The Model

Model Jane demands a double entrance.

My name is Jane Ashford a working model, at the time my story starts I was in Australia modelling beach wear. We were a group of ten, consisting of a cameraman named Mike and his assistant, Henry who was a bit of a creep, but in a nice sort of way. We had some stand-in cameramen usually employed locally at each place we went to.

Henry didn’t mix well with women and because he didn’t I found myself being extra kind to him and so he would talk naturally to me, sometimes letting his long ginger hair down. Because I am a top model and a founder member of the company I always had my own dressing room when ever it was possible.

One day Henry knocked and barged in when I was sitting naked putting on my make-up at the mirror. He was used to a lot of nudity, you had to be in this business.

‘Hi Jane! Have you got your costumes yet? Mike is getting his knickers in a twist because it’s an outdoor shoot and he isn’t sure of the tides and things.’

‘Go and tell him to bend over for you, takes ages to get my war paint on with this lighting in here.’

‘You look lovely to me Jane, then you always do.’

‘Thank you, Henry! I didn’t know you cared.’

‘Care, of course I care. You are the only woman in this Goddamned world I can speak to without getting embarrassed or frustrated. I will never make it if I go on like this.’

‘What would I have to do to make you happy, Henry?’

‘Why would you want to do anything to help me, Jane? You are out of my league. I could never satisfy you, keep you in the standard of life that you have and can command from others.’

‘You do not know a thing about me, Henry. Have you seen me talking socially with any other than yourself? Sexually I do not have male or female lovers. I have never wanted either. I do not have many more years to go as a model. The way of life is very exacting. Like you I live in a suitcase. Henry, I crave for something different.’

‘I can’t believe a beautiful woman like you to be still a virgin, Jane, are you?’

‘No, I lost that when I first applied to become a model. Two guys interviewed me. They seemed okay. I was told to strip off, walk around the room and replace my clothing. There was no screen . It was my first job interview since leaving college when I was eighteen. While I was undressing they told me the really big money was in pornographic material. They said I was a real sexy siren and that I would make a fortune in less than five years. As soon as I was naked they both started to touch me and grope me. I screamed out and one of them struck me a hard blow across my breast, knocking me to the floor. He told me to kneel down in front of him. I was petrified! He took out his penis and dropped his pants to the floor. His dick was hard and much longer than ones I had seen before. He told me to show him how I sucked cock. He growled at me to put my hands behind my back and the other guy hand-cuffed my wrists together. When I wouldn’t open my mouth the guy grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back making me gasp. He thrust his cock into my mouth. Tears were blinding me as I sucked his smelly cock. It almost made me sick when it hit the back of my throat. I gulped hard and I felt it go down my throat. I was amazed that I was able to swallow something so big. I saw the other guy taking off his clothes. I remember sighing with relief when I saw his cock was smaller than the one playing havoc with my gullet. My relief was short lived when he targeted my asshole. He was on his hands and knees behind me licking his tongue up and down my spine, then he forced me forward onto my hands and knees and his tongue lapped my anus. It was then the juice started to leak from my vagina. I could smell myself and the odour of the by now two naked men. The guy took his cock out of my mouth, threw a pillow onto the floor He lay down on the floor with his head on the pillow then he pulled me roughly over him and guided his penis to my vagina. I moaned out loud when he thrust up inside me. He then wrapped his arms round me and crushed my breasts to his chest. I was turned on by this time and had resigned myself to being raped.. I wasn’t ready for the other guy putting his dick into my bowels. His fingers were bad enough. He gained entry by spitting on his finger and my asshole. He pressed one, two and then three fingers into me. Then I felt the cock pressing against my sphincter opening and I screamed again when the cock was rammed into me until I felt his groin against my ass cheeks. The most horrible part about the whole thing, Henry, was that I enjoyed being raped. They made me cum that many times I could hardly walk when they left me in the office on my own and told me not to start dressing until their Boss had seen me. I sat on the floor for ten minutes before the trauma had passed and I realised that I was in the building on my own.

‘That is some story, Jane. So that is why you don’t mix?’

‘Yes, lots of men and women come onto me, but görükle escort bayan I tell them to back off.’

‘You have never once told me that, Jane.’

‘You are different, you do not frighten me, you are so gentle.’

