Wild Oats – The Vet

For those of you just popping in for the first time, this is one of the stories my wife told me about the summer between her junior and senior years of college in Florida during the 1970’s.

She was tall and slim with natural DD breasts and naturally curly brunette hair that fell over her shoulders. She enjoyed sex and was on the pill.

I was working in the Sporting Goods Department when a really nice looking guy rolled up in a wheelchair. He was a Nam vet who had recently gotten out of the marines after losing both legs above the knee during the war. His upper body and arms were highly developed and he handled the wheelchair as if it were a part of his body.

He had a modified camper van and was traveling across the United States before deciding what he was going to do with the rest of his life.

He was looking to replace some piece of outdoor cooking thing that we did not carry, so I directed him to another store in the mall which should have that sort of stuff.

Business was slow so we spent some time getting to know each other and joking around. He was a really nice guy and was camping at a state park just outside of town along the river.

“When do you get off work today?” He asked.

“Tonight about 6.”

“Why don’t you come out for dinner? I have become quite good at cooking over a campfire and would really enjoy your company.”

“I would have to go home to change first and probably couldn’t get there before 8.”

“I will look for you about 8. I am in camping spot #8 and there is a campground map posted at the gate. The gate will be locked, but the pass code for tonight is 8766. They change it at least weekly to protect our privacy.”

At 6, I hurried home to take a shower and changed into jeans and a loose T-shirt. I didn’t wear a bra because I like to let the girls have their freedom whenever I can and it would be dark. Matt would never have to know I was bra-less.

Very close to 8, with daylight fading to dusk, I pulled in behind the van in spot

. Matt was in his wheelchair beside the campfire stirring a black kettle hanging over the fire. “It is good bursa eskort bayan to see you. Dinner is almost ready.” He wheeled over to an ice chest and pulled out two bottles of ice cold beer, popped the tops off and offered one to me.

He had a folding camp chair all set up for me and he pulled his wheelchair up beside me. We relaxed and talked for a few minutes. After we finished our beer, he invited me to get us both another, and move over to the picnic table which was all set with plates and silverware for dinner.

He retrieved the kettle from the fire and, with seemingly no effort, wheeled himself with one hand as he brought the hot kettle to the table. I was sitting at the table and he effortlessly transferred from his chair to the seat attached to the table.

“Before we get started, allow me to orient you.” He pointed off to the side and said, “See that light over there? That is the restroom. The path that starts near the front right fender of the van leads straight to it.:

“Thank you, I’m okay for now, but it is good to know where to go if I need it.”

Dinner consisted of a delicious stew with lots of well cooked vegetables and fresh fruit – along with several more bottles of beer.

After dinner we decided to sit by the fire and get to know each other better. Because of the beer, we both headed to the restroom together before enjoying the fire.

When we returned, Matt spread a blanket near the fire, lowered himself onto it from his wheelchair and invited me to sit with him.

I sat, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips as I thanked him for dinner and his companionship.

As we talked about life, Matt put his hand on my thigh and began casually stroking me above the knee through my jeans. I moved closer to him and kissed him again, this time more deeply and he responded. He raised his arms to put them around me and on the way around, encountered my unfettered breast. My nipple immediately gave me away and popped up in full glory.

Holding my breast and kissing with our tongues teasing, we fell over sideways and were lying on the blanket facing bursa merkez escort each other in front of the fire. We could not see or hear any other campers nearby so there were no distractions to keep us from fully enjoying each other.

Matt slid his hand up under my thin shirt, teasing and toying with my breasts and nipples while we continued kissing. I sat up and pulled my shirt over my head and then fastened my mouth back on his. I had just given him unlimited access to my full, heavy, natural DD breasts with their protruding nipples.

Matt laid me on my back and leaned over me as he kissed, licked and fondled my breasts. I reached down to his shorts and felt what appeared to be a nice sized swelling. I slid my hand up the leg opening of his shorts and felt the outline of his cock through his briefs.

As I traced his cock, it began to swell. I unfastened his shorts, slid down the zipper, and with Matt’s help, slid his shorts and briefs off his stumps.

I now laid him back and began loving his penis. I smoothed the drops of pre-cum over the velvet head of his circumcised cock with my finger and then traced the very prominent head of his circumcised penis with my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down his length and then ran my tongue around the head itself, teasing the slit. I took him in my mouth and began sucking and swirling. Up and down. In about four minutes he began to swell and I knew that if he came now, he would be able to last longer later on, so I increased my speed and suction.

“I’m going to cum!”

I responded by increasing my suction. When he came he shuddered. He filled my mouth twice and I swallowed both loads. Finishing him off with an extra suck or two to get all the cum off his cock.

When I kissed him, he could taste himself on my lips and tongue as we moved into a real soul kiss.

Matt rolled us over so he was on top and began loving my breasts again. He then slid his hand down my flat stomach and into my jeans and panties. He could feel my neatly trimmed bush and the moisture on my vaginal lips.

He unfastened bursa sınırsız escort bayan my jeans and I lifted my hips to help him pull them down and off. My panties came with them.

He began licking my pussy gently and thoroughly from bottom to top. His tongue explored all my private folds and flaps. Then he found my clit and began circling with his tongue. As he gave my clit attention, his fingers began exploring my love opening. First one finger, then two, then three and at the same time something, maybe his thumb, was stroking my rosebud.

After about five minutes my first orgasm hit and he kept working me right through it. I rested for a minute and said, “I’m ready to have you inside me now. Let me be on top.”

He rolled over onto his back with his penis standing tall and proud. I wet it well with my mouth, ensuring that he was fully erect, and straddled him. I lined his penis up with my vaginal opening and slowly lowered myself onto his stiff rod. The head popped in and I slowly fucked up and down, gradually taking him deeper and deeper into me until we were finally joined. I savored the full feeling for a few moments and then began moving in circles on his dick. I lay down on him and we began our dance of love in rhythm with each other. Pulling out until only the head remained inside me and then moving together until our pubes met. We started moving slowly, but as the sensations increased, we increased our speed. I was so wet that I could hear the squish, squish and then the slap of flesh on flesh as we came together hard.

I could feel him begin to swell and suddenly he rolled us over so that he was on top and began to plunge into me even faster and harder.

“I’m cumming, please cum inside me and cum with me if you can.”

He increased his pace even more and just as my orgasm reached its peak, he froze in the downstroke and began pumping stream after stream of cum into me.

We lay together, attached at our sex, for half an hour, enjoying the post coital bliss. He resumed gently loving my breasts with his hands and we were kissing.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I said as I slipped into my shoes and ran up the path to the bathroom completely nude with my DD’s bouncing wildly.

When I returned, dripping from the shower, Matt was still lying on the blanket in all his naked glory.

“I resume my trip in the morning, would you like to spend the night here with me in the camper?”

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