The Luckiest Girl

She sat quietly with her golden body glistening in the sun listening to her favourite sounds of the ocean and the voices of the two people she loved.

She hadn’t intended to love them. She wasn’t looking for love. She had been online for a long time and fought to stay away from the online thing. She had been online long enough to know heartache and misery came from most online relationships, if you could call them relationships.

She smiled seeing the beautiful figure of the woman she loved coming towards her.

“You’re going to burn. Let me rub you down” Marie said as she poured lotion in her hands and rubbed them together. Her hands touched my skin. It was a shame to feel so good… mmmmmmmmm

“You like?” Marie asked softly.

“mmmmmmmm… your hands are magic my love… as I’ve always told you… from that first time they touched me in the shower… mmmm” I said.

Marie leaned over and kissed me softly as her hands continued to massage lotion over my naked body, but I was lost to everything except her touch and she knew it.

Her hands slid slowly along my stomach, down my thighs, gently and agonizingly slow, down my legs and then she reached my feet. ahhhhh my weaknesses She knew I loved foot massages. She massaged teasingly knowing what she was doing to me. Her hands finally moved up the inner legs to the knees along the inner thighs grazing them with her nails slightly. She playful patted my mound and said, ” you have to roll over,”

Marie rubbed lotion on my back continuing down backs of my legs and then her hands returned to my ass. She rubbed it with lotion then she squeezed each cheek.

“Want to play?” she asked in a quiet soft voice as she leaned over pressing her full breast escort bursa and hardened nipples into my back. I laughed softly as she moved away. She was already running as I jumped up to chase her. She knew. I caught her as she reached the sofa, where Mac is sitting naked watching TV. He looked up at us smiling, which instantly brought him into the play as far as I was concerned.

I look into Marie’s eyes wandering if she had the same thought, and as though she had read my mind she reached out and ran her nails across his chest. Smiling, I laid over placing my mouth on his lovely cock. I kissed the head, flicked my tongue teasingly over it and then around the head several times as one hand reached down for Marie’s breast squeezing, finding her nipple, pinching it, tugging on it as I let Mac’s cock slip deep into my mouth.

I felt Marie moving. I released her breast as she moved to position herself comfortably on Mac’s deliciously experienced tongue. She groaned loudly as his tongue slipped inside, licking the length of her clit and then plunging deep in her.

I moved one hand across Mac’s chest, nails grazing lightly as the other hand squeezed his balls lightly. My mouth hungrily sucking on his magnificent cock. I loved his cock. I had never been into cock worship, but for this man I came close I thought as my head moved up and down and made figure eights as I sucked.

I listened to Marie groaning and moaning and Mac’s groans of pleasure as I sucked his cock and squeezed a little harder. My pussy was wet with excitement. I wanted to taste his sweet nectar fill my mouth. I moved faster up and down on his throbbing hard cock allowing it to go as deep as it could in my throat, hungrily bursa yabancı escort almost savagely sucking, at that moment only wanting his hot sweet cum. Mac’s body went taut, he growled, Marie groaned loudly, and I tasted the sweetness that I so longed for and felt it coat my throat. I continued sucking it until the flow stopped and then licked Mac’s cock cleaned and kissed the head.

Marie was now snuggled next to Mac basking in the afterglow.

Mac growled as he pulled me up into his arms. He kissed me passionately as he settled me on Marie’s and his laps, both smiled. We caressed and snuggled.

I wiggled on Mac’s lap and felt his cock start to grow. I wiggled some more, wanting to have him inside me. To feel his hard cock pounding into me.

“Ah, you wish me,” he said with a playful half smile dancing on his lips.

” mmmmmmmm, Always, forever, starting now,” I whispered. By this time his cock was rock hard and pressing against me, desiring entry.

He lifted me up slightly and allowed me to slowly settle myself onto his lovely hard cock.

Marie’s hands slid over my body to my breast and found nipples, pinching them, and then her mouth replaced her fingers as she sucked on the hardened nipple.

Slowly I slid down the length of his shaft and his cock is deep inside. I started to move in a circle and then up and down… slowly at first and then a little faster… and then even faster… groaning… moaning… shaking… shivers coursing through my body… as I climaxed. I sat there in Mac’s arms, his cock deep inside me, letting him feel the sensations of my pussy contracting, letting him know what he had done to me.

Marie bursa escort kissed the breast and smiled at me then whispered “I hope I wasn’t too rough. I kinda got excited”

I smiled and replied, “Mmmmm so I see. ”

My hand ran down between her legs and I felt her wetness… she groaned as my finger slid inside her… and again as another finger slid inside her… slowly moving my fingers in and out… after a while I slid a third finger inside her… making her raise to meet my hand… pumping and grinding her hips.

Mac’s mouth was on her breast and sucked her hardened nipples as my fingers plunged deep into her pussy. Mac’s cock now hard again inside me.

I lifted up… slightly moving… and once again… very carefully… lowered myself on to Mac’s hard cock… I groaned as it pressed against my anus as I continued to plunge my fingers in and out Marie. Slowly I pressed harder on Mac’s cock… a loud moan escaped Mac and I as the head of his cock entered my anus. Slowly I made his cock go deeper in me… and then Mac’s hands went to my shoulder pressing me down on him.

Mac’s hands grabbed my hips. He was now controlling my movements on him.

I had momentarily stopped moving in Marie and she groaned “don’t stop please don’t stop. ”

Once again my fingers plunged deep inside Marie… faster and harder… as Mac now matched pace with his hips pumping in my ass. Marie was groaning and moaning and growling. I swallowed hard, breathing heavy, body now shaking as shivers ran the length of it. I felt Marie’s body go taunt and her pussy soak my fingers in her delicious cum. My body arched back… shaking… shivering… Mac pulls me to him as growling as he exploded inside me. We all climaxed together.

I stayed on Mac snuggled close to him and Marie for a long while enjoying the closeness, the sensations, and the love we shared. I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Later, I slowly raised off Mac and smiled, “Soapy hand time” as I walked away heading for the shower, knowing I would not be alone.

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