Words Unspoke

We have emailed, talked on the phone, and it has been established that the only thing that either of us want is for you to give me pleasure, to please me like no one has before. I meet you where you want, a simple place. Out of the way, where there will be no distractions. This is the way that we want it. Nothing to get in the way of either of us doing what we do.

You meet me at the door, taking my overnight bag. You look into eyes that are hooded. You have already asked me about my likes and dislikes. There will be surprises, but only pleasant ones for me with you. I know that you ask me what I look for in a man at one time. This is one of them, the ability not to question.

Taking my hands you pull me close, hug me and then lower your lips to gently brush mine. You step back and pull me inside the door. The fireplace is lit, as are candles everywhere. I take my bag from you and look for a room to change in. You see the scanning with my eyes and point out the way.

The next time you see me, I am dressed in a robe, just above knee length and seafoam green in color. It has a length of lace long the front opening. Underneath is a very short, spaghetti strap gown. You can tell that there is no bra, but that is all. I walk over to you, you hand me a glass. It is a good clear white wine, as you know that I don’t care for champagne. I take a sip, watching you over the rim of the glass. You motion me to sit and I do. On a very luscious skin that is heavenly against my bare legs.

You take my glass and set it on the table next to you. Gently cupping my chin, you pull me close against you. Moving me so that you can have access to my body. You start by gently brushing you lips against mine again. You know that I like this, you can tell by the way that my body moves closer into you.

You lip, nuzzle, kiss a trail starting with my forehead, down my face. Almost like not touching me at all. My eyes are closed and I don’t realize the little moans of pleasure that escape me. You move gently to my neck, being very light with your mouth. With my eyes closed, I tilt my head back allowing you access to the beginning of my chest. Your mouth moves slowly downward kissing across my skin in a zigzag pattern. bursa eskort You gently move one shoulder of my robe off and push the strap a little. It falls and the top of the gown exposes the top of one breast. You move back and wait for me to look at you.

As my eyes open and my head tilts down, the breast is even more exposed. You see the rose color of my nipple, noticing a slight color change, as it hardens with exposure. You reach for the nipple, gently sucking it into your mouth. My hands move to your head and encourage you. My nipple hardens and the soft moans get a little louder. You gently scrape my nipple with your teeth, then covering your teeth with your lips, pull it gently.

My eyes close and my head goes back. As your mouth works on my nipple, I feel a hand slid under the hem of my robe and wrap around me. Your arm now supports me and guides me down so that I am laying on my back. I feel your mouth move off my nipple and start moving slowly across my chest. I lift my shoulder so you can pull the other side of the robe off me. I feel you grasp the strap in your teeth and move it down my arm exposing my other breast. I slowly open my eyes as I feel your body again move back just a little to look at the sight that you have uncovered. Smiling at me, with eyes that are showing pleasant surprise. You had said no pictures so you really had no idea of what I might look like.

I feel your hands, moving slowly on my lower legs, caressing my feet. Moving gently onto my ankles. Tenderly, like someone handling a baby. Carefully like I am made of fine china. You know about what I have been thru and the toll that it has taken. You know that my trust is being withheld and you know the why of it all. I feel your hands reach my knees. Your fingertips skim my skin. Slowly working your way up my legs, moving to my thighs. I feel your hands gently urging me to part my legs.

Doing so, I hear a sharp intake of your breath. You now know that there is nothing underneath the gown. You are sitting between my legs, staring at my shaven lips. I open my eyes to see the look on your face. It is one of appreciation. You enjoy the sight of my wetness as it appears like drops of dew on the shaven bursa escort bayan skin. Closing my eyes, I lie back with a smile on my face. For you see, a part of my pleasure is your pleasure. I know this.

While the tingling between my legs lets me know that your fingers are stroking my outer lips, I can feel your breath there as well. Warm, soft, like a soft spring breeze, blowing across me. Then you move. I feel your body lay next to mine. I think that I know what you have in mind. But I will play along for this second. You gently kiss my lips again, more than a brushing of lips but not a full kiss. I reach as you start to pull away and pull your mouth to mine. I want to taste you. As the kiss begins to tell you of the passion that I am in possession of, my tongue slides between my lips and touches your lips. They gently part and you allow me access to the inside of your mouth. Tongues touch and when you pull back, the look on your face is priceless.

I had told you, no warned you, beforehand that I was indeed a passionate woman. With a grin on my face, I look at you and know that you just didn’t know how passionate. Nor how far that my passion would take me. These are the things that I tried to explain to you. These are the things about me that defy explanation. This is the one thing that you had not counted on. I knew that when I agreed to meet you.

Given enough time to recover from the passion that just jolted you, you reach under the edge of the sofa and pull out something. You dangle it in front of me, looking at me with that questioning look on your face. I take it from you and smile and then blindfold myself for you. I jump when I first feel your hands on me, then allow you to guide me back to a prone position. Your hands are gentle and you don’t move your hands off my body for a while.

I can only imagine what I must look like to you. I move, to remove the little clothing that I had on. You help me, uncovering all of me in front of you. Moving me to allow you even more access to my body. I feel your hands on my wrists and you move my hands over my head. I know what you want me to do and I will do my best as not to interfere with whatever you görükle escort want to do. I hear your breathing now, I feel every move that your body makes beside me.

I feel your mouth, moving down my stomach. Feeling your fingers, slowly spreading my outer lips to see all of me. You blow across my engorged clit, causing my body to jump. The next thing that I feel is your tongue, moving slowly up my slit, causing my body to tremble with excitement. I feel your lips sucking my lips into your mouth, being very careful not to cause any pain. You lick, nibble, and suck your way up one lip and then down the other.

I am having to fight not to wrap my fingers in your hair. You have no idea how hard this is for me. I want to feel your body under my fingertips. I have no idea at the noises that I am making. You then begin to lick and suck in earnest. My hips rise to meet your mouth, moving in a rhythm older than time. Your lips gently clasp my clit and I moan loud enough to be heard outside. You carefully slide two fingers inside of my warm, wet, slickness. I feel the jolt when you find that spot that is going to cause a major meltdown for me. I finally let go and you are nearly drowned by the amount of hot liquid filling your mouth as I squirt for you. The scream that seemed so distant is mine.

You slowly bring me back down to you. Moving your hands in a very confident manner over my body. Letting me breath again. Once I appear on solid ground again, I feel your legs sliding under my butt. You lean forward, putting your hands on my wrists and pulling my arms part of the way down. Your fingers inter woven with mine. You slowly slide your cock into me, letting me adjust myself for you. I feel your body start to push and pull, feeling every little movement on me and in me.

It doesn’t take but a very few strokes and I am cumming again for you. Again I scream your name, but not that you could tell. You stop moving, move off of me, and lay beside me. Letting me catch my breath. Soft stroking me, whispering to me words that I can’t understand. Finally I reach and remove the blindfold. You look into my eyes. There is only one thing that I want now. Will you give that to me? I reach for your hand, roll onto my side, pull your hand up between my breasts. I have my head resting on your arm, your body wrapped around mine. At last, I close my eyes, to sleep the sleep of the sated for now. But you know it will not be for long, and you smile as you pull a throw off the sofa and cover us both.

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