‘I want to help you, by telling you the Boss is going to sack us if we don’t get out there.’

Later on after the shoot, Henry came in just as I was getting dressed and off home to my rental, such as it was. A two bed roomed flat which I shared with a canary.

‘Jane, I would like to talk some more. I think it would help us both. Will you go for a drink with me, or a meal, perhaps?’

‘I want to go home and put my feet up, Henry. I am a recluse. Come to my place and let me cook you a meal. We will stop on the way and you can buy the wine.’

Later on we were sitting at the table, both of us flicking fag ash on our dinner plates. I was feeling perfectly at ease with Henry. He was a great conversationalist. He also came away with a few bawdy jokes which really had me laughing. It had been so long since I had enjoyed a meal and some ones company. The bawdy jokes aroused feelings in me which from the rape had laid dormant inside me. It shocked me when I realised they were sexual feelings. Towards whom? Henry?

Later when I was washing the dishes and Henry was drying them he accidentally brushed my right breast, causing the nipple to tingle. It made me gasp for breath because the feeling had been so intense.

‘Sorry, Jane! Are you alright? Here, come and sit down and let me get you a drink of water.’

‘You touched my breast, it turned me on, Henry.’

‘I will go if I upset you!’

I was trembling when I stammered out, ‘Will you have sex with me?’

‘I would love to, but are you sure it is what you want?’

‘Yes, but the only way you can have me is by raping me. I want you to rape me! Now I have frightened you off. If you think I am weird, then please say so. You must not tell anyone. Gosh! I am so embarrassed, what ever do you think of me now?’

‘Jane, I know how you feel. Honestly I do. I was raped too! I was sodomized by one of my Mums boyfriends when I was nineteen. You see the size of me, the guy was into sports of every type you can imagine. I was never able to wake up in the morning and my Mum sent him up to pull me out of my bed as she was off out to the shops.. Instead he ripped the bed-clothes off me and turned me onto my stomach and he used his belt to tie me to the bedrail. He forced a sock into my mouth and he raped me. When I told my Mum she said I was lying through my unclean teeth because I did not like her having boyfriends. She said I was jealous. She told me to show her my ass and I wouldn’t let her see it. I was too embarrassed. Now you know why we click together, Jane. We are a couple of weirdoes.’

I didn’t reply so we were silent for a few minutes.

‘You want me to tie you up?’

‘I have a pair of handcuffs which I got mail-order. There is some old knickers in my bedside drawer. If you want to gag me.’

‘ Would your own knickers not be fresher, Jane?’

‘Maybe. Will you answer a question truthfully? You have often seen me naked or near naked. Have you ever wanted to fuck me?’

‘I have wanted you from the very first day I saw you. It was in the middle of winter and you had a fur coat on which you were holding closed and when the Boss told you take your coat off you did, to reveal you were naked. Every one fell for you that day. I did. We all wanted to fuck you, Jane. If we had been a sex group, you would have been gang-banged, by all the women too.’

‘Yes, you can use my knickers, Henry. I will go up stairs and strip off and pretend to be sleeping. You will find my knickers at the foot of the bed and the cuffs in the drawer. There is a lubricant in there too if you want to use it. Do not be gentle with me, Henry. I want you to ravish me. You must get into the part, Henry. It has to be rape.’

‘This is going to change our relationship, Jane. There will be no turning back for us. I do not think I can afford to lose you as my friend.’

‘Henry! If you don’t rape me I am going out onto the street and ask the first strange guy I meet to fuck me. Right out there, on the street.’

‘I am going to close my eyes and count to ten, then I am coming up there after you.’

I turned and ran up the stair, noticing the crotch of my panties were very wet. I removed my clothing on the way up the stair so by the time I got into my room there was just my panties to step out of. I kicked them off onto the floor in plain view. I had just crawled under the covers when he was upon me. Astride me pinning my arms so I couldn’t move. My panties landed on the bed beside my head, easily recognised by their smell. I moaned nasally as he pinched my nose shut and causing me to gasp for air. He stuffed the panties, crotch first into my mouth before cramming the rest in and then quickly binding the whole thing around bursa otele gelen escort my mouth and neck with one of my old stockings which were in the drawer. It brought back memories of those many years ago when I was first raped. When I had no idea what the men were going to do to me. This time I did know. I was about to be fucked by Henry. He cuffed my wrists together hitching them round the upright middle bed rail.

