we both told him that it was great.

“How’s the lake house?” he asked.

“The place looks great—you should get up there this summer,” Sarah responded.

“Doubtful,” he said, turning back to his laptop.

We took the food into the kitchen and our bags upstairs.

“Dad worries me,” she said. “He never does anything fun anymore. Just work.”

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