I watched him step back and remove his clothing and was shocked by the size of Henry’s cock. I had never seen one so big. His chest was covered with black hair which went right down and around his genitals. He was like a gorilla. A gorilla with a gorilla sized prick. I struggled playfully against my bonds, although I knew they were tight and secure.

He ripped the sheet off me. Then he went over to my chest of drawers and he fished out a black scarf and he came back to me and blindfolded me. This was a new and exciting change to the proceedings. More was to come. I heard him looking through more drawers including my bedside cabinet. I cringed, there were dildos, pieces of rope, lubricants and even a leather tawse in there, when I heard him slap the tawse against his hand, I quaked. My previous rapists had not beaten me except the single blow to my tits at the beginning.. I felt juice trickling from my pussy down through the crack of my ass. I also felt I needed a pee and started to panic thinking I may be wetting myself. I was getting a strange feeling of satisfaction from my feelings of discomfort. I was laying there on my back with my legs open.

I felt him kneel on the bed and I yelled into my gag as he bought the tawse down sharply on my pussy.

I have made myself cum by using vibrators over the years and Henry made me cum by just whacking my pussy just once. I knew it was my pent-up feelings overloading. The whole thing was beginning to feel like I had been air-lifted into Paradise. I wanted Henry’s big rampant prick in me.

He was tickling my pussy with the feathered end of the tawse which was causing me to buck my hips up involuntarily, asking for more. Inwardly I was screaming for release. He started to whip me between my legs and connecting with my pussy and anal bud. Now I knew I was peeing myself. It did not stop him. He trailed the tawse up my body and my flesh jerked and spasm where-ever it touched and then he whipped my left nipple with just the very tip of the tawse. I screamed into my gag and right away I was awaiting him doing my other nipple. He did. This time he caught some of my breast too and that really hurt. The bed beneath me was getting really soaked now. The only senses left to me, my nostrils were really flaring.

He left me laying there on a high. I heard him run down stairs and the front door slam. I started to feel cold and cramped. Immediate panic set in. And then something touched me. He was back licking my breasts. I started to cry like a baby, my tears being soaked up by the blindfold. I moaned out when his teeth clamped on my nipple and a finger was rammed up into my pussy.

Next I heard water pouring into a jug. He was peeing into a jug! It seemed to go on for ages. He came back to the bed and something splashed onto my chin and my gag started to get very wet. Henry was pouring pee into the gag in my mouth so soon I was being forced to drink what was soaking right through the gag into my throat. He was making me drink his pee! I tried to move my head and he slapped my thigh very hard and I felt it trickling onto my pussy lips. And then it was back to my mouth again, I had a job swallowing it all and it ran back out of my mouth onto my neck and the bed. He slapped me again. I swallowed quicker.

He went away again and came back with a warm wet cloth which he bathed me down with. He rinsed the flannel in a basin of warm water. He then fed towels under me.

‘Right, my Darling. Now I am going to fuck you. Your cunt first, then your arsehole and then I am going to put my prick into your mouth and force you to lick my cock clean.’

I never dreamt that the torment would be worse than my first rape. That the degradation and humiliation would be more so than that first rape. Henry had not spared the rod I and was starting to feel indebted to him. I was no longer afraid of my own sexuality. I was no longer afraid of men. The sex was still to come and I wanted it because Henry was a man . I now wanted to be taken by men. I wanted Henry to be my long term lover. To tie him down. To sit on his mouth and force him to drink my pee. I wasn’t angry. I wanted it because I would get joy from it all.

He came on top of me and I sighed passionately when I felt his hard prick pushing at the intersection of my femininity. He was big, just by the weight of it as it was nestled in my cleft. I moaned again as I felt his bulbous knob pressure its way into my pussy. It was big, very big. I was desperate to throw my arms around him. To engulf him. bursa escort bayan I shut myself into my own little Pleasure-Palace, concentrating entirely on his gorgeous big prick which was now behaving like a piston in my well oiled cunt. My own hip-based cylinder loving it. Our combined genitalia was doing a fast rumba without music. It only seemed minutes before we copiously lubricated each others love muscles. My eyes were tightly shut trying to control the starry rockets going off everywhere inside me. All this was new to me.

Henry heaved himself off and out of me and he kissed my pussy as he did so. I started to control my heavy breathing. I felt as if I had just galloped up a hill and back down again.

‘Now for your arsehole, Jane.’ He took hold of my ankles and flipped me over onto my belly. He did it so quickly he must had previous experience. He opened my legs again and knelt in between them.

‘I wonder how many men and women have fancied this ass of yours when they have seen you waggling it up and down the catwalks all over the world? I for one. I have seen it naked so many times. The times I saw you bending over, the times I was so tempted to goose you. Them there were the times I was forced to hide my hard ball straining cock from you because I wanted you so much!

I must have buggered you a thousand times in this daft brain of mine. I have wasted gallons of spunk just dreaming about it. Tossing myself off like a madman.’

I flinched when his fingernail scratched my puckered anus. The last time I had been entered anally was when I was raped. The man spat onto my bum and fingered the spit in to me. Increasing his fingers each time he spat. Mercifully, his prick hadn’t been as big as Henry’s. Strangely I had no fear this time. I heard my bedside drawer being pulled out again. Then the lid of my cold-cream being turned. It fell with a clatter to the floor. It was cold as he anointed my anal ring with it. His fingers sliding in and out. My anal muscles clenching and unclenching around one, then two and then three fingers.

‘I know you can’t talk, Jane. Just nod your head to answer me. I know you have had lots of fantasies over the years. The contents of your bedside drawer tell me that. Have you ever fantasised Mike doing this to you?’

I nodded yes.

‘There were two men in your original rape scene giving you the double. I could ring Mike and ask him to come and be the other guy! Would you like that?’

I felt my loins buck uncontrollably. My juices were trickling just at the thought of it. I nodded the affirmative even though I knew it was very risky.

‘Are you sure, Jane?’

I nodded again.

He climbed off the bed and I heard him go down stairs.

‘Hello, Mike? Are you busy just now? Is it safe for you to talk?’

‘She is? So you are kicking your heels then? I am over at Jane’s just now and she is naked tied down to her bed. She would like you to come over and participate in the fun we are having. There is something you can help us both with. Say you will come, you will love it, Mike!’

‘You will! That is lovely see you in ten minutes then, bye.’

I heard the whole dialogue very clearly and I was getting hotter by the second. Henry came back and mounted the bed beside me and turned me onto my back again. I felt his fingers very gently caressing my breasts. His featherlike touch was making me wriggle about. He was just using the end pads of his fingers teasing my neck, ears, shoulders and right down my body to my vagina and back up again.

‘We are both going to fuck you, Jane. I’m going to do your cunt while Mike fucks you up your asshole.’ You will like Mikes cock, his is even bigger than mine. When we are both in you, you will know you are being fucked.’

He pinched my nipple hard and I bit into the gag in my mouth which was by now soggy with my saliva and Henry’s pee. I was wishing it was Henry’s prick in my mouth while we were waiting for Mike. I felt his finger playing with my labial lips. His touch was so light and gentle. He moved his slimy fingers to my nostrils and he poked first one then the other leaving my pussy juices inside my nose. I was praying for Mike to come and fuck me.

We both jumped when there was a knock on the front door. I felt a spasm in my rectum as Henry jumped off the bed and flew down the stairs to let Mike in. I heard them talking, the sound was muffled as if they had gone into the lounge. Henry was painting the scene for Mike, well that is what my mind was telling me they were doing. I was shaking now. My mind going back to my first rape. The naked guys, their hard cocks. What they felt like inside me, fucking me. The bed was still wet. There was Henry’s pee, was there some left in the jug? Would Mike see it? What would he think of me when Henry tells him? Would Mike tell the rest of the Modelling Staff? Would the cameramen want a piece of me? Were Mike and Henry that close that they could both fuck me and feel their cocks together inside me? Were they an item? Did they fuck each other?

‘Hello, Jane, Darling! I hope you know you are making my number one fantasy come true here. Henry has been telling me that he has allocated me your tight arsehole to fuck. I have wanted to fuck your ass since Day-One, Sweetheart. Is that a pair of your knickers in your mouth? That is cruel, Henry!’